Loves To See Me Cum Ch. 01


After many years of reading , I have finally decided to post my own stories. These stories happened over a few years of my life after college and before I met my wife. As hard as it may be to believe, every word of them is true (with the exception of the names and places). I sure wish I could go back in time.


Where do I start? I suppose I can tell of my first encounter with Michelle. She turned out to really love the results of her “work” on me. This story was our discovery, but they led to even more. This is my first attempt. I hope to get better at it.

After college, I got a job in a small town but working with a large company. One of the first things that I needed to do was to get to know more people. I had always been fairly fortunate with the girls, but I was about to embark on the best few years of my life.

After 4 years of beer, college food, and fraternity parties, I had graduated and decided to get into shape. I had first taken up running to rehab a knee injury, but ultimately progressed into training for and racing triathlons. Little did I know that the best benefit of all of that training and working out was that you become irresistible to the ladies. I am about 5’11, weighed 165 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes. I ran every day but Saturday. Swam every other day, and biked & weight lifted on the days I wasn’t swimming. With all of that, I had created a lean machine. I was cut!

After getting my first post college job and moving to the small town, I decided that I needed to get to know some people. The first way that I knew how was to start going to church. Shortly after beginning attending, I was asked to help with the pre-teen youth group. Being only about 22, I decided to help. What a pleasant surprise to find that the other youth group advisor was a cute little brunette with a beautiful dimpled smile and big brown eyes. Her name was Michelle.

I began working with the group in the winter, so it was not long before it became time for the spring road trip to the beach. I had only attended 3 or 4 meetings with the kids, but at each one, Michelle and I had made fleeting eye contact, and seemed to have a bit of interest in one another. Since she and I, as well as two other adults would be chaperoning, I decided that the trip to the beach would be a perfect time to “flirt” a little more energetically.

The day came to pack the van and take the kids to the beach. We drove most of the day, and got there after dark on a Friday evening. Before we could get settled into the condominiums well, several of the kids said they wanted to go for a swim. One of the other chaperones volunteered me and Michelle to go to the pool with the kids to “watch” them.

I quickly put on my suit and followed the kids out to the pool. It was dark out and a bit too cool for swimming, but after jumping in, the water felt nice. About 10 minutes later, Michelle made her entry. She was only about 5’2 or 5’3 but she had a great little figure. She had a naturally tanned complexion and the cutest little dimples and way of crinkling her nose. What I had not fully appreciated until then was her body. She walked out in a red bikini, tied on the sides with a transparent red silky skirt that draped low around her waist and hung off of her hip. The skirt only added a bit of glamour to the outfit because it was entirely see through, and showed of Michelle’s curves beautifully. She had a small chest, but the tightest little but and stomach I had seen. She had been a cheerleader all through high school and for just a couple of years of college. She had obviously stayed in shape. I couldn’t believe my luck, and just say, neck deep in the water and watched her walk to the pool.

The church kids were running around, dunking each other, wrestling and playing, but I was watching Michelle. She moved slowly but athletically to take off her skirt and walk to the edge of the pool. She asked me how it felt. My first thought was to say, ‘come over here and I’ll let you feel it for yourself,’ but discretion held me back.

She slid into the pool and instantly started engaging the kids. They splashed, wrestled, chased, climbed, dunked, and everything else you can do in a pool. I, of course, joined right in, so it wasn’t long before Michelle and I were together, soaking wet and out of breath, conspiring to “get” the kids.

Michelle suggested “Chicken Fights” (remember those, where one person gets on another’s shoulders and wrestles with a similarly paired other team?). As she did so, she put her hand on my chest and stomach and said that she would “ride on” me, and for them to pair up their best couple. Then she turned to me with her hand lingering on my stomach (which I was, of course, flexing to bring out my ‘washboard’) and said, “With your muscles, this should be easy.” Then let her hand trail off as she walked behind me to climb on.

Michelle held both of my hands from behind as she stepped first on my calf, then onto my shoulders. I stood there and felt her slip Ataşehir Escort into place behind my head and saw both of her smooth tanned legs slide down my chest in front of me. I thought how much more fun this could be if I was facing the other way, but I first had work to do.

Like any other misguided testosterone filled 22 year old male with a hot hard body on his shoulders, I took this opportunity to decimate the 12 and 13 year old competition. It was not long before it was down to just our team and one other. They finally gave up and kind of swam off to the other end of the pool, but Michelle didn’t seem to want to give up so easily.

She slid down off of my shoulders and wrapped her legs around my waist, then thrust all of her weight upward to try to dunk me under. I wasn’t smart enough to just give in, so I quickly turned the tables on her, spun her around, grabbed her with one hand on the shoulder and the other hand on her ass, picked her up and dunker her head first while flipping her feet over the top.

Before she came up I thought, ‘boy what a damn fool you are. She’s going to be pissed. There go your chances with her,’ but when she broke the water, she was howling with laughter. Her top was a bit askew, but she wasted not time trying to get me back. She jumped towards me and we bucked and wrestled and laughed for the next 15 minutes.

I think we must have bored the kids because by the time we looked around we were all alone in the dark in the pool.

Things settled down, and we started talking. She had picked up a foam ball that she new I wanted so we half heartedly tried to get it and keep it away from the other. It all seemed to be an excuse for us to keep making physical contact with one another.

Finally, we found ourselves in a corner. She had the ball facing the corner with her back to me. I had my arms wrapped around her and was pressing myself into her back and her butt. I could feel her ass rubbing against my mid-section. It felt great, and I felt sure that she could tell that I was aroused. In fact, I was more than aroused; I was about to pop out of my swim trunks.

That is when we had one of those television moments. Where the conversation stops, we both looked at each other, take a deep breath, and kiss. The only problem was that we knew we couldn’t really kiss. If any of the kids came along, they would surely see us. So instead, she just looked into my eyes as I looked into hers and let my hands slowly slide from her wrists to her stomach. Her stomach felt great. Her skin was smooth and soft, but I could easily feel the muscles underneath.

She turned to face me and put her hands on my chest. She cupped my chest and made small circular motions with widened until she was rubbing from my stomach up to nearly my neck. I knew that things were about to get interesting.

My hands worked their way around to her exquisite ass, and began slowly rubbing it. She closed her eyes and let out a breath. It almost sounded like a moan. I quickly kissed her and tasted her lips. She had thick, full lips and I caught her at the perfect moment. She opened her mouth and let my tongue slide in. I knew she wanted it, but quickly pulled away as I let my left hand roam up from her ass to her bikini covered breast.

She, opened her eyes, gave me one of the most lustful looks I’ve ever seen, and proceeded to reach down to the waistband of my suit. I was stunned!

I first thought that she was going to reach inside, but she slid her hands over the front and felt my hard on as it pointed up at my chin. She stroked her hands one after the other from my balls to my waistband and murmured, “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. You’re hard.”

I’m thinking, ‘no shit!’ but only came back with, “un hunh.”

She said, “did I make you hard?”

I decided that I shouldn’t change my line now, so I repeated, “un hunh.”

Then she leaned into my ear and said, “I love the way it feels. I love when your dick gets hard!”

I thought, ‘well you’re going to love the hell out of me then,’ but again I only said, “un hunh.”

She kept going hand over hand, first cupping my balls, seeming almost to be trying to judge them, then stroking up to the waist band of my suit. Finally, I decided that a little more skin was needed. I slid my right hand, which was still rubbing her ass, into the back of her bikini and felt her smooth naked ass. My left hand pushed up her little bikini top and started to work her right tit. I don’t know if it was the cool weather, the water, or my efforts, but her nipples were rock hard. They stuck straight out, solid, and had little goose bumps on them. Her whole tit was covered in goose bumps, and I could see her nipple just below the surface of the water. I lightly pinched and pulled it and drummed it between my knuckles.

That apparently was the right move, because she immediately used one hand to pull my swim truck waistband out and grabbed my cock with her other hand. She pulled the front of my suit down Ataşehir Escort Bayan to where my whole cock and balls were exposed and floating in the water.

For what did not seem like any time, she continued to stroke my cock and coo into my ear about my “hard dick” and the way it “felt.” She told me that it was “so hard,” and that she liked the way the head felt. She said she wished that she could see it. About that moment, some of the kids came back to the pool.

I panicked. She didn’t. In one perfect motion, she straightened her top, turned around (with her back to me) and crossed her arms up on the side of the pool deck…resting her chin on her arms. The kids said something to her and her to them, but I don’t think my ears were working at that point. My cock was still exposed under water, and there were three or four pre-teenagers standing on the pool deck only a few feet away from me.

I started to back away, but Michelle suddenly used one hand to reach behind her, grab my wrist and pull me back up behind her. My dick pressed up into her back.

The kids went over and sat on the pool chairs and Michelle continued to engage them in conversation. But at this point, the kids could not see what was going on under the water. The pool deck blocked their view. Michelle wrapped my arms around her waist and I locked my fingers in front of her stomach.

Somehow in all of this, my cock and dropped down between her legs. While she kept talking to the kids, she reached down and started again stroking my cock. It stuck out in front of her between her legs, and she stroked it just like it was her own.

I was in Heaven and I was in Hell all at the same time. It felt great, and I knew that my cock was only separated from her juicy little pussy by a thin red fabric, but there were young kids only 20 feet away.

I couldn’t take it. I got so close to coming right there that I thought I would explode. If it had not been for the abject fear of being caught, I would have filled the pool with spunk. I had to get away from her hands. I finally had to pull my cock out of her hand and out from between her legs and walk away from her. I could tell she was disappointed, but that was all it took to get her to wrap up her conversation with the kids.

I had swum to the other end of the pool when she came to chase me. I stopped, turned and let her catch me. She swam up, wrapped her arms and legs around me, and planted one of the hottest, steamiest kisses on me that I’ve ever had. She looked into my eyes and said, “I love the way your dick feels, but I want to see if it looks as good as it feels.”

Cue the hard on again!

I told her to go, get out of the pool to give me time to let it die down. I gave her some further instructions which she accepted with a quick squeeze of my balls and cock and a blown kiss.

I was going to like this girl.

Duty called, and we spent the next couple of hours feeding the kids, watching a video with them and putting them to bed. It was an ordeal, but then we were alone again. I had only put on a very loose fitting pair of shorts. They were old cut off khakis and were mostly threadbare. They hung off my waist (before that was ‘the thing’) and showed my boxer shorts at the waist and through the various holes. I had had quite a bit of luck with the ladies in these shorts, because I knew they showed off my body and hinted at what was underneath them, so I called them my lucky shorts.

Michelle had put on a long, draped, purple cover up of some type, and I could not tell what, if anything, she had on underneath.

We got everyone in bed and put a movie into the VCR. We quietly watched the movie, holding hands and holding our breath that no one would get back up. After about an hour and a half of a forgettable movie, she leaned over and said, “do you think you can still get it hard?”

I have a way with words, so I said, “un hunh.”

We were on the couch, facing the television, with her on my right. She kind of got up on her knees and cuddled in close to me. She nuzzled my neck and using her right hand started to run it up and down my bare chest and stomach. She had made a circle with her hand and slowly moved it down from my chest to my waist and back up. She made sure to direct my eyes to it as she simulated stroking me up and down my chest.

I leaned back and nearly closed my eyes. She proceeded to kiss my neck, breath heavily in my ear, and stick her tongue into my ear. It was hot! Then she unbuttoned my shorts.

I was hard as a rock. My dick was pointing up and me, as she lowered my zipper. It was clear that she was very visual as she wasn’t content to just reach into my pants. She carefully unzipped them all of the way and laid them open wide. My cock lay underneath my boxers, but my shorts were fully open. It reminded me of turning down a bed in preparation for getting in. She opened my shorts in preparation for getting in.

She then slowly dragged her fingernails Escort Ataşehir from my navel down my stomach and over the waistband of my boxers.

She said, “You’ve got a sexy stomach. I love the way the hair grows from your bellybutton down. Are you blond down there too?”

Never at a loss for words, I said, “Uh Hunh.”

She said, “I want to see it,” and let her fingernails trace over the tip of my dick and down the underside as it lay on my belly. She got nearly to the base and now using her thumb and fingers slowly spread the fly of my boxers. There lay my engorged cock, just begging to be touched. I wanted her to jump on it and do all sorts of kinky things to it, but she just looked at it.

She then whispered into my ear, “can I have it?” I was now speechless. She slid her head down to where it lay at about my sternum and kept looking at my dick. She said, “God, it looks so good. You have a beautiful Dick, but we can’t do much with the kids in the next room.”

With that she wrapped her hand around it and pointed it up to the ceiling. She kept her head lying on my stomach and apparently just wanted to watch and study it as she began to stroke it up and down. From that position, I could see over her head and my cock was silhouetted in her hand by the light from the television. I watched as she started stroking up and down.

She seemed mesmerized, and I was a little surprised. I have never thought my dick was big enough (at about 7 inches), but I do have good sized balls. There is one thing about my equipment that was exceptional, and if she kept up her work, she would get to see it for herself. I’ve always cum a ton. I didn’t know it was unusual until a girlfriend had told me in college. I paid attention to a few porn movies and realized that I, indeed, could shoot quite a load, and I do mean shoot. My ex-girlfriend called me Peter North, and I thought it was a reference to my ‘peter’, until a buddy told me he was a porn star.

Anyway, there I was, with my dick in Michelle’s hand. We were watching E.T. or something, and she wouldn’t stop talking as she stroked.

“Oooh. It is hard. The head is so big. I like the way it feels. Do I make it hard? Does this feel good? God, you’ve got a beautiful dick! Mmmmmmm.”

Needless to say, I was in Heaven. She then changed positions to lay on her stomach with legs out behind her. Her face was only inches away from my cock. She kept stroking.

I said, “Michelle, don’t…don’t do that. I won’t be able to stop…..”

All she did was increase her pace and blow lightly on my dickhead. It worked, and held off my eruption for a bit.

She then seemed to notice my balls. She suddenly slid her knees back under and ducked her head a little to see under my dick and cupped them in her hand. She said, “Wow, I like your ‘boys’ too. They’re big.” She sort of loosely circled them with her hand and kind of stroked them too. No one had ever done that and it felt great. My dick was bouncing and hit her in the side of the head a few times. I didn’t know what was next, but I just wanted to release the load I was building. My nuts were full, and my dick was swollen to its limit.

She again grabbed my cock and briefly looked up at me in the eye as if to say, ‘this is it.’ She sat up a little straighter on her knees and started giving me the hand job of my life. She stroked, and twisted, and pulled, and all the time she kept talking:

“Ummmmmmm, Are you going to cum? I want to see you cum. I’ve never actually seen a guy cum. Do you like the way this feels? Do you want to cum? Do you want to cum in my hand? God, your dick is big! I want you to cum!”

I couldn’t help myself. My hips started to rise off of the couch. I could feel my balls swinging back and forth with each stroke of her hand. Her other (left) hand slid underneath me and could only barely reach my balls. I could feel her fingernails kind of lightly scratching at my nuts. I could tell she was trying to catch them. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. The last thing I saw was her kneeling beside my cock, looking like she was in a state of worship, while her right hand beat furiously up and down my pole. Her eyes were wide, and I was beyond return. At that second I felt her left hand catch my balls, and her right hand pointed my cock at the television.

“Unnnnnnnhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhh! Unhhhhhhh! FFuuuuuuuuuuucccccck!

My eyes were clamped shut, but I blew my load like my life depended on it. I shot stream after stream. I could feel her left hand kneading my balls while her right hand purposefully stroked my cock. All the while, I could hear her quietly saying: “Yyyyeah, Yea Baby. Get it aalllllll out. Oh Baby! Yyyyeeaah! That’s it. Cum for me! Shoot it. God it is awesome! Get it all out!”

She slowed her stroking and I squeezed out two more little strands of jizz. I opened my eyes as I settled back down onto the sofa, and looked at what we had done.

Her hand had streaks of come across the back of it. The carpet had about 5 streaks that stretched 5 or 6 feet across the carpet towards the TV. My lower legs and pants were striped in it. And there was a small puddle just in front of the sofa on the carpet. I looked down as she held my dick in her hand. It still oozed a bit and she was still intently looking at it.

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