Learning Him


“Can I talk to you about something?” she asked in a shy, quiet voice.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“I’ve just been thinking about how you are the first guy I’ve gotten intimate with and I’m the first girl for you, but something seems a little off.”

“What do you mean off? I think we have amazing sex together.” he replied.

“I don’t disagree, but even though we have amazing sex I feel like there is something more we can do to enjoy each other more.”

“I’m assuming you have something in mind already?”

“I just thought we should spend some time getting to know each other’s bodies.”

“We’ve seen each other naked a bunch of times, so I think we know each other’s bodies by now.”

“Ok, if you know my body then tell me where I’ve got a mole.”

“Uh, your butt?”

“No, I don’t have any moles. That’s what I’m talking about.”

“Crap, that was sneaky.”

“How about we go to the bedroom and take some time to learn each other? I’ll go first to show you what I’m thinking and so you won’t get bored, but I don’t want you to speak, just let me have my time with you.”

“I don’t see any reason why not.”

His Perspective

We went into the bedroom and I sat on the foot of the bed. I heard her opening a bag as she asked me to lie in the middle of the bed on my back. I didn’t know what she had in a bag or that she even prepared for this, but I was game for whatever she wanted.

The bedroom was dark, so I didn’t notice when she snuck up beside me until she grabbed my left hand. She proceeded to latch some type of cloth cuff on me and then the headboard. I was about to ask her what she was doing, but she put her finger over my mouth before I could say a word. She then reached over me and grabbed my right hand and cuffed it to the other side of the headboard. I watched as she walked to the end of the bed and strapped my ankles to the footboard. I couldn’t move and she didn’t say a word about what she was doing. Next, she placed a mask over my eyes so that I couldn’t see a thing. She whispered in my ear not to say anything until she released me. All could do was nod at this point.

I heard a clicking sound that reminded me of a light switch, but I doubt she turned on the lights since she never even let us have sex in anything other than pitch black. I could tell she was now on the bed with me and then I felt her hands on my chest. I felt her move her hands down to the bottom of my shirt and start to lift it up. I couldn’t see a thing she was doing with the mask over my eyes, but I knew she was disrobing me.

She undid the cuff on my left hand and pulled my arm through the shirt sleeve. I let her do all the work of moving my arm just to make sure I didn’t accidently hit her in my blindness. Once my arm was through the sleeve, she placed it back in the cuff. She then did the same to my right hand before pulling my shirt completely off over my head.

I felt her hands slowly move from my shoulders, down to my belly button, and then back up again. I couldn’t tell if she was just rubbing me or trying to give my torso a massage. On her last move down, she kept going until her hands were on my belt. I felt her tug at my belt as she loosened the buckle. My penis started to become slightly erect, mostly due to instinct. I wasn’t sure where she was going with all this yet, but having her undo my belt was anticipation enough to cause a stir.

After she pulled my belt off, she unbuttoned my pants. I was definitely at full attention now and wanted nothing more Escort Beylikdüzü than for her to pull me out and climb on top, but she didn’t. Next, she unzipped my pants and started to pull them down, leaving my boxers on. My pants were down at my ankles, but since I was strapped in, they could go no further. This didn’t stop her from releasing the straps and with one pull, she grabbed my boxers and pulled them off with my pants. I figured I was finally in for a treat, but all she did was strap my ankles back down.

I felt her sit on the bed in between my legs, but she didn’t do anything to me. She didn’t touch me or say anything. I figured I might as well stay silent myself so she wouldn’t think I was worried. It felt like minutes had passed and my erect penis started to deflate. I knew she was there, but she still didn’t touch me. After a few more minutes, I was completely flaccid. This bothered me since I’d done a pretty good job at never letting her see me flaccid. Just as I started to try to twist to hide my exposed embarrassment, I felt her warm breath on my waist.

Before I could figure out what she was up to, I felt something warm and moist on the head of my penis. There was a slight pressure, followed by a few tugs. Whatever this was, the feeling is new to me and felt great. She must have bought another toy with the straps and cuffs. As the pressure and tugs continued, I started to become erect again. As I grew, I felt the end of whatever was on me, so the base of my penis became exposed as the tip was still in whatever she had on me. I still couldn’t see what was going on, but I felt like I was harder than I’ve ever been.

All of the sudden, whatever had ahold of my penis let go. I felt a little chill from the change of warm and moist to just the open air. Next, I felt her fingers on my penis, but it felt like she had something else in her hand. Whatever she had, it was definitely hard like plastic or metal. She didn’t keep it in her hand long because I didn’t feel it any more.

She wrapped her hand around my shaft completely and started to kiss around my lower abdomen. Her hand didn’t move as she worked her way up my chest and to my neck. Her kisses continued as she worked her way back down. She planted kisses on me in a straight line until she reached the base of my penis. She paused for a moment and then resumed as she kissed me up the top of my shaft, placed a single kiss on the top, and then down the bottom of my shaft.

After her kissing stopped, her hand began to move up and down. She was giving me a handjob and it felt amazing. I suddenly felt the warm and moist pressure I felt earlier. I still couldn’t tell what she was using on me, but after a few minutes, I started to feel a tingling sensation in my abdomen. This feeling grew and I started to tense up.

I was about to orgasm, but this felt more intense than what I’ve felt before. I couldn’t move or warn her and then it started. As my penis made its first jerking motion, I felt the warm, moist object tighten on me. As the next wave of semen rushed to escape me, the object released and tightened again. I felt every drop leave my body and the pleasure from the head of my penis shot through my body with every jerk.

My orgasm was over and I couldn’t move. I felt her hand and the object still on me as I started to deflate. She was going to have me flaccid again and I didn’t have the energy left to care. After a few minutes, I heard the same clicking sound that I heard at the beginning of all this followed Escort Bahçeşehir by my legs and then hands being let loose. I pulled off the mask and saw her sitting on the bed next to me smiling.

Her Perspective

We went to the bedroom and he sat at the foot of the bed. He had no idea I was planning this so I’m sure he was surprised when I went to get some preparation materials out of a bag. I told him to lay in the middle of the bed, but he didn’t know why. I guess it’s a good thing he trusts me.

I snuck up beside him and tied his left hand to the headboard. The cuffs I bought were cloth, so I was hoping they wouldn’t hurt him. I moved my finger over his mouth to make sure he knew to stay quiet. The less he knew, the more fun I could have. I then reached over him and strapped his right hand down. I was afraid he would get shy and move around too much, so I proceeded to strap his ankles down.

I made sure he was in a position where he couldn’t move no matter how much he tried. The next step was to place a mask over his eyes so he couldn’t see what I was doing. I figured if I took away one of his senses, the rest might awaken a little more.

I wanted to make sure I could see everything clearly, so I turned on the lights. I’ve never had good visibility of how he looks naked, so this was a good opportunity to do so. I wanted to just tear his clothes off and ride him, but I knew I had to go slow if I wanted to learn anything. I sat on the bed in between his legs and reached up to feel his chest. It was rising a little higher than usual and I could feel his heart beating. I moved my hands down and started to pull his shirt up. I could see his belly and then his chest. I could see his chest hair, which started to get me wet. I reached up and undid the strap on his left hand to pull his shirt all the way off. I’m glad he didn’t move his hand or he might have hit me by accident. I strapped him back in a repeated the process on his right side. Now that his shirt was free of the straps, I was able to pull it all the way off.

I put my hands on his shoulders to brace myself to go in for a kiss, but changed my mind to make him wait. I moved my hands down his torso and back up, making sure to feel my way around to find the spots where he reacted most to my touch. I then went to undo his belt. I’m not used to men’s belts, so it took a bit of figuring out to get it undone. While I was getting his belt off, I noticed a slight bulge in his pants. He was obviously getting hard from what I was doing, but I didn’t want him to just yet. I was hoping to get him hard myself instead of it happening on its own.

I unbuttoned his pants and had to pause because I could see the bulge in his pants grow. I watched as it went from a small lump to where I could make the outline of his penis through his pants. When I figured he would stop growing, I unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. His erection was pointing straight up and made a nice tent in his boxers. I wanted to see how much bounce his penis had, so after I undid his ankle straps I reached up and pulled his boxers down with a single tug. His penis pulled down and sprung straight back up with my pull. I liked knowing he was hard enough to pop back up that fast.

Now that he was completely naked, I strapped his ankles back down. I was kind of sad, though, because I wanted to see him without being hard. He’s the first guy I’ve been with or seen naked, but he’s always hard by the time he’s naked for sex. I ended up getting between his legs in a small ball on all fours were I wasn’t touching him. My face was about a foot from his penis and I could see his testicles and entire underside of his penis. With the light on, I could finally see how his veins made little ridges. After a few minutes of just looking and taking in everything his crotch had to offer, he began to get soft. His erection was fading and I would finally get to see what his flaccid penis looks like.

After a little bit of time, his penis was far from being hard. I could see how the head of his penis pulled back where only a little bit was exposed, kind of like a large acorn. He is definitely a grower and looked to be about two inches when soft, but even then with how it looked in its state of rest made me want to grab it and play until he got hard again. He started to twist a little and I could tell he was uncomfortable with me seeing his like this. I wanted to stay like this longer, but figured I might as well move on with my plans. I moved forward and took his penis into my mouth, making sure he couldn’t feel my teeth. We’ve always just went straight to sex, so this was a new experience for us both. The head of his soft penis was between the roof of my mouth and tongue. I pulled my tongue back a little to add slight suction. He started to get hard in my mouth, so I continued with my tongue movement until he was too much to fit all the way in my mouth.

At this point, I wanted to keep going until he came, but I had more in store for him. I could tell he was as hard as he would get, so I let him go from my mouth. I was about to grab his penis and start giving him a handjob when I noticed a ruler next to the bed. This peaked my interest. I figured that I might as well do something I know he would never let me do without being tied down, so I grabbed the ruler and placed it along the top of his penis. From base to tip, he was about five and three quarter inches. That just seems amazing to me that someone could grow that much. Just thinking about him go from flaccid to hard now makes me wet.

I wanted to make him cum, but I didn’t want to stop from exploring his body. I wrapped my hand around his penis and started to kiss his body. I wanted to see if I could get any reaction as I moved to different locations. When I kissed him where his neck and shoulders meet, I felt him twitch a little. I worked my way to where my lips were at the base of his penis and I kept kissing. I started to move my hand up and down. As I did, the skin on his shaft moved over the head and back down again. Again, I wanted to watch, but now I became curious about what it would be like to taste his semen.

I placed the head of his penis in my mouth and began to make the same movements with my tongue as I did earlier. I kept moving my hand up and down, but not much, as I kept him in my mouth. I could feel him tense up and knew he was going to have an orgasm soon. In what felt like slow motion, his penis jerked and I felt the first bit of semen came out with a lot of force. As soon as it hit my tongue, I swallowed. I did this with each jerk so I could keep contact with him and me without anything getting in the way. I didn’t get to taste his semen as it went straight down my throat, but I liked the feeling of how his orgasm happened in me.

Rather than just letting him go after he was done, I kept him in my mouth and left my hand around his shaft. He became erect in my mouth so I wanted to feel the opposite happen. After a little time, he became flaccid again and I had to let him go. I got up and turned the lights back off so he wouldn’t be blinded when he took off the mask. I then undid the straps and sat next to him. When he took off his mask, he looked right at me and smiled.

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