Laurie and me – part 2

Laurie and me – part 2Eighteenth century English literature class became something I looked forward to every week, and going with Laurie to her apartment afterwards became a regular thing. Our second and third times together, we continued to follow the hands-only “rule” — but on the fourth visit she introduced a new rule. “Today I want to go down on you,” she said, “but I don’t want you to go down on me yet. Is that okay?” You bet! She had me sit in an easy chair in the living room which she first covered with a large beach towel — “just in case,” she smiled. She crouched on the floor in front of me, everything but her head out of reach as she began licking my cock while cupping and stroking my balls. I gently stroked her long blonde hair while she did this, and after a few minutes she began putting my cock in her mouth — just a little at first, then more and more. “I can’t get all of you in me,” she said. “You’re so big.” The tip of my cock hit her throat, she gasped slightly, and she pulled me out just a bit. She licked my cock with her tongue inside her mouth, which felt heavenly and got me harder and harder. The best was when she pulled me nearly all the way out, stroked me with her hand, and licked the underside of my cock tip softly. After a few minutes of that I was definitely ready to shoot my load, and as I began to do so she took me all the way in her mouth again and caught and swallowed almost every drop. What she didn’t swallow, she gave to me in a big long juicy kiss. I gave some back to her and we moved it back and forth between our mouths before I finally swallowed what remained. She wasn’t ready for me to go down on her on my next visit, either, but what she did to me made me not care a bit. After washing my cock and ass thoroughly, she had me get down on all fours and approached me from behind. As she jerked me off, she surprised me by parting my ass cheeks with her free hand and began licking and tonguing my asshole. “Reach around, bahis siteleri if you can,” she said, “and spread your ass cheeks as wide as possible.” I happily complied. She licked the index finger of her hand that wasn’t jerking me and slowly inserted it a little way into my virgin asshole. She rotated her finger slightly from left to right and back. God, it felt good. I only lasted another minute before I had a really strong orgasm and shot a load all over the towel she’d put beneath me before we’d started. She milked me dry while continuing to lick and kiss my ass crack with her finger still in me.I was still very hard after all that. She said, “I want you to lay on your back and jack yourself off until you get soft and can’t do it anymore. I just want to watch. Is that okay?” “Yes, but are you going to do yourself, too?””No, I want you to do it all the ways you can think of, and I’ll just watch. That way I can learn about ways I can do you.”That definitely interested me, so I started. The first time I used both hands to completely encircle my cock and pumped — slowly at first, then faster and faster until I came, shooting a load 5-6 inches straight up. I was still rock hard. I scooped up as much of my cum as I could with my fingers and spread it all over my cock. This made it slippery for a while until the cum dried, so I used a little saliva to get slippery again. I used one hand on my cock and fondled my balls with the other. It took a little longer, but I had yet another smashing orgasm. All the while Laurie watched, wide-eyed and smiling, cheering me on. I was still hard. The next time I put my legs up in the air and used some of the cum that had landed on me to lube one finger, which I inserted gently into my asshole. This was one of my favorites from my solo masturbation sessions earlier, and never failed to jumpstart a super orgasm. No exception this time, either, and before long I came crashing to another massive orgasm with güvenilir bahis siteleri loads of spunk. But this third time was “the charm,” and I went limp afterwards.Laurie applauded. “You’re really marvelous, you know. I love all the ways you do yourself, and how many times you can get yourself off.” At the beginning of our next visit, she announced, “Today is your day to watch and not touch — not me, not yourself. Think of last time and this time as class labs, after which there will be a test. Since you did yourself three times, that’s what I’ll do this time.” The idea of not touching myself made me frown, and I asked if I could at least get naked since she’d been naked when I was doing myself for her. She nodded yes, and quickly undressed. I was hard and strongly feeling an urge to stroke myself, but held back, keeping my eyes on her lovely body.The first time was reminiscent of our first meeting when we masturbated side by side, except that she was on that big easy chair in the living room she’d had me sitting on when she went down on me, the same beach towel under her. She began by stroking her puffy pussy lips, then inserting first one and then two fingers into her pussy, used the index finger on her other hand to slowly circle and massage her clit, and after writhing back and forth with pleasure she pulled her fingers out of her pussy as she came. As I watched she squirted girl cum onto the towel and her face flushed bright red. She kept stroking her clit, her eyes closed, and had some “after shocks.” She opened her eyes and smiled broadly. “Wow, I loved doing that with your full attention on me.” I looked down and noticed that some pre-cum was glistening on the tip of my cock, and as I watched it dripped to the floor. Her second time she kept her fingers out of her pussy, using one hand instead to stroke her lips and the other to stimulate her clit. It didn’t take long for her to cum again. For the third and final time, canlı bahis she got out of the chair and knelt in front of it, laying her head on the seat and spreading her legs wide. She pulled a tiny tube from under the seat cushion and put a big glob of it on the middle finger of her left hand. Then she reached behind her and, using her right hand to spread her lovely ass cheeks, she plunged that well-lubed finger into her asshole. She stroked it in and out for a minute before beginning to do things to her pussy that I couldn’t see because of her position. I loved watching, though, and wished it was my finger in her asshole. Pumping her finger in and out of her asshole and stroking her pussy energetically, it wasn’t long before she reached her third shuddering orgasm. After pulling her finger out of her asshole, she put it to her mouth and licked it clean. That made me really hot, and still without any touching I had a strong spontaneous orgasm that sent cum flying onto the floor. She used the same finger she’d just licked to scoop some of it up, and returned her finger to her mouth with a wicked smile.”I’m really, really happy,” she said. “I think we’re masturbation soul mates. I always feel so comfortable being with you and doing these things together. How do you feel about us?””The same,” I replied. “After masturbating for years by myself, it’s really wonderful to have a partner and to share these experiences. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”Still both naked, we hugged and kissed for a long time — and then, at her suggestion, we jumped into that big shower and spent ages soaping each other up and washing each other, not doing strictly sexual things but a big turn-on nonetheless. Especially when she washed my cock and asshole and when I washed her tits, pussy and asshole. “It’s time,” she said when I arrived for my next visit, “for what you’ve maybe been waiting for. Remember how I went down on you but wouldn’t let you go down on me? Well, it’s time to turn the tables so you go down on me. You’ve seen what I like from what I did when I masturbated for you, and I want you to do me all those ways and any others you can think of. Still interested?” ….still more to come….

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