Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 11


It has been a more than a month now and Jennifer was due soon. Her tits were huge now and everyday I enjoyed myself as Jennifer let me suck her tits dry.

Lisa and I were having breakfast and Dina, who staid over for a night of sex, was still sleeping and had a dildo sticking out of her cunt, a remnant from last night.

The phone rang and it was my good friend from Canada, Darin. He told me he and Dana were coming down to Florida for a short visit and were going to stay at a motel. I told him that he could stay with us. He said they would be here in a couple of days as they were driving down.

I asked him if he and Dana were going to join me and Lisa for some great sex and he said they were looking forward to it.

l told Lisa that Darin and Dana were coming and she was excited about their visit.

Over the next day, we got the house straightened out, fresh linens. and the hot tub taken care of.

The day finally arrived and we got a call from the gate that our guests arrived. I immediately went to get them.

I had them park next to my car and we took their luggage inside and put it in the guest bedroom.

Lisa came out and greeted our guests with hugs and kisses.

I told Darin and Dana to go get undressed and we would show them around the resort.

In no time at all our guests came out naked and ready for their tour. We took our towels and headed out.

As we walked around, Lisa walked with Darin and I walked with Dana. We took them on a private trail so we would not be bothered.

I led the way with Dana and, as we walked, I kept moving my hand down to her ass and felt her up. She must have liked it because she didn’t push it away. Dana and I turned around and saw Lisa’s hand on Darin’s hard cock as they walked.

Dana then put her hand on my cock and we continued our walk.

We acıbadem escort stopped and I asked our guests if they wanted to take separate trails back to the house. Lisa whispered on Darin’s ear and he said separate trails. So, off we went separately.

As Dana and I walked, I stopped for a second and gave her a hug and a kiss on her lips, our tongues entwined. Our hands were all over each other. I laid the towels down and I laid her down and I laid down beside her.

Dana spread her legs and asked me to fuck her. As I started inserting my cock in her, she said to me, “I bet my Darin has his cock in your beautiful Lisa’s cunt right now.”

I looked down at her and said, “Dana, I sure hope so. Lisa and I have a special two nights planned for you two. I hope you are up for it.”

Dana just smiled and said that they were looking to have a great, uninhibited time here with us.

I started fucking Dana harder and finally shot my hot cum in her cunt.

We rested a bit, got up and headed back. As we walked back, my cum was leaking out Dana’s cunt.

Darin and Lisa showed up a little later, cum oozing a bit from Lisa’s cunt.

I looked at Lisa who gave me a wink and I gave her one back, then I said, ” Hey guys, you both enjoy your first fuckings?” and smiled.

Dana looked at Darin and said she did and Darin said the same and we all laughed.

Lisa asked if anyone was ready for a shower and the guests said they would like to freshen up, so they went first.

While they were gone I told Lisa that Dana said they wanted to have a lot of sex while they were here. Lisa said to me that they are sure going to get it too and we laughed.

When Dana and Dari, returned from their shower, I asked if they would like to meet our dear friends, akbatı escort Richard, Jennifer and Dina.

Darin said they would like to meet them. I called Richard and asked if the three of them could come over now and he said they would be over shortly.

I asked Dana if she would like to jump in the hot tub with Lisa while we waited for our friends. Her eyes opened wide and said yes.

Lisa took her hand and brought her to the hot tub and the two sexy ladies got in. Darin and I just sat and watched them as we talked.

It didn’t take long before Lisa moved her arm around Dana’s neck and pulled her towards her.

I whispered to Darin to watch Lisa.

Lisa turned to Dana and kissed her and at the same time grabbed her tits and started playing with them. Dana pulled Lisa to her and slipped her tongue in Lisa’s mouth and pressed her body to Lisa’s.

Darin and I stood up and approached the hot tub. I leaned over and kissed Dana and Darin kissed Lisa.

Lisa got out of the hot tub and went to Darin and pulled him to her, his hard cock pressing against her.

Lisa turned to Danaand said to her, “I am going to fuck your husband right now and in front of you. I hope you enjoy watching us.”

Dana replied, “I want to watch my husband fuck you. Then I want him to watch me get fucked by John.”

Lisa and Darin got on the floor and Lisa spread her legs wide for Darin. He mounted her, then looked at Dana, who gave her approval, and Darin slipped his cock in Lisa’s cunt. He started fucking her and in a short time, shot his cum in her.

Dana went over to me and we replaced Darin and Lisa and I mounted Dana. I looked at Darin and told him this was just the beginning for Dana. I then proceded to fuck his wife in front of him until I came aksaray escort in her cunt.

The door bell rang and Lisa yelled for them to come in and that we were by the hot tub.

I introduced Darin and Danaa to Richard, Jennifer and Dina. I told them that we just finished fucking our guests out here and they smiled.

I could see Dana looking at Richard’s huge cock and Darin was eyeing up Dina.

Richard said he was sorry he was late because he would have loved to fuck Donna.

Dana looked at him and said he wasn’t late, just second. When she said that, Richard went over to her and asked her, “Do you think you could take all of me?” Lisa said to Richard, “I can and will right in front of everyone, right now.”

Dana and Richard got on the floor and Richard mounted Dana and spread her legs wide as my cum was still oozing out of Dana.

Richard lined up his cock head to her slit and started inserting his hard cock in her.

We all watched to see if she could take his entire cock.

Richard inched his cock in slowly as Dana pushed down to suck up his cock. It wasn’t long before she engulfed his entire cock, right up to his balls.

Darin told Richard to fuck her hard and cum in his whore wife. As Richard started to pump his cock in her, Dina went over and kissed Darin and said to him, “I want you to fuck me so your wife could see us. I want you to cum all over me.”

Richard was close now and he was going to cum. He came in Dana, shooting stream after stream of cum and pulled out his cock as he was still shooting and shot some streams of cum all over Donna.

Dina went over to Darin and started kissing him, then knelt down and sucked his cock. She then laid beside Darin, then mounted him. She straddled his cock and slid down on his shaft until we could not see it anymore, then she started riding his cock. He told her he was cumming and she slid off of his cock and let him shoot his load all over her, then laid her body on his and squished his cum all over her.

Everyone loved the show and I told them that after dinner there would be more fun.

Everyone took turns showering and getting cum off of them.

Look for Chapter XII

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