Marcus: The Hookup


Marcus was quiet about himself, always very private, including about his sexuality. He avoided answering whenever someone asked if he was straight or gay, he simply didn’t know, but now he was 18, soon to be 19, and then it changed.

Victoria was a very liberal city, so compared to say smaller towns in the smack middle of the USA. there was very little prejudice, let alone about same-sex attractions, it was even encouraged. This always proved difficult when Marcus would try to figure out which of his pals were likely gay and not. In high school, they always did weird shit as jokes. If one bent over you could expect one to rush behind him and hump the dude, or even the way Jay & Carson would behave in front of Marcus, sometimes Jay would strip to his underwear openly, hands on his hips as if begging the other guys to try not to look at the bulge in front. Carson was more direct, when he had a girlfriend in the 9th grade Marcus would come over for sleepovers, only this time he’d ask for advice, or show off his bush proudly to show he’d hit puberty, or maybe for another reason…

Marcus had been 18 for nearly a year now, but he’d only joined one of the hookup apps nearly before his birthday. He was so nervous he thought he’d barf out his lungs. On an anonymous app a married 48-year-old man named ‘Alan’ had a strange request in wanting to meet at a park trail, and find somewhere hidden so he could stroke Marcus’ cock, he accepted, but when Alan never showed up on the site to arrange the time to meet, he decided to try something else.

Then came Grindr, a seemingly scary app, however with tons of hunks! A few had messaged Marcus directly, likely having seen his age, most were way older, bears & guys wanting him to get gangbanged- way too much for Marcus. He began feeling self-conscious and considered giving up until a cock appeared in his messages. The guy seemed to be about average, with a cut cock, he started by asking Marcus maraş escort if he was horny, to which he confessed he was. He sent his cock pick and the guy became obsessed, he loved that Marcus was uncut and wanted to suck it. Marcus was both excited and taken aback, he explained he couldn’t have anyone over, then the guy suggested he could blow him in his truck.

Jumping at the offer, and in the shower. Marcus had arranged to meet him a street over from his house. Marcus threw on a pair of shorts and a button-up shirt and walked down to meet the guy. He did his best to act nonchalant while waiting, glued to his phone as he glanced up at every car coming down the road, waiting for the guy’s truck. Finally, a red Ford pulled up to the driveway of the nearby school, Marcus couldn’t believe it, he was doing it. He walked to the door. He knows nothing of this guy. He threw the door open and hopped in. He barely studied the guy’s face, feeling nervous but he was grinning, he couldn’t help thinking how much the guy reminded him of his big brother- who was just a family friend. Even driving a red truck too- it was all so hot.

“Know any places we can go?” The guy asked, glancing over at Marcus as he peeled down the roads again.

“Uhm…” Marcus thought about it but he had no idea- He’d never done anything like this before. “Not really, no. Haha.” The guy hummed in response before he pressed his calloused hand over Marcus’ crotch. He could feel the blood starting to rush to his 18-year-old cock as the guy fondled his crotch. Stupidly Marcus tied the drawstring of his shorts, so he couldn’t get easy access- However, the guy instead ran his hand up the leg of Marcus’ shorts- which was an incredibly hot turn-on for him. He was as silent as a mouse as his mind race- an older guy was stroking his cock, rubbing his exposed slit- Jesus…

Finally, he pulled into a parking lot next to a trail, the truck maraş escort bayan was high up, but the two kept looking around, there were more people than they’d have liked. “Get that cock out, stud.” The guy said with a chuckle. Marcus quickly untied his shorts and pulled his shorts down partway. The older guy unbuckled his seatbelt and rested his arm on the back of Marcus’ chair, leaning into the teen’s lap as he wrapped his lips around the head of his cock.

Marcus eagerly watched out the windows, gulping as the warmth engulfed his mouth, the man worked his tongue against his head and between his foreskin as he sucked him. A mere second after he pulled off his cock, and looked around again. “I don’t know if I trust it here.. Maybe we should go somewhere else…” The older guy suggested before sitting up as he started his truck again.

Marcus agreed and they drove off again, he watched the people who were absent from him and his hookup, he guessed they just assumed it was a father and his son… How wrong they were. “Can I stroke your cock?” Marcus asked sheepishly, the grown man simply chuckled “Yeah go ahead.” He said. Marcus made quick work of unbuttoning the man’s cargo shorts, and zipping them down, he struggled to get his cock out of his underwear but when he did he was surprised at how small it was in real life- It was still average in size, but he always imagined cocks in real life were humungous. He even believed he was slightly longer than the man.

He cautiously stroked the man’s cock, not used to stroking a cut cock. He was growing quickly- he was horny, Marcus thought.

Finally, the older guy pulled into a busy parking lot, however, all the cars were deserted, he pulled between two cars, going more forward in hopes to ensure no one would see anything. The guy wasted no time before going down on Marcus again. He figured he wasn’t too great since he only really sucked on escort maraş his head, but Marcus was grateful for anything.

He came up and looked at Marcus, wiping his lips. “Did you wanna suck mine?” He asked, hopeful the youth may return the courtesy.

“Yeah,” Marcus replied eagerly, he scooted in his seat, kneeling over the man’s lap as he readjusted his underwear better, he couldn’t help but notice the stench of cologne from the guy’s crotch, thankfully when Marcus took the guys warm cock into his mouth he only tasted what he’d come to know as the taste of cock. He knew well enough to curl his lips over his teeth, and tried suctioning his mouth around the guy’s cock.

“Ssss- Ohh yeah…” The older guy said, he moved his hands to Marcus’ shorts, pulling them down more as he cupped his ass cheek, before rubbing his rough thumb over Marcus’ clean, tight asshole. Marcus wasn’t certain he enjoyed it, but the lewd act thrilled him nonetheless. He continued bobbing up and down on the older gents cock, feeling the head push against his palate, he enjoyed the taste of cock, however, he was patient and withdrew to let him suck on his now throbbing, rock hard cock.

It didn’t take long until the man from Grindr kept his promise, he soon milked Marcus’ cock dry, swallowing all his cum. Marcus watched the sight of an older man’s head bobbing in his lap, the sensations of the hot tongue kissing the head of his cock as euphoria ran through him, gushing wave after wave out of his cock.

Marcus could feel him swallowing on his cock, and finally, the man sat up, his lips glossy with cum as he began to beat his cock. “Did you want me to suck yours now?” Marcus asked innocently, but he was out of luck, just as the words had left his mouth the man’s angry red head shot pearly globs all over his hand, even shooting onto Marcus’ thigh.

When Marcus was dropped off in front of the random house (For safety reasons, of course) He couldn’t comprehend how he felt about the whole situation, but he did feel different as if he transcended to a new level within himself. Once safely back in his room, he opened his phone and looked at the screenshots he’d taken of the guy’s cock. He wanted to do it again, he wanted to do something new.

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