Lunch in the Office


Everyone has gone to lunch and the office is empty. You have been fighting a deadline and, as usual, have stayed in to eat lunch at your desk while you work. However, in addition to your deadline, you have been fighting the urge to hit on the co-worker with whom you are working on this project (Me). Tall and sexy with the best come-fuck-me eyes you’ve ever seen, I linger in your thoughts long after I’ve gone for the day.

Oh, screw it.You can’t think straight anyway. You’ve been walking around with a throbbing clit all day. You can take a bit of a break, the project is on schedule and your horny as hell.

You sit a bit back in your chair, sliding your hips forward and parting your knees, intending to masturbate. You start by imagining me standing behind you with my strong hands on your shoulders, working the tension away. To simulate the effect, You’ve reached your arms back and am massaging your own neck, imagining it is me. “Mmmmmm,” You moan to myself. Or, so you thought. You suddenly feel my hands take over. Apparently, I stayed behind for lunch as well.

You pretend that you were just working out a kink in your neck. “Thank you, I’m a bit tense.” you say. I am tentative at first, but as you relax into it, I get bolder, running my hands down the length of your arms. You are thoroughly lost in the moment, breathing deeply, entirely focused on the pleasure I am giving you. you want me to.You are dying to have you touch you inappropriately. You readjust yourself in the chair, leaning back further and in doing so, jutting your chest out. “Will I get the hint?” You wonder. you lick the inside of your lips just hoping.

Well, part of what you like about me is that I can take a hint. I’m no idiot! I know exactly what you want, and on my next pass down your arms, I extend my thumbs to slowly rub them along the sides of your breasts on my way back up to your shoulders. “Mmmmmm,” You say again, this time meaning it more. I give a few more passes like that, each time with a Pendik Escort bit more intensity and I then abandon the act of massage and reach down to cup your breasts and give them a light squeeze.

You tilt your head back, exposing your throat. I lean down to kiss your neck as my fingers dexterously work to unbutton your blouse and unhook your sheer front closing bra. Your nipples are stiff and you are already breathing a bit deeper. You reach back to my neck and pull my face to yours for a passionate kiss.

I twirl Your chair around and lean forward to suck on your breast, teasing the nipple with my tongue, while you fondle the other one with your hand. You can see through my trousers that I am as aroused as you are. We lock eyes and I pull you up out of the chair and I lean you against the edge of the desk.

You kiss me again and reach around behind me to grab my ass and pull me into you. If you were in doubt before about my own level of excitement, you no longer wonder as you can feel my rock-hard cock against you. You continue to massage my ass as we stand there making out with our bodies glued together. We could do this all day.

I ease back and sneak a hand between us and cup your mound through your skirt. Oh, you know what’s coming next and you’ve already soaked thinking about it. I slowly kiss down your body, starting with your neck, stopping briefly at each nipple to give them a light lick and work my way down your abdomen with my tongue until I am kneeling in front of you, all the while rubbing you back and forth between your stocking clad legs.

I slide both hands under your skirt and ease your thong down to your ankles. you step out of them and you cup a breast and gently ease back on the desk until your lying down.

I part your thighs and inhale your scent. I hear you breathing deeply, eagerly awaiting the touch of my tongue to your clit. You think :Oh, yes, baby.that is exactly what I need. Instead of going right for the goods, Kurtköy Escort I turn my head and lick the inside of your silky thigh down to your knee and then work my way back up on the other leg. You feel me lightly blow into your kitty and repeat the process. Then, just when you think that I’m going to tease you again, I reach my gentle tongue out and touch the tip of it to your wetness, just lightly running it up and down. I cover a little more ground each time until the tip of my nose is rubbing against your clit on the upstroke. On my last pass, I stopped and just twirled my nose around it, which was nice, but even nicer when I took your clit into your mouth – holding it with my lips and sucking on it, flicking it with my tongue. “Ohhhhhh,” You moan.

Every fiber of your being is now focused on my tongue. I set the rhythms of your body knowing when to switch from a light to heavy touch and when to move from your clit to the sweet center. A few minutes later, I have you breathing very heavily, your chest heaving with every breath. “Oh, that’s it,” you think, “enough if this, lunch will be over soon.” You lift my head up by the chin and say. “I need to get your dick in me right now.”

I need no further prompting from you as I quickly stand up and undo my pants, dropping them to the floor, grab your hips and pull you to the edge of the desk and in the same motion thrust my cock balls-deep into your dripping wet pussy. “Ughhhh.YES. Oh, fuck yes!!” You scream. Oh god, you feel soooo fucking good. Oh, fuck, so fucking good.

I lock my arms under your knees and slow down to a nice steady pace. I mix it up.at times leaving my cock all the way in and pulling back just slightly with little thrusts to keep our hips locked together, then pulling all the way out and slamming into you again for one thrust, then pulling almost all the way out and making little thrusts with just my cock head in your tight pussy, then reversing the process. Oh my god, You scream “I’m Tuzla Escort going to burst”! I have you so fucking worked up.it’s not going to take much more.

Oh, fuck – I instinctively know just how you like it. A little tender, a little harder.I’ve known all along there was a sex temptress lurking just beneath your bitchy, bossy exterior. Just then I reach down with my thumb and rub your clit. “Aaaah, oohhh,” I hear you moan and exhale.

You are propped up on your elbows, my eyes locked on yours. This is so intense. You murmur “Oh, yes, baby, I love your fucking cock – your fucking cock feels so fucking good in me baby. Oh, yeah..mmmmmm.yeah. Oh, fuck.”

Your encouraging words make me pick up the pace and just slam into you over and over.and, yes, over. Louder I hear you say…….”Oh, fuck!! Fuck that hard cock in me! Oh, god, yeah – oh, FUCK, yeah!!” Oh, god, I’m going to lose it. And, I can tell you are close too – we’re both going to fucking lose it. Oh, yeah. That’s it. “That’s it, baby right there – oh right fucking there. YES!! YES!!!”

I pause for a moment. A moment where all time has stopped for both of us. That wonderful moment of pure ecstasy right before the explosion.. And.”oooooooooo”, you whimper and moan and start convulsing. “Oh, fuck, baby – oh, fuck, oh, fuck. oh, yes” we moan, intertwined, speaking in one voice. Just totally releasing ourselves to each other. Oh god. You feel me spurting inside you and you match my orgasm by squirting on my dick. Oh god. Oh, wow. aahhhh, fuck. “That was incredible,” you think, but you’re too spent to talk.

We spend a few minutes like that, with you laying beneath me, breathing in unison. Just as we are gaining consciousness again, we hear the elevator doors open. This is the first time in your career you are thankful you work in a cubed instead of open environment. located in the far corner, we have just enough time to get off the desk, button our shirts and zip my pants. I watch as you throw your thong in a drawer before your cube neighbor comes back. Just as she is turning the corner, I notice our stain on your desk and throw down the report you had been working on only an hour ago. you open it to a page and say “I think we need to change the direction of this section..”

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