Life with Summer: My Second Cuckold Relationship Pt.7

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After Summer’s threesome with Darren and Carl, she continued to see Darren on and off for a few months. After just a few dates though, Summer complained to me that Darren was starting to get jealous and possessive. He didn’t care about me, but when she was with him and her phone rang he’d want to know who was calling, or if she wasn’t free to meet up with him he’d demand to know if she was going out with someone else (she usually was). Things came to a boil when Darren found out that she’d been talking to Carl. As far as I knew, she’d only been talking to him but Darren flipped out when he found out about it. Darren’s reaction didn’t make sense to me at all. He invited Carl along to tag-team my girlfriend, but the thought of the two of them talking to each other sent him over the edge. In the back of my mind it was oddly comforting to know that deep down even these big, strong, dominant guys were powerless when it came to dealing with beautiful women.In the wake of all that, things got pretty intense for a while but the short version of the story is that Darren ended up getting fired from the gym that he worked at and Summer ended up getting a restraining order against him. Given that he knew who I was, I was terrified that he’d try to embarrass me by exposing my lifestyle to friends and family but to my knowledge, he didn’t and we never heard from him again.All of this ended in Summer adopting a new approach to things.“No more getting involved with any of these guys. I’m going to meet some guys, fuck them and then move on. They’re just cocks to me. No strings attached.”There were a couple of other changes around this same time too. First, Summer delayed her acceptance to law school for a second time. She originally delayed it from the fall semester to the winter semester, the second time she delayed it from the winter semester to the following fall. I never knew exactly how much money Matthew left her, but Summer didn’t work – or apparently have to – that whole time. The other thing that impacted our lives during this time was something that didn’t really have anything to do with us. Maddie and Trevor separated. Everyone saw it coming, they were terribly mismatched. Maddie was way out of Trevor’s league, something that made me worry when I thought about Summer and me.The following year or so was a perfect storm of Summer having a lot of time on her hands, a new more casual attitude towards dating and having a newly single friend who was interested in the same thing as she was – finding black guys to fuck.During this time, I can’t even remember the number of guys who Summer brought home or how many times she went out and didn’t come home until the following morning looking like a mess. Even by her own admission, she’d later admit that she went a little wild and took some risks that she probably shouldn’t have. For the most part, that year was a blur to me but there’s one night in particular that I’ll never forget.The night started off like any other. Summer made plans to go out with Maddie. They’d been hanging out at a Caribbean club called The Bamboo and were headed there that night too. I helped Summer get ready, bathed her, helped pick out her outfit… got her all dolled up knowing that another man was going to be the beneficiary. Maddie came over to our place to have a few drinks before they hit the club, and she showed up looking stunning. Maddie was slim and petite like you’d expect a ballerina to be and she had striking features that gave her the look of a model. She had long dark brown hair that she almost always wore tied up in a bun. On this night, she wore her hair down and it seemed to change everything about her. Maddie was usually quiet and had an aura of sophistication about her that could easily be mistaken for being snobby – as most of her friends other than Summer actually were. On this night İstanbul Escort though, she seemed a little more outgoing and friendly. I often wondered how her snooty friends would react if they knew that one of Maddie’s favourite pass times was being a black cock slut.The three of us shared a few drinks having mostly small-talk until Maddie shifted the conversation in a pretty severe way.“Do you still keep him in chastity?” Maddie asked Summer out of the blue.“No, we’ve been pretty lax about that lately haven’t we hun?” Summer said looking at me.The sudden turn in the conversation was making me uncomfortable.“I don’t miss Trevor at all,” Maddie began, “but I do miss tormenting him.”“Would you feel better if Grey was locked up tonight?”Maddie smiled, looking at me but answering Summer. “Yes, of course, it would. Knowledge of a locked up cock warms my heart.”“Babe, do us a favour and go put on your chastity ok?” I don’t like to admit it, but I was kind of excited about putting it on. It felt kinky to put it on because another woman wanted me to – and with a few drinks in me – I allowed myself to think that maybe girls would stay home and what that might lead to.I went to our bedroom and locked myself up. Summer had taken to wearing my key on an ankle bracelet when she had me locked up and I brought it out to her. Seeing me coming, Summer didn’t speak – she just raised her leg, resting her foot on the edge of our coffee table expecting me to attach the bracelet myself, which I did.Maddie seemed somewhat impressed. “You seem to have him trained. At least a little bit.”“I haven’t really had to train him. He just does what he’s told.”“Training them is the best part,” Maddie said with a serious tone. “You can make a man in chastity do anything you want without much effort. It’s just a matter of time, and maybe a little motivation.” I didn’t like these ideas that Maddie was putting into Summer’s head.“What do you mean?” Summer asked.“Think of something that you want Grey to do, but he won’t do.”“A few things come to mind…”“Okay, so now just leave him locked up. If he wants out, he does one of those things. You don’t have to do anything, just wait. He’ll come to you…a week, two weeks, a month, who knows but time is against him. You just be firm, don’t give in. He will break.”“Wow, shit just got real!” Summer laughed a drunken laugh, but Maddie barely broke a smile. I was terrified.“You have so much to learn my dear.” Maddie still looked at me while she spoke.I desperately wanted to change the topic but couldn’t find a way. I was actually scared to say anything at all.“I bet he’s hard right now,” Maddie spoke with the confidence of a woman who knew that she was right, and she was.“From what? Just talking? You’re not actually hard are you Grey?” Summer seemed genuinely surprised or curious.“I…” I began to speak but Maddie interrupted. “You don’t fully understand guys like Grey yet Summer. I do. I know how their minds work. You’ll learn because I will teach you.”“Cool!” I really didn’t think that Summer understood what Maddie was saying, but based on my history with Melissa I feared the worst. Maddie really seemed to be into the controlling side of this lifestyle, and for the first time ever I felt sorry for whatever it was she put Trevor through. All of this dominant energy was so odd coming from this tiny woman who couldn’t have weighed much more than 100lbs.While just a few minutes earlier I was fantasizing about what might become of the night if the girls stayed home, I was so suddenly eager for them to leave. Maddie spooked me enough where the thought of sending my girlfriend off to a club to meet a guy seemed like the better option than continuing the conversation in the direction that it had turned to.“It’s getting pretty late. Don’t you think you should be heading out soon?” İstanbul Escort Bayan I spoke with a hopeful tone.Summer was buzzing from the drinks that she’d had and seem obvious to the tension that had been developing. “Yeah! Let’s get going, Maddie. I feel like dancing! Wooo!”Within minutes the girls were gathering their things and making their way to the door. The whole time Maddie stared me with a gaze that seemed to go right through me. I felt like she was reading my mind or something. She didn’t say a word to me, but I physically felt her looking at me – like her eyes were burning into me.I was glad to see them go. Even though I knew that there was a good chance that Summer would come home with a guy, that seemed easier to deal with than seeing any more of Maddie on the night.It was around 10 pm when the girls left, and Summer didn’t usually come home until after last call which was at 2 am. Around midnight, I made sure that our condo was tidy and prepared our bedroom for Summer and her ‘guest’ – making sure the sheets were clean and the bed was made, that sort of thing. Then I went into our spare bedroom and did my best to fall asleep. With any luck, I’d sleep through the night and whatever Summer got up to, wake up in the morning, and tend to the hangover that Summer seemed to be working herself up to. Hopefully, whoever she brought home would be gone by then and I’d be able to avoid the awkwardness that came with running into the guys that she fucked.Around 3 am I woke up to some loud noises coming from our living room. At first, I heard Summer’s loud voice, a sure sign that she was drunk, immediately followed up by other voices. She wasn’t alone, she was with more than just one guy. Then I heard Maddie. She seemed a little more quiet and controlled than Summer was. I laid in bed wondering if I should check on them. It seemed like maybe they’d come home to have some more drinks – I’d heard the distinct sounds of beers being opened. I crept to the door, just planning to peak out and peer down the hall to our living room to see if I could catch a glimpse of what was happening. As I opened the door and stuck my head out, I could see the four of them – Summer and Maddie leading the way with two black guys following closely behind them, their hands groping the girls as they walked – making their way down the hallway, clearly headed to our bedroom. When I popped my head out the door, I’d been seen by all of them.“Don’t mind him,” Summer said. “That’s just my boyfriend. He won’t bother us at all.” The two guys laughed. I think they thought that she was joking. Without breaking her stride, Summer pushed my head back into the room and closed the door as she walked past me.It didn’t take the foursome long to get down to business. I stayed at the door, with my ear pressed against it trying to hear what was happening. I heard lots of drunken laughing and giggling but that quickly faded and was soon replaced by the sounds kissing and light moaning coming from both Summer and Maddie.I backed away from the door. I was still in chastity and didn’t want to hear what I knew was coming next. Unfortunately, the guys had deep, low voices that carried.“That’s it baby, suck my dick, be a good girl…” a voice with a Jamaican accent spoke.I retreated to my bed, trying desperately to not think about what was happening but with the growing noises coming from my bedroom it was impossible to block out. My cock was growing hard and began to strain against the cage that I was wearing.For the next half hour or so I laid in bed, with my cock aching listening to the sounds of Summer and Maddie getting fucked. The guys seemed like they were being rough – at least that’s what I pictured based on the loud slappy sounds and grunts coming from our room – and the girls seemed to be loving it. Around İstanbul Rus Escort the half-hour mark, I heard the unmistakable sounds of the women, seemingly in unison, screaming out in orgasm quickly following by the two men, first one, then the other letting out guttural growls as the shot their loads. That was followed by a few minutes of silence, then their conversations picked up again, the Jamaican’s voice and the sound of Summer’s drunk laughter being the loudest. I thought that it was over for the night, but I heard Maddie say “Let us know when you’re ready for round 2…we’ll entertain ourselves until then.” Summer’s laughter was interrupted as she let out a soft moan that led me to believe that Maddie had kisser her or perhaps touched her in a way to elicit the response. Within seconds, my suspicions were confirmed as I heard what could only have been the sounds of the two girls making out. I knew that Summer had been with other women before, but I’d never seen it or been confronted by it like this. Up until that point in our relationship, her focus was on black guys and nothing else.The frustration and pain that I was feeling from the chastity device were growing and becoming impossible to ignore. I thought that maybe I could take a cold shower, not only would it make me feel better but the sound of the shower would drown out the sounds coming from our bedroom.Before I had a chance to act, I’d heard the sound of the two guys stirring and it became clear that they’d joined in with the girls. Having lasted a half hour or so the first time and knowing that they’d recently cummed, I dreaded the thought of how long “round 2” as Maddie put it was going to last. I wasn’t sure if my aching balls could take it.About ten minutes later, I heard Summer’s loud voice distinctly say “What? Ya, sure. More for me!” followed by her laughing. I sat on the edge of my bed wondering what that could have meant when suddenly my bedroom door opened.Maddie stood before me, naked except for a pair of skimpy panties that barely covered her pussy. Her body had surprising curves for someone who was so slender. Her tits were small, but naked looked bigger than I’d imaged they would. I was stunned, and my facial expression must have given that away. Maddie simply smiled back at me, enjoying my reaction.“Take your shorts off.” She said referring to my sleeping clothes. I want to see your chastity.”“Maddie…I can’t do that. I’m with Summer.”“No, Summer is with two real men. You’re with me. Take your shorts off.”“I can’t…”“I spoke to Summer. I made a trade with her. I gave her my guy, she gave me you. She doesn’t care.”I found that hard to believe, but it did seem like line up with what I’d heard Summer say so it was at least possible.“Listen Maddie, I’m not really comfortable with this. I don’t think…”“I don’t care what you think. Take your fucking shorts off right now.” As she said that, Maddie held up the key to my cage, still dangling from the chain that Summer wore on her ankle.“Does Summer know you have that?”“Yes. She gave it to me. I told you, we made a deal. Summer got Winston to go along with Glenroy and I got you. Now, I won’t ask again. I want to see your chastity, so get your shorts off now.”I gave in, still not sure if Summer really had approved of this but with the key that I wanted dangling in front of me, it was a risk that I was willing to take. I stood up and pulled down my shorts to my ankles, then kicked them aside. “Shirt too” Maddie commanded.I stood there naked, wearing nothing but a chastity cage feeling very self-conscious while Maddie stood before me almost as naked but glowing in confidence.“How does it feel to be naked in front of me?”I tried to throw the question back at her, “How does it feel for you to be naked in front of me?”Maddie laughed. “I’ve seen plenty of naked men, most have been more impressive than you. I doubt that you’ve seen many naked women, isn’t that true?”It was. I didn’t have to answer. Maddie knew.“Get down on your knees,” she commanded.I hesitated, but my submissive nature gave in to the confidence that Maddie spoke with. I got down on my knees, sitting down on my legs behind me.

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