Locked Up For The Weekend


During the 1980’s, there were archaic laws pertaining to homosexuality in the country I live in. I won’t bore you with all the statutes, but having sex with a male under the age of nineteen was a very big ‘no-no,’ at that time. For my sins, I began a relationship with an eighteen year old named Leo. He was absolutely beautiful and quite a big lad, standing six feet tall. He wasn’t effeminate but definitely preferred playing the passive role in bed. I had always been versatile, and loved flip-flopping with all my partners. Leo, above all, had one feature that placed him above most other men. He had the biggest cock I had ever personally seen on a man. It was very long and ultra-thick. From time to time, I managed to convince him to take the dominant role and had quite a few damaged pillows with chunks bitten out of them, as a result. It literally felt like a gum pole was being shoved up your backside when he fucked you. Regrettably, Leo had a friend named Cooper whom I really did not care for, and unfortunately, had to tolerate from time to time. Cooper was effeminate and mouse-like. I knew that he had a huge crush on Leo, but the feelings were definitely not reciprocal. Sex with Leo, however, was well worth the aggravation. Unbeknownst to me, the two of them had fallout months later, and snivelling Cooper informed Leo’s religious family about his relationship with me. That is when all hell broke loose, and the ‘unpleasant’ experience that the title of this story alludes to, came to pass. At work one Friday afternoon, two policemen entered the furniture store that I managed at three-thirty. I was summarily arrested for having sex with a minor. Fortunately, the owner of the business was visiting the store at the time, so I was able to hand over the keys of the business to him. Unfortunately, isvecbahis late in the day as it was, there was no way that bail could be arranged before Monday, and I would be locked up in a police cell for the entire weekend. The store owner promised he would meet at the court on Monday, to sort out the bail. After being processed at the police station, I shortly found myself in a cell with two other inmates. As I entered the cell two beds were arranged lengthways, to my left, upon which my fellow inmates were seated. I sat on the vacant bed to the right, beyond which a toilet and basin were located at the foot of the bed. Aaron, the older of the two cellmates, looked like a real no-nonsense individual. He was thirty-eight years old, and a repeat offender. He wasn’t huge but tough looking and unattractive. He had been detained on a house-breaking charge, and felt sure that he would be put away for five-nine years, after his court case. Blake, the other inmate, was a slim youngster of twenty, and rather attractive. He had been caught attempting to steal a vehicle, and was told by Aaron, the expert in these matters, that he would be put away for three-six months as a result. There was a strange dynamic between my two cellmates. They had been locked up three hours earlier, and it was almost as if a sexual tension hung over them. Angst as I was, however, I did not pay much heed to my instinct. I was too nervous, given my dilemma, to read too much into their body language, but the cell almost felt swamped with lust. I did not discuss my charge with them, and upset as I was, lay on the bed with my hands covering my face. Respectfully, they left me to myself and continued chatting among themselves. After dinner, if you could call it that, they continued with their conversation till lights-out isveçbahis giriş at nine p.m. There was a powerful outside light situated near our cell window, so even after lights-out, the room very well illuminated. Lying on my side facing away from them, I worried my arse-off about my Monday court appearance. Sleep did not befriend me, and the outside light was also not helping in this regard. After an hour, one of the guards made what I would learn later was his final inspection for the night. About to drift off to sleep I heard a commotion behind me. Turning my head, I saw Blake face down with two cushions under his stomach, and Aaron thrusting into his backside. Aaron was on his knees behind Blake, having secured both Blake’s wrists in his left hand. Aaron’s hand then hammered his hand on the small of Blake’s back a few times, as Blake grunted with pleasure. Aaron had a manic look of his face, like a predator about to feed on its quarry. His tongue was fully extended and hung on his chin in a salacious fashion. This lustful look would become his signature during the following two days. Subjugated, Blake whimpered as his ‘tormentor’ relentlessly stabbed into him. As if in a trance, I arose and pushing my underpants down, walked over to them with my dick fully erect. I could palpably taste Aaron’s masculinity, as he pumped into his conquered victim. Almost instinctively, I mounted Blake’s torso facing Aaron and secured Blake’s hands under my thighs. As he mercilessly speared into Blake, we gripped one another’s heads, locking our lips together. Smearing each other’s faces with spit, we dribbled onto our prey’s back. Changing positions a while later, I entered Blake from behind. Aaron then told Blake that he was going to face-fuck him. Slapping Blake’s face, Aaron threatened isveçbahis yeni giriş to tear his head off if he felt teeth. As our captive gagged on Aaron’s dick, his face kept being slapped by Aaron, who kept telling him to relax his throat muscles. Thrust, slap, thrust, slap, thrust, slap. Finally, with his cock entirely down Blake’s throat, I picked up on the action, slapping Blake’s butt and telling him to clench his cheeks as I speared into him. The boy was a natural, and shortly my dick was getting the proper attention it deserved. Again Aaron and I locked lips, as our kissing frenzy continued. After a while, Aaron asked if I wanted him to fuck me, “Fuck yeah,” I answered. Moving to the back of me, his anal assault was soon underway. I pulled our fuck-bunnies torso up, and with my arms infolding Blake, got to work on his neck, shoulders, and ears. Sliding my hands down finally, I was pleased to feel a stiff dick protruding from him. The little fuck was finally getting into the swing of things. I began tugging and slapping his balls, as the three of us groaned and swayed. With Aaron’s arms extended under my arms and around both our bodies, Aaron began tweaking Blake’s nipples. As our daisy chain vacillated lustfully, contented sighs emanated from all three of us. Aaron supplied all the momentum needed. This weekend had just turned into the most heavenly dilemma of my life. In these dire circumstances, I was experiencing more ecstasy than I ever known possible. Coordinating our ejaculations, we huffed and puffed as our loads exploded simultaneously. Dripping sweat, and with the cell smelling like a musty gym, we finally made our way back to our beds. For a long while, I lay on my bed thinking about the scene I had just experienced. Distraught as I was, I felt elated and overawed by what had just happened. Drifting off, I happily thought about the next two days of my incarceration. This was definitely going to be one of the most interesting weekends of my life. I woke up in the early hours of the morning needing to piss.

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