Man I Hate Straight Guys II


Man I Hate Straight Guys IIA Jimmie Johnson Original (A James Johnson Story)I claim this story as my own original work, and give all readers the right to repost it as they feel necessary and I ask to be credited if and when it is reproduced or copied We got in the car, and just sat there. I could tell he wanted to ask if he passed, he hadn’t cum yet, and I felt bad, but was I ready to let him end my virginity. He drove us back on campus, and parked his car. He put his hand on mine and my heart was about to jump out of my chest. He the reached up and with his hand, turned my face toward his. The way the moonlight hit his light brown skin was heavenly. He said, “You really are the most beautiful guy I’ve ever seen.” And with that, he began to kiss me on my lips. I was really getting excited again. This boy had the softest lips I had ever felt, and the amount of pressure he placed on my lips, was just enough to tickle a little, but still be firm enough to make me feel his touch. Then his tongue escaped his mouth, and made an exploration into my mouth. Suddenly, I felt his warm tongue meet mine, and I was forced to close my eyes in ecstasy. We both ended the embrace of our lips to take a deep breath after about ten minutes of intense making-out. I think decided; I had to return his favor from the restaurant. I moved closer than I already was and let my hands rub his chest, and immediately my cock jumped, I have a huge thing for muscular men. He let out a little sigh when my hand rubbed over his right nipple. I decided to play with him a little bit isvecbahis and get him more revved up. As I pinched his nipple, something drew me to his lips once again. But this time I didn’t let him kiss me; instead I took his bottom lip and sucked and nibbled on it. His lips tasted so good, and when he moaned, his breath was cool and fresh. He had me under his spell at that moment, and both of our animal instincts kicked in. I had to suck his cock at that instant. I moved my other hand closer to his cock and began rubbing right above it to see if he wanted more. He began to buck his hips, signaling me to go ahead and take his dick out, or at least rub it. I undid his belt, and let my hand slide down into his pants. I stroked the outside of his underwear, my hand getting wet from the pre-cum which was flowing profusely from his cock. At that moment I was taken over by the urge to taste his pre-cum and his cock. I unzipped his pants and took his penis out of his boxer-briefs. His cock felt so warm in my hand, and I was so ready to see what I could do with it. When I stroked it, trying to reenact the moment of my hand on my own cock, his cum slit winked and more pre-cum came out, and without thinking, my head went down on his cock. He almost shoved his whole rod down my throat. He moaned and screamed, telling me how good it felt. I didn’t tell him it was my first time sucking cock. I then took my head off his cock; the moon hit the saliva, making his cock glisten. “Please don’t stop.”“I’m sorry, I’m just thinking about that rumor you started.”“Yeah, isveçbahis giriş kinda ironic huh?”“Yeah, but I’m glad, it’s coming true” And with that, I went back to servicing his cock. I took the head of his cock into my mouth, and when I did, I felt it pulse.“Yosep, how big is this thing going to get,” I said chuckling“About 9 inches, but please don’t stop, I promise I’ll control myself” with that, I went to sucking his dick yet again. I licked his cock like it was a popsicle in July. My tongue went up and down his shaft. But he really got hot when I sucked on his balls. He almost moaned like a girl when I sucked his balls and jacked him off at the same time. He was making me so horny. I then took the head back into my mouth so that I could suck more of his pre-cum out. I sucked kind of rough on it, and he grunted and his cock oozed pre-cum for a minute, and I just sat there like a baby, drinking every last drop of his pre-cum. My jaw was starting to hurt, and I really wanted to take his cum in my mouth, so I decided to really make him go over the threshold into an orgasm. So I took his right nipple in my hand, took a deep breath, and slowly slid his cock into my mouth. When his cock hit the back of my mouth, he moaned, and then he screamed when his cock slowly went down my throat. He then began to fuck my face while I played with his right nipple.“I’m gonna cum dude,” he waited for me to get off his cock, “No dude, I’m really gonna cum… AHHH YES!!!!” And with that final moan, I felt his cock pulse and unload load after load of cum isveçbahis yeni giriş down my de-virgined throat. The taste and the force was enough to make me cum for the second time that night. And I was expecting a small amount seeing as it was my second time cumming that night, but he had made my balls work overtime; my cock keep shooting for what felt like two minutes; the orgasm was so forceful, it hurt. Yosep then lifted my head from his cock, and gave me the hottest kiss I had ever experienced in my entire life, I later found out it was called a cum kiss (for an openly gay teenager, I was severely uninformed in the area of sex). We then both got out the car and he walked me to my room.“You don’t want to come in do you, I mean, I don’t have a roommate.”“I actually have to get back to my room, I do have a roommate and he would have too many questions tomorrow morning if I stay too long. Night, man.” And with that he gave me a passion filled kiss while our groins smashed and slammed into each other. When he walked away, I couldn’t help but stare at that hot ass walking away, he had the hottest body; it made me think that maybe I should start lifting. I went into the building and on my way up the steps; I heard some talking in the hallway. There is a payphone in the atrium right before you get into the hallway on my floor. Just to inform you, the time now was around 12:00, and it being a Friday night, everyone had either gone home or was still out partying. When I finally reached the top of the steps, I saw a guy standing near the phone in nothing but a short towel, which did nothing to hide his huge boner. I don’t think he saw me at first, but I had to go by him to get into the hallway. I went for the door that led to the hallway when I felt a hand grab my shoulder.

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