Marie and Josh, Mother and Son

Big Cock

Marie was a 40 year old single mother, a widow for 15 years raising her 18 year old high school son. Josh was a good boy…a bit introverted, but a good honest boy. This weekend she was catching up on laundry, going room to room filling her basket.

Caught up in her chores and not thinking, she put the basket down and opened Josh’s door without knocking, to get his clothes.

“Ohhh” she couldn’t help exclaiming, as she walked in on Josh. He was standing up with his pants undone, playing with himself quite vigorously with his right hand while pressing a pair of panties to his nose with his left.

“Mom..” he said instinctively as he dropped the panties and went to cover his erection, knowing it wouldn’t do any good…she saw him.

Immediately she swatted his hands away. “Josh! Are those my panties!?” she asked sternly, pointing down at them.

He went to cover himself again, “errr…” was all he could get out before she swatted his hands away again. This time she reached down and yanked his open pants down to his knees in a swift motion.

“Josh! You naughty naughty boy” she scolded as he stood there red faced, with his hard cock erect and a horribly embarrassed look on his face. He went to pull his pants up and again she swatted his hands away… “nono young man. You answer me. Are those my panties?”

He looked down at the floor, dying of embarrassment.

“Answer me Josh”, she asked more strongly now…though she knew they were hers.

Josh just stood there not knowing what to do. Here he was, busted jacking off to his mom’s panties, and still erect with his pants down to his knees.

“Take your pants off young man”. She had a very authoritive tone to her voice. “Now…take them off”

Josh started to pull a leg out of his jeans, again bringing his hands in front of him in an attempt to cover himself. And again she swatted his hands away, leaving him exposed. “No..do NOT do try and hide now. Put your hands behind your back young man..NOW!”

He pulled his other leg out, now naked from the waist down, and put his hands behind his back staring down at the floor just wanting to be anywhere else but here. This can not be happening, he thought.

“Look at me” she said, reaching down to grab her panties, waving them up in front of his face in a manner he couldn’t ignore. “Josh, you were jacking off to my panties weren’t you? Weren’t you?”

He slowly looked up with the most broken look across his face…he just wanted to die.

“Answer me”

“Yes maam” he replied, “I’m sorry” and again he looked down.

She took the opportunity now to look down at his still erect cock. She hadn’t seen him naked for years and was stunned at how hard and thick he was. She had forgotten how hard an 18 year old boy could get.

She sat on his bed, flicking the panties on his face and they fell to the floor. His hard cock bobbed up and down.

“Josh…it’s ok” she said and he started to bring his hands forward, again wanting to cover himself.

“Oh no young man…stop that.”, she commanded as she pulled his hands away. “Look..it’s ok. I’m sorry I didn’t görükle escort bayan knock. It’s only normal…”

“Mom..”, he said not wanting to be subjected to such horrible embarrassment.

“What? What Josh? You would like me to forget this happened? You would like to ignore the fact you took my panties for your selfish sexual pleasures. Please Josh, I’m quite experienced in matters like this. Believe it or not, I’ve been with far more men than you think and I know what men like. You get turned on by sniffing my dirty panties…don’t you?”

He stared at the floor. This can not be happening he thought over and over.

“Answer me Josh.”

“Yes maam” he peeped. He had never said yes maam, ever. But then he had never been in this situation before.

“Look at me” she command. He slowly brought his eyes to hers, his eyes watering up on the verge of crying.

“Go on. Finish then” she said staring straight at him.

“What? No…mom”, he pleaded. Could this get any worse? What was happening?!?

She reached around to swat him on the bare ass like a little boy. “Josh, you took my panties so you could get off…you obviously are in need of release. So finish it…now”

“I….” he stammered, his hands still behind his back.

“You obey me little boy. You know what you’re doing is wrong. It’s easy to do it behind closed doors isn’t it? Grabbing your mothers dirty panties, grabbing your hard cock…” he flinched when he heard her say cock. He never heard his mother talk like that before.

She continued, “..maybe doing it in front of me will make you realize how naughty you’re being.”

Josh kept his hands behind his back, not able to bring himself to do as she said. His eyes were watering up more. His hard cock had softened a bit now from the embarassment.

“Oh no..no no…don’t you dare pull a crybaby act on me. You’re a big boy. You’re doing big boy things here, aren’t you” she chuckled in a mocking tone.

“Take your right hand and hold yourself…Right now young man. You do as your mother says”

He dared not disrespect her, and even though every fiber of his being said this was wrong, he grabbed himself…but he was still shrinking from the embarrassment.

“Come on young man… ” she coaxed sternly, “do it…jerk it. Now. Right here.”

He slowly moved his hand back and forth across the length of his dick, shocked at how her gazed turned down to his crotch to watch.

“How often do you do this?” she said ..”tell me Josh..and don’t you DARE stop jerking it.”

He looked back down at the floor and started to let go of himself “Mom… I…ummm…”

“Do NOT let go until you finish Josh” she scolded as she reach over to swat his cock with her hand. “Don’t act like you or I don’t know you know what you were doing”

“Mom…” he pleaded and again she swated his cock, causing it to harden and lift up.

“Grab it! Grab your hard cock.” she spat and he instinctively obeyed.

“Here” she said as she handed him the blue panties.

“No mom…” he tried to pleade again, but she would have none of altıparmak eskort it and he knew it. He knew when she was angry and she seemed angrier than he’d ever seen before.

“Josh, continue what you were doing…Come on little boy. Show your mother how you were playing with your self”. He was embarrassed to here the words ‘little boy’. He took the panties from her outstretched hand.

“Mom…I’m…” he started with an apology.

“No.. Finish. You say one more word and you will regret it. Josh, you are an adult now but you’re acting like a child. You took my panties to sniff while jacking off. Right? Now you don’t say a word and you finish right now…right now Josh.”

He had never seen her like this, but then again he had never been in this situation before. His cock was now throbbing hard in his hand. He slowly began jerking off again, still looking down at the floor.

“Smell them. Go on…smell them. You like that. I know you like it Josh…don’t you? Don’t you like it?”

“Yes maam” he responded again, looking at the panties in his hand not knowing what really to do.

“Smell my panties like you were….”

He slowly brought them up to his face. He was so horribly turned on and so horribly embarrassed at the same time. His cock was harder than he’d ever known before as he continued slowly stroking it.

“I do believe you were a little more aggressive than that when I walked in. You were jerking it harder than that. Come on now. Do it like you always do.”

Her words embarrassed him further. “Mom… I… dunno…” he stammered.

Immediately she reached around and swatted his bare exposed ass again, like one would swat a dog to get him to stop doing something. “Josh…you listen to me. If you want to jack off, that’s fine. You’re a boy. Er…Man…and men do that sort of thing. But if you’re going to steal my panties to get yourself off, well that’s another story. I want you to jack yourself off like you would if I wasn’t here. You can close your eyes if that helps, but you’re going to jack off, right here, right now, like you do when you’re alone”

Knowing he wasn’t going to get out of this, he closed his eyes and started stroking himself in a more natural manner.

Marie’s gaze was transfixed on his stroking. My god he’s got a nice cock, she thought. She could feel her juices stirring and she crossed her legs out of slight embarrassment of her own.

Josh continued stroking with his eyes shut. He suddenly realized that he was still sniffing her panties and he lowered them from his face out of embarrassment. His eyes opened again and with a pleading look he asked “Is that enough now? I’m sorry…”

“Ha”, she laughed in a mocking manner, “No no. Come on big boy. Keep going. You’re going to stroke it until you cum.”

“Waaa? Mom!” he proclaimed in shock from hearing her say ‘cum’.

“Listen Josh. Don’t fuck with me right now. You’re were trying to make yourself cum before I walked in, right?

He said nothing out of embarrassment.

“Right? Were you trying to cum Josh?” she asked again.

“Yes…” nilüfer escort he weakly replied.

“Yes what…what were you going to do Josh? Say it”…she was immensely wet at this point. “Say it.”

“Yes, I wanted to cum.”, he sheepishly let out.

“That’s what I thought… ” she reached over to his arm that was still holding the panties and pushed them towards his dick.

“Here. Cum in these baby…” she said as her tone changed to a more sultry turned on sound, “Play with your hard cock and cum in mommies panties for me. Cum for mommy now, ok baby?”

Josh found her words extremely intoxicating. What an unbelievable situation. He just wanted to finish so he could get away or she would leave. He had never felt so much humiliation in his life.

“There you go…that’s a good boy. Show mommy how you like to do it now…” she coaxed him on and she was surprised at the breathy manner she was speaking in. She was definitively enjoying this. She hadn’t seen a mans cock in a long time and found herself mesmerized by his large purple head…his thick shaft with it’s bulging veins…his swollen balls. Her eyes took him all in.

“Come on…that’s it..that’s a good boy…harder Josh…pullharder…I want you to cum for me Josh”. His eyes still closed, he was now beating off in his naturally aggressive manner.

“That’s it..that’s a good boy…Come on…cum for mommy”, her tone now almost pleading.

Josh felt his heavy load stirring in the glowing of his heavy full balls. His eyes closed and also lost in the moment, he now started jerking with an unconscious greater vigor…he wanted so badly to cum now.

“Mmmhmmm. Good boy…” she continued coaxing, almost cooing to him. She unconsciously leaned closer, her eyes still locked on his throbbing muscle now just inches from her. She reached over and pressed her panties up to his head. “There you go. Cum in my panties Josh. Show mommy how you like to cum. Yeah. That’s a good boy. Jerk on that cock. Come on. Cum for mommy now…”

He couldn’t take hearing her sultry commands any longer, and he felt an explosion in the base of his thick cock building to make its way out. A thick string of cum shot from the tip of his swollen cock…he could feel himself cumming more than he’d ever cum before.

He stood there in a daze…exhausted from both the embarrassment and the vigorous energy he just showed…his daze was broken as he felt her take the panties from his hand and starting wiping the tip of his dick clean. He suddenly felt like a toddler again, being cleaned by his mommy.

She continued wiping him as she looked up to speak in a strong motherly tone, “Now Josh, I want you to know I’m not upset about this. I’m actually more understanding than you know. I’ve far more experienced than you think. I know what boys do. ALL boys masturbate. And if you need to masturbate, that’s only natural and understandable. But you must ask me if you want to use my panties, ok?”

Josh sat there still in a daze and not knowing what to say. But before the situation became too uncomfortable she tossed the soiled panties into the laundry basket and exclaimed, “Well, I’ve got laundry to do….we will discuss this later.”

Little did Josh know that after the laundry was loaded, his mother was in her room, stripped naked and spread eagle on the bed, vigorously rubbing herself to orgasm as she relived the moment in her head.

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