Max, Humiliation, And The Siring


‘I’m going to put a baby in your girlfriend,’ Max declared as his fingers deftly worked yet another piece of rope into place.Gina groaned exuberantly.I gulped and felt my legs turn to jelly.‘You guys are both so hot, your kids are gonna be beautiful!’ Sara shrieked, handing Max another length of rope as he bent down beside the bed and roughly slapped my girlfriend’s tits.‘Do it Maxi,’ Gina insisted, her eyes sparkling excitedly, ‘Put your seed in me!’‘You’d like that wouldn’t you kitten – having your own little Maxi boy running around.’ He laughed and checked the final knot on a series of rope bindings he’d wrapped around Gina’s thighs.‘Who says it’ll be a boy? Could be a girl,’ Gina pouted playfully.‘Oh, no kitten. It’ll be a boy. Mine always are,’ Max grunted, reaching down and cupping her breasts provocatively, ‘And just imagine these full of fucking milk – I’ll be here every night just for a go on them!’Sara giggled.‘You’re outrageous Max.’‘You both love it,’ He replied and slapped Sara’s bare buttocks.‘Whatever the sex, it will be an honour to carry your baby for you,’ Gina gushed.My stomach churned.What shocked me most was how dotingly receptive my girlfriend was to Max’s commands – first stripping naked and then climbing onto my bed and lying back with her legs spread for him.Sara was the same. She’d stripped off shortly before Max and Gina had arrived back at my flat – so she could answer the door ‘appropriately’. Apparently he insisted all his girls did that for him.‘He has lots of girls?’ I asked.‘Of course,’ Sara explained, ‘You can’t be the jealous type if you want to be with Max. He can have İstanbul Escort any girl he wants, and he does.’We had a drink when they arrived. I’d had several beforehand, for dutch courage. Everything was a blur of nerves. Gina had returned home in a different dress to the one she’d gone out in, and even that nearly passed me by. Max had bought it for her, apparently.‘Should’ve seen it,’ he regaled passionately as Sara poured him some wine, ‘She just stood up and took the other dress off in front of the whole fucking pub! They were loving it, the lot of them, cheering her on as she stood there in her bra and knickers. Then she took her bra off, tossed it to the barman, and put on the dress I’d bought her without it! I didn’t buy another drink all night!’The dress he’d given my girlfriend was an extremely short, little black number with a fishnet effect across the bust. It would have left little to the imagination even if Gina had chosen not to provide the barman with her bra as a memento, but without one on it allowed considerable appraisal of her ample charms to whomever might wish to look.‘Never been more proud of her!’ Max grinned, and necked his entire glass of wine in one.The small talk proceeded about as normally as might be expected with that as the opening barometer. I was briefly acknowledged and introduced as I stood nervously beside the breakfast bar nursing my wine glass.‘Nice flat.’‘Thank you. It’s a genuine pleasure to meet you,’ I offered with all the subservience of a school boy meeting a new headmaster for the first time.‘Likewise, particularly as Gina said İstanbul Escort Bayan we can rely on you to be a good lad about things. The poor girl’s desperate for a proper fuck and I haven’t laid her in weeks. We’ll use your bed. Get your clothes off and show us to it, eh lad?’I led them down the hallway, stark naked, and a million miles out of my comfort zone – which, oddly, felt very exciting.‘So this is where all the action doesn’t happen!’ Max declared, thumping my bed with his fist.The girls laughed. Gina kissed Max on the cheek and whispered in his ear playfully. I couldn’t make out what she’d said to him, but he laughed and called her a dirty slut.‘And get that fucking dress off that you’ve been teasing my mates in all night.’Gina did as he’d instructed and then lay back on my bed with her legs spread.‘They think it’s tops that I’m bringing her back here and fucking her in your bed, d’you know that lad?’‘Who do?’ I asked tentatively.‘My mates. Like rub his fucking nose in it why don’t you, that’s what they all said. We had a right fucking laugh about it.’‘Awwh, he understands. He’s my good boy,’ Gina purred, flashing me the first glance of reassurance I’d had since she got back, ‘Isn’t that right sweetie?’‘I try.’ I nodded, my head spinning.I’d expected that to be that, so to speak – with Max disrobing out of his pristine suit before taking Sara and my girl for a tumble in my bed.But no.Sara had arrived earlier, under the premise of having ‘our little chat’. She’d brought a green patchwork quilt bag with her, and asked to leave it in my room. I’d thought nothing Escort İstanbul of it at the time.‘It’s me tools,’ Max explained, digging inside it and pulling out various lengths of rope.He then proceeded to tie my girlfriend up, utilising a series of ornate, exquisitely beautiful knots and rope-work that left her firmly trussed to the mattress with her legs spread. He’d stop occasionally and finger her as he sat on the edge of the bed.‘Who’s my good girl?’‘I am Maxi.’‘Who’s not going to cum until I say she can?’‘Me,’ she gasped, gritting her teeth as he mercilessly edged her.‘That’s right,’ he replied, easing his three fingers out of her wet sex, before standing up and pushing them into Sara’s mouth.‘What a Rubenesque beauty you are,’ he grunted, watching her intently as she suckled voraciously.And then just as quickly he turned his attentions back to Gina on my bed. He took her slender wrists, stretched them up over her head and tied them to the steel rungs of my headboard. He finished off with a powerful tie across her bust that had her large, full breasts swelling under the ropes keen restriction.‘Fucking perfection,’ he mumbled to himself, rubbing his designer stubble conscientiously as he perused his handiwork, ‘Must document.’He pulled his phone from his trouser pocket.‘Smile for me mates, there’s a good girl Kitten.’And she did, luridly greeting the camera’s gaze as she lay completely naked, exposed and tied down. I hadn’t even been allowed a topless shot of her when we went to Spain on holiday.‘What do you think?’ Max asked, turning around and taking a couple of shots of me, despite my pleas for him to refrain.‘To the baby idea?’ I asked tentatively, flinching with each click of the phone’s camera. It still felt a bit odd to be standing naked in the bedroom corner with Gina’s panties on my head, but he’d insisted, and the girls had got a laugh out of it – now it appeared his mates would too.

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