Rest of Kat’s Replacement


Rest of Kat’s ReplacementAfter eight months Kerry is so taken with Kat’s way of controlling a woman that she ask Kat to teach her some things. What do you mean teach it just comes out of me when I see a woman I’m interested in things just seem to happen and before long I either get her or give up the chase. Kerry says you mean some get away? Oh yea not everyone falls but most do. Like how many can I ask? Kat smiles lets find out together ok she leads Kerry to her bedroom and a drawer opening it it’s full of panties all have a name an address and phone numbers on them. they count them 87panties plus a baggie with 16 more total of 103 altogether. Asking more question Kerry’s mind is blown the ages range from 15 to 68 and Kat remembers them all telling stories of them the look in her eyes tell Kerry that Kat has feelings for them all too. One story really got to Kerry seems Kat meet a 16yrs girl first and then her mother aunt, and there mother too plus a sister-n-law of the teens mom has all there panties before they all found out about each other being fucked by her. Asking about the 16 that were in the baggie Kat said that they have either passed away or no longer wanted to play the game. That night Kat took Kerry to a bar in town setting in the back watching the door till a man and women came in the lady maybe 28yrs about 5’7″ 117lbs. dark hair looking like it could be a birthday or something like that. Hubby maybe 6′ big and dumb looking they sat a few tables away the woman facing Kat and Kerry. Kat ask Kerry are you ready for your own your first pair of panties? Looking around Kerry scoped the room till she to landed on the same woman Kat gave Kerry pointers but said it’s all you I here for support only. The band started and the lady danced in her chair hubby just sat there so Kerry asked her to dance with Her and Kat. Out on the floor they learned her name was Carol çankaya escort and it was her 29th birthday hubby was Frank and they were married 8yrs having a son 6yrs. she worked part time at a law firm in the next town he was away for work a lot. After a few dances Kerry said she needed the rest room and Kat went to the table but Carol went with her. The line to get in was long and Kerry put Carol in front of her moving to the sounds it was easy to rub and feel up on Carol from behind but when Kerry slid her hands over Carol’s ass in women tried to move away being in line with so many others there was nowhere to go. Kerry pulled her back to her grind her front into Carol’s ass and her hands slid up to cup her tits feeling no bra Kerry reached around and grab hold of Carol’s nipples while kissing her neck and whispering how hot Carol made her and the things she wanted to do for Carol. Carol mind in a frenzy she trembled and pushed her ass back at Kerry who slid her hands down the sides to the bottom of Carol’s dress and just as she went under the line moved and Carol went into a stall. Thinking she blew it Kerry went pee too coming out of her stall and washing her hands looking around no Carol but walking out to go back to tell Kat she blew it Carol was waiting for her and they went out the back door. Still shaking all over Carol told she had never felt like this her body was on fire and even though it was a girl that did it she wanted to know more to feel more and begged Kerry to kiss her. Kerry to wanted to kiss Carol hard and deep with all the passion she could put into it but knew that hubby would get the sex in the end so she didn’t. NO NOT HERE I WANT YOU IN MY BED. Kerry told her go home let hubby give you a good birthday fucking then at 2pm come to this address and I will make you glad you did! The two ladies went back balgat escort inside and Kerry told Kat about it all looking over Kat seen they were leaving so her and Kerry left too. Following Carol home Kat told Kerry that in the morning Carol would have 2nd thoughts and this way Kerry knew where she lived so she could try again. The next day Kat was right 2-0-clock came and went no Carol so two days later remembering Carol worked part time Kerry went to her home in the afternoon. knocking on the door in a dress that was cut at cunt level and showing a lot of tit as Carol opened the door Kerry walked in the look on Carol’s face spired Kerry on pulling out her right tit Kerry feed it to Carol mashing it in her face and her against the wall in very little time Kerry had Carol naked tongue down her throat fingers jammed deep in her twat Carol couldn’t resisted even if she wanted to and soon there on the floor Kerry was mashing her juicy cunt against Carol’s pussy fucking her silly. The rest of the afternoon Kerry licked, sucked, fucked Carol till they both were cum out laying in each others arms trying to regain there breath. As it was time for hubby to come home Kerry told Carol tomorrow you will wear this dress pointing to a dress in Carol’s room heels no bra to work tell hubby your car needs fixing make him take you and say your going out with the girls being home late. Call me at this number when you can leave and do not make me come looking for you again. Kerry went home and made plans of her own. Honey remember you said you needed to go to the cabin and fish well take the k**s and go tomorrow I’ll stay and come up on the weekend. Packing for her k**s she though of what Kat had said and how Kat ravished her each time she fucked her. Her pussy got so wet she had to go in the bathroom and finger herself. In the morning Kerry went to elvankent escort the book store and in the back checked out the strap-on supply the sales girl helped her out and Kerry made a metal note to come back and fuck her. Back at her house she was on pins and needles till the call from Carol came. Getting to her law office Kerry went up the stairs to Carol’s desk about four other people were in the room but Kerry spin Carol around and kissed her on the lips READY TO GO HONEY Carol shocked but her enthusiasm took over yes dear I’m ready and the two walked out Kerry had her arm around her her hand resting on Carol’s ass opening the car door for her they both saw those people upstairs watching in the window. Once in her own home Kerry took her obedient sex crazed Carol to her bed both naked in seconds and in a 69 yelling into each others twats as the orgasms started one after another each better then the last Kerry introduced Carol to her 11″ thick as her wrist strap-on. Carol having never felt so much at once passed out from the intensely pleasure. They fucked for hours then came the talk. Kerry picked up Carol’s panties handing them to her sat next to her OK Carol I need you to make a choice put your name address and phone numbers on these and give them to me witch means your giving me full rights to your body to do as I want with when I want and how I want or put them back on I’ll drive you home and never bother you again. Not wasting a second Carol signed them handing them to Kerry. Kerry informed her I liked today at your office I will be picking you up there and they will know you are mine also you will not wear panties when your with me. OK hon what ever you want I never felt so much for another person not even Frank. three months later Kat called Kerry asking how thins were going and Kerry asked Kat to come over that night. Entering Kerry’s home Kat found her sitting in the kitchen legs spread wide as Carol ate her out Later that night the girl from the book store came in with her mom and Tracy the 18yrs captain of the cheer squad at the high school was spread wide tied to Kerry’s bed Looking at Kat Kerry says please try out my newest pussy….

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