Lisa Surprise


I’ve known Lisa a long time. The first time I really noticed her was when she was walking to her car on her way to exercise class. I lived two houses down and across the street. Even at that distance I could tell that she had a short sleeve black leotard on black tights with seams up the back of her legs. I tried to forget the image, but that ass had been permanently imprinted in my memory.

Then she called me one day. We talked about the old times but not about us getting together. I promised to call her back in the next couple of days so we could meet for lunch the next weekend. The last thing I asked was if she still had that pair of tights and leotard. She just laughed and hung up.

One Friday evening I took her to dinner, and she seemed more relaxed and open. We enjoyed casual conversation, and when she excused herself to go to the “powder room,” I enjoyed the view of her spectacular ass as she swayed across the floor.

After dinner she invited me to her apartment, saying with a wink that her roommate would be out with her own boyfriend, so we could “get comfortable with each other.” I really hoped the “getting comfortable” would involve getting in her pants, especially to get to “mess with” her wonderful behind. And I was glad I had had the forethought to have a package of rubbers and a tube of K-Y.

The place she shared was in an old but recently renovated neighborhood and was very neat and tidy. When we entered, Lisa gestured at the closet and said, “Take off your jacket, tie and shoes. Put on some music. I’ll be right back.”

I hung my stuff up and checked out her CD collection and was putting on an eclectic selection of “mood music,” when Lisa returned wearing an oversized sweatshirt and the shortest baggy shorts I had ever seen. Not that they were indecent or revealing, just very short, especially in back.

“I’ll get us some wine,” she said, and went to the kitchen. I finished loading the CD’s and started the music, and then sat on the couch. Lisa returned with a chilled bottle of white, put it on the coffee table and went to a low cabinet. When she bent over to get glasses the back of the shorts rode up to reveal, not just the under-curves of those magnificent globes, but at least half of the cheeks. The sweatshirt fell away from her chest showing me the under-curves of her wonderful boobs as well. But what riveted my attention was the sight of her incredible ass, half exposed to my adoring view.

I could see her little mound sticking out of her crotch. “You haven’t changed a bit, have you,” she said as she caught me looking at her crotch. I didn’t say anything as she sat down next to me on the couch.

She put her feet up in my lap and made herself comfortable. I could feel myself growing under the weight of her feet on my crotch. I looked down and saw her feet and her toes moving around.

She got up and brought the glasses over and I could see bumps in her sweatshirt pushed out by her erect nipples. She smiled at me as she poured, and whispered, “I can see you liked what you saw,” gazing at the bulge in my pants. Then handing me a glass and looking straight in my eyes she said, “I’ve seen you watching my ass every chance you get, so I know you like that. Yours isn’t bad, either.”

We clinked glasses and sipped, and I recovered enough to say, “You’re really beautiful. All of you.”

She laughed, “You haven’t seen all of me. But thank you. I’m glad you like.”

Lisa snuggled closer to me, put a hand behind my head and drew me closer. So of course, I kissed her. Or maybe it was that she kissed me.

After a while, we broke the kiss and I took a big gulp of the wine. “Wow,” I said as I put down the glass. I put my hands down on her feet and started rubbing them and then we off to the races. I slowly moved one of my hands up her leg to her crotch, which was already damp even through her shorts. She spread her legs so I could get my hand up between her legs.

As she spread her legs, she picked almanbahis one up and put her foot at my mouth, so I grabbed it with my free hand and started sucking her toes. She must have been reading my mind. I sucked and licked her toes until they were sopping wet. All that time I had been rubbing her pussy through her shorts.

Lisa grabbed my hands and drew me up, saying, “Come. Dance with me.”

So, I stood up and we started swaying together, her shapely breasts crushed against my chest, her warm body almost glued to mine. My hand roved down her back and, of course, down to her ass. She didn’t object, and in fact rested her auburn curls against my shoulder. I nibbled on her ear and squeezed the object of my obsession.

When the song ended, she stepped back a bit and began to unbutton my shirt and ran the palms of her hands over my chest. I undid the cuffs, and she gently brushed the shirt off my shoulders.

“Aren’t I supposed to do that to you?” I smiled. She grinned and shook her head, “Maybe, but not tonight.”

In one quick motion she shucked off the sweatshirt and pulled me against her, swaying to the next song, holding me with both arms around my neck, her nipples boring holes in my bare chest. But now both my hands were free to roam over the soft skin of her bare back and the delicious curves of her bottom. Still swaying to the music, Lisa tilted her face up to me and we kissed again, as I kneaded her lovely ass. Then one of my hands worked its way up her side to fondle a soft breast.

All too soon the song ended, and Lisa broke away, bending down to pick up the clothing scattered on the floor. I wasted no time but knelt behind her, raising the hem of the shorts, and caressing what was revealed. Lisa tossed my shirt and hers onto a chair but stayed bent over. So, I leaned in and kissed, then lightly bit the under-curve of one cheek. The sweet odor of aroused woman accosted my nose. I was concerned that she would think I was moving too fast. But no, Lisa sank down onto her knees and turned to the coffee table, gulped some more wine, folded her arms on the table and rested her head on them, wiggling her wonderful ass at me.

“Do that some more,” she whispered.

So, I did. I kneaded and squeezed, I kissed and licked. And I slid the generous bottoms of her pants aside and kissed my way into the sweet crevice between those luscious globes. As I had guessed from the earlier peep-show, she wasn’t wearing panties. Lisa moaned. I sat back to admire what my spreading hands revealed and wondered if she would be turned off by what I wanted to do, when she whispered, “Don’t stop.”

So emboldened, I waded right in and licked that puckered little hole. I stabbed the point of my tongue into it, I flicked at it, I kissed it. While one hand held the hem of the shorts, the other worked into her already wet slit and teased at the folds it found there.

“Oh, my God!” Lisa breathed.

I buried my face between her ass cheeks and reached up to fondle her breasts, playing with her erect nipples, all the while Frenching her secret little back door and tweaking her pussy. Between Lisa squirming, the heady fragrance of her mounting arousal, the feel of her most secret passages and her delicious breasts, I was in Heaven!

Lisa got up and raised me to my feet. Wordlessly she kissed me again and led me back around to the couch. Still lip-locked with me she undid my belt, button and fly. With her tongue still deep in my mouth she wrapped one hand around my cock and grabbed my ass with the other. I put one hand on a breast and the other under her pants on her ass. For a while we just stood there flexing our hands.

I sat down and simultaneously dragged her shorts off her hips. Seated as I was, the sight of her shaven pussy just inches from my eyes took my breath away. The lips were deep pink and puffy, and her inner lips hung down beautifully from between her outer, her aroma was rich and intoxicating, and the lower curves of her almanbahis yeni giriş incomparable behind framed the view. I almost came just looking. My cock was throbbing with each rapid beat of my heart.

Lisa put her hands on my shoulders, pressing me back to a slouch. Kneeling between my knees, she took my straining cock in her hands and said, “Nice,” and kissed the head. It felt unbelievably hot. She pursed her lips and engulfed me, taking at least half its length in one gulp. She worked it a moment with her tongue before bobbing her head up and down on it.

“Did you like that?” she asked, taking it out of her mouth for a second, and as I said, “Oh, yeah,” plunged it back in. I was so worked up that in just a few seconds I came, shooting off in her mouth like a geyser. She took it all, swallowing with a gleeful gleam in her eyes, watching my face contort as my body wracked with spasm after spasm.

“That was quick,” she said after I stopped. “I guess I turned you on?”

“Oh, God, like no one ever before,” I answered, breathlessly.

I didn’t miss a beat. I shifted my position and put my head right between her legs and sucked and licked and fingered until she couldn’t take anymore and came. Not just a small orgasm but a real screaming bucking bronco orgasm. She grabbed my head and wouldn’t let go until she was finished. She smelled so good I didn’t want to move anyway.

She drew my pants off my feet and kicked hers off as well. She turned to arrange them over a nearby chair, giving me a thorough view of now completely uncovered ass. My cock started to stir again, something that it hadn’t done so quickly since I was a teen. As she draped my trousers over the chair-back, the tube of K-Y fell out of the pocket.

“Planning something, were you?” she asked, holding up the tube.

“Er, no, not planning anything…”

“But, hoping, eh?”

I felt my face coloring up. I hadn’t expected her to find it, and I didn’t want her to think I was a weirdo. But I noticed she hadn’t put the tube down as she refilled our glasses and took a big sip.

Grinning, she crawled up me with my glass in hand and gave me a sip, too. This put her boobs around my rapidly re-inflating member, and she shimmied a little, making them wrap around and glide over my semi-erect appendage between them.

“It’s OK,” she said, putting the glass down. She started curling the hairs on my chest with a finger, all the while squirming her tits from side to side over my hardening organ.

“Really?” I said dreamily, as she slid the nipple of one perfect tit over my little head.


We then we just moved into the bedroom and by then we were both ready again. At least I was and she could see that. Wasting no time Lisa laid down on her stomach so her firm butt was staring at me. I started at her feet again and worked my way up to her butt kissing the backs of her legs all the way. Especially that spot behind her knees. That had to be one of her hot spots. She couldn’t keep still when I was there.

I made it up to her butt and put my hand down between her legs and began rubbing her vagina. She was still wet with both of our juices from our session on the couch. I had her moaning softly now. I was kissing her but all over and running my tongue up and down her crack.

Before I did anything else, I moved around so my crotch would be in her face hoping she might take the hint and take me in her mouth. She did and it sent chills up and down my spine.

That just made me work harder on her and I buried my face in her butt and found her tight little butthole. My tongue was working its way up and down her hole. I was trying not to think about what she was doing to me because I didn’t know how long I would last, it felt so good. Her lips were so soft running up and down my penis.

She got on all fours on the bed, her beautiful ass in the air, her bald pussy wetly glistening between and that oh-so-cute little pucker winking almanbahis giriş at me. I wanted to ram right in but thought better of it.

Instead, I said, “um, we should prepare.”

I took my hand and rubbed my fingers against her vagina to get them slippery and put a finger on her butthole. She didn’t seem to mind so I gently eased it inside her butt. That just seemed to make her work harder on me. I then got the tube of K-Y and squeezed some into her crack and gently worked it in with a finger. She seemed to like it as much as I did, judging from the little noises she made. I worked mostly the outside of her anus until I felt it relax, then with a little more K-Y, inserted a finger.

“Oooh!” she cooed, wiggling that delightful ass.

As she loosened up, I added a second well-jellied finger. I rotated them, added yet more lube, working more and more slippery stuff in.

I want the real thing,” she finally said, so I put the tube down, knelt behind her and pressed my greased cock-head against her little hole. You can imagine how I felt at that moment. I was at the entrance to the most wonderful ass I’d ever seen! Her butthole was already well lubricated from my fingers so there wasn’t much resistance. It was so tight I didn’t even want to move. I just wanted to stay there and feel the tightness forever. And then, all in a rush, my cock-head just slithered right in. I stopped and grabbed hold of her hips.

I pressed the head insistently but not forcefully right in the center of her star. Gradually, I felt it loosen and give way, the point of my cock-head slowly entering, a millimeter at a time.

I pumped in her, slowly at first, then with increasing speed. She showed me how fast she wanted it by the motion of her hips. One of my hands trailed from her hip to find her wet slit and began to work in its folds. She began to groan and pant.

“Mmm,” Lisa moaned.



Little by little, pushing in a bit, then withdrawing, pushing a bit more, I fed my cock into her bowels until my hips were pressed against her magnificent cheeks.

“You OK?” I asked her.

“Oh, yes,” Lisa responded breathlessly. She didn’t want me to just stay there she wanted more. She pushed her butt back against me and suddenly I was all the way inside her. Then I put my hand back on her pussy and found her clit and began massaging her to take her mind off what I was doing.

I started moving my finger more swiftly against her clit as I began to move in and out of her butthole. She was matching my thrust with her own making a smacking noise as her butt met my crotch.

Since I had just come a bit earlier, I was able to hold back, even with the glorious sight before me. Twice within a few minutes she cried out, and each time I felt her insides spasm and clutch at me.

I started moving my finger more swiftly against her clit as I began to move in and out of her butthole. She was matching my thrust with her own making a smacking noise as her butt met my crotch. I don’t know which got to her first, but she started having another orgasm.

She pushed back against me as hard as she could to get me inside her as far as I could. That was all it took for me. I could feel my sperm moving up my shaft and shooting out inside her butt. I didn’t even have to move anymore it was just coming out on its own into the depths of her ass.

Lisa finally collapsed back down on her stomach with me still inside her butthole. I was going to pull out, but she still felt so good I stayed inside her until I shrank enough. Nevertheless, it still felt good even though I was smaller now. She rolled over and we kissed.

I lay exhausted and happy, face down on her bed. She had gone to the bathroom with an “I’ll be right back.” With my eyes closed, I heard her return.

“Just relax,” she said softly.

I felt the weight of her on my legs. A warm, wet cloth cleaned my flaccid cock between my thighs. Her hands massaged my back. That felt so very good, so I relaxed even more.

Then I heard the snap of the K-Y tube being opened. What the Hell? I looked over my shoulder at Lisa. Oh my God! She was wearing a strap-on!

Grinning, she said, “Now it’s your turn.”

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