Limits Ch. 06

Big Tits

Jude’s spacious bathroom was a consequence of the Victorian layout of the building, but that was the only thing that was old fashioned about it. It had been extensively modernised and all the fittings were to the latest standard, including a bidet, an enormous free-standing bath and a shower cubicle big enough for the both of them. Karen looked around in a mixture of amazement and envy.

“Good, isn’t it?” Jude commented, with a note of pride in her voice. “I came into quite a bit of money when my aunt died, and I spent most of it on the house; I rather like my creature comforts. Now, before we get in the shower, there’s something I’ve been meaning to do ever since I met you; I can’t be doing with untidy pubic hair, so that thatch of yours has got to go. Sit on the edge of the bath.”

Up to that point Karen had never even considered trimming her pubic hair; it wasn’t the sort of thing done by ‘nice’ girls, but now even this most intimate part of her was under Jude’s control. So she wasn’t about to demur as she perched on the rim of the porcelain bath, whilst Jude went over to the bathroom cabinet to fetch out an electric razor and a comb. With a curt ‘open wide’ Jude nudged Karen’s knees apart and knelt down in front of her. First she ran the comb through Karen’s pubic hair, combing it as straight as possible before using the comb as a guard, laying it flat against Karen’s body and using the clipper attachment on the razor to shave off anything that protruded. In this way it was no time before the entire area was trimmed so that the remaining hair was only the length of the comb’s width. With this done, Jude set to work shaving the bikini line so that all that was left was a neat triangle of short fuzz. Although Jude was being totally matter of fact about what she was doing, there was no getting away from the fact that she was using a vibrating electric motor around Karen’s most sensitive parts, and Karen found the smorgasbord of sensations teasingly arousing.

“There, that will do for now,” Jude commented as she brushed away a few remaining hairs and stood back up. “I don’t expect to have to do this again. It’s up to you to look after it from now on; you’ll get punished if it’s not up to my standard. Now, come along, let’s get in the shower.”

Whilst Jude went over and fiddled with the controls of the shower Karen stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. With the protective covering of hair all but gone she looked open and exposed; and she couldn’t help but reach down and run her fingers across the short fuzz that Jude had left, feeling the texture with the tips of her fingers. Simply doing that gave her delicious tingle and as her fingertips teased at the stubble she was becoming increasingly aware of how long she had been kept waiting for release. Jude, finally satisfied by the water temperature looked over at Karen.

“Did I say you could play with yourself?” She snapped.

“No, no Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress,” Karen admitted, shamefaced at being caught masturbating.

“Well stop it at once and get in the shower.” Jude held the cubicle door open and motioned Karen to get in. Jude evidently had no problem with water pressure as, when Karen was positioned underneath the showerhead, the water pummelled her skin in a delicious massage. Karen was enjoying the shower and wondering just what was required of her when Jude took control and, telling Karen to stand still, washed her down, first shampooing her hair and then soaping her body with a fragrant shower gel. Again Jude seemed to be making a point of being businesslike rather than sensuous, which reinforced the objectification that Karen was feeling; although Jude was doing all the work Karen was still the submissive one, she was a toy, a possession, Jude’s to own and control. Having said that it still seemed to Karen that Jude was maybe a little overzealous when it came to shampooing her groin, both front and back, not that she was complaining.

As Jude eased the soapy gel up and down the crack of her bottom Karen was in sheer heaven and when Jude used the lubricity of the gel to slip the tip of her finger past the rosebud of Karen’s anus, she couldn’t help but squeak with delight. Jude responded by pushing further and a combination of the warm water, the feel of Jude’s soapy skin as they stood close together, and the tip of Jude’s finger as it invaded her backside was almost too much for Karen and she found herself pushing rhythmically against Jude’s body trying to get pressure to bear on the core of her sex.

“You like that, don’t you?” Jude said, her first words since they had entered the shower.

“Ooh, yes, yes please, Mistress,” Karen replied breathlessly as she humped away.

“And do you want a little more?” Jude pushed her finger just a fraction deeper.

“Yes, yes please,” Karen urged.

“Well you’ll just have to wait.” Jude removed her finger, pulled away and reached again for the shower gel. “Now stand still whilst I finish washing nişantaşı escort you. I can’t be doing with all this wriggling about.”

“Oh please, please Mistress, please don’t stop,” Karen begged, still trying to rub herself against Jude’s body. “I’m so close, I’ve waited so long.”

“You, young lady, are going to have to learn to control yourself. Now stand still and let me finish off.”

Felling like a five-year-old who had been told to stand in the corner, Karen hung her head and just stood there. Meanwhile Jude unhooked the showerhead and used it in her hand to rinse Karen down again taking extra care with her groin. As she directed the high power jet of water against Karen’s front it was almost too much and Karen had to bite her lip to stop herself from crying out loud. With Karen clean all over, Jude quickly washed herself before turning off the water and leading them out of the shower. As Karen stood dripping on the bath mat, Jude reached for two towels off the heated rail and passed one over.

Whilst Karen towelled off her shoulder length hair, she couldn’t help but stare at Jude as she too dried herself. There was something about her self-confidence, the way she held herself, that hinted at her inner power and Karen felt enthralled. She had never felt like this before about anyone but all Jude had to do was ask and she would obey, grateful that she be allowed to do so. Jude caught her staring and gave her a little smile, a smile that made Karen’s heart sing. She wondered what would happen next.

“You’re getting horny, aren’t you?” Jude asked with a smile. Karen could only blush in return. How could she reply, how could she explain that although her needs were physical as well as emotional, it felt cheap to dismiss them as simply ‘horny’? Jude came over and stood in front of Karen reaching down with her hand to stroke the fuzz on Karen’s mons.

“Yes, indeed, quite a horny little sub. You’ve been good so far but after that little exhibition in the shower it looks like we might have to do something to keep you under control. Wait here a minute.” Jude put on a towelling dressing gown and left the bathroom. Moments later she returned, holding a couple of pink objects and something black and strappy in her hand. These she put down on the lid of the wash basket, before turning to the bathroom cabinet and rummaging inside. Karen stared at the pile trying to make out what it all was; the pink items consisted of a plain egg-like shape and what, from the switches on the front, looked like it might be a control unit. As for the black object, apart from the straps there was a plain black triangle and a black pole shaped attachment. Was it Karen’s imagination or was the pole shaped like a man’s thingy? Whilst Karen had been distracted, Jude had fetched out what looked like a large toothpaste tube. She took the top off and squeezed out some of the contents of the tube onto the forefinger of her right hand.

“Seeing as how you can’t seem to control yourself it looks like we’re going to have to give you a little help. Now bend over and put your hands on the side of the bath. That’s right. Now spread your legs… wider. There, stay like that.”

As soon as Karen was suitably positioned she felt Jude come and stand next to her and then the shock of Jude’s finger pushing once more against the puckered ring of her anus. The tube must have contained some sort of lubricant as Jude’s finger felt cool and smooth as, after an initial resistance, it slipped in easily. Jude was able to ease it back and forth until Karen’s entire back passage was nice and slippery. However this didn’t last long; Jude removed her finger, went over to the basin and washed her hands. Then she went back to the wash basket and fetched the strappy contraption and this time Karen felt something much larger pushing against her. Now she realised just where the pole shape, the dildo part of the strappy object, was going to go.

“This will be a lot easier if you just relax,” Jude urged, as she worked the tip of the dildo against Karen’s sphincter. Karen wondered how on earth she was supposed to relax as, whilst the tip of Jude’s finger had felt pleasurable, this was a very different matter. For a start it was considerably thicker and, even with the lubrication, it was going to be a tight fit. Indeed, at first Karen didn’t think it was going to fit at all but, once it was past her sphincter, Jude was able to ease it in, centimetre by centimetre, and, just when Karen was wondering whether she could take any more, she felt the strapping nestle in between the cheeks of her buttocks.

Once the dildo was fully inserted Jude ordered Karen to stand up and face her. The strap that ran up behind her was looped around a belt, which Jude fitted around Karen’s waist locking it in place with a small padlock. A long black triangle hung down from the front of the belt and this, in turn, could be connected to a strap that ran forward from the dildo so that it ended up like some bizarre şişli escort thong made of a black rubbery material.

However, before fitting this final part of the jigsaw, Jude went back to the wash basket and returned with the egg shaped object. With a curt ‘open wide’ she eased open Karen’s nether lips with one hand whilst offering up the egg shaped object with the other. This time there was no need for lubrication, Karen’s constant state of arousal saw to that, and the egg slipped in easily. It would have slipped straight out again but, before it could do so, Jude took the bottom end of the triangle and pushed it back between Karen’s legs and, after adjusting it so that it was a snug fit, she locked it in place with a second padlock. Now she was wearing it Karen could see how cleverly it had been made. The whole contraption could only be removed by undoing the padlock at the front but, by undoing the padlock between her legs, she could be exposed to answer calls of nature or for whatever games Jude might have in mind.

As Jude stood back up Karen got a glance of herself in the mirror. The chastity belt, for that was what it effectively was, covered her front in a broad triangle and, although, at a push, she might be able to squeeze her fingers underneath, it was made of a hard rubbery material and there was precious little give so she surely wouldn’t be able to play with herself. Moreover it would certainly ensure that the dildo stayed firmly lodged in her backside and the pink object, whatever that was, would stay in her ‘front bottom’.

“There, that’s better, walk around a bit. Let’s make sure it all fits comfortably,” Jude ordered and Karen took a few tentative steps and, at Jude’s bidding, bent forward to pick a towel off the floor. As she did so the strapping pulled painfully at the dildo in her backside and Karen realised that ‘comfortable’ was a relative word and she was going to have to move carefully from now on.

“There, that’s perfect.” Jude said, standing back with her head to one side. “That will keep temptation at bay.”

As Karen had walked about she had found that it would do more than keep temptation at bay. The inside of the triangle was mostly smooth but the lower part was ridged in such a way as it separated her lower lips and, as she moved about, she was always gong to be aware of the way it rubbed directly against her most sensitive parts. Not only would the contraption deny her relief, it would also ensure that she was constantly kept on the edge of arousal. Furthermore there was no way she was going to forget that she had the dildo firmly inserted inside her anus. What did confuse her was whatever it was that Jude had inserted into her ‘front bottom’. Whilst she could feel it was there and, with the chastity belt in place there was no way it was going anywhere else, it didn’t do anything; it was neither arousing nor uncomfortable.

“We’d best sort out your hair. If we leave it to dry naturally it will look a mess and that will never do,” Jude commented. “I’ve got a hairdryer somewhere; come along.”

Jude led Karen back to the bedroom and sat her down at the dressing table. Gingerly Karen let herself down onto the chair feeling the dildo forced deeper inside her as she did so. As with bending over, this was another manoeuvre that the belt restricted. At first she put her hands in her lap but Jude told her brusquely to cross them behind her back. The hairdryer took some finding as Jude, with her short hair, would have had little use for it and it was seldom used. Whilst she waited, Karen looked around the dressing table. There was precious little feminine about what lay there; Jude definitely wasn’t much of a one for make up, for example. At last Jude found the hairdryer at the bottom of a drawer, so she pulled it out, untangled the wiring and plugged it in. Again Karen wasn’t allowed to do anything but sit there whilst Jude sorted her out. She found herself passing the time by clenching her buttocks and exploring the differing range of sensations that doing so produced from the dildo inside her. Whilst it was far from comfortable, there was something piquant about the full sensation it gave and Karen would have been hard pushed to say whether she liked it or not.

“Well, that’s you sorted,” Jude said at last. “The bathroom is a mess, the bed needs tidying and I want dinner on the table by seven so you had best get a move on. What do you say?”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress,” Karen responded.

“See you later then,” Jude said as she went off down stairs.

Seeing as how she was in the bedroom Karen started by tidying the bed. It really didn’t need much, just straightening round where their acrobatics had ruffled the duvet. Karen noticed that both the headboard and tailboard were wrought iron and that, in addition to the cuffs that had been used to hold her in place earlier, there were others at the bottom corners, all of which were firmly and permanently anchored. The ones at the foot mecidiyeköy escort at the bed were discretely tucked away under the mattress, so Karen did the same with the others.

She was just finishing up when she felt a twinge ‘down there’. It was as if… but surely… it was as if whatever Jude had pushed inside her had just moved of its own accord. Suddenly it did it again and this time for longer. The damn thing was vibrating in short random bursts. And then it dawned on her; there had been two pink objects; evidently the one that was inside her was a vibrator, one which worked on remote control, and the other part, the one currently in Jude’s possession, must be the controller. Although Jude was not in the same room as she, Jude was still going to be able to control its movements. For thirty seconds or so Jude turned it on to full blast and Karen had to sit on the side of the bed with her hands clamped between her thighs as she rode the wave of sensations. However it wasn’t long before the vibrations returned to a lower setting, just enough to make sure there were now two items inside her she was constantly aware of.

As Karen moved on to the bathroom she was finding it hard to concentrate. Although Jude was downstairs she had not forgotten Karen and was constantly playing with the remote controller; in particular she would leave it on one setting for a while and then, just as Karen was getting used to the rhythm, Jude would once again play with the settings and Karen would have to get used to another one. At one point she even switched it off which was, in some way worse, as it left Karen on tenterhooks wondering how long she was going to have to wait and what setting it would be on when it started again. The final straw was when she was on her hands and knees sweeping up the pile of pubic hair left from where she had been shaven and a sudden burst of full power made her jerk and spill the lot again. In semi-despair she looked up and caught sight of herself in the mirror. With her mood shattered, she felt she looked ridiculous crawling about wearing nothing but this stupid chastity belt. What was she doing, what had he got herself involved with? Being ravished by Jude had been wild and exciting, being shaven and showered had been strangely erotic, being fitted with the chastity belt was sweet surrender but this, this endless teasing, was neither one thing nor another, and had gone far beyond pleasure and into the realms of the wearisome. It had completely destroyed any good mood or sexy feeling. Determined to see it through, she carried on with the cleaning but the more it went on the more it was getting to her. She was nearly in tears by the time the bathroom was finished and she went downstairs to find Jude, still in her dressing gown, with her feet up on the sofa reading a magazine in the front room.

“Please, Mistress,” she said, uncertain as to what reaction she would get.

“What is it?” Jude said as she put down the magazine.

“Please, the vibrator thingy, please don’t tease any more.”

“What, like this?” Jude said taking the controller out of her pocket and turning the dial on the front up to full.

“Please, Jude, stop!” Karen cried out. She fell to her knees next to the sofa. “Please, Jude, we need to talk. When I agreed to come her I agreed to be your ‘slave’ and I still agree to that; I’ll do anything you want, in bed or out of it, but this, this is just cruel.” Karen had tears in her eyes. “Please, I want to play but please play nice.”

“Are you telling me what I can or can’t do? That’s not your place, not your place at all. You’re my property and I can do whatever I want to you. A Mistress is supposed to be cruel and you had best get used to it.” Jude started to rebuke Karen for her outburst, but as soon as she started something about the look in Karen’s eyes held her back. “OK, let’s come out of role for a moment,” she continued, her tone softer this time. “You knew when you agreed to this that I would be a harsh and now, now as soon it’s got real, you’re complaining about it.”

“But… but… but there’s playing at being cruel and really being cruel.” Karen tried to explain herself. “You’re supposed to be my friend, you’re supposed to care about me, but what you’re doing with that damn vibrator isn’t turning me on, quite the contrary, it’s giving me a headache and that’s turning me right off. If only you would just leave it on one setting for a while….”

Jude had been quite taken aback by this. Was she supposed to be Karen’s friend? Well, yes, but not at the moment, that was not what the weekend was all about. But, on the other hand, Karen was right, it was all a game, and as Karen was getting genuinely distressed…. Suddenly the game was far less simple. Still, now that it had come out in the open they might as well get it sorted.

“Hmm… is there anything else you’re not happy with?” Jude asked, barely able to keep the sarcasm out of her voice.

“It’s… Look, Jude, I know that being naked is all part and parcel of being your slave but can we turn the heating up a bit. It’s all very for you, wrapped up in that lovely bathrobe but I’m freezing. It’s really hard to feel cold and sexy at the same time.”

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