Massage exhibition story – The Crescendo For You

Double Penetration

Massage exhibition story – The Crescendo For YouI’d like to start with a sensual massage, me blindfolded, you in the corner watching…(Note: This story is a re-posting of my previous entry with a better title so it’s easier to find.)We are in a large private room with a massage table in the center and a chair off to the side on a slightly raised platform, and a large window with a nature view on another wall. As I undress, and before you put the blindfold on me, I peeked at the items on the table nearby and touched a bowl of warm stones, a bottle of massage oil, a hot wet towel, and a light linen cloth covering what could be a selection of toys. You smiled and pulled me away before I could look under the cloth. You give me a knowing look as you take the blindfold from the table and secure it over my eyes and lead me to the table. I climb up and lay face down then you cover me with the cotton sheet. I can hear your steps recede as I take notice of gentle sounds around me.The room is quiet with a very light spa music somewhere in the background. I lay face down under a simple cotton sheet and wait for the masseuse who enters without my seeing him come in. His voice is rich, soothing, as he introduces himself to me as my “ther-apy leader” for the evening. I normally could see feet through the face holder, but now with the blindfold, my other senses are awakening more than normal – just the mere thought of no visual cues is triggering my body.He starts by gently touching my major muscles through the sheet, connecting with me as he asks me if I have any concerns with him removing the sheet fully. His smooth voice relaxes me and I give my consent to proceed – a token approval but it added to the moment. The room is just a little cool, but not uncomfortable and I know my body heat will rise soon anyway. I think of the window so now I’m feeling on display but not overly exposed. He begins with a light touch all over, slowly touching each limb. I know my skin is smooth and silky as I have prepared for the all over touching today. He then pours a bit of warm oil on my shoulders and I sigh deeply. The heat penetrates into my muscles as he starts rubbing his fingers firmly on my shoulder blades and along my spine.He takes his time slowly gliding his hands across my upper back to get me nice and relaxed. He comments to you that I have a little extra tension deep in my shoulders, and you tell him how much I appreciate regular massages to keep this tension from settling in too deep. This reminds me that you are there and I have a tingle move through me knowing you are watching me as I lie naked in front of another man and that you are watching his hands move across and into my oiled muscle groups. As my body warms with this idea, a sensation becomes clear to me. I can feel skin when he passes my hands or feet, but it is more than just his hands or arms and I realize as he moves around me and reaches across me that his body is naked as well.He obviously knows what he is doing and his sensual movements are like waves at a lakeside as they build up and recede gently with pressure and proximity to my sensitive areas. I love his fingers gliding up my legs and grasping my glutes. Soft moans come out with my breaths and I remember how much you like my sounds when I am in the zone.In the middle of a gentle thought about what you might be seeing, I realize there are more than two hands on me. I smile knowing you are grasping me too, with a pair of firm hands sliding up one leg as another pair of hands knead the other leg. I come out of my zone just a bit to try bilecik escort and figure out which pair of hands is yours. I hear you chuckle, guessing what I am trying to figure out, and I feel a surge of excitement as I suddenly understand you are still in your chair in the corner and the second pair of hands are not yours!The four hands work slowly over my body but the sensual aspect is so strong I am making light moan noises without thinking. I am not thinking. I am sinking into the cascading waves of sensual pleasure in this experience. Wordless conversation is shared by those around me and I am at a loss to who is where – except an awareness that you are still watching. There is some sort of pulsing pattern used by the two massage ther-apists with a bit of a push-pull-squeeze alternating rhythm which leads me to think they are very used to working together. I hear a gentle noise every once in a while from your chair and I wonder if you are stroking yourself, or even if you are directing them, and I love that you are watching this unfold.Every part of my body is worked with ultimate sensual flexing and kneading. I try to remain still and relaxed, but I cannot help as my body responds. My ass is raised slightly, and my legs are parted more than when I first laid down but I do not know when this happened. My skin is electrified even as their hands work the oil in all over. As fingers work closer and closer, sometimes passing over my clit, or my lower lips, or even my anus, my desire grows for more and more. On one stroke through the area, and a familiar slick sensation follows his fingers, I am predictably wet and juicy.I hear you chuckle again knowingly, and I know that you all are showing each other how wet I am.I feel a very hard cock on my skin as one of them leans in for a long slow pull on my glutes. Two hands pull my lips apart and grasp my rising buttocks. Another hand with long fingers deftly works my lips and clit and teasingly rims the opening to my canal. The pull and push along the side of my mons intensifies. One masseuse is beside me and I can feel his firm thin hands stroking my mons and inner thighs in a mesmerizing pattern. My mons is thrumming with the strokes which continue and slowly cross over to my inner lips. No more oil is needed as my own juices are plenty. With each stroke I am losing my sense of the room and going further and further into a different state of consciousness. The pace quickens and my clit is worked better than some of my own hitachi sessions.I am brought close to my edge and I don’t let go just yet. I know from experience this can go longer and be much better. Then two strong fingers slide in, and I moan as my butt rises into the air making my crotch more accessible. With the change in pattern I am brought down from the edge and I am grateful. The plunging fingers work my inner muscles with a dexterity that has me quivering. I am hungry for so much more. My masseuse knows where the hunger spots are and works them pulling and kneading until I have one of my low, slow orgasms. The kind that makes me purr and I am very pleased. I love this kind of orgasm early because it comes with lots of moisture, a heat all over, and I still have plenty left for more.After a bit of that, they slow to a stop and the lead ther-apist commands me to turn over. The face rest is now a head rest with a slightly reclined angle. They start again massaging my legs, working my stomach, and one of them works around and between my breasts. Their tandem routine has a wonderful pattern of one escort bilecik using stronger pressure and the other a soft gentle massage, then switching without saying anything. The massage oil is adding to the sensation as the muscles beneath the sides of my size D breasts are kneaded with amazing skill. A cool sensation passes over my large round nipples, which causes them to tighten and rise up.One of them begins to use a finger and thumb on my nipple just as the other one starts to massage my erect clit. The electric pulse between these two nerve centers causes me to gasp in pleasure. The two of them work at these centers for a while until my next orgasm comes which they prolong through continued finger work. This is a similar orgasm to the first – another low and slow one with a bit more. I moan and gasp as this one is managed by deft fingers to be a series of waves much like the hilly part of a roller coaster that goes up and down – just perfect. This is good too, it means we are still going to continue.After a good several minutes of pulsing pleasure, I feel a solid object lightly touching my stomach and tracing my skin down my pelvis and inner thigh. My mind is not fully connected so once again it takes a minute for me to recognize the new sensation. They are using the warm stones to penetrate heat into my muscles. Rubbing the warm stones along my stomach and leg muscles which are just now loosening up. The stroking hands do not leave my body, and I am relaxing again for a little bit.Then the thinner set of fingers part my lower lips and starts stroking my clit. This movement is like a little hand job on my clit as if it was a miniature penis. My legs open more for this and my clit is rock hard, pulsing with each stroke. I whimper with the need that is building in me. The stroking motion is firm and perfect, and I buck a little as my hunger grows.The rich-voiced guy speaks out loud saying “make a selection” and I hear sounds from your direction. I become present again enough to know that you are moving to the small table and then your voice is in my ear saying “I know she will like this” and you move back to your chair. I feel a surge of wetness knowing that you are watching me cum with someone else.My legs are gently pushed apart a little more and I feel another surge of wetness as anticipation builds. I feel a smooth sensation on my clit just a little and I quiver feeling it harden. I am teased a little with gentle passes and my curiosity builds wondering what is coming. I moan, enjoying the feeling in my legs and abdomen. Then the toy begins to vibrate as it crosses my now hard clit. I cannot stop the throaty sigh that escapes. Vibrators on my clit are a weakness of mine. I arch my neck and torso in response. The larger masseuse is at my head and pushes down on my shoulders with his wonderfully large and strong hands.He starts massaging my chest muscles while the other ther-apist continues to use the vibrator on my clit and lips. I am stunned when suddenly one of my nipples is sucked into a mouth and that breast is gathered into his two large hands. My breast aches for more, but the vibrator pulls my attention at the same time. I love the competing sensations and my mental center spins with the effect. Having my head slightly tilted is a little dizzying and I moan audibly again.The juices I am producing are making delicious sounds under the vibrator and I rock my pelvis up, asking for more. I am rewarded with a finger sliding in and connecting with the sensitive nerves just inside of me. Thrust bilecik escort bayan after thrust and my moans become higher pitched. “She wants more” I hear you say. I wonder if anyone can see in the window and what they would think.The one finger becomes two. As they rhythmically pound me, my clit is still getting the intensity of the vibrator, and my nipples are being tortured. I moan out an extended “more” and I get three long fingers, then four. The pounding action is rocking my whole torso. My g-spot is singing with each firm pass. My throat is raspy from the moaning.The head ther-apist pulls up from my breast, not letting go with his lips until my nipple pops out and I see it in my mind standing up like it’s own little tower. I am sure he is going to go for the next one, but the clit work is intense and I buck with an involuntary pelvic response to the glorious nerve center bombardment. I am gasping and grunting with each electric wave. I love this.I hear a noise and my mind slowly understands that you said something from your corner. As I manage to replay the sound in my head and figure out that you said “now,” my head is pulled back and my mouth is suddenly invaded with a hard cock.My ability to think is gone as my tongue is introduced to a delicious tasting shaft. As I roll the taste in my mouth, I moan my approval and open up for more. My mouth is filled and he rocks back and forth slowly allowing me to open further. His hands are pulling and kneading my breasts. My arms come up and while one hand grasps his cock, the other hand wraps around his hips and pulls him in for more. The vibrator is increasing and decreasing in pressure with each stroke from the lower ther-apist’s hand. Then as I am lost in all of this and cannot take any more, his hand balls up and starts twisting with each stroke.I am gone – this pulls me over and I scream onto the cock in my mouth. This orgasm rocks me and the two of them still their movements. You say “she’s not even close to done. Keep going”.You come closer now putting your hands on my chest, and the onslaught resumes. I am brought higher and higher with the pounding and vibrating and stroking. I am still moaning and screaming as I ride this. My mind screams affirmations and my guttural approval slips out past the cock in my mouth. You encourage them to keep going again and my body tightens even further. I cannot move as the more I tighten, the more intense it gets causing me to tighten even more. My fingers clench and my nails start to dig a little into skin. Your hand is strong and firm, holding my leg and keeping me from closing up.I scream as best I can with my still full mouth. I am reaching a crescendo. I hold on as long as I can.In my pussy, the hand strokes cannot continue as my clenching muscles involuntarily lock them in place. The cock stills in my mouth as my screams turn to even deeper guttural grunts and my throat tightens. He pulls out as I arch even more and comes onto my chest – swallowing at this point is impossible anyway as I don’t have control over my body. The vibrator continues on my clit with a little extra pressure, which I later realized was from you, and I am pushed over the glorious edge – finally.I relinquish myself. My voice is freed and a long, quivering guttural song is released from the inner core of my being. As I fall, the hand inside me is finally unbound from the tight clenching muscles which then push it out with pulsing squirts. The comment “intense” sneaks in through my ears from the masseuse.The post orgasmic shuddering starts and I am caressed by several hands. My orgasm is not fully gone as my body rides it down with multiple aftershocks that seem to last an eternity. You come in close to my ear and whisper – “You, are, marvelous”. I submit to the darkness and pass out. (I encourage you to leave a comment, and to interact with those who leave comments)

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