Master and Slave: Part One


“Strip,” I say to you as we stand in my basement, converted to a space dedicated for sexual play. You do not reply, but simply obey as you begin removing your clothes. You fold and set your top and bottoms on the area I have designated for your clothing. You return to your place, naked from head to toe. I take a moment to look your body over. I circle you, taking you in from every angle. I notice your breasts, large and curvaceous, nipples already perky. As I walk behind you my eyes fall to your ass. It is bubbly, and perfect for spanking. I reach your front again, and this time my eyes drift lower to your nether region. You are perfectly shaved as instructed, your pussy waiting for my attention. almanbahis “Hands above your head,” I command. Again, there is no reply as you obey my command. Your hands above your head cause your breasts to perk up slightly. I approach you, still fully clothed in my black t-shirt, black jeans, and black boots. I take hold of your wrists and tie them together above your head before lowering a thick hook from the ceiling, and hooking your tied wrists. I pull a rope and the hook raises, taking your wrists with it. I tie off the rope once your wrists are at a good height, but not causing total discomfort. “Spread your legs,” I command. Your legs spread, continuing your streak as an obedient almanbahis yeni giriş slave. I walk to the wall and pull down an ankle spreader. I return to where you are standing, and lock your ankles into the spreader, keeping them spread the way they are. “How do you feel slave?” I ask as I walk back to the wall and examine various whips and paddles. “Anxious Master,” you reply, as I choose a whip from the wall and walk up behind you. “That is a good state to be in slave. Nervous, but excited is how you should feel.” I tell you as I take a firm hold of the whip, which has a handle roughly six inches long and a roughly eleven inch bouquet of ribbons. I bring the whip back, and almanbahis giriş then down mildly over both your ass cheeks. I notice you tense, but you do not groan in pain as you are struck with the whip. I repeat the action, doing my best to duplicate the level of force used. Again you tense, but not as much as the first time. I repeat the action an additional three times, each time maintaining the level of force I use to whip your ass. Your tensing decreases with each strike, your ass slowly turning pink. “Very good slave,” I say to you as I walk in front of you, still holding the whip. “Thank you Master,” you say to me, your eyes locking with mine as I look at you. I spin the whip in my hand before quickly, and without warning, whipping you between your legs. You tense, not from pain, but surprise. The strike to your pussy more mild than the ones to your ass. I repeat the action, sending the whip between your legs once again.

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