Lesbian Day at the Beach


“Let’s take a holiday this weekend and go to the beach!” Monica declared. Candice, the little vamp that she was, jumped into Monica’s arms with her feet wrapped around her waist in glee. “Yes, yes, yes, yes!” the diminutive girl exclaimed, and locked the woman in an intimate embrace. Their tongues intertwined as Monica grasp the suspended girl’s ass holding her close to her. In Darwin, Australia, lesbians were not totally uncommon, and it wasn’t easy to find one’s soul mate with just the internet or personal websites. Nevertheless, Monica was Candice’s lover; She was not her mother or sister, or a friend of the family. Monica was Candice’s teacher. Candice had always had a crush on Monica since her 7th year in primary school. Monica had just started teaching that year at 22 and the two had hit it off together ever since. Monica transferred to secondary school at the same time the girl graduated. Although Candice made plain her love and admiration for her teacher, Monica refused the girl’s advances until her 18th birthday. Monica, at 26, had dark hair cut attractively above her shoulders. She had blue eyes and athletic figure. Breasts were Candice’s favorite part of her 5’10” lover’s body as she often times stroked, kissed, tongued, rubbed, and slept holding and nursing Monica’s large, pert tits. The girl especially loved her thick, turgid nipples and would play-suck her woman’s flesh for hours at a time hoping one day to gain some nourishment.Candice was 5’4”, impish compared to her lover. At 18, she still easily passed for younger as her bleach blonde, brown eyes and pale skin with light freckles portrayed a youthful appearance. She was physically mature for her age, and pursued by many in school, but she had decided at a tender young age that Monica was the one she wanted to be with all her life.It was probably Candice’s want for a mother figure that coaxed her thinking toward girl-love. Abandoned by their father, the girl’s mother, Emily, raised her fleetingly. Her mom really didn’t want a child, but felt having Candice in her home was better than what the local orphanages offered. So she housed and feed the girl, but that was about all. Monica realized this earlier and understood why Candice latched onto her when she was so young. The teacher despised the girl’s mother for her indifference in her daughter life.On Candice’s 18th birthday, a Friday, Emily didn’t come home after work as she so often stayed out with her friends at the local taverns. She had forgotten many of the girl’s birthdays in the past so this day was no different. When Emily did came home this night, she’d heard a moaning coming from upstairs and followed a line of discarded clothing on the stairs and in the hallway leading to Candice’s bedroom. The sounds were not her daughter’s but that of someone else. She slowly opened the girl’s bedroom door and was shocked at the sexual display in front of her: Candice was naked, with her back to the door, prone with her head buried in a mature woman’s pussy. Monica looked up at Candice’s mother and glared at her as if daring her to say anything. And what could Emily say? She hadn’t done anything really in her daughter’s past to change anything. Why start now. So she just stood there transfixed, feeling a tinge of helplessness and shame at her daughter’s lust for contact and touch. Still looking directly at Emily, Monica rubbed her tits with one hand, and placed the other on the top of Candice’s head. “That’s it, baby. Make me happy!’Candice moaned something into Monica’s vulva before realizing she couldn’t be heard. Lifting her head slightly, “I love my birthday present” – pussy kiss – “I will eat this every night” – pussy kiss – “Oh thank you, Monica!” – pussy kiss – “Thank you!” – pussy kiss -“Thank you!” – pussy kiss -“Thank you!” And Candice again was overwhelmed with desire and buried her face back into Monica’s pelvis.“That’s my little girl,” Monica teased with her eyes still focused on Candice’s mother standing dumbstruck at the bedroom doorway. She stroked the girl’s hair. “You can have my pussy anytime you want now that you’re 18. I will love you and make you mine.” This seemed to spur Candice into a heightened enthusiasm to make Monica cum. She wrapped her arms around the woman’s thighs and twisted and turned her face making for herself a female ejaculate mask: Forehead, closed eyes, cheeks, chin, nose, and mouth – Candice wanted Monica’s scent all over her signaling to the world that this woman belonged to her alone. In turn, the teacher began writhing on the bed and the girl held on like a starving lamprey. Suddenly, Emily woke from her trance and quickly departed the scene to her own bedroom closing the door. Before she left, Monica spied Emily’s crotch and saw her arousal; Emily’s pussy was pumping out liquid staining her red slacks. The nasty scene of the girl’s mother baring witness to Candice’s sexual devotion played over a couple of times in Monica’s brain before finally climaxing all over Candice. The girl reveled in Monica’s flow, again smearing it up, down and around her face and golden locks. Monica quickly pulled the girl up to her and joyously kissed, licked and sucked the moisture from her little lover’s face. Meanwhile, Emily sat on the edge of her bed listening to her daughter’s coupling. Soon more sounds of lesbian sex penetrated through the walls – now the cries of her daughter’s sexual needs could be heard – and Emily laid down on her bed and she slowly rubbed herself to sleep.——————————————In the morning, Emily went downstairs for her morning coffee to find Candice eating her breakfast, wearing only a t-shirt, bent over the kitchen table. Monica was on her knees with her face planted in the young girl’s ass. “Oh, hi mom,” Candice said nonchalantly. “M… mor… morning,” Emily stammered; the shock of the sudden carnal scene hit the older woman like a cold shower making her visible shake. Trying direct her eyes away, Candice’s mother made her coffee. Then, after a quick mental adjustment, she sat at the table across from her daughter and drank her morning coffee while coyly observing Monica toss her daughter’s salad. ——————————————When Emily came home after running a few errands that afternoon, there in the living room watching TV, Monica and Candice sat. But upon closer observation, she realized Candice was nursing on one of Monica’s tits while the teacher had a hand inside the front of her daughter’s shorts between her splayed legs. This time, Candice etimesgut escort ignored her mother’s entrance, and pushed her head further inside her lover’s blouse enjoying the pussy massage and treating Monica’s nipple like a swerve-ball punching bag along with an occasional slurp and nipple tug. Watching Candice’s mother, Monica waited until Emily registered the scene before she slowly removed her sticky fingers from the girl’s pussy and put them in her mouth, sucking clean each of her fingers of the girl’s pussy goo before reaching back inside the girl’s waistband for more.Emily unconsciously gave her crotch a couple of rubs before going into the kitchen. She’s even indifferent to her own sexuality, Monica thought while licking more of the girl’s discharge from her fingers. ——————————————Later in the afternoon, Emily was making herself ready to go out, and on her way she went through the kitchen stopping at the sink. Through the window, on the back porch, she witnessed Candice and Monica sitting on the porch-swing gently kissing. Monica tenderly stroked her daughter’s arm as Candice massaged the woman’s legs. Their lips would brush against each other; tongues would flit tip to tip, hands would rise and rest on shoulders until inevitably their mouths would join as one firm connection between the two lovers locked in a partnership Emily could not fathom.Realizing she was stroking her crotch with her hand, Emily stepped away from the window. Perhaps my daughter has found something I couldn’t give her, she thought.That night when Emily returned home, Candice had already moved out.——————————————Monica and Candice drove down Stuart Hwy in the teacher’s SUV. Candice wore her favorite two piece bathing suit, yellow with purple polka dots and one of Monica’s t-shirts with the teacher’s alma mater emboldened on it; the girl’s hair was tied in pigtails. Monica surmised her partner fixation on sometimes acting younger than she was as a manifestation of her mother’s lack of intimacy. Why else would Monica be lactating? Shortly after Candice moved in with her, the girl began nursing on her tits frequently. Several times a day Candice would beg her hold her and hug her which often progress with the girl kissing and sucking on the tops of her breasts until eventually having her lips envelop her nipples. Once at that point, Monica would have a hard time disengaging the girl from her chest. And why would she? Though sometimes it would get awkward. Candice would drop by unannounced at school where Monica worked to have lunch with the teacher. That usually meant they would end up in the restroom or in Monica’s SUV where the girl could hold her and nurse. The hard part was keeping her students from noticing her protruding nipples and slightly disheveled appearance upon returning to the classroom. Monica felt loved and closer to girl than anyone she’d ever been with before, male or female. They were in a healthy, stable relationship that had promise of lasting forever. The girl’s tenderness when suckling only made Monica want to hold her and protect her the more. She started producing milk a couple of months later. Now they were a nursing couple and there was nothing wrong with that, Monica thought. Let my lover act out her needs as a child or an adult any way she wants. She will always be an intimate part of me and I will nourish her.Monica continued onto Daly Street. It was a warm day and they had the windows down to smell the fresh salty ocean air. She too wore a two piece bathing suit in aquamarine. At the first stop light, Candice couldn’t contain herself. She quickly reached over and lifted the bottom of Monica’s top over her right tit. Instantly, the girl latched onto the protruding nipple, sucking part of the woman’s breast inside her mouth while feeding herself. “Whoa..! You must be hungry baby girl!” Monica gasped.“Mm-hmm”, Candice nodded.The older woman put an arm around the girl’s shoulder, kissing her on the forehead. After about a 30 seconds, the light had changed green, and Candice had to release the fleshy mammillary. “Soon, hon. Wait until we’re on the ferry. OK?”The girl licked the remaining drops of milk from her lips and chin, and nodded; Her lover slowly took the edge of her bathing suit top and pulled it over her exposed chest.——————————————They reached the Cullen Bay Marina a few minutes later and maneuvered to the ferry dock. Car ferry service was new to Darwin, and Monica was grateful she didn’t have to rent another vehicle over at Charles Point at the Mandorah docks. Following the dock workers directions, Monica coaxed her heavier vehicle to the middle of the SeaCat ferry with the other larger vehicles as the lighter cars moved onto the slightly inclined outer edge.Monica tilted the steering up and adjusted her seat. Candice scooted over the console and into the teacher’s lap just as a car pulled alongside the SUV on Monica’s side. Only the passenger side of the car could see at a slight angle into the SUV because of the inclined tilt of the ferry floor. Candice faced Monica and they started their kissing ritual. Staring in each other in eyes, they inched their faces closer until their noses met. Monica tenderly glided her nose over the valleys and recesses of the girl’s relaxed face, as did Candice to Monica’s – they worked together softly tracing the others features. Each knew the others scent as their facial oils mixed harmoniously. They were in no hurry: The ferry ride took about twenty minutes and the girls took their time. In the car next to them a woman in her early twenties stared out the open window. Her brother had left to get coffee, but he really wanted out of the car to maybe meet some girls up on the top deck. Bored, she scanned the parked vehicles around as she sensed the ferry departing the dock. Hearing someone sigh, she turned to her right. There, slightly ahead of her, she spied Monica and Candice cuddling.It took her a second to realize what she was seeing at first, then felt revulsion and quickly looked away. Two girls together, holding each other like that was gross, she thought. The woman was reminded of when her best friend a few months back tried to get into her pants. But that just freaked her out and they got into a fight. They’ve since grown apart. I miss her as a friend, though, she reflected.In the SUV, the lovers lightly kissed and gently rubbed their lips back and forth over each other. Monica eryaman escort caressed the girl’s ear massaging it erotically. Candice held the palm of one hand against Monica’s chest with her index finger circling the hollow of her neck, as her other hand cupped the woman’s breast. She then opened her mouth slightly and brushed Monica’s mouth. Monica sighed again parting her lips enough to let the girl enter her opening like a key sliding into a warm, moist lock. When Candice turned the key, the woman’s mouth opened accepting the young girl’s inspection of her oral treasure.Back in the car, the woman heard Monica moan once more and she couldn’t help but turn her eyes toward the forbidden scene. The two women appeared like statues forever fastened together. The woman suddenly felt a twinge of envy. As awful as she though it was – two women showing their affection for each other – she couldn’t help but wonder if their closeness and intimacy would ever be something she could achieve with a partner of her own. She began to reflect on her friend again and she widened her legs slightly resting her hands on her thighs.The girls in the truck were deeply engaged. Monica’s tongue thrust in and around the girl’s mouth. They traded duties and each took turns sucking on the others tongue. Lips mashed together, breathing sometimes in small snorts and gasps, the teacher and her little student were in love.From the car, the woman could see this, and yearned for it. Love: To be completely oblivious to your surroundings only caring about your lover in front of you. The woman slid a hand into the front of her pants and inside her panties, and realized she was wet. After looking around the perimeter of the car, she then began stroking her pussy, and felt ashamed for doing so. But she couldn’t help herself. She raised her head once more and glued her eyes to the women’s embrace.Candice couldn’t wait any longer. Still locked together, she untied Monica’s bikini top at the nape of her neck. She then split from her teacher’s lips to concentrate on untying the knot. That was when she noticed the woman in the car staring at them. Candice smiled at her. Free at last! Monica let her head back onto the headrest. The pig-tailed girl lifted the teacher’s heavy breast closest the window and pulled on the nipple in an almost grotesque fashion with her fingers – almost extending the mammillary out the window. The woman in the car couldn’t believe what she was watching. Was that the girl’s partner’s tit she was pulling on? There was some liquid, she spied. White… Oh my god, she thought! It’s breast milk! The woman caught her breath as her masturbation rolled her over a soft peak. When she could focus again, the girl in the window was eating her lover’s milk.Candice enveloped Monica’s tit, at first sucking in as much of her lover’s flesh into her mouth as she could, then slowly withdrawing, scraping her teeth along the breast leaving her mouth, all the way down until finally reaching the large nipple now streaming female buttermilk down her throat. Candice would grunt loudly taking large swallows of Monica’s tit secretions. Candice would then milk the bosom again for another hit. Now and again, the pig-tailed girl would release the teacher’s breast and playfully create strings of thick white spittle connecting her mouth to the woman’s utter before finally dedicating her focus on the nipple. With both hands, the imp gently grasped the large tit. At first she batted the nipple with her tongue, and then lightly bit into it beginning a pretend struggle as if wrestling the nubbin into submission before she would try to suck it away as if to say “You’re coming with me!”Back and forth the girl went attacking and – the woman in the car realized – making sweet love to her partner’s breast. Oh, the thought of this made the car woman squirt a little girlie juice in her hand; the crotch of her jeans turned a dark blue. She thought of her best friend again. What if she had let her friend touch her? What if she gave in just that once and let Cindy have her way with her. Just once? What kind of life would she be leading today? She certainly wouldn’t be alone in a car on a ferry to Perth with no prospects taking handouts from her brother trying to raise a family of his own…Candice settled down, eyes closed and began to nurse. Quietly, gently, baby-like, the young lover fed on her surrogate’s teat. The woman watched the girl intently, longingly. She slipped her other hand under her bra-less shirt and pulled on her erect nipples. Then in a flash, the little blonde girl opened her eyes and looked directly at her: Candice winked knowingly. This sent the woman over the edge. Behind gritted teeth and stiffening body, the woman in the car spewed her orgasm all over her hand inside her panties. Candice had since closed her eyes again but the woman watched intently as she continued to slip her hand up and down her crack massaging her cum into her pubes, ass crack and vaginal canal. The pulling on her nipples subsided into caresses. Relaxed, she began to imagine her Cindy cleaning her with her tongue, or gently sucking on her tit. I should call her, she thought. Monica nodded off while Candice fed. As the ferry approached the Mandorah dock, the boat’s whistle tooted stirring the young lovers. Gathering their senses, they readied themselves.The woman in the car pulled her hand out of her pants and began straightening her clothes. Then she pulled a sweater from the back seat and placed it over her soaking wet crotch. Her brother came back to the car, and looked at his sister wearily as she just stared out the window lost in thought. Then she turned to him. “Did you get lucky?”“Naw. But the sandwich was good,” he said. The ferry docked, the vehicles began to pile out, cars first.“Something smells funny,” he said.“Could be the salty air,“ his sister said and returned to staring out her window. She raised her hand up to her face and kept her moist fingers over her lips and under her nose. I need to call her, she thought.——————————————The two women drove down Charles Point Road toward the Cox Peninsula. It was a weekday, and not many people were around. Since departing the ferry, the road seemed deserted.“This is going to be fun!” Monica said.“How far do we have to go?” Candice looked out at the eucalyptus and lancewood trees sprouting out of the rich red ground; a warm wind blew in her face making her pig-tails dance.“Just eight miles up the road, then we sincan escort turn toward the ocean,” Monica smiled.After several miles, Candice got a little restless and popped open the glove box. She thumbed through the usual stuff, registration, maintenance guide, ownership manual, and a piece of plastic. Curious, she took the hand size object and realized it was an unused sticker as it still had the peel off pads keeping the object stiff. She turned it over: The sticker depicted two women holding hands walking toward the entrance of an enlarged vagina.Intrigued, Candice held up the sexy ad. “What‘s ‘Lisa’s Twat’ about?”Monica took her eyes off the road momentarily, and grinned ear to ear. “Oh, baby. I’ve got a whole world to show you!”With that, she slowed the truck and turned right. “We’re almost there!”They traveled two more curving miles before the trees cleared and the beach coalesced in front of them. The women were excited and laughed out loud. “Woohoo!” Candice cried.On the beach sand, Monica slowed down and turned East. They paralleled the beach a distance before she swung the SUV North facing the rushing waves and stopped.“How about here?”Unable to contain herself, Candice jumped out of the truck and ran toward the surf. A short ways out, a small wave came in and soaked her to the waste. Monica was suddenly there to help steady the girl wrapping an arm around her lover and guiding her back to the beach laughing and kissing.They setup a canopy connecting a vibrant stripe colored cloth from the roof of the SUV to two poles. Candice laid out a blanket underneath as Monica pulled the cooler onto the truck tailgate. Before eating lunch, they removed their bikinis; the girls had long since made bare their private parts and the warm ocean breeze chilled the exposed hairless, but moist skin. While eating lunch, both women enjoyed the view, naked.The beach ran roughly three hundred feet from shore to the forest line. No one, nothing man-made could be seen in either direction. The ocean was like a shimmering transparent blue gem. The tan sands were soft but hot. It was a perfect place for the lovers to relax and get intimate.——————————————Both women sat on the blanket and finished eating. Monica took a few deep breaths of the fresh ocean air, and then guided Candice onto her back. Lying next to the little girl, she ran her free hand over the pale skin. Candice closed her eyes and enjoyed Monica’s gentle caresses. The teacher’s fingers lightly skated down Candice’s sternum and circled back up to her C-size breasts and drew tight circles around each aureola before closing on the nipple giving it a little tug. Candice would giggle and her tit flesh would rise in goose bumps. After a few minutes, the roaming fingers then glided down to and around the girl’s navel before making a beeline to the very top of her bare pussy. Then the older woman’s fingers swarmed together to form a cupped hand that fit over the younger vagina like a soft blanket. As Monica began to press down on Candice’s pussy lips, she watched her lover’s breathing increase. The blonde’s chest rose and fell; her tits seeming to get larger, her erect nipples more pointed.Not being able to hold back any longer, Monica leaned over and engulfed one of Candice’s tits as she massaged the girl’s vulva all the way to her anus and back again. For several minutes the two held this pose as sounds of sucking and moaning mixed with the sounds of the ocean waves crashing on the shore. The teacher loved how her little girl’s nipples were half and inch long. She would nudge them with her lips, nose, and cheeks to watch them spring back to attention exciting Monica to no end. Her own pussy would gel with everything she did to her lover. Drawing the supple chest organ into her mouth and releasing it generated an enticing jiggle revealing the girl’s youth and body tone. Monica just wanted to swallow and yet continue to suck on the two treasures. After a time, Monica broke off her oral-breast playfulness; she sat up, and came around in front of her partner’s feet. Watching her girl with a coy look, she lifted each foot and massaging them while sucking on the girl’s toes, watching – always watching – her partner’s joyous reactions. Moving her hands further, the Monica massaged Candice’s pale skinned calves and knees, kissing and sucking on her flesh as if it were covered in honey. Candice enjoyed her former teacher methodically devour her. Her pussy tingled with anticipation as the larger woman squeezed and rubbed her thighs, loosening her muscles. Looking at her pig-tail girl, Monica descended into the girl’s open legs and her tongue began its smooth, steady rhythmic licking toward Candice’s center. Up and down her cleft: from clit to anus and back again, the brunette kept her softened tongue on course until finally settling in its cherished home, in the warmth and tight hole of Candice’s vaginal canal. Monica hummed with her upper lip against the girl’s clit. Candice was floated into an even higher euphoric bliss.“You like the work your teacher is doing for you, little girl?” Monica teased.“Oh, Yesss….” Candice cooed as her lover’s tongue replaced itself momentarily.“You want teacher to make everything alright?”“Ooo… oh, mmm… yesss…” The tongue plunged in and out again.“Teacher likes eating your pussy. You must be a baddd girlll,”“…b…bad…..gir.. l…”Candice was on the edge and Monica knew her precious well. She tactfully re-positioned her tongue from the girl’s fuck hole back to her clit and introduced her index finger to the undulating opening. The girl’s virgin cervix invited the finger inside her willingly. Both women were moaning; the larger woman’s vibrating mouth only drove the eighteen year old to the wall. Monica wrapped her arms around the girl’s thighs, her palms gripping Candice’s hips.Candice placed one hand on the older woman’s crown and grasped her breast with the other, squeezing it; milking it as if she could make it spurt cum out of her nipple. Monica pictured that image and drove her face, lips and tongue all over the girl’s pussy in ecstasy. That was all the girl needed and cried out her orgasm. Her legs and pelvis shook with staccato tremors as if trying to spew Monica out of her with here cum. But the girl’s lover held her hips firmly not allowing the youth to shake her off and continued her facial barrage forcing Candice to remain a little longer on that wall and continue her explosion.The girl’s hips jumped in the air as a larger burst of female fluids broke free over Monica’s face and lips, and into her mouth. The smaller transforming into a larger orgasmic frenzy lasted only a short time and the women collapsed. Candice folded her arms, then slowly pulled them apart resting her palms on each breast rubbing them, then folded her arms again.

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