Louise – Motorway Quickie


This next story involves and overpass and a girl in the fast lane.

I have to be honest I really couldn’t tell you exactly when this next story took place, only that it would have been within the first 6 months of Louise’s and I’s relationship.

The thing I liked the most about Louise was the fact that she accommodated my sexual desires, although I was not overly experienced I certainly had an active imagination. On this occasion we were driving back from up north when we happened upon the newly built motorway which ran parallel with the road we were travelling. What a great opportunity this presented us I thought to myself and parked on the side of the road.

“Why have we stopped, what are we doing?” Amy asked.

“We are going to go up onto that new motorway and I am going to fuck you in the middle of the fast lane,” I said to her.

Without any hesitation or protest she left the car and we made our way up the bank and onto the newly formed but as yet unused motorway.

I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her pulling her close. My erection was hard and I know she could feel it against her ass. I kissed her neck and she swayed a bit, settling her ass against my member. My hands lightly ran across her stomach and then worked their way up. Louise didn’t stop me, she reached behind and loosened my belt and had my jeans and underwear down to my knees, and my cock out in under a second. Almost as quickly I had her jeans around her knees and had pulled her G-String down, Louise was bent over helplessly before me, gasping for breath. I ran my thick, mushroom head down the crack of her beautiful ass, teasing over her asshole as I made my way down to her spunk-pot.

We both moaned when I reached the sopping wet lips of her slit. I held my manhood in place at her entrance. Her pussy was so wet that it practically sucked the top of my penis inside.

“Ohhhhh!” Louis gasped, closing Maltepe Escort her eyes.

I pushed forward, easing my cock inside her warmth until my groin was pressed against her ass. I was buried inside her to the hilt. Her hot pussy gripped my entire cock tightly, and she pressed her bum back against me. I leaned over her, holding myself deep inside her, and I nibbled at her earlobe.

“You’re fucking hot, Louise.” I whispered in her ear.

She purred softly, turning her face to me. Her searching lips found mine and we kissed passionately, tongues exploring. My hands grabbed the soft sides of her ass, holding her as I began to slide in and out of her pussy. I broke the kiss, standing up more so I could watch myself sink into her over and over. My groin was lightly tapping her ass, causing her cheeks to ripple with each impact.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” She moaned each time I slid my, hard dick inside her needy hole.

She was ramming her ass back to meet me, encouraging me to fuck her harder. My balls were slapping against her clit every time I thrust up into her, and it was driving her to what was sure to be a massive orgasm. She could feel the tingling inside her build.

“UNH! UNH! UNH!” Her cries grew louder as she hurtled towards an orgasm.

I was fucking her harder and harder, my pole driving far inside her and my balls slapping her sensitive button faster and faster. Her ass cheeks were shaking like crazy as I fucked her as hard as I could from behind. ‘Slap slap slap slap slap slap’ went my groin against her ass.

I showed no mercy, continuing to slide my manhood in and out of her as fast as I could. As I fucked her my hands spread her ass cheeks apart. I stared down at the view of her pink cunt lips being pulled outward by my cock over and over again. Just above that was the tight little entrance to her asshole. Such a beautiful ass…such an inviting little Maltepe Escort Maltepe hole! I had to go in there. The desire was so powerful but not tonight.

Louise felt my penis slip out of her. Not sure what I wanted to do, she remained bent over before me. When she felt my probing cock slowly run down the crack of her ass, tingles surged up her body.

I held my rock hard member straight out before me, slick with the warm juices of Louise’s pussy. I placed my head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy, holding it there for a moment.

Her heart was pounding in anticipation, and her body was tensed up a little in preparation. I pushed forward, hard. My head was so lathered with her nectar that it forced its way back inside that pussy of hers with little trouble.

“OHH Yes!” She cried, as she felt her pussy stretch wide.

I pulled back a little, watching how her tight entrance gripped the end of my cock. I pushed again, this time sliding half of my penis up her pussy. Louise cried out, as pleasure shot up her body.

I began to slide half my organ in and out of her hole, I had her beautiful, soft ass in a death grip as I stared down at the incredible sight before me. My penis was actually entering Louise’s pussy in the middle of a motorway! I still could not believe how my life had changed in the past few months after meeting this girl.

Unable to help myself, I jammed my cock all the way inside her again.

“UNH!” She grunted.

My groin was pressed up against her ass; my dick was buried in her pussy. Using long strokes, I resumed fucking her again.

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” she moaned.

I was holding her ass tightly with my hands, slamming my manhood into her with all his might. I was like an animal, completely lost in the passion of the moment as my hard, fat cock jack hammered in and out of her hungry pussy.

“Mmmph!” She moaned Escort Maltepe into my mouth as she felt herself fill up.

Her tongue danced in my mouth even more urgently as she anticipated getting fucked really hard. I didn’t let her down. I pulled most of my cock out of her and then slammed it inside her hard.

“MMMPH!” Amy cried, still trying to maintain their kiss.

I was taking in the full sight, and it was pushing me to the edge. First I looked at her luscious ass which cushioned our impact Then I watched, clearly seeing my hard pole disappearing and reappearing between the pink swollen lips. My gaze travelled up her body to where her tits were bouncing up and down after I had freed them from the constraints of her bra. From there, I took in the best sight of them all – Loiuse’s beautiful face. Her gorgeous eyes were looking at me lustfully as she took my cock into her body over and over. Her mouth was open slightly as she moaned with pleasure.

Her eyes closed and her cries rose in pitch and volume, and I knew that she would soon cum

“AAGGGHHHHH!” Louise cried, shaking.

Her legs squeezed shut, pulling me against her and forcing my penis deep inside her. I couldn’t move! I was so hard that I could physically feel the walls of her pussy squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing. Her heart was about to burst it was beating so hard. She couldn’t breathe! Her cunt would not stop pulsating!

My dick jerked, unleashing a thick rope of cum inside her horny vagina. My hands were squeezing her hips hard as my cock twitched again, another stream of semen firing into her pussy. I was rubbing my groin against her, keeping my manhood as far inside her as possible as I shot more of my hot fluid into her. I sighed, my hands finally releasing her as my cum slowed to a trickle.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed breathlessly.

She playfully rubbed her ass against me, milking more of my cum. I slipped my softening member out of her pussy. Louise stood up. She could feel me begin to leak out of her pussy a little as she turned to me, smiling. She leaned upward and kissed me over and over again.

God knows where we would fuck next, I guess it was up to my imagination.

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