Magnolia , Pine


They walked, fingers interlaced, through the state park where they’d met for lunch. It was a reasonable drive for each of them, which was good since they were still trying to decide what this whole thing would be about. Their meetings were filled with the tingle of newness and anticipation of passionate possibilities. Each young lover knew that there was much more to that other person than met the eye, although there was certainly nothing wrong with what met the eye.

The new pollen covered everything this time of year. The yellowness of it all clung to leaves and coated the ground. Animals, easy to spot from a distance, carried it in their fur. Looking back over the simple wooden bridge which they’d just traversed, he noticed that their footprints left holes in the powdery landscape, and he smiled to himself to note that his shoes were covered in the stuff already.

He loved the feeling of her hand in his. She had baby-soft skin, surely a gift from god, and that lovely coating housed strong, thick muscle all over her body. Her fingers were no exception, and he stroked the sides of them as they walked and talked, loosely clinging to her digits and lightly caressing her taut, damp palm. He liked how comfortable he was with her at this early date, and he also liked how looking at her made him feel.

Her eyes, deep and dark, were very expressive. There were slight lines near her eyelids that indicated a lifetime of squinting, laughing, crying, or all three. He knew she could be expressive in many ways, that much had been shown to him at their first informal meeting when she’d engaged him directly, intelligently, and with only enough coyness to be mysterious. He walked along, cradling her hand, gazing into her eyes and occasionally over her strong, athletic body, and he was comfortable.

And then it hit: he wanted her. He had wanted her since they’d arrived, but something was different at that particular moment. She wore a button-down white shirt and tight, well-worn jeans, and he could think of nothing but moaning into her mouth, tasting her tongue, cupping and stroking her, tearing her clothes from her… he began to scout for a good spot.

They entered a clearing as they walked. It was a campground, but there was no one using it. They looked into the small enclosures intended to be sleeping areas for those without tents, screened wooden shacks only a few feet long and wide, shelters from mosquitoes and snakes. The floors of each of them were covered with a thick layer of pollen, and neither lover could really see these as good places to romp.

The smell of magnolia and pine was thick in the humid air when they discovered the back of the watering area. There was a high wooden wall facing the dense woods, and, while no one was around, it was unlikely they would be discovered there, even if someone were to arrive unexpectedly. She dropped her keys on the ground, leaned back against the wall, and she absently continued with their conversation.

She didn’t even finish her first sentence. He nearly attacked her, grasping, groping, stroking, his mouth covering hers. She moaned in surprise and arousal, her mouth opening to swallow his tongue as it pushed past escort istanbul her lips. She had told him that she didn’t have much experience with oral sex, but the way she sucked his tongue caused him to find that difficult to believe. He fucked her mouth as he squeezed her tight, round ass, and she melted into him.

Her hands were feeling his chest under his shirt, and she grazed a nipple. He moaned like a whore into her mouth, and she got the hint. Breaking away from their mouth-fucking, she pulled his shirt up and attached herself like a lamprey to his nipple. Truly, she didn’t know what she was doing, but the way he pressed his breast into her mouth made her positive she would learn, and quickly. She licked, nibbled, and outright sucked on this man’s taught little nipple, and he held her to him by the back of her head. His body had pressed her against the wall, and he began pushing his hips into her thick leg, her strong muscles feeling just right against his protruding cock.

He loved the smell of her hair as she suckled him. He stroked it with one hand as he reached for her fly with the other. He wanted to feel her pussy; he wanted to know how much she was enjoying herself. He pulled down hard on the first button, and several gave way. She arched her back and lifted her face to his hungry mouth. He tasted his sweat on her full lips, and he loved it.

She wore no panties today, and he savored that detail for the moment. He would have to ask how often she went around naked underneath; the thought only made him harder. How many times had he been talking to her about minutiae, ordinary, daily things, while he had been only one layer away from her pussy? He liked the idea, but he liked what he found even better.

He swallowed hard as she pinched his nipple, and he slipped two fingers along what was possibly the wettest slit he’d ever felt. Chalk it up to the heat and the humidity, if you like, but this was unreal. One bizarre part of him thought that she might be menstruating, but that wouldn’t make sense. Besides, this wasn’t blood, it was slick, sweet pussy juice, and he could feel the difference in the viscosity. On that hunch, he brought he fingers to his lips, eyes closed, and tasted. Inhaling as his sucked his fingertips, he knew that he’d been right.

When he opened his eyes, she was staring at him with unrestrained lust. He didn’t know when he’d seen a more aroused female, and he knew that he couldn’t waste this chance. As he stiffened his resolve, he pulled her jeans down to her knees, opened her legs, and pulled him to her. Her hand abandoned his nipple in favor of the giant beast throbbing between his legs, and she slipped her hands into the fly of his shorts, through the hole in his boxers, and she started to jack him off.

Her hand was coated with his precum immediately, and she worked it all around his big, sensitive mushroom of a head. He bucked rhythmically into her hand, his own fingers gently massaging her clit and dipping into her smooth, dripping hole before returning to their work at her sensitive bud. He wanted to make her come, whatever else happened, just like this, standing up, jeans around her knees, sucking escort bayan istanbul face, just like two horny kids giving one another hand jobs. Her breasts were big and soft against him, and he slid his free arm all the way around her narrow waist, reaching up from behind her to squeeze one firm mound.

She was pressed about as tightly against him now as was humanly possible, and her hand was still loving the feel of him. He could tell she was still exploring him, feeling for ridges, measuring his thickness, squeezing him to purple-red hardness. He wasn’t going to get off like this, but it sure felt good. Besides, it wasn’t as distracting as it could have been. He wanted her orgasm, and he intended to get it.

She had told him last time that he wasn’t as good at rubbing her clit as her former lover had been. Of course, that reportedly was all the clown had been good at, but it was enough to bother him. That other jackass had always gotten her off when he’d done this, but our hero liked to rub a little too hard, a little too fast. Hey, experience had taught him his technique, and he was proud of it, but this woman was different. He wanted to show her that he had paid attention to her pointers. He also wanted her to forget the other guy had ever existed.

He stroked lightly, and he kept his fingers wet. She gyrated her hips with his rubbings, and he could tell from the moans he was swallowing that she loved it. She finally pulled away from his mouth, her breathing ragged, and began to pant heavily.

His tongue flicked her sensitive earlobe as he whispered, “Will you come for me, Baby?”

She loved that he called her that, though she had no idea why, and it made her temperature rise another degree or two. “Oh, god, yes…” she replied, almost too late.

His flicks over her clit, two fingers stroking together, had increased in tempo, and it had almost caught her off-guard. She gasped as she finished her admission, and then her body went rigid. He could feel her tension, and he rubbed a little faster, just a touch more firmly, and then the waves came.

He held her body, still rubbing her as gently as he knew how, as the orgasm crashed through her body. Every muscle, it seemed, tensed and then released as from a good massage (which, in a way, it was!), and she went slack in his arms with a soft cry of pleasure. He held her, still stroking her breast, his other hand now kneading her tight buttocks, and she writhed under his touch. He was about as horny as he’d ever been.

Holding her and kissing her sweet mouth, he placed his hand over hers on his cock. She’d stopped rubbing when she’d started coming, and now she let go, placing both arms around his neck and sucking on his mouth with a renewed passion. He began stroking his cock as she kissed him, and their proximity caused his engorged head to rub its leaking sauce all over her tight tummy and pubes. She seemed to be enjoying him rubbing himself off, and he certainly didn’t mind. After all, she’d said that a lot of the non-standard sexual bits were new to her, and maybe this was one she just as soon he’d take care of. No problem, he thought. I’m gonna come all over bayan escort istanbul your stomach, sexy.

She listened to his moans and felt his arousal. He was sliding his swollen head over her belly, and she liked the feel of his semen and slick cock on her skin. It gave her an idea, though she wasn’t sure how it would go over. What the hell, she thought, you only live once! Either he’ll love this and be my sex slave forever, or call me a whore, slap me across the face, and storm off. Either way, she’d have a new experience under her belt…

As he stroked, she quickly unbuttoned her blouse. She had only gotten about four buttons down when he started to grunt, and, unsure of her next move, she immediately dropped to her knees. She was staring straight into the dripping eye of his love cannon, furiously being jacked, and she hadn’t really intended to be there, but it was close enough. Let the jism fall where it may, she thought.

He was pumping wildly by the time he realized she had dropped from her post against his chest, and he stared, wide-eyed, at his lover literally tearing her shirt open, firm, braless breasts bouncing into the breeze, buttons flying this way and that, as the first rope of come shot from his cock.

She was just leaning her head back, pushing her tits toward his cock, as the thick line of spunk laid itself over her face, chin to hairline, splattering against the wall at the end of its run. She gasped, her mouth opening and eyes closing, and the next one did much the same, only the last half of its length landed in her open mouth and made her choke. She was double-striped then, and her head snapped toward its attacker as two more salvos fired and hit her square in the middle of her face. She coughed as she tried to catch her breath, the strong scent of his juice invading her senses.

He watched the whole erotic scene, like something straight out of a hardcore porno, in slow motion. It was unreal to him how gorgeous this woman looked with his sperm hanging off of her nose and cheeks, dripping onto her naked breasts, and he emptied the rest of his load hard, with a grunt, one shot on top of her hair, the final couple splashing on her tits, joining the runoff.

She felt like a whore, but she was unbelievably hot at what she had done. Truly, she’d wanted him to come on her tits, but this was even more wild and untamed, and she felt, once again, like she’d made a good decision. The things she would do with this guy, the feelings she’d have… Her cunt ached at the thought, and she caught her breath slowly, trying to remain composed in this most unusual circumstance.

To be perfectly honest, neither of them could believe how much he had shot, and both were stunned into almost embarrassed silence. She coughed once more, wiped his sticky goo from her eye, and looked up at him, smiling. His mouth hanging open in obvious shock and lust told her all she needed to know, and she leaned back against the wall, squatting in front of his dripping prick, her jeans around her ankles. Feeling his seed slowly drying on her soft skin, she started to rub it into her tits and along her neck. Holding his gaze, she allowed her tongue to obviously caress her lips, learning to love the new taste of this man. He stared, transfixed at this gorgeous vixen, and he immediately knew that this meeting was not even close to being finished…


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