Lockdown gets Hairy


Rachel like so many around the world was forced to isolate as a global pandemic rapidly spread across the globe. Something that seemed so surreal that hardly anybody could have anticipated it. It seemed more like a far -fetched horror movie than anything that resembled the reality that preceded it.

As many people tragically succumbed to the awful disease or suffered horrendous symptoms, governments around the world enforced isolation on the citizens to try and suppress the virus.

As lockdown rules were imposed Rachel like so many was forced to work from home only allowed out for essential shopping and a brief daily walk for exercise. Her boyfriend, Joss, wouldn’t be allowed to meet her as they lived separately, a fate suffered by many romantic couples.

With no need to physically go into work, habits changed for many including Rachel. Her work hours were reduced and as she didn’t need to travel it meant she could stay in bed longer without dashing up.

Also she soon realised there was little point in putting on any make-up. She was a fairly natural girl so only normally applied a minimal amount but even that seemed now superfluous. Many days she would stay in her dressing gown until she had to go out for supplies or her daily walk.

Rachel was of medium build and height with a mane of shoulder-length dark brown hair, which quickly became unruly until brushed. That certainly happened a lot less since isolation. She would just give a very quick brush before going to the shop, but not too bothered about what any strangers might think.

Being pale skinned but dark haired her body hair was going to be pretty conspicuous. Her arms had a soft downy covering of fine dark hairs which she had never removed and which her boyfriends over the years were either ambivalent about or found them rather pleasing. Her current beau, Joss, liked running his fingers through them and sometimes nuzzling them with his nose or even licking them.

Like most young women though Rachel had shaved her legs and pits since her early teens. Something that she did automatically without questioning. She would normally shave them about every four days, but sometimes her calves more often in the summer if she was wearing a dress. It was not something Joss ever expressed any opinions on as it was what most women did. When Rachel was younger she also shaved her bikini line but never her bush.

Joss having seen some of his father’s old porn magazines developed a strong desire for women for full hairy pussies and persuaded Rachel to leave the hair on her inner thighs. Though she seemed surprised at this request, she was more than happy to comply with it, as she hated shaving her bikini line as it always left her feeling sore there. The results of not shaving were pretty impressive as she now had a very full bush with the hair running a good couple of inches or more down her inner thighs. She also had a thin but obvious trail of fine dark hairs extending up to her navel (Joss adored stroking and licking these!) as well as a distinctly furry butt crack. The sight of this extensive dark hair against her pale skin was something that always aroused Joss and he loved seeing the hair prominently protuding from her sexy undies when he slowly undressed her.

In all truth Rachel, herself, had come to like this hairier version of herself. Not just losing the discomfort of shaving but when she was on her own and getting ready to masturbate she loved running her fingers through the extra hair.

Like many of her routines she soon started shaving her legs and pits less regularly than usual. No one was seeing them and to be honest it wasn’t a routine she particularly enjoyed, it was just a chore that “needed” doing, so why shave so often?

It had been at least ten day since she last shaved. She raised an arm in front of the bathroom mirror and was confronted with some pretty long stubble in her pit. She’d never let it get that long before and before she’d started shaving them the hair had still been quite sparse. She wasn’t shocked by what she saw, perhaps a little intrigued by this novel look, but consigned herself to the notion perhaps she ought to shave them?

Rachel had been more aware of how stubbly her calves were. She could see them clearly as she paraded around her flat in her dressing gown- dark and very bristly. She also felt how prickly they were. In a strange way she almost got a masochistic thrill out of running her fingers through the bristles, yet another part of her was a little horrified at how hairy she was getting-not the smooth feminine look that like many women she had been indoctrinated to be like.

After dithering she decided to run herself a bath and while soaking in the warm bath perhaps she would “deal” with her legs. Rachel reflected on the thought that a couple of her friends had said how satisfying they found shaving their legs. Though she had regularly shaved them it wasn’t something that had given her any pleasure in the malatya escort process itself. It was just a tedious chore for a the end result of smooth hair-free legs.

Rachel spent a few minutes just wallowing in the warm bath with soap suds covering her. She then placed her left leg on the edge of the bath and looked at the army of dark bristles growing on them. Picking up her razor she started to shave starting near her ankle.

“Oh shit!” she shouted out loud as blood started to pour from her lower leg. “Why the fuck am I shaving my goddam hairy legs when nobody but me can see them?”

Now in a bad mood and with a plaster on the cut she decided that was it and she was going to shave anymore while nobody could see them. In truth she’d only scraped away a few hairs before she injured herself. As she put it to herself, she knew she had bloody sasquatch hairy legs, even if she’d never let them materialise before, so what did it matter?

So lockdown was now going to get hairy in more ways than one. It was now going to be hairy literally. Part of Rachel was intrigued by how hairy she would get? Another part of her wondered whether Joss would be shocked if he saw the end result of her lack of grooming. Though they face-timed most days Rachel made sure her increasingly hairy pits and legs weren’t on show and she never mentioned it to him. Maybe she would have shaved it all off by the time lockdown eventually ended, whenever that would be?

Perhaps because she had too much time on her hands with being stuck at home she now frequently raised her arms when in the bathroom and started running her fingers through the stubble. To her surprise she was warming to the look and feel of her pit hair. As the dark hairs got longer the initial irritation disappeared and were getting smoother to the touch as they grew. She also noticed subtle changes to her natural odours. It wasn’t unpleasant as all the ads suggested it would be, but she found it very pleasing, even arousing. Rachel was also appreciating the contrasts of her dark axillae with the smooth pale skin surrounding them.

Her confidence was also boosted when on-line she saw many images of women who had also eschewed hair removal during lockdown, partly because salons were forced to close but others found it liberating to explore their natural body hair.

Of course it wasn’t just her pit hair that was getting a lot more conspicuous! Her calves were also getting positively furry. Above the knees she only grew the finest of hairs which she never shaved, just the dense hair of her inner thighs which had only been allowed to flourish the last couple of years since she’d been with Joss. By contrast her calves from ankle to just below the knee had a quite strong growth, particularly on the front of her legs and the lower part of the back for about six inches or so above her heel. As she ran her hands through the fairly coarse dark hairs they too had softened.

In truth she didn’t mind the feel of her newly hairy legs as they had got softer yet aesthetically she was finding it harder to appreciate them visually when compared to her pits. Even though she saw plenty of images of women with hairy legs and some were hairier than hers, she was still a bit sceptical about their appeal, but didn’t plan to shave them in lockdown. It was a lockdown experiment that may never get repeated!

As weeks passed she seemed less bothered by her natural hairiness as she had probably got used to seeing how her body was in its true raw form. She also knew a fair number of other women were doing the very same thing, so she didn’t feel like some hippy weirdo. In truth Rachel was now enjoying her natural body-the feel of soft body hair, the scents particularly from her furry pits and the look too. She’d moved a large mirror into the bedroom and loved to look at her body as she masturbated- seeing her extensive furry bush surrounded by relatively hairless skin, raising her arms which she now found pretty hot and even now at least accepting her hairy calves and enjoying the contrast with the bulk of the smoother thighs apart from the furry tops. While she watched the TV or was on the sofa she was now unconsciously stroking her hairy legs a lot and did enjoy the feeling.

After what seemed an eternity the harshest part of lockdown was going to be relaxed in a week and at long last she would be able to meet up with Joss again. She was keen to see him again in the flesh and even more she was desperate to have some dick inside her. Though she had pleasured herself far more than normal she was missing intimacy with a lover. The excitement of seeing and holding him again, as well as being fucked, was tempered with some anxiety about her newly hirsute state. Should she call her experiment off and shave it all (the legs and pits) or should she surprise/shock him? Would he be totally repulsed if she took the latter option? Maybe he wouldn’t care or maybe he would actually like it? To her escort malatya surprise while investigating attitudes to female body hair she found out that quite a few guys love it, some passionately so.

After much deliberation she decided she wanted to see his reaction, though there was no doubt she was nervous about it. She rationalised if he rejected her because of her natural body then he wasn’t worth keeping. She was happy to hear his thoughts/preferences but she wanted him to see her in the raw as it were.

So the days quickly passed and the day of reckoning arrived. Joss arrived at Rachel’s flat and both were really excited to see each other again with sheer joy on their faces as they threw their arms around each other, hugging and kissing passionately.

It took a little bit of time before things proceeded further as like many people they had lost the intimacy they had been used to previously.

Rachel poured some wine to relax them and Joss was now feeling more confident once more. He started to remove her sweater under which only her bra remained. He could fail to miss the conspicuous thick tufts of moist dark hair under her arms. Rachel was feeling almost sick to the stomach as she had no idea how Joss would react when he saw them?

With a big grin on his face, Joss quipped, “Wow- I didn’t expect that! You’ve got a shrubbery under your pits!”

Rachel apologetically asked, “I hope they don’t turn you off too much? It seemed so pointless shaving during lockdown. It’s so tedious and I’m always nicking myself with the razor. Then I got kind of curious as to what they look like if I stopped shaving. Lots of other women have been doing it too!”

Teasing Rachel, Joss pulled a disapproving face before laughing and saying, ” I actually think it looks pretty cool. I’ve never actually been with a woman with hairy pits but I’ve seen a fair number of images of attractive women with them and thought it looked hot. I was going to suggest you grew them out at one time but chickened out of it because I couldn’t see you doing it and thinking I was some weird fetishist?”

Both of them nervously giggled as Joss then moved towards Rachel lifting one of her arms up and nuzzling the thick fur which had got a lot moister as she sweated over Joss’s reaction to them.

Sighing and gently moaning, Joss muttered, “Mmm- that is SO good. Delicious!” as he explored her other underarm. “I hope you’re going to keep them hairy now? They really, really turn me on!”

Rachel was feeling total relief and she was aware of how excited Joss was. His bulging cock in his trousers and a damp patch expanding were evidence of his arousal.

She had been dying to handle his cock again and now was definitely the moment! She confidently unzipped him and she didn’t have to remove his erect penis as it literally jumped out once she opened up. At first she just stroked it up and down, realising what she had been missing, then gently thrusting it before going down on it. Her lips delicately licked the oozing spunk before working her tongue around it, licking it like a favourite ice cream. Seeing how desperate he was to come she then frantically wanked him for just a few seconds before he spewed his magma out like a mini volcano.

Joss looked spent but elated as he passionately kissed Rachel and removing her bra. He then spent some time running his tongue on her erect nipples and gently kissing them before returning to his new passion of furry pits, nuzzling and licking them while running his fingers through her soft arm fuzz.

He then pulled his own shirt off while Rachel tugged down his trousers and then his underwear, leaving just his socks, which neither of them bothered to remove at his stage. She started to stroke his hairy thighs but started to feel nervous as he hadn’t seen her hairy legs yet and this was likely to happen pretty soon. In all honesty she thought the pits might be less of an issue than her legs. If they were covered in a light fair coating she wouldn’t have felt so nervous, but her calves were probably as hairy as his-maybe a little more so?

The moment of truth was arriving. Joss started to remove her thick tights and paused to admire the thick bikini hair which he had encouraged Rachel to grow out. What must have been just a few seconds seemed like an eternity to Rachel. As the tights descended below her knees she stared at Joss to watch his reaction as the dense coating of dark hair revealed itself to him.

In truth it had come as a bit of a shock to him. He had never seen her legs before with any more than a few days stubble-probably a week the longest time she had ever gone between shaves.

“You don’t like it, do you?” ventured Rachel.

Still reeling from this unexpected hairy surprise, Joss was a little lost for words.

“Mm, err…..I’m certainly a bit lost for words. They certainly are hairy, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t say I don’t like them. I’m not repulsed by malatya escort bayan them, but I’m not sure exactly how I feel about all the hair. Yet I’m pleased to see you in your real raw natural state.”

Rachel felt some relief from this. Joss then tentatively reached out to one leg and starting stroking it.

“Feels quite nice if I’m honest- softer feeling than perhaps it looks. Might take me a few days to get used to them. They’re as hairy as mine”, he laughed.

Rachel gave out a huge sigh. At least Joss didn’t reject her for her furry legs.

“Well I guess now we’re allowed out again I could shave them again but leave the pits as you’re clearly a big fan of them? offered Rachel.

Joss thought for a second and replied “Unless you really want to to shave them for yourself, leave them for now. I’d like to get more familiar with them and see how much I like them?”

As the days were now getting shorter and the temperatures outside were beginning to drop she was happy to leave them furry for now. It would certainly save her the hassle of shaving for maybe a few months.

Joss then finished totally removing her tights and immediately followed by her underwear. He then began confidently caressing the long brown hairs on Rachel’s limbs with his fingers. She looked pretty content as her lover caressed them before running his nose up them before diving into her thick furry bush getting his tongue to work magic on Rachel’s clit, leaving her sighing and squealing as she hadn’t for months, After collapsing into his arms they cooed and gently kissed each other for a few minutes before they playfully compared their hairy legs next to each other. Feeling newly confident she bragged her calves were slightly hairier than his, though he more than compensated in the thigh department.

As they rubbed their hairy legs together Rachel started to stroke Joss’s hairy chest- something she had really missed. Most of the night was spent in a cycle of unbridled physical lust followed by gentle periods of recovery but the hair played a significant part in both.

The next couple of months passed quickly. Lots of clothes to cover the hairy bits in public during the winter but a special treat for Joss during their romantic times. A woman’s full hairiness is not something Joss ever expected to experience or even desired before. It’s true he silently thought about hairy pits, but had never given a thought to hairy legs. In fact if he had of thought about it he may have thought okay but not for him? Sex seemed more exciting since Rachel stopped shaving. The experiences more intense and more sensual with newer sensations from touch to smell to the sight of the hair.

Over the Christmas period Rachel spent time with her family across town. It was announced her younger sister, Sally was getting married in just a few weeks time. Though Rachel didn’t wear any too revealing clothes while at the family home Sally had still managed to notice Rachel’s hairy legs. It’s fair to say Sally was somewhat horrified by what she saw at her sister’s unkempt hirsute state. As Rachel was to be a bridesmaid, Sally laid down the law and insisted Rachel must shave her unsightly hairy legs for the wedding. If she refused Sally would never speak to her again for spoiling her big day as she saw it. Rachel was somewhat non-committal in her response and felt as though she was being bullied by Sally. But deep down she knew she would have to reluctantly relent or faced a big family rift.

Returning back home and reunited with Joss who was now really into all of Rachel’s furriness, he picked up that her mood seemed a bit downcast.

Initially she didn’t mention Sally’s threat to Joss, but as they snuggled up together and he removed her thick leggings and began stroking her hairy legs, he asked:

“Are you okay? You seem a bit quiet, everything alright?”

“Not really I’m pissed of with that sister of mine. The cow’s getting married!”

“I don’t understand,” Joss shrugged. “Why is that such a problem?”

Rachel angrily responded, “Because…. because she’s insisted I have to shave my legs for her wedding because she doesn’t want me to embarrass her as she puts it. She’s threatened to not speak to be again if I don’t give in to her pathetic request. I wouldn’t be too bothered by her but don’t want to cause a rift with the rest of my family”.

As Rachel’s anger levels rose she also noticed that Joss was getting a very noticeable erection as she spoke about what she was going to have to do.

“What the fuck!!” she shouted at Joss. ” I thought you were really keen on my hairy legs but here you are with a huge boner as I talk about having to shave them! So you were pretending all this time you liked them hairy so as not to upset me then?”

Somewhat taken back by Rachel’s accusation he tried to placate her.

“That is plain daft. Yes, I was a bit uncertain about them when you first surprised me with them but I came to really appreciate them. I’d be happy if you never shaved them, but if you wanted to shave them then fair enough, I’d accept that, but I do really love the feel of them now. Look if you have to shave them it will soon grow back again if you choose to. Probably worth it for a one-off to keep family harmony.”

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