Living with daddy Part V Part 3


Daddy looked over at brothers cock with confusion in his eyes. I could tell this is something that neither of them even imagined. I looked back and forth between them, which they both considered the option I had just laid out on the table. Neither of them moved, nor did either of them want to be the first one to talk or make a move. I knew then and there that I was going to have to take matters into my own hands. I climbed off of the bed, my pussy juice leaking down the side of my leg. It made me shiver slightly, as it had slightly lost its warmth. It made me want more, made me want them to fuck me, but I had other plans in mind. I was not going to back down from what I wanted. “Daddy,” I said as I got off the bed, “please Escort Yakacık stand here.” I said, pointing to the spot that was right beside me. He nodded and did as I said, still holding a hint of confusion in his eyes. “Now get on the bed Aaron,” I said pointing to the place where he had laid earlier. He also did as I said. It made me smile watching him lay on his back in the middle of the bed, his once again hard cock pointing to the ceiling. I wanted to take it in my mouth and make him cum in my mouth again, but I needed to control myself. I pressed myself against daddy’s body and played with his cock in my hand. He let out a moan and I felt his cock twitch under my fingers. I knew Atalar escort that I had him just where I wanted him and that he would do whatever I wanted him to do. I loved knowing that I had that kind of power over both of the men in this room. “Daddy,” I looked up at him with innocent eyes that were begging softly. “Will you please suck Aaron’s cock? I would love to get off to you taking his cum in your mouth.” Daddy leaned down and kissed me hard. It looked for a minute like he was going to protest but I begged him once again with my eyes. He nodded at me and began to crawl up onto the bed between Aaron’s legs. “I … I wouldn’t know where to begin baby girl.” He said looking up over at Kadıköy escort bayan me as I stood by the side of the bed. I climbed up on the bed and sat above Aaron’s head. I looked down at daddy and gave him the best smile that I had. I was so happy that he was going to do this for me. I was going to help him out the best that I possibly could. “Stroke his cock with your hands daddy,” I commanded him, getting a chill from the feeling of power that was running through my entire body. “Relax and do it as if you were stroking you own cock.” Daddy reached out and took Aaron’s cock into his hand. Slowly he began to stroke it. Aaron let out a slight moan as daddy’s big rough hands stroked the length of his cock. I smiled up at daddy for doing such a good job and then down at Aaron who was enjoying every second of this. “Yes daddy,” I said with a slight moan, “Just like that. Stroke his cock nice and slow, get him ready for your mouth.” Daddy stroked Aaron’s cock for a while, Aaron moaning and squirming underneath him.

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