Lindsey’s Special Night


Lindsey knew she should dress sexier for their special night, but she didn’t really have any sexy clothes, nor the money to buy them. At twenty, she’d never really had a reason to dress that way until now. She’d had a few boyfriends, but not that made her feel the way that Devin did — and she certainly never felt sexy in her own right. Devin was changing that.

Everything negative she said about herself, Devin countered. She said she was short; he said she was petite. She said she hair that couldn’t make up its mind what color it was; he said she had wheat blonde hair that shifted shades in different light. She said she used a lot of eye-liner to distract from her plain brown eyes; he said, she used just enough eye liner to add some edge and flash to her mocha eyes. She said she worked out too much to still have as full a butt and chest as she had; Devin said, “My god, you work out so much you’re in great shape but you still have an amazing butt and chest.”

All of her self-consciousness was being turned into self-respect, and she loved Devin for that. All of his physical compliments were matched by emotional and intellectual ones. She wasn’t shy, she was reserved. She wasn’t a bookworm, she was intelligent. She wasn’t clinging to her childhood; she was in touch with the little girl inside her.

And for all that, Devin never pressured her to have sex. She loved him for that, too. She was a virgin, and while she had no moral commitment to staying that way, she did have a personal commitment to being the one to decide when she lost it, and to whom she lost it. The easiest way to drive Lindsey to a break-up was to pressure her into sex. Devin hadn’t done that for the year they’d been dating, and tonight he was going to reap the reward for that patience.

Originally, when she first decided she was ready to make love to her boyfriend, Lindsey had conceived of a long, romantic evening with a lot of sweet sentiment wrapped around increasing sexual tension. The closer they had gotten to the evening, the less idealistic she had become. When she had called Devin at lunch, she had said, “Okay, I’m too nervous. Forget the dinner and all that other stuff, when I come over, we’re just going to do it.”

She had felt bold, brash, and more than a little silly, but Devin had not complained. It was true, too. Her nerves were a wreck, and she didn’t handle nervous anticipation well. Her pulse raced all day, and her breathing was rapid. Her stomach was so knotted she couldn’t eat, and couldn’t drink anything but water. It was impossible for her to focus on anything. She wanted this to happen, but she also needed it to get over.

Lindsey had a lot of built-up sex drive. She had all the normal hormones and drives, more than some of her friends she thought, but she had literally never gone farther than kissing and she didn’t even masturbate much. She had never masturbated to a point of orgasm. Her drive was super-charged at this point and the thought of finally being so close to release was more than exciting.

Additionally, she was nervous. Devin was much more experienced. He’d lost his virginity at fourteen and had been with several girls. Lindsey knew some of them, and in her estimation they were all significantly hotter than she was. She was sure her naked body would be a disappointment to her boyfriend, and equally certain that her inexperience would make her a poor lover. That fear made the prospect of the night as much terrifying as it was exciting.

When she drove over to Devin’s house, lacking sexy clothes, she was wearing tight jeans and a cream-colored short-sleeved cotton top with a low V-neck. Her panties and bra were simple a simple matching set in pink cotton with subtle lacy frills that were more just girlie than they were alluring. She wore her long hair pulled half-back. It was his favorite style, so at least she could do that for him even if she didn’t have lingerie or a scandalous skirt.

The walk up his sidewalk was the longest walk of her life. Half of her wanted to run to the door. Half of her wanted to run away. They balanced out into a slow, careful walk. She was trembling enough that her legs felt unsteady. Her mouth was dry. Her heart was pounding. She was about to have sex. With the man she loved.

She could hardly believe it.

Devin didn’t make her knock. He’d been watching for her apparently and opened the door as soon as she was close. She looked at the smile on his face and smiled back, even through her anxiety and excitement. On the doorstep, Devin pulled her into an easy embrace and kissed her mouth deeply but softly.

Lindsey felt arousal flame inside her.

“I love you so much,” she breathed into his mouth.

“I love you too,” he managed to reply through an increasingly wet flurry of tongues and lips. “Are you sure you’re ready for this? I don’t want to pressure you.”

Lindsey clutched at his chest. “Oh my god, Devin, I am so ready.”

She was, too. She was still scared of what he would think of her, but she both wanted and needed this to happen. Devin was içerenköy escort taller than her. He was not bulked up in any way, but he was cute and in good enough shape. He had dark hair and pale blue eyes. His skin and teeth were perfect. He had a dimple on his left cheek. His hands were strong and clean. She had wanted him badly for a long time. There was no way she was turning back from this moment.

Devin pulled his girlfriend into the house and shut the door. He pressed her gently against it, now kissing her more aggressively. His hands massaged her breasts through her clothes. Lindsey slid her hands up under his shirt to feel the bare skin of his abdomen and chest.

“I’ve never wanted anybody like I want you,” Devin told her, untucking the hem of her top from her jeans.

“Don’t be too disappointed,” she whispered her breath catching as she felt his hands on the cool, soft skin of her belly.

“In what?” he asked, kissing her throat just under her chin and then kissing just under her ear.

Lindsey made a gentle noise of arousal. Her body had never felt like this before. It was already almost more than she knew how to handle. “In me,” he said. “I know you love me anyway, but I know I’m not as hot as other girls. Just please don’t be too disappointed.”

Devin hoisted his girlfriend by the hips, pressing her against the door with all his strength. Her legs instinctively spread for him, then wrapped loosely around his waist. He bent down to kiss her chest through her shirt. His mouth was open and wet, the kisses obscene enough to soak the fabric with his saliva.

“Lindsey, love,” he told he, “first of all, I’ve never met a girl with as pretty a face or as gorgeous a body as you.” He groaned like an animal, rubbing his face all over her chest. She felt her nipples hardening in response to all this attention, even through the barrier of clothing. “Second of all,” Devin continued, “I want more of you than just your body. I want your heart, your mind, your essence. I want to feel and share and bathe in everything that you are.”

“Devin,” she whimpered, and then said nothing more. She was beyond words at that point. Her body was in one pleasure zone, her heart was in another, and her mind was torn between the two.

Her boyfriend gently lowered her to her feet and then took her to the bedroom. For several minutes, the couple rolled around on top of the covers, kissing and groping with the intensity of long-built passion finally having a release and finding that release inspiration for even greater passion. It was a spiral that captured them in a mad tangle. Hands exploring bodies. Mouths tasting skin and flesh. Bodies pressed together.

Suddenly, both their shirts were off. They kissed as Devin unfastened Lindsey’s bra. The moment her breasts were freed, his mouth was all over them. Lindsey had always assumed that girls let guys kiss their boobs just because the guys liked them. She had never realized she would receive pleasure from having them kissed — but she did.

Devin’s mouth ravaged her chest. Lindsey lost track of how many hickeys he covered her flesh with, but she treasured every one of them. Her nipples got harder than she realized they could, and she felt something inside her grow warm and needful.

He unzipped her jeans and began rubbing her through her pink panties. She was already damp, and only grew more so. His touch was firm and strong, but it did not hurt. It did not feel demanding or violent. It simply felt like he knew what he wanted, and what he wanted was her.

So far he did not seem even slightly disappointed.

Lindsey groaned and arched her back under him, reaching down to unzip his pants and return the favor.

She didn’t get a chance to rub at his boxers for long, though. Almost as soon as she started to, Devin scooted down and removed her shoes and then her jeans. The entire time, his eyes were locked on hers. There were silent flames in their gaze.

Once she was down to socks and panties, though, Lindsey suddenly felt very vulnerable and nervous again. She knew he could see the shadow of her bush, the outline of her vulva, the wetness of her arousal. She knew he could probably smell her arousal, too. She felt terrifyingly exposed.

That terror vanished quickly, though, as Devin pulled her left sock off and began kissing the top of her foot very gently. He then swirled his tongue around and between her toes. Then he did the same for the other foot. Then, he took her big toe in his mouth, closed his wet lips around it and sucked ever-so gently, swishing his tongue about.

Lindsey groaned and arched her back again. She cupped the tops of her own breasts and kneaded them. It was not as good as his mouth, but it was surprisingly satisfying in this stage of arousal.

Devin did not linger for long on her feet. Once her nervousness was clearly gone again, he slid his mouth down the inside her right leg, all the way up to her inner thigh. He kissed her flesh there and then kadıköy escort bit gently at it. Lindsey gasped as he then rotated his head and placed his open mouth against the crotch of her panties and sucked.

There was no more groaning or back-arching. This time she cried out and lunged for him. She had never imagined anything feeling like that. The pleasure was so sharp and so intense, it almost hurt. She pushed him away.

Devin kissed the top of her thigh and rolled the top of her panties down a couple inches, revealing the start of her bush. “It’s okay,” he assured her. “Just relax, love.”

He kissed the top of her other thigh and rolled the panties a little bit further down. “It’s okay,” he said again. “I just want to see how beautiful you are down there.”

Wordlessly, Lindsey lifted her backside from the bed and let him pull her panties the rest of the way off. She bit her lip nervously, waiting for his response.

“So beautiful,” he gushed, starting between her legs.

In a flash, his mouth was back at her crotch, this time with no panties intervening. The pleasure was even sharper, even more intense. The intimacy of feeling her boyfriend’s mouth on her sex was something she had not been prepared for. She knew people did this. She had not expected to do it and had not anticipated what it would feel like to look down and see the gorgeous man she loved tasting the most secret part of her.

His tongue worked her lips apart with firm strokes. He hummed and breathed and cooed. He told her how good she tasted. How wonderful she smelled. How beautiful she was. He sucked and licked and stabbed with his tongue. Lindsey wanted to push him away, wanted to tell him she couldn’t handle this, but she was too lightheaded to do anything more than lay back and squirm. Besides, she was almost as scared of him stopping as she was of him continuing.

The longer his mouth remained active on her, the amore aggressive he became and the more she was reduced to simply thrashing, side to side, up and down, helpless in the clutches of a new pleasure so warm and over-powering that she didn’t know how to understand it, let alone control it.

Devin knew, though. He knew how to control her pleasure, and he knew how to read her body’s responses. He proved it when he started her by suddenly pulling his mouth off her saying, “Get ready to lose your mind.”

“I already have,” she assured him, her voice thin and high-pitched.

“No,” he said, almost laughing. “You haven’t.”

And he was right.

For in the next few moments, her whole world changed forever. It would be difficult to overstate just how different life for a young woman can be after her first orgasm. The answer to a great mystery is suddenly revealed, and her body and soul become acutely connected for a moment, and if she were to treasure that moment, it could change everything about her.

Devin brought her to that point by slipping her clitoris between tightly pursed lips and sucking repeatedly while flicking it hard with the underside of his tongue. At the same time, he slid two fingers inside her slit and moved each in a different random pattern, rubbing every part of her throbbing insides and working up a volume of wetness that she didn’t know she was capable of producing. Soon, she was clawing at his head and screaming. Simultaneously, she wriggled as if to escape the painful pleasure, and thrust herself up against his face and his hand as if to never let that sweet agony end.

She had never understood why women would curse or act surprised at the moment before climax, but she had never understood what it felt like. As Devin drove her ever closer, Lindsey was overcome by something like vertigo. Her body was flushed with warmth and her mind reeled as it felt as if she were being pushed, ready to flip head over heels on her way down from the top of a building.

“Oh god oh god oh god,” she squealed, hating how scared she sounded. Embarrassed by how corny it sounded. But she couldn’t help it.

Devin sucked and lapped at her clit as if it were his favorite candy. His two fingers inside her formed a single blade with which he gently but firmly stabbed underneath her cervix. Every thrust, every lick, every suck, pushed her closer and closer to tumbling, head over heels.

“Oh god oh god oh god,” she whimpered. Then, without warning, she flipped, and she cried out, “Noooooooo!” as everything inside her felt liked it turned inside out and upside down. Her body charged and twitched. She was so warm. Her thighs were soaked. She felt herself spasm within herself. As the adrenaline subsided just a little, the no turned to a pleading yes, and begging for more.

Devin smiled and moved back up her body. His hands replaced hers on her breasts. He was hard inside his boxers and jeans, and he began to grind against her naked wetness. He sucked gently on her lower lips. She could taste herself on his mouth and it was shocking, but she wanted him too bad to be turned off by it. As she kartal escort ran her tongue over his lips and worked more deeply into the kiss she realized that the taste was not the taste her own body but the taste of the deeply personal pleasure her boyfriend had just given her, and suddenly it became arousing to her. She drew his tongue into her mouth and relished all the flavor of their lust.

Lindsey could feel the head of Devin’s cock now rubbing against her, its erection finally forcing its way through his clothing. He slid his hand under the small of her back. She nibbled on his upper lip. “Please,” she begged. “Please.”

“How do you want it to be?” he asked.

“However you want it.”

Devin rolled her onto her belly and kissed her lumbar several times before kissing her butt cheeks. “You’re so beautiful,” he told her. “I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be the first person to see you like this.” He ran his tongue over her cheeks. “I don’t think I can even tell you how amazing it makes me feel that a girl like you, who I love as much as I love you, would be willing to give me even a fraction of what you’re giving me.”

“I love you, Devin,” Lindsey managed to whisper. “I couldn’t hold back anything from you even if part of me wanted to.”

Devin gave her one purple love mark on her right cheek and then she could hear him wrestling his way out of his jeans and boxers. As soon as those were out of the way, his hands were on her hips and he was pulling her up onto all fours. She strained to look beneath herself, between her hanging breasts, to see his manhood working its way into position.

He pressed it in slowly but firmly. Her hymen had been broken years ago during a gynecological exam, but she had never been stretched like this. His manhood plowed forward through her moisture and heat, forcing its way between her swollen walls. It was shocking to feel something filling her insides down there. It was even more shocking to think that it was her boyfriend’s body, actually inside her.

After he had settled in and let her muscles recover, Devin began to slowly stroke, his hands on her hips for stability and guidance. There was not one simple feeling, but a complex experience of sensual and sexual sensations that was kept dynamic and changing by the movement of his cock within her. It felt like nothing she’d ever dreamed it might, and Lindsey’s head jerked back in surprise.

She hadn’t even noticed until that moment that there was a mirror over the head of his bed. At first the sight of them having sex bothered her. It was uncomfortable to see her own nakedness. But then their eyes met in the reflection, and Lindsey could see the passion and desire he had for her. Her own vision transformed, and she began to see her own body the way he did, and what she thought of as her shame became her beauty. Her breasts swayed underneath her with every stroke. The curve of her back gave grace to her figure, and the rise of her backside and arc of her hips were extremely feminine. She looked at his straining abs, his tense arms, his clenched thighs. His strong, straight lines were sexy on their own, but enhanced by their intersection with her soft curves.

As Lindsey watched their sex, strangely entranced, Devin watched too, mostly looking at her face. His body was taking care of the rest of her. His thrusts were precise and firm. She could feel herself being pushed towards flipping again, and she could tell from his face and from the increasing force of his hips as they rocked her body that he was heading in that direction, too.

“Hold on tight,” Devin suddenly said.

There was nothing for her to hold onto, but Lindsey quickly understood that he just meant for her to keep as steady as she could. He pressed himself as deeply into her as he could and then slid his arms around her waist. With a controlled strength she had not quite realized he possessed, Devin that slowly eased himself onto his back, pulling her with him so that without her knowing it was going to happen, she was straddling him, feet planted flat on the bed. He was still buried inside her. On arm still held her waist for stability. The other dipped down to frig her clitoris as he bounced violently under her.

Lindsey did her best to bounce on top of him, too. Her right hand pawed and clawed at her own breasts as the double pleasure of his hardon inside her and his hand on her clitoris drove her mad with pleasure. The additional attention to her breasts, even if from herself, was quite erotic and she couldn’t help playing with her hair with her free right hand. She smiled as she looked in the mirror.

Soon the smiling and the looking both took more effort than she was capable of. She was so close. The excitement and fear were building again. One hand rubbed her face, trying to stop from passing out. The other tugged hard on her nipples. Devin’s finger pinched and twisted her clit. His erection found new ways to open her up and find deeper places.

Lindsey’s face screwed up tight and her body shook as she launched into climax. Her spine felt like it was being inverted and she could feel the adrenaline releasing in her body in a series of waves. She cried out helpless as she collapsed onto her back against his chest, her body trembling. Her eyes were open just enough to see his erection pop out of her as she fell and to see it swell and burst, spurting white cum into the air.

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