Love Hotel


I knock on the door of Anna’s hotel room. When she answers I find myself so aroused and so happy to see her. I have been dreaming about spending an entire night with her since we met – kissing, making each other cum over and over, sleeping together…

She is wearing tight white pants and a sexy sleeveless red top. I kiss her hello, her lips and tongue taste like honey. I tell Anna that I have something for her – a massage after her long trip. I take off all of her clothes except her bra and underwear. I tell her to close her eyes while I shut off all the lights. She looks so sexy lying on the bed, almost naked. Her body is exceptional – I have fantasized about it every night for the last 4 months.

I light a candle and turn on some music. I love to feel Anna’s body so I start touching her all over while she lies on her back. I rub her feet, her legs, everywhere. I ask her to turn onto her stomach. I am touching her shoulders, arms, down her very very sexy back. I take off her bra and underwear. More touching, we are both getting aroused. Anna takes off my clothes – shirt, then pants. She leaves on my boxers while she plays with my penis – touching, licking, and sucking.

She tells me how much she likes the tip of my cock. My boxers come off and Anna starts using her underwear to hold my cock in her mouth. She wraps it around my shaft while she sucks the tip. She puts her underwear on my face and starts kissing me through it – this is so arousing I wonder how long I can last with this girl. I am very hard, very wet. She kisses me and I can taste myself on her mouth and tongue. Mmmmmmmm.

I touch between her legs – she is soaked. I tell Anna to move onto her back, and I start to kiss down her body. I lick her lips, then her chin, and then down her back, shoulders, and breasts. Anna’s stomach feels incredible, so I spend a few minutes kissing and licking it. Now I am touching her dripping vagina and taking her juices and rubbing them all over her very hard nipples. My tongue is on her nipples, teasing them. I keep rubbing her cream all over her breasts and lick it off. Tasting her is amazing; I could do it all day long.

“Anna, I have dessert for us”, I say.

A big juicy peach is by the bed. As I bite into it the liquid from the peach drips onto her hard body. This makes her moan and gasp. I start at her chin and let the peach juice drip all over her, all the way down her stomach.

I slide down between her legs. She is completely shaved except for a small strip. Her skin is so soft and smooth. My tongue touches her very softly; just licking the clit, sliding down around her lips, and back up. She tastes like peaches mixed with honey. Anna spreads her legs very wide and pulls them up as far as they will go. She is so wet right now, and seeing her aroused has made my cock incredibly hard. I slide my tongue as far inside her as it will go, causing her to moan.

Now I do something I have dreamed of since we first met. I slide my tongue down her clit, down her vagina, and start licking around her butt. Her tight little hole is so sensitive, and my tongue on it is driving Anna crazy. Her legs are pulled up so far and spread very wide. I look up at her to see her face as I am licking Ümraniye Escort and I see that she is watching me. This is so arousing that my cock feels like it will explode.

Anna slides her hand down and is playing with her clit while I am licking her vagina and butt. I feel like I will die seeing this beautiful girl rubbing herself while my tongue is all over her. I slide a finger inside her vagina, and push my thumb against her butt. Anna tells me to slide it into her ass. Her little pink hole opens as I push inside. Then it closes around the base of my thumb and I am in both of her holes. The feeling is incredible.

She is so wet between her legs that I know my huge dick could finally slide inside her tight pussy. I slide back up her body, kissing her stomach, nipples, and neck. I kiss her deeply and passionately – her juices mixing with our tongues. I look into her eyes and tell Anna that I need to feel myself cum inside her. Her eyes get bigger and she moans. She tells me that she was waiting to hear this from me.

I can feel her soft hands holding my cock as she spreads her legs. I am on my hands and knees above her, looking at her face and into her eyes as the tip of my cock slowly starts to slide inside her. I push just the tip in, then slide it backs out. Then back in, a little more this time, and then back out. In and out, in and out. Finally my entire dick is inside, all the way up to my balls. The feeling is incredible, like nothing I have ever felt before. So so tight, so wet, and so hot.

Anna tells me to fuck her, she wants me to start fucking her faster and faster. Hearing her voice like this almost makes me cum right there it is so arousing. Her hands are holding my body while my cock is driving in and out of her. Anna’s moans are louder and louder. She tells me how she can feel my balls slapping against her ass and how this is turning her on. Finally she starts screaming “Ohhhh da!!, ohhhh da, da, da!!” and I know she is cumming. Making Anna cum while I am inside of her is so unreal I almost have an orgasm myself.

I roll over on my back and Anna starts kissing me, sliding down my body. Her tongue and lips are so soft, but the feeling on my body is intense. Now Anna is licking around my tip and telling me how good she tastes, how she can taste her juices from when my dick was inside her. This is unbelievable!!! Soooooo sexy. Wow… She is licking me, then sliding up and kissing me so I can taste her mouth – soaking with her own wetness that she has sucked off my dick.

This gets me incredibly hard, so Anna climbs up on top of me and slides herself right down on me. Seeing myself going deep inside just kills me. Anna starts bouncing up and down on me, going in and out and in and out. She moves too high and my cock comes out – she turns around and slides back down with her ass facing me. I can see her vagina lips completely stretched around my shaft as she moves back and forth against me. Finally, she turns around again, puts her hands on my chest and tells me she wants me to cum.

“Does this feel good?” she asks.

“Da” I say, “Da da da”.

I cannot control myself any more. The load of cum that is inside me is too much, and this Ümraniye Escort Bayan girl has turned me on more than I have ever been in my life. The feeling of her tightness gripping my cock from the tip down to my balls is heaven – I start pumping my sperm inside her. The feeling is so intense. I am moaning, she is breathing very very hard. I am looking into her sexy green eyes while my cum is filling her up. Every time her body moves up and down my cock spurts more. My orgasm feels like it lasts for minutes…

We are both hot and a little sweaty. Anna lies down on top of me – I can feel her breasts on my chest while we are kissing. I want to make her cum again, and again and again. I slide down to start licking her again to taste her juices. My fingers slide in and out of her vagina as I lick her clit and her ass. I start rubbing her clit. She tells me where it feels good and when to rub faster. Moans. Screams. This girl is amazing. I love to see her cum, hear her cum. Anna tells me to lay on top of her in a 69. She is lying on her back, legs spread, while I rub her clit. Anna cums again, screaming so hard she starts biting my leg. I love it.

She asks me if she can suck me; make me shoot my sperm in her mouth. She loves this – having cum all over her. Mouth, lips, cheeks, chin, breasts, stomach. Anna told me once that she could have an orgasm just from feeling my cum shooting all over her… I am lying on my back and her mouth is on my tip. She is licking me, sucking my balls, licking around my ass. Anna tells me to think about her and another girl sucking me at the same time. One is licking my tip while another is licking my balls. Mmmmmmmmmm, she is so fucking hot – everything she does gets me so hard.

I cannot take anymore, and I start pumping my load into her mouth. She lets some of it drip onto her lips. Anna looks so fucking sexy with cum on her. We kiss, and I can taste my dick and my cum on her lips. She swallows it all.

We continue to kiss. Her touches are so arousing and her body so unreal that I get hard again. More licking and sucking, more 69 with her on top of me this time. I am licking her up and down, and I love it when her ass is right in my face so I can see my tongue on her clit, and watch my fingers slide inside her. She is sucking and rubbing me again, and I am going to cum for a third time. My orgasm is so powerful that I shoot all over the place. Anna cannot take it all in her mouth, and drips down on my legs and stomach. Amazing.

We fall asleep with me lying on my back and Anna curled up around me. The AC is cold in the room, but her body keeps me warm. I wake up with her hands on my, touching my chest, my stomach, sliding down between my legs. I am not sure if last night was a dream or not – every fantasy of mine was fulfilled. But when my lips touch hers I realize it was all true, very true, and I am still horny for more.

Seeing Anna naked in bed gets me very hard. She climbs on top of me, rubbing my cock, playing with my balls. I start sliding my hand down her back, down between her legs, which she has spread very wide. Anna tells me to touch her butt. It kills me to hear her saying this – so arousing. I reach over and take Escort ümraniye the Astroglide and drop some onto her butt. When she feels the cool oil dripping onto her ass she moans a little. I start lightly touching her hole; the lube feels so slippery on her skin. I am slowly rubbing all over – I never want this to end.

I drip some more Astroglide down between her spread legs so it covers her vagina. The coldness makes Anna gasp – her noises are so sexy I want to cum right then. I am rubbing her clit and ass while she is rubbing my cock.

She is screaming, moaning, while I move around her. Anna tells me to slide finger inside her butt. I slowly push it into her. The tightness is unreal. I can only imagine how my cock would fit inside her ass and what it would feel like to cum all over her. I am so turned on seeing my finger moving in and out of her ass. I am burning thinking about if my hard dick was pushing in and out – wow.

Then I remembered the beads that I had brought. I tell Anna to stay up on her knees. The way she pushes her butt up into the air is out of control. I could just die every time I see her like this. I grab the beads and slowly touch her with them, pull them between her legs, over her clit.

There are 10 beads; they get bigger and bigger. I pour astroglide on the first few beads and I gently push them against her ass. I can feel Anna pushing back a little against them; she is dying to feel them inside her hole. The first bead slid right in. I pushed in another, then the third.

Seeing the beads inside her ass, with her legs spread, on her knees, looked so hot. I was rubbing around the beads, playing with them, feeling around her butt. The lube made everything so wet. It felt amazing. Then I pushed more, more oil, more beads, more oil…

The beads got bigger and bigger, and went further inside her tight tight tight wet wet butt. Anna was moaning very loudly now, and there were 7 blue latex beads up her hole. I slide a finger inside her dripping pussy and I could feel the beads in her ass. My face was so close to her vagina – I wanted to see everything. Then she did something I will never forget – she reached back and pushed another bead up inside herself.

My cock was so hard from all of this I felt like I was about to cum. I moved up on my knees and slid my tip inside her. I slid in further. Anna told me that she has never felt so full before – all of her holes are stuffed.

It was amazing seeing her on her knees, beads in her beautiful tight ass, dripping with lube, while my dick is inside her vagina. Anna is screaming, and I am pumping in and out of her. I can feel the beads in her butt with my dick – the feeling is amazing.

I pull my cock out of her and start cumming all over her back, all over her ass, all over the beads. I am telling Anna how my cum is dripping on her, and asking her if she can feel my hot sperm on her skin.

This is too much for her, and she starts cumming. I push my cock back inside her, and grab the beads and start slowly pulling them out. I can see her tight butt get bigger as the first bead comes out, then contract back around the toy.

I pull slowly, each bead is popping out of her ass and I can feel it against the tip of my penis. Seeing the beads being pulled out of Anna and hearing her screams is too much for me. Her orgasm ends and I collapse on top of her, my dick still inside her.

We kiss until we fall back to sleep, body on top of body, sperm and sweat and lube and juice all over us.

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