Lizzie’s Mistress


Important note: Pretend people become adults in this world at 21, but in our society it’s still 18. Bear with it so I can justify this fantasy at least somewhat without the whole “She’s an adult and this can’t happen!” coming up…

With that, on to the story.


“Give me your daughter,” The woman said with a feral smile to the trembling man in front of her, as she sat on his couch, wearing a fancy blouse and plaid skirt, with only a chemise on underneath. She figured that it’d come in handy later to not be hampered, but that was for later.

“What.. My daughter?” Mark Saulsky said with a strange tone. The woman in front of him was the one that was currently causing pretty much all his problems in life; the one that owned almost a hundred thousand dollars of debt he owed. Her name was Amy Peterson, and she had come to him today to make him a big offer that could rid him of his debt.”What’s the catch?” He said suspiciously. He really didn’t value his 18 year old girl to be worth that much money.

“Other than not getting her back, nothing.” She said with a smile.

“Is that really all?” He said, still suspecting her of trickery of some sort. Mark really could care less about Lizzie, she was just a burden to him at this point. They talked sometimes, but it didn’t have much substance. If giving her to this woman would solve all his problems with debt, then he’d do it in a heartbeat.

You see, Mark was a single-father who had a gambling addiction that manifested after his wife died giving birth. He was currently 47, and looked like a typical balding old man– his dull brown eyes spoke nothing of depth or life, only an uncaring routine expression that spoke of a man that no longer cared for anything.

“Yep, that’s it.” Amy replied with a smirk. She’d pegged this guy spot-on, neglectful scumbag who’d sell his own daughter out. Of course, she didn’t really plan on doing anything horrible to the daughter. Maybe at first she’d think it’s horrible, but eventually she knew the girl would come around. The neglected type usually crave attention however they can get it, and that’s just a sad fact of life. Overall, Lizzie’s life would be improving.

She’d definitely give the girl the attention her father never provided, and she’d be damned if Lizzie didn’t like it!

“Well… Consider it a deal then.” Mark said. “I’ll be right back,” Mark said, walking into the hallway towards Lizzie’s room, where most likely she was doing her homework or studying for an exam. She really was a hard worker– 4.0 student, helpful towards teachers and peers whenever they needed it. The one person she tried to impress the most, however, really just didn’t care.

Mark knocked on the door. “Lizzie, come out here. Bring your school stuff,” Mark looked back at Amy, who nodded.

A few seconds later, the door opened and out walked a stunningly beautiful teenage girl. She was 18 years old, with gorgeous flaxen hair that came down to her shoulders, with a beautiful fit body and smooth creamy skin. Amy noted how the girl’s breasts had pretty much finished filling out, and were sitting somewhere in the C range, but it was hard to tell the specifics. Her green eyes lit up the entire room, as did her wide smile. Unfortunately, the latter wouldn’t last.”Yes daddy?” Lizzie asked with a hopeful gleam in her eyes. Her father never asked her for anything, and she was hoping she’d finally been noticed by him again.

“You’re gonna to be going with that woman, Amy.” Mark said, walking back over to the couch that Amy wasn’t on at the moment, in front of the TV.

“Wait… what? Daddy what do you mean…?” Lizzie asked, clearly confused.

“You heard me girl, you’re her problem now.” He said, grabbing a beer from the mini fridge he kept next to the couch.

“What? Daddy what do you mean!? Daddy please, no!” Lizzie’s eyes teared up as sobs started wracking her body.

“It’s okay Lizzie… I promise, I’ll take good care of you!” Amy said with a warm smile.

“I don’t care! I don’t want to go with you! Daddy please don’t do this to me!” Lizzie pleaded.

“Shut up girl, I don’t fucking care what happens to you, giving you to her just cleared me of all my debt. You’re worth nothing to me, nevermind a hundred thousand dollars. She can chain you up in her basement for all I care, you’re hers now and you WILL go with her.” Mark said from the couch, not even sparing a glance at his daughter.

Lizzie sat there in shock, processing what had just been said to her. Tears were free-falling down her face and her eyes were red. Numbly, she picked up her backpack and walked out the door to the foreign car in the driveway, and got inside the passenger’s seat without being prompted, before shoving her face into her hands and trembling.

“Well, cya later Mark. Or, I guess not now.” Amy smiled and walked out.

“Good riddance to both of them,” Mark said, taking another drink of his beer.

Out in the car, Amy got into the Driver’s seat and sat down, putting her şişli escort arm around the crying girl in attempted comfort, which provoked no reaction from her. She decided to just let the girl cry it out in silence, gently rubbing circles on her back.

“Why…?” Lizzie eventually choked out.

“Why what, dear?” Amy asked, knowing the answer already.

“Why would you do this to me?” She replied.

Amy chuckled. “In due time, I’m sure you’ll realize why I did it honey.”

“Really? Because I couldn’t ever think of a reason why buying a daughter from her family would be okay!” Lizzie shouted.

“Oh please, you really call that a family? You and him were family only in blood. Why else would he sell his own daughter? Because he didn’t care about you.” Amy softened her voice. “I can take care of you like he wouldn’t, Liz, and I know that you’ll realize it soon.” She said with a gentle smile as she started the car up.

Amy didn’t get a response to that question as the younger girl kept crying. Lizzie was feeling sad, angry, and depressed all at once. She realized what the woman said was true; her dad didn’t love her, and never would or had. That didn’t mean she wanted to be bought off though!

That was the main, and only reason why she didn’t like this woman. She did note that she looked to be in her late 20s though. She really seemed beautiful– with long black hair that flowed just past her shoulders, and smooth creamy skin that wasn’t really pale, but certainly not tan by any means. Her eyes were a deep ocean-blue color, and in another time and place, Lizzie would have called them dazzlingly pretty.

However, she couldn’t care less about her captor’s eyes at the moment. They’d eventually pulled up to a large house– it looked to be 4 stories tall, and was really big in general. Honestly, she’d classify it as a really nice mansion.

“Well, we’re here,” Amy said as she pulled into the driveway and parked the car.

“Great.” Lizzie muttered in a low tone.

“I’ve laid out your future uniform in your room. You’ll find it on the 3rd floor, 2 doors forward on the right. You’ll find 9 of the same outfits in your closet, and 10 normal looking ones for going out in public. If you wish, you can be given more variety in public wear, but when you’re in this house, you’ll always be required to wear your typical outfit. Be down and dressed in 10 minutes.” Amy said, leading the still-silent Lizzie to the entrance of her home.

All around them was forest, other than the bit of clear and trimmed grass that made up a somewhat large yard. Even the road disappeared into forest– there was visually nothing near the house. Amy had bought it a few years ago due to that fact; she didn’t really like having neighbors. It turned out helping her in this case too, when she decided to take a less-than-willing mate.

She didn’t enjoy being a “Bad guy”, but in this case there was simply no other way to separate the miserable girl from her father, due to her everlasting hope that her father would finally notice her.

In all honesty, ever since she’d met the girl 2 years ago, she’d realized that she’d grow up to be a beautiful, strong woman. Granted, she was too young at the time to really have been considered attractive, but the seed was there. Now that the 2 years had past and she’d grown and matured a bit, her hypothesis had clearly come true, as was proven by the beautiful girl who was quietly walking up the stares with a blank expression.

She knew from the girl’s bubbly personality that she’d make a wonderful partner for her in the long run. It seemed that Lizzie didn’t remember seeing her that day that she was visiting to give her father a loan, but she hadn’t forgotten the girl for a single day. She had seen how sad and dejected she looked after his father had dismissed her several times throughout their meeting, and instantly had known what type of case this was.

Anyways, she was hoping the introductory process wouldn’t take too long, and the girl would soon grow to like her even though she most likely hated her at the moment. She didn’t think it would be an issue since she’d be supplying the love and affection that Lizzie had been craving for so long now.

She waited patiently in the living room, eagerly awaiting what would come next as soon as Lizzie came down.

Lizzie, however, was dreading it. As soon as she reached her room and saw the outfit, she blanched. On the bed was a really, really, REALLY short maid outft. All it basically was, was a small white apron in front of her, with a black and white thong/bra. The apron was designed to hang down from her waist and cover in between her legs, while leaving most of the smooth white flesh exposed to whoever was looking on.

Sighing, she stripped naked. She looked down at herself a bit self consciously– she didn’t really think too much of her body. With a blush, she slipped on the outfit, and her fears were confirmed that it covered pretty much nothing expect her private regions. mecdiyeköy escort Even those were on pretty good display, as her cleavage hung out quite a bit- she was surprised the bra even covered her nipples up! Not to mention her butt being all but fully exposed other than her crack which the thong covered.

With a feeling of dread and embarrassment both(This would be the first time anyone had seen her in such a state of undress…) she headed down the stairs, not questioning the fact that she was following orders without argument already.

She nervously walked into the living room where Amy was patiently waiting for her. Upon seeing the woman, she felt a burning contempt come up and she crossed her arms and huffed. Unfortunately, due to the tightness of the bra she was wearing, that caused it to slip a few inches downwards and expose her bright pink nipples to the room, which instantly started hardening.

“Eep!” She squeaked out as she covered her breasts with her hands and pulled the bra back up, her face burning red.

Amy gave out a hearty laugh. “You look lovely deary.” Amy said with a smile.

“Now what do you want?” Lizzie sighed in defeat as she asked the woman that, realizing that she’d have to serve this woman for a while. The thought made her deeply saddened– the thought of just being someone’s slave. But, what it really different than living with her father? She didn’t know.

“Come here.” Amy said, patting the couch next to her. Lizzie walked over and sat down on the couch, looking down at her legs the whole time in order to not have to look at the woman next to her, who had turned her body to face the teen.

“You look absolutely beautiful my dear,” Amy purred out as she placed a hand on Lizzie’s smooth leg.

“T-Thanks…” Lizzie said, her face growing red as a bubbly feeling arose in her stomach, yet it felt like it was tightening a bit as well. She wasn’t sure what was happening to her…

“Your legs are so deliciously smooth and lovely…” Amy murmured as she rubbed her hand up and down the soft skin, inching closer to her thighs every time she came up.

“Ohhh…” Lizzie groaned. “What are you doing to me..?” Lizzie asked as her legs subconsciously parted.

“I’m doing what you’ve always wanted dear,” Was all Amy said as her hand dipped in between her spread legs, which were spreading even wider as she did that.

“No…” Lizzie whispered, even as her body betrayed her and moisture was building up in her lower regions. “Don’t do this, please…” Lizzie murmured with no feeling behind it.

“Don’t do what…” Amy asked sweetly. “This?” She whispered as her fingers went under the thin fabric of her underwear and rubbed along the surface of the young girl’s slit.

“Oh Gods..” Lizzie mewled as an intense wave of pleasure crashed over her.

“You’re so wet Liz, am I turning you on?” Amy teased as she rubbed her hand against Lizzie’s erect clit.

“N-No!” Lizzie said as her eyes closed because of the sensations Amy’s rubbing was giving her.

“Your body says different hun,” Amy said in a sultry tone.

“S-Stop it… this is wrong…” Lizzie panted out as Amy’s fingers dipped into her pulsing hot vagina.

“Is it really wrong Liz? Then tell me why it feels so right?” Amy responded and leaned over Lizzie’s body, effectively restraining her to where she was. With her free hand, she cupped Lizzie’s cheek and leaned in to kiss the young girl’s parted lips.

“Wha- MPPHH!” Amy’s lips crashed into hers with a force and started hungrily devouring hers, as if a pair of deliciously warm, soft leeches were placed over her mouth. Amy shoved her tongue deep into Lizzie’s mouth, seeking out the teen’s soft muscle with her own.

Throughout all of this, Amy started thrusting her finger into the young blonde faster and faster, reaching deep within the tight cavern of love. She felt the girl writhe beneath her every time her finger penetrated her, and would wager that her resolve was starting to falter in the face of the pleasure she was providing.

“Fuck… It feels so good!” Lizzie cried out as Amy added a second finger into her thrusts. Lizzie’s mind was quickly becoming clouded by lust and pleasure, and her hands had somehow found their way underneath her bra and were currently playing with her nipples; kneading them and pinching them frequently.

“I know hun, I know,” Amy said. Taking her finger out(Which elicited a whine from Lizzie), she stood up and got in between Lizzie’s still parted bare legs. She ripped down the panties that were still covering the blonde’s mound, quickly discarding them. She took this opportunity to remove the girl’s bra(Which Lizzie’s hands were still working underneath), and her apron which was tied in the back.

“Wait, no… I don’t like this, what am I doing? Please just leave me alone!” Lizzie said as her hands shot away from her breasts in disgust at what she’d been doing. She couldn’t have been aroused… She simply couldn’t have been!”

Lizzie couldn’t get up with Amy in front of her, so she brought her legs up to the couch and tried to crawl across it, scampering across the fabric in an attempt to escape the woman while she had the chance. This had gone too far, she didn’t want this!

“Uh uh uh, you’re staying right here young lady…” Amy said and grabbed Lizzie by her hips, pulling her back roughly and pushing her flat on her stomach, crawling on top of her and laying across her body.

With her lips near Lizzie’s ears, she whispered “What am I going to do with you Liz? I can’t have you running away from me now can I?” She lightly bit down on her earlobe.

“Ohhh..” Lizzie moaned as her face turned red. Even as she wanted to escape the woman’s clutches, this was easily the most erotic few minutes of her life, and she could feel a seeping wetness pressing against her lower back where Amy’s pussy was pressed against her, likely rubbing in circles as Amy suckled on her ear. She could feel her urge to run away lessening every second as her feelings of pleasure and passion returned.

“Now, let’s get on with that punishment, shall we?” Amy whispered in a husky tone as she grabbed Lizzie by the stomach, picking her up easily and sitting down with Lizzie in her lap, specifically on one of her legs. Amy could feel the large amount of moisture on the girl’s cunny as her thighs pressed against her leg– it seemed to be gushing by now, and by the sound of her pants, she seemed to be really turned on at being forced to submit.

The older woman pushed Lizzie’s body down and draped her across her knee, trapping her lower body with her other leg and leaving her head and torso hanging down.

“W-Wha?” Lizzie gasped out as her body was slung along like a doll wherever Amy wanted her to go. She had given up on struggling, as it seemed to be useless.

“You’ve been a naughty girl Liz…” Amy said as she caressed the young girl’s butt gently, before raising her hand and delivering a large smack.

“Ahhh!” Lizzie cried out as she felt a sharp pain on her backside. “Stop! Please stop this!” Lizzie whined.

Slap! Smack! Crack!

The blows rained down on the young girls ass every few seconds, and through the pain, Lizzie was getting more flushed by the second.

“Please… no more!” Lizzie whined as her whole body tingled with lust.

“No more… What?” Amy said, which confused Lizzie.

“I said please!” Lizzie said. “Guh!” Another smack sounded throughout the room and Lizzie’s body was pushed forward from the force of the slap.

“What else..” Amy said in a low tone as she ran her hand up and down Lizzie’s hindquarters before slapping it again. Her other hand had found its way to Lizzie’s exposed breasts, and was roughly gropin one.

“Please stop, mistress… I’ll do whatever you want.” Lizzie said in defeat. “Ahh! God…” Lizzie moaned as a light smack caressed her butt as Amy sat the other girl up into her lap, between her legs this time. She wrapped her arms around Lizzie’s chest lovingly.

“Good girl,” She said, rubbing the blonde’s nipples slowly and gently.

“Oh please… more!” Lizzie squeaked out. Her conflicting emotions were still there, but her rational side was losing out to the pleasure this woman made her feel.

“Turn around.” Amy said, loosening her arms. Lizzie was quick to comply, wrapping her legs around Amy’s back and facing her now.

“Kiss me.” Amy ordered, wanting to force Lizzie to take the initiative with this.

“Okay,” Lizzie whispered as she leaned forward and pressed her lips against the black haired woman’s lightly. Her hardened nipples were pressing into Amy’s chest as she moved their bodies closer, pressing herself against her beautiful captor tightly.

Amy’s hands snaked around Lizzie and held her tightly, one of her hands staying on her back and pushing Lizzie towards her, and the other was tenderly caressing the blonde teen’s sore butt.

Amy broke the kiss and dived in towards Lizzie’s neck, wanting to please the girl even more. She nuzzled her head into the crook of her neck and gently kissed and sucked all along the smooth flesh, leaving red love-marks in her wake. Lizzie was forced to turn her head upwards when Amy got to the under-parts of her chin, baring the entirety of her neck to the older woman.

“Yesss…” Lizzie sighed as she felt the light kisses trailing across her neck. She loved the feel of someone marking her in such an intimate spot– of being lavished with attention.

Amy started to work her way down Lizzie’s chest, planting kisses as she went. As she did so, she lifted the teen’s body higher and higher up in her arms. When she got to the girl’s breasts, she paused to suck and nibble on the solid pink nipples and planted kisses around them. Lizzie felt weird being raised up above her new mistress like that, but really enjoyed the sensations she was being given.

“Please…” She mewled out, feeling like her cunny was about to explode from how turned on she was, due to Amy’s attention on her decent-sized breasts.

“Please what?” Amy asked in between kisses.

“Please… Um… makemecumpleasemistress!” Lizzie whispered quickly.

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