Lusty Big Sister Rosie Pt. 06


**(Reader’s Note: This story follows “Lusty Big Sister Rosie Pt. 05” To enjoy maximum reading pleasure I suggest you read them all in order! Check out my author’s page!)

Rosie’s memoirs continue…

Carol Luv, I think the fact Tony was busy toe-ing my clit that made things all speed up at that stage.

All that rubbing and me grinding his socked toe right into my very wet slit, well, it made Mr. Pudgy go ape. I mean he just began to stroke your dad’s piece like a pro. The foreskin was just whooshing up and down and your dad’s cock-knob was oozing like Vesuvius about to erupt.

I could see Tony just glaze over and his head rolled from side to side on the pillow, his eyes all misty.

And our guest kept looking from me and my masturbatory toe dance to your dad’s rock hard manhood about to pop. His mouth hung open and his head bobbed along with each stroke, his eyes darting back and forth. It was so hot to watch Carol, I found myself orgasm bound again and again as this time moved along.

Tony’s sock toe was soaked with my juices which now soaked the front of my red panties completely. It was bliss!

I was literally riding your dad’s big toe at the foot of the bed, it was so erotic and I was moaning and ooing and ahhing. And Tony was starting that low sound like a jungle animal about to pounce on its dinner. Mr. Pudgy looked a little scared, his eyes wide with expectation.

I spoke like a woman who knew the lay of the land, “He’s about to pop, you want it in your mouth? If you do, get it now or else just hold on and keep working your hand.”

Our guest shook his head in the negative for an oral treat and so he just kept up the steady beat.

Tony let out a holler and his hips rose up and soon a stream of white spunk shot up and all over our guest’s chubby hand and all over Tony’s tummy. It looked like he’d not cum in days. I could have sworn he shot one on off not that long ago, but who knew for sure. Your zonguldak escort dad’s cock, still in the grasp of Mr. Pudgy shook and tensed and oozed more out from the slit. The exposed cock-head as bright as ever, a reddish purple that looked so appealing in the dim lamp light.

Your dad guided our guest’s hand up and this allowed his foreskin to close over the head once again.

“You can let go now, I’m done. Thanks.” Tony said sheepishly as he put an arm under his head and closed his green eyes with exhaustion.

I moved off from Tony’s toe, which had ceased to vibrate my clit and found my robe and redressed myself with it.

Mr. Pudgy, silent as a shadow, slunk from the room. We left Tony to sleep, I shut his door.

I tenderly took our guest’s hand and orally cleaned the sperm from it with my tongue. Mr. Pudgy just watched me in the small bathroom and then washed his hands in the sink. It was so quiet.

The little front room was bathed only in the light of the street lamp outside. Mr. Pudgy lit up and we stood gazing out at the night and smoked that cigarette. No talk, just a shared after-glow. I had cum many times and Tony had just shot off but Mr. Pudgy was not finished.

I really did not know, my sweet Carol, what I thought of him. I felt like we just had shared a huge secret. I felt closer to him now after what we just had shared in your dad’s bedroom.

“Do you want to cum?” I asked plainly.

He sucked on the cigarette and looked me in the eyes. I was just a touch taller that he and I felt like a giant, imagine if I’d been in heels!

“No, I am too worked up. What the fuck did I just do, Rosie? Am I going, you know, limp-wrist? I am cracking up?” He said in wonder.

Times were so backward then and I hated all the shit. The word gay or bi was not even in use. We had crap terms for things we talk about today freely.

“Fuck off. No labels, no name calling. And zonguldak escort bayan no, you are not going all homo but maybe you are open to being more than a “fuck you-thank you” kinda guy. Maybe you have depth? Maybe you have a taste for what men can do with men? And that’s no sin. I love it. Tony’s does too. And I do women too. I know it all and can speak all the lingo. So relax and just enjoy.” I said as honestly as I could.

He smiled. We hugged. He kissed my breasts thru my robe. It felt good.

“I think I am open. Help me Rosie! Help me to understand it all. I really find what I shared tonight fucking amazing. And I think, I think I’d like to know more. Before we shoot the movie with Tony. The broad from New York is not coming yet; she may take a bit of time to get her ass freed up to come to Boston. So, in the meantime, let’s see if I am open. OK?” He asked as he held me in the dark, rubbing my fat ass and nuzzling my neck.

“You want me to come upstairs with you and help you get to sleep?” I said in his ear.

“Tempting, Rosie, tempting. But I am no sleeze. You may have thought otherwise but I am a fucking good egg. What are you two doing tomorrow for supper?” He asked and sounded less drunk than he had all night.

“Are you asking us, Tony and me, on a date?” I said stepping back and looking at him.

“Are you still drunk?” I added for good measure.

“Yes, I am still quite drunk but I am not that drunk not to remember tomorrow that we, the three of us, have a big fucking date!” He said as he undid my robe belt and gazed at my large street lamp lit boobs by the window.

I was certain Tony had no important plans and so I said, “After 7 is best. Shall we dress for dinner?”

“Dress nice, yeah, real nice and I’ll take you to a fine Italian spot near Boston Common. I know the owner, he owes me big time.” He said as his fingers played with one of my swollen nipples.

I escort zonguldak shuddered to think what he’d done for the restaurant owner but that was not my concern.

“You’re making me all hot again playing like that with my tit.” I said with a wink.

“Save it Rosie, and tomorrow we all get enjoy you being hot and Tony being, well, fucking hung like a Greek god. And you can show me more of your brother-sister games except I am part of the little happy family tomorrow. Make you hotter?” He asked with a sly smile.

“Hotter? Raging heat, Honey, raging heat!” I said and then, oh Carol Luv, then I kissed him very passionately on the mouth. Where the hell did that come from? But he left me and slipped away up to his flat above.

I really was ready for a good fuck. Him, the piggy man, I was so hot for him! And to have him while Tony was with us, well that was so over the moon for me. And maybe if Tony watched Mr. Pudgy fuck my ass off, well, maybe Tony would catch the bug and ride me to glory. I was one very horny big sister as I tiptoed back to your dad’s room.

I slipped the door open and stood, tits out and horny as shit. I stared at the nude Adonis lying in the dim lamp light wearing only some very moist dark socks. His cock now flaccid and classically museum-like again.

How I wanted to just suck him and make him hard, hard enough to fuck me. I was so turned on.

My hand felt my wet mound inside my panties and I moved to the bed.

I knelt on the opposite side of the bed, where Mr. Pudgy had been and lay next to my brother.

The love I felt was beyond powerful. It was unspeakable love in those days, still is

The lust was huge but the respect and admiration were far greater. I loved purely and erotically. I know your dad felt that way toward me too. We were more than lovers, we were one force. A force that swept like a hurricane force and took people like Mr. Pudgy, by storm! We blew him away and what he tasted tonight was so basic. We had so much more to offer and tomorrow night, he’d buy dinner and we’d provide dessert!


More of my sex starved aunt’s memories of my daddy all those years ago will follow in “Lusty Big Sister Rosie Pt. 07” Keep commenting and thank you! CandyXX

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