Letter for Cara


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Today was…incredible. I have not been able to get you off my mind. Do you know how badly I want you? Do you have any idea how much I wished we had more time today?

I would have kissed you and touched you until you couldn’t stand it anymore, and then I’d have slipped you out of your clothes so I could kiss and touch every inch of you. I know you don’t like giving up control, so don’t think of it that way. Think of it as allowing me to please you, to touch you the way you crave to be touched. Imagine my lips on yours, my hands in your hair, pulling and tugging you closer to me. You taste so sweet…feel so soft…. Imagine me kissing down across your collarbone, my tongue leaving a trail on your warm skin. Imagine it, Cara… close your eyes for just a moment and feel my lips on your shoulder, nipping, kissing, licking….

And now my lips are tracing a path to your breasts, my tongue caressing your skin. I can hear you moaning, escort izmit Cara, and it turns me on so much. I love knowing that I’m pleasing you. But rather than linger on your breasts, I continue my journey across your body towards your hips, stroking your skin softly with my hands, following with kisses. I know you want to participate, but I just want you to lie still and just feel. Concentrate on the sensations, my warm hands and lips, the cool air that touches where my lips have just been. Surrender to the feel of my skin on yours, the passion building within you. There’s no need to rush, Cara. We have all the time in the world tonight, in our little world built for two. Rest your hands up beside your head, grip the pillow if you must, but please let me please you. I want to please you so badly, and I want to take my time and enjoy the way your body responds to my touch.

Feel my fingers caressing the insides of your thighs the way I did this afternoon. Spread your legs wider for me, Cara. Pull your knees up and rest your feet on the bed. I want to see all of you, sweetness. I can see how izmit escort wet you are. I love knowing that I helped get you that wet, and that before long you will be even wetter. I want to taste you, Cara. Do you want to feel my tongue inside you? Do you want me kissing you in that very intimate way, drinking in your arousal?

Patience, sweet one. Patience. I will get there soon enough. I want to kiss you a little longer, and as you feel my tongue in your mouth my index finger slips inside you, mimicking the movements of my tongue on your lips. I love the way you moan against my mouth. God, you are so fucking hot, and your pussy is just dripping wet.

I’m waiting for you to ask me, Cara. Ask me to kiss you there, to take your clit in my mouth and suck on it while I slip two fingers inside you and rub your G-spot, pushing you towards an orgasm of epic proportions. I need to know that you’re ready for it, sweet lips. Are you ready? Are you ready for me to bury my head between your splayed thighs and suck on your sweet, hot, wet, tight cunt? The scent of your arousal izmit kendi evi olan escort is overpowering, Cara. You’re soaking the sheets, you’re so wet.

Please? Did I hear you whisper “please”? Yes, sweet darling, yes. You have surrendered to the pleasure, and before you have time to think my mouth is on your pussy, your clit trapped between my teeth, my tongue flicking it as I suck hard. My fingers plunge inside you, stroking you deep inside, and you cum, flooding us both with your wetness. Your contractions are so strong on my fingers. Mmmmmm…..so so sweet… I slow my licking and slowly ease my fingers out of you as your contractions gradually disappear. As you drift back to earth, I pull you into my arms and stroke your hair, whispering sweet nothings to you, kissing you softly.

This, my dear, is sweet surrender, allowing another to direct your pleasure. You have no idea how much it turns me on to know that you trusted me enough to bring you to that climax when I knew you were ready for it. It’s not about control, it’s about trust. Trust me to take you places you’ve never been. Trust me to play your body in ways you never knew were possible. Trust me to bring you to climax when I know it’s time.

And now, sweet lips, I’d like to know how you’re feeling…what you’re thinking… Talk to me….


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