Looking for Sister Sarah


“You have a sister,” she said matter-of-factly. “What?” she exclaimed, as her heart began racing while beads of sweat rimmed her brow. “Yes, according to our records, you have a sister… a twin,” the clerk continued in the same dead pan tone of voice. As she turned away from the counter and walked aimlessly toward the elevator, her mind raced through all the probabilities, potential problems and consequences. She hadn’t counted on this. What would she do now? Should she go on with it? How would she go on with it? It had been a long year of frustration. Kellie had been through every process that lay before her in what at times, seemed to be a vain attempt to track down her birth mother. After a long process around the law, she had managed to gain access to her records. Kellie had been brought up in a wonderful home filled with love, affection and all the material things that she could have asked for. Her father was a pilot in the USAF and her mum had easily adapted to the nomadic lifestyle of a service man. Moving every few years to another posting, and having to get used to new schools and the friends that went along with it, didn’t seem to hinder or weaken the bond that the family had binding them together. She had been adopted into a family with two other children, each younger than she was. Gordon, two years younger, was a brother who had been a good friend and still acted as her protector. Gail, four years her junior, followed her around like a lost puppy and was forever mimicking her, but in an envious rather than a mocking way. Although small in stature, Kellie was a feisty individual. Her physical appearance always belied her character, which sometimes took people who dealt with her by surprise. Barely weighing 120 lbs at 5 feet, 5 inches tall, she possessed very fine features which included thin but very well defined lips that seemed to come together at the top like a heart. She sported beautiful, silky, light brown hair that hung down well below her shoulders. Her best attributes by far though, were baby doll ears, a small cute little nose and satiny brown eyes that sparkled whenever she smiled. With everything going her way, Kellie still wasn’t content. As she matured, she became more single minded, constantly feeling that there was something missing from her life. So the day she turned eighteen, without anyone in her family knowing what she was doing, she set about to find out who her real mother was. It had been a long and frustrating journey, filled with road blocks, dead ends and disappointments along the way. She went from one government office to another, spent hours online checking out various web sites and generally just exhausted Escort Acıbadem every avenue open to her. Her perseverance and determination led her to this day and this institution, where she not only discovered her mother had died five years ago but that she now had a sister living in Oregon, a twin sister at that. That night, lying in bed, a plan started to ferment in her head. She would leave without saying anything to anyone. She had saved a fair amount over the past few years with summer employment and after school jobs. Now since she was finished with school, she would take the money, head out for Oregon and whatever it took, she was going to find her long lost twin sister. Having made her decision, a kind of calm overtook her, along with an odd, excited arousal. As she innocently brushed her hand over her breast, she noticed that the nipple was firm and erect. With her mind not really focused, she began massaging her breast. After a few seconds, she realized that she was indeed becoming fully aroused and began thoroughly enjoying the sensations coming from deep within her genital area. As the burning feeling grew more intense between her legs, she brought her other hand down; pulling her night gown up, she began to explore herself. Masturbating was not new to her, as she had enjoyed it every so often over the past few years, but tonight for some reason it felt not only different but somehow much more intense. She was not so intent on reaching an orgasm as she was just reveling in the effect it had on her whole body. Very slowly, she ran her fingers over the outer folds of her vagina. Then she ran both hands down along her inner thighs, enjoying the smooth silkiness of the soft skin. Bringing her hands back up, she experienced the tingling sensation of her fingers lightly playing with the sensitive skin between her labia and anus. Tracing her finger from the very edge of her anus, she feathered her touch to the bottom of her pussy. Feeling the moisture accumulating on the edge of her lips as her arousal rose, she wet her fingers in it and started massaging her clitoris ever so slowly in a circular motion. Playing with her little hood, she increased the speed and pressure on herself. Her breathing increased to a rapid rate. She was aware that she was gasping and softly moaning, and while she also was aware of her brother just next door who was likely to hear, the intensity of her arousal was such that she couldn’t maintain the control she had been enjoying. Faster… more… ah… ah… With a final gasp, she brought herself to an explosive orgasm as her knees locked and her back arched high above the mattress. Kaynarca Escort She lay absolutely still in complete exhaustion for a few seconds. Then, smoothing out the bed covers and pulling her nightie down, she began to wonder what tomorrow would hold for her. A few moments later she turned over on her side and within a few minutes was sound asleep. As the bus turned off route 5 and headed for the station on Pearl St. in Eugene, Oregon, Kellie stirred. It had been an uneventful but nevertheless arduous trek across the country. Sitting and sleeping on a Greyhound bus for three days and three nights was not the easiest thing to endure. Especially when, having to share a seat with a six year old eating everything from ice cream to toffee apples for six hours. Hopefully it would turn out to be the best $219 she had ever invested. * * * * As she collected her bags and disembarked the vehicle, the bright summer sun caused her to blink and shield her eyes. She had made arrangements to stay at a rooming house on West 11 th Avenue, which was only a few blocks from the depot, but nevertheless she elected to take a taxi. After getting settled in and freshening up, she sat outside on the steps watching the cars and people going up and down the street. “How do I start?” she asked herself. At the records office in Baltimore they had told her of a baby being adopted by a Mr. and Mrs. Swithson who, at the time, were living in Eugene. Even that was hard to come by as that information was not, legally, readily available. So after eighteen years, the likelihood of them still being here was pretty slim at best. Where would she start? The only thing she had going for her was the fact that, being a twin, chances were she would recognize her if she ever found her. Kellie left the steps and started walking down the street thinking, “What should I do now? How should I go about this?” Then the thought struck her. “I know, I’ll go to all the high schools and see if anyone recognizes me.” That was exactly what she did, but even that was no easy task. She discovered there were nine high schools in and around Eugene. So she started with the first, Wellsprings, because it was the closest to her rooming house; she had no luck. Then, after three exhausting days of hitting the sidewalks and wandering around seven other educational institutions, she walked into South Eugene High School. She walked into the main office, ready to ask the same question she had used in all the other schools: to ask for some information about the school for a nephew whose family were moving to Eugene next summer. Unexpectedly, upon eying Kellie, the lady Aydınlı escort bayan behind the counter jumped up and said with great excitement, “My word Sissy, what in heavens name are you doing back here?” Quickly, spying the name plate on her desk, Kellie answered back, “Oh hi, Mrs. Bevens. I’m awfully sorry to bother you but I need my transcript. I’m applying to another college and unfortunately I’ve mislaid the one I had. You know me, old scatterbrain myself.” “Oh dearie me, sweetheart,” she exclaimed. “That wouldn’t be any trouble at all. Here just let me dig it out and make a photocopy of it for you.” At that, the joyful Mrs. Bevens strode over to the large bank of filing cabinets against the wall and while humming a little tune to herself, extracted a large beige folder and proceeded to photocopy all the records that were needed. As Kellie walked out of the office, after profusely thanking the jovial Mrs. Bevens, she couldn’t wait to get to a spot where she could stop, relax and access the file to see what it held in store for her. Finally, she found a bench just by the bus stop and sat down. With trembling hands she tore open the envelope. Her eyes went immediately to the top of the transcript and there it was in bold print, “Sarah ‘Sissy’ Swithson”, 148 8 th Ave. Eugene, OR. Kellie couldn’t stop her heart from racing. Her hands were still shaking and they became all sweaty with the thought of holding in her hands the key to where finally a long lost twin might be found. The depth of it was more than she could fathom. “I’ll wait until tomorrow,” she thought. “I’ll look up the address tonight and think about how I’m going to go about this. I can’t believe I’ve actually got this far.” All manner of thoughts were racing through her head. “What will I say to her, if in fact I get to meet her? What will she be like? Will she like me? Oh my God, what if she turns out to be some horrible person and I don’t like her?” All these questions and doubts were playing over in her mind as she rode the bus back to her lodgings. For obvious reasons, Kellie didn’t sleep a wink that night. Even masturbating didn’t bring any kind of relief. She tossed and turned and every half hour would look at the clock and break out into a sweat. In the morning Kellie left her apartment, and as she walked to the bus stop she still hadn’t decided whether to just show up at the door or to phone first to test the waters. Finally the decision was made. She would just take the bull by the horns, show up, hope she was there and see what transpired. So on a beautiful sunny, but cool, fall day, with the smell of the coming winter in the air, eighteen year old Kellie Thompson walked through the autumn leaves that had fallen from nearby trees and were now scattered on the sidewalk. She marched up to a strange door and had absolutely no idea how what was behind that door would change her life forever. After ringing the bell, she stood like a mannequin, neither breathing nor moving.

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