Mark and Nancy’s Hot Tub Night


I should be out of the house right now. I should be out with my friends, or out

trying to find the girl of my dreams. But instead I’m here. Instead I am home

feeling sorry for myself. Bored out of my mind. My name is Mark, I am a 22 year old computer science student home for the summer before my last year of school.

I’m a lean, 5’10 tall runner, with moderate muscle definition. Though I wasn’t helping my case by being home and not making any effort to maintain my physical condition.

“Mark your father and I are heading out now for dinner with some friends,” my mother called out from just outside of my room.

“Okay, when will you guys be back,” I replied.

“I don’t know, maybe midnight? We’ll see,” My mom answered as she started heading downstairs.

“Has Nancy left yet?” I called out to hoping my Mom would hear it before she descended to the main floor.

“Not yet,” she yelled out.

Nancy is my 19 year old not so little little sister. She stands at about 5’5, with brown hair going just past her shoulders. In the past I never paid too much attention to her appearance.

However, since I have been home from school, I noticed that she had developed into a beautiful young adult over the years that I had been away at school. She had slim figure with perfect curves in her hips, and an ass that would swallow any pair of leggings. Nancy and I were close enough growing up. We rarely fought. But we were always quick to poke fun at each other in a playful way. She was always very popular amongst her friends growing up, which means we rarely hung out or did things together.

I need to figure out what I am going to do tonight or I am going to go crazy. After a little of thinking, I decided to get my swimming trunks on and sit in the hot tub. A lot of my clothes I had left back at my apartment near where my school is, but I managed to find an old pair of swim trunks. They were a little tight, and slightly revealing, but I figured that I am the only one home so it should be fine.

I grabbed a towel and headed for the main floor. I looked out the window once I got downstairs, and couldn’t help but notice that Nancy’s car was still in the drive way. Great I thought sarcastically. I better get in the hot tub before I am seen like this. I exited through the back sliding door, made my way to the hot tub, and threw the jets on before stepping in.

Not even 10 minutes went by when I heard Nancy call out, “Mark are you out here”?

“Yes I am,” I replied. I called see her from where she was standing at the door.

There was a brief pause, then I heard her call out, “I was planning on using the hot tub.”

“That’s too bad, I am in here,” I playfully replied, figuring that that was going to be the end of the conversation. My sister stepped out into the light where I could see her.

“Is it okay if I join you?” She nervously

asked. I was surprised that she wanted to come sit in the hot tub with me.

“I thought you were going out?” I inquired.

“No my friend cancelled,” she replied sounding slightly upset. Normally

I would say get lost, you can use it when I’m done.

But I felt bad for her in the moment her and responded,

“Sure I don’t mind.”

Truthfully, I felt like I could use the company anyways.

My sister put on a big smile. My jaw dropped when she lifted the tank top over her head revealing her black bikini top. This left very little to imagination. Normally I am not one to think of my sister ‘that way’ but she was looking stunning. She was about a 32C if I had to guess.

Her tits are very perky, and her skin didn’t have a single blemish. She then pulled down her leggings revealing the matching bottom to her swim suit. She kicked her clothes to the side, and proceeded to step into the hot tub. I was in shock. If she wasn’t my sister, I would make every attempt to win her over.

I Magosa Escort quickly dismissed the thoughts. My sister sat in the seat where there was an abundance of jets shooting out water.

“Don’t get comfortable in that seat, I intend to take that seat over shortly,” I said playfully, knowing that that seat was the best seat in the tub.

“In your dreams,” she laughed in response.

“So Mark, why are you sitting in here all alone, on a Friday night anyways?” She asked.

‘Great’ I thought. Not my sister busting my chaps too.

“The same reason why you are,” I responded cleverly, knowing that we both struck out for making plans this evening.

“Looks like we’re both loners this evening,” I fired at her. She laughed and

playfully kicked my leg in response. To annoy her, I started resting my feet on her legs from where I sat across from her. I was sure she was going to throw them off, but she left them there.

I started paying attention to her face, and the sexual thoughts started coming back. She was really good looking. Her cleavage sat just above the surface of the water. Where her perky tits were all I could notice in the moment. I think I must have entered a trance when I heard her say

“Why don’t you take a picture it will last longer?”

At that moment my embarrassment shot up right over the top. Great, my sister just caught me staring at her tits, I’m done for.

“I’m sorry,” was all I could muster up. I put my head down.

At that moment, I was thinking of ways to eject myself from the tub. Then I heard her ask

“Do you think they look nice?” I was in shock.

“Nancy, I can’t answer that,” I said in a panic.

“What? It’s just a simple question, come on Mark you can answer that,” she said, trying to convince me to answer. I wanted to tell her ‘no I can’t’ or ‘that’s weird’ but instead against my better judgement I said

“You have perfect tits,” I said hastily.

I couldn’t believe how forward I had been. There was silence. I was sure that what I had said had crossed the line.

She finally responded, “What about them do you like?”

At this point I am beyond nervous.

“Nancy we shouldn’t even be having this conversation, you’re my sister,” I said.

“Come on Mark,” she responded with slight disappointment.

“Just tell me what you like about them, then after that we can stop if you want,” she added.

I took a minute to decide if I wanted to entertain this conversation. My mind was telling me no but the tent in my swim shorts said otherwise. This was making me feel very uncomfortable.

I gave in and responded, “Your tits are have the perfect size in proportion to your body, they are perky, and you have the smoothest skin that I have ever seen on a woman.”

Nancy blushed.

“Thank you Mark. We can stop now if you want?” she responded.

But the truth is I was so aroused at this point I didn’t have it in me to stop. My erection was putting up so much pressure in side my shorts. Surely she must have been turned on too. Why else would she ask?

“Any guy would be lucky to have access to those perfect tits,” I added, knowing at this point I was too far into the deep end. She gave me a playful smile.

“I don’t want to stop, but we probably should,” I said regretfully as a last attempt to save my dignity.

She replied, “Okay.”

However she seemed disappointed that our playful game was concluding. After a few minutes of silence, she started to get up and exit the hot tub. I felt sad. As she was leaving the tub. I thought to myself here goes nothing, knowing that after this comment nothing will ever be the same.

“Nancy wait,” I said as her back was faced to me. This stopped her in her tracks.

“Can I see them?” I asked. There was a pause which felt like a lifetime. Then Nancy reached her hands behind her back Kıbrıs Escort and pulled on the string to release her top. Her bikini top fell to the floor. I waited in excitement for Nancy to turn around. She finally did, exposing the most perfect pair of tits I had ever seen in my life. Her nipples were really hard and begging to be sucked. She smiled from my reaction. I was in awe.

“Do you like what you see?” She asked. I nodded my head.

“Please don’t leave the tub,” I practically begged to her. She took this as an opportunity to re-enter the tub. I was in relief. I knew at that moment, I need to suck on my sisters tits. My sister sat back down on the seat that she was previously sitting on with her head back and her bare tits right in front of me for display. What do I do from here I thought to myself. It was one thing to look at them. But I couldn’t figure out how to initiate the opportunity to suck on those perfect tits. Nancy lifted her head back up and noticed me staring at her tits still.

I felt so helpless until finally I said, “If I wasn’t your brother, I would have my mouth around those beautiful nipples.”

Nancy bit her lip and said, “Do you want to come share the seat with the jets with me?”

I wasted no time. I lifted off my seat and headed towards hers. Nancy got up and directed me to sit down in the seat. I sat down, shortly after, she sat on my lap facing me with her legs straddled on each side. At this point my intentions were obvious as her crotch was rubbed up right against my hard on. Nancy crossed her arms around the back of my neck and her beautiful nipples sat a little bit lower than my face.

“Mom and Dad aren’t home, we can play a little bit, you can suck on them for a bit, then we’ll never speak of this again. Agreed?” She asked. I nodded my head in response and darted for her nipple. I pulled my sister into me tighter, wrapped my lips around her nipple and started sucking on the nub. My sister moaned in response. I was sucking on it like it was the last thing I could ever suck on in my life. I started using my tongue to circle her sexy areola.

“Ungghhh Mark just like that,” she moaned. After a few minutes, she started grinding her pussy into my erection in rhythm with my sucking. At this point her moaning was becoming more audible, I felt like I was going to burst with all the tension. I was also worried that the neighbours would hear. Nancy didn’t seem to care.

I wanted more. I needed more. After 10 minutes of sucking on each tit. I wanted to explore her body.

I stood my sister up. She seemed confused. I reached for her bottoms, slipped my fingers between the band and her skin and started to pull them down her legs. I thought for sure I was taking things with her too far and that she would slap my hands or pull away. She repsponded by helping me remove the bottoms. She lifted each leg out as I pulled them down. Shortly after, her shaved pussy was exposed right in front of my face.

“My sisters pussy is so fucking sexy,” I said to her in such a state of awe.

She smiled, “Thanks big bro,” she responded.

“Sit on the edge of the tub,” I playfully demanded.

My sister happily obliged and set on the edge. I got on my knees in the tub and headed towards the edge where she sat. This made her beautiful cunt level with my face. I spread her legs wide and at that point she knew of my intentions, she smiled and leaned her upper body back in affirmation. Just like that, I started trailing my tongue along the side of her left inner thigh slowly towards her pussy. I got to just outside her outer lips, then did the same thing on the on the other side. My sister trembled with impatience. She grabbed the back of my head and forced it on her clit. She couldn’t stand to wait a second longer.

“Just like that, lick my clit Mark,” she squealed while putting a lot of pressure Lefkoşa Escort against the back of my head. I spread her legs wide and lapped my tongue up and down her slit. She screamed out “That’s it, lick your sisters pussy, fuckkkkk,” she did not care if anyone could hear her. At this point I didn’t either.

“You taste amazing,” I said looking up at her.

I don’t know how much more of this I can take I thought, feeling like I was ready to explode. She forced my head back against her pussy as if there wasn’t a second to waste. She started grinding her pussy into my tongue systematically with my licking.

“Unggghhh fuck Mark I’m gonna cum,” she screamed. I pressed my mouth even harder against her pussy in response.

“I am cumming Mark,” she cried.

“That’s it baby,” I replied and took all of her juices into my mouth. I pulled my head away looking up at her. She smiled and stared back at me with her wanting eyes.

“Mark I want you to fuck me right here,” She begged. I wanted nothing more than to put my cock into her and fuck my sister hard. But I was also worried.

“Nancy, I don’t have any condoms,” I replied with concern.

“I don’t care, I need you inside of me right now, you can pull out when your close and cum in my mouth,” she said in desperation. This turned me on so much. At that point, I decided. I’m gonna fuck my sister. I stood up and she peeled my shorts down without hesitation.

My cock sprung free from its waist band. “Oh my,” she responded, with a full 7″ right before her eyes. She wrapped her warm hands around the shaft and licked up and down it a few times. She leaned back towards the edge of the tub again with her legs spread and propped up, once again exposing her pussy. I took this as my cue to put my cock inside my sisters sexy pussy. I advanced forward and knelt right in front of her, lining up my cock. She reached her hand to my shaft and impatiently guided it inside. She let out a moan as I slid my entire shaft inside of her.

It thought to myself, this is it, I am really fucking my little sister.

“That’s it Mark, fuck me,” she begged as I started to slide my shaft in and out of her. With rhythm we both pressed back and forth into each other, faster and faster all the while she was holding back no moans. “Fuck your sister Mark, give it to me please,” she cried, grinding into me harder.

I picked up the pace. At this point, we were violently smashing into each other, she was yelping, and I had the pleasant view of watching her perky tits bounce up and down with each movement. I brought my head lower to lap my tongue on her nipple while fucking her. This sent my sister over the edge.

“Unnggghhhhh Mark fuckkkkkk,” she whaled while letting out her second orgasm of the night. I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Nancy, I’m gonna cum,” I moaned, giving her fair warning. We were both in such a state of arousal. Nancy wrapped her legs around my back locking me in place and started to fuck me harder.

“Mark I want you to cum inside your little sister. I need your cum inside of me please,” at this point there was no convincing me otherwise.

“I’m gonna cum inside you baby,” I said.

“Yes please, I want all of your load big brother,” she cried. This sent me over the edge, and I shot my entire load into her pussy. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard in my life. She held me in place for the entire load. I looked at her beautiful face with so much love. She looked back at me and we began to lock lips with each other. Is was a passionate kiss. A kiss of lovers. Our tongues danced in each others mouths for quite some time while my cock was nestled inside of her beautiful pussy. I started trailing my tongue down her body preparing for round two with my new found lover.

She moaned in affirmation, “I love you Mark. I want you to make love to your little sister again. Please put your big cock back inside of me.”

I looked back at her ready to do exactly that. I wrapped my lips back around my sisters tit. She let out a moan. “Shall we take this to the bedroom?” Nancy asked.

*a car door slammed closed in the driveway*

Shit, the parents are home.

To be continued…

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