Lisa and Karen – The Awakening


October 2008**************Trouble was, I was afraid that Greg might turn out to be a bit of a knob. We knew each other from just being in the same crowd. He was a nice enough guy, but seemed a bit devoid of spark. When he repeatedly suggested going out sometime, I always made an excuse or invented a diary clash.To his credit he never gave up, he asked again a few weeks later. As it happened, I’d been invited to a party and really didn’t want to go. His reaction was surprised enthusiasm when I agreed he could meet me at the party as my plus one. We agreed to meet at eight.The party was in full swing when I arrived. It took me a good thirty minutes or so of increasing misgivings before it slowly began to dawn on me that my date wasn’t going to show.Oh great, he’s stood me up. Another Friday night flying solo.A bit of a knob? No, a complete one, I rued.Feeling like a fish out of water, I decided I needed to lose my newfound wallflower image, so I put on my best poker face and began to mingle.Everyone, or so it seemed, had paired up. Couples were kissing on the stairs and fumbling in darkened corners. This particular fish felt even more out of water as I wandered through the rooms seeking someone I might know to chat to.It was then I noticed a pretty longhaired girl in a black dress standing alone by the doorway.They say no one knows what the future holds, and the lives of most people hinge on moments that were unplanned or unintended. Well, neither of us knew at the time, but this was the moment upon which the rest of our lives hinged. Our ‘Eureka’ moment if you like, the moment after which nothing would ever be the same again.Feeling slightly awkward, I nervously manoeuvred across the room and approached her.“Hey, I’m Lisa,” I offered as a fairly lame introduction. I was relieved when she gave me a welcoming smile.“I’m Karen. I’m glad I’m not the only singleton here, nice to meet you. I need another drink…join me?”We made our way over to the table, which had been converted into a makeshift bar, and poured ourselves two glasses of red wine.We found ourselves a quiet windowsill, perched our bottoms and began to chat.She told me she’d come to the party with her friend Cassie, but within minutes of arriving, Cassie had copped off with a guy she’d met in the hallway. That was the last Karen saw of her. I sympathised over her friend deserting her, and confessed I’d been ‘stood-up.’ almanbahis We touched glasses to toast our mutually discarded status.We giggled at the quirkiness of our chance meeting, and instinctively bonded over the fact we were both on our own. Sipping our drinks, we amused ourselves by jokingly trying to establish if we’d been ‘ditched’ or ‘abandoned’. Either way, we’d both ended up alone… until now.Karen was friendly, pleasant and easy to talk to. She spoke with a soft reassuring voice, which put me at ease. We hit it off straight away.As we exchanged information, we realised we had quite a lot in common. We shared a similar taste in music and we both enjoyed nice clothes. We also found it freaky that we only lived about a mile from each other, but had never met until that evening.We were both getting quite tipsy and increasingly giggly.Karen suggested another toast.”To the great unwanted” she proposed, we both giggled as we raised our glasses. Thinking back upon it now, I’d begun not to notice anyone else in the room, Karen and I had sort of created a bubble around ourselves.I leaned into her as we clinked our glasses together. Our eyes met but for some reason, we held each other’s gaze a moment longer than we had at the first toast. In that moment something changed. I felt something, as yet unidentified, deep inside. My face flushed and my heart beat a little faster. We broke the gaze and took a sip of wine, but a feeling, a feeling new to me, persisted in the pit of my stomach. We resumed our light-hearted chat but somehow it seemed a little more intimate now… a little more significant.The time flew past and before we knew it people were beginning to drift away. We decided to leave and share a taxi home. During the journey we swapped phone numbers. As we arrived at Karen’s house, she pressed some money into my hand for the taxi fare before giving me a hug. I promised I’d ring her.Dwelling on the evening before I drifted off to sleep, I pondered on our meeting. First impressions were favourable. I liked her. I really liked her. I puzzled slightly over the effect that she’d had upon me.Over the next few weeks I phoned her many times. We’d often meet up and go clothes shopping or out to lunch together. We enjoyed each other’s company and, before we knew it, we’d become best friends.As the weeks turned into months, I began to realise our friendship was different. I almanbahis yeni giriş always felt good in her company. We’d take full advantage of each and every opportunity to hold hands or accidentally touch each other. Anything that allowed bodily contact.I found it difficult to sleep at night. Lying in bed I’d torment myself thinking about our relationship.Were her smiles signals of interest, or were they only signs of friendship?Should we be friends or a couple?Should I cross that thin dividing line that separates friendship and romance?Was I deluding myself by refusing to accept that my feelings towards her had grown?I was physically and sexually attracted to her from the moment I laid eyes on her. For a few weeks I made myself believe that it was no more than that, but that was never going to last. Eventually I couldn’t fool myself any longer and had to concede the inevitable. I had fallen in love with her. I wanted her.I’m quite open-minded about my sexuality. I’ve always had a healthy interest in women. An attractive woman always generated a spark inside me. But this wasn’t a spark…Karen had set my heart ablaze. One thing I knew for sure. I wanted my first one-on-one experience with another woman to be with Karen. I knew she was the one.My dilemma was huge. How to approach another woman to tell her you have feelings towards her?The last thing I wanted was to embarrass Karen, or to make her feel uncomfortable. Imagine if she rejected me. The humiliation would be too much to contemplate and possibly, maybe probably, destroy our friendship completely. The prospect was horrific, unthinkable.Not a single day passed by that I didn’t consider disclosing my secret. On several occasions I came close to declaring my hand. I’d painstakingly recite my speech, franticly going over and over it in my head. My carefully chosen words would be on the tip of my tongue, and then my lack of courage would kick in, leaving me red faced and unable to recall a single word.Powerless to find the courage to do anything about it, I did what I always do in times of uncertainty. I adopted my well-practiced ostrich mode. In other words, I did nothing.~~~~~~I poured myself a large glass of red wine and took a sip, before ringing her.“Karen, it’s me Lisa. What you doing Saturday? Perhaps we could spend the evening together? Maybe get a takeaway, my treat.”“Yep, sounds like a plan. I’ll be almanbahis giriş round about six.”I took another sip of wine as my thoughts turned to her.My pulse began to race at the thought of her coming round.At ten-thirty I finished my wine and got undressed ready for bed. I stared at my reflection in the bathroom mirror as my mind went into overdrive.Look at me. I can’t take my mind off her. I was besotted. I couldn’t stop thinking about her.As I climbed into bed the wine failed to send me to sleep.Deep in thought I began sending out powerful sex signals to her, hoping to draw her near to me. I just hoped she would receive them.She was breaking my heart. Logic dictated that I couldn’t just let things drift. I had to do something.The truth is, I’ll never know if a decision is good or bad until I make it. On that basis, I made my decision. On Saturday, I would disclose my feelings to Karen.~~~~~On Saturday, I decided to colour my hair before Karen arrived. I removed my bra, changed my top for an old tee shirt and applied the hair dye.Moments later Karen arrived.She’d never ring my doorbell like anyone else. She’d always announced her arrival by shouting through my letterbox.“Only me babe. I’m a bit early. You gonna let me in?”Padding across the floor barefoot in my pants and tee shirt, I opened the door to let her in.“Hiya babe. I’m a bit early, let me give you a hug,” she said, as she stepped through the door putting her arms around me.In contrast to my ramshackle appearance, she looked good in her skinny jeans, flat shoes and pink top.I explained I needed to rinse the hair dye from my head.“Let me do that for you. I’ll wash it and get you looking all foxy,” she said, as she led me into the bathroom.Karen placed a towel around my shoulders. A shiver ran down my spine at her touch.I bent over the bath while she washed my hair. As her fingers worked shampoo into my scalp I could feel myself becoming aroused. Closing my eyes, I hugged the towel tight against my chest as my sexual fantasy began…I imagined Karen lying naked in my bed. As I pulled her towards me, we kissed on the lips. Gently at first, then more urgently as her mouth opened slightly to receive my probing tongue. Our hands were frenzied as they explored each other’s body.Our imaginary lovemaking came to an abrupt end as I felt warm water running between my breasts. I had loosened my grip on the towel.As I stood up, Karen locked her blue eyes onto my chest.My nipples were erect and clearly visible beneath my wet tee shirt.I quickly tried to wrap the towel around me. Karen, noticing how aroused I’d become, looked away to spare my embarrassment.

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