Megan and Jerome


Megan and Jerome”OOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMYYYYYGGGGOOOOSSSSHHHHH!!!” she screamed out. “Don’t stop please, keep fucking that tight pussy harder!” I sped up inside her wet dripping goldmine. I loved fucking her from behind. “You like that fat black dick in your pussy?” I yelled as I smacked her ass. “Yes!! Yes! I love it! Please f*ck this tight asian pussy!” I loved the sound of that. It made me want to ram her into the wall. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “Ughhhh, so good!” she yelled. I twisted her long slick black hair and drilled her wet pussy deeper. I could feel her walls tighten on my rock hard dick. She started screaming loudly. “I’m cumming!!” As if on command her wet pussy juices began to flood down my dick.”OOOOO!!! Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” I pushed her off me and laid her on her back. Her small tender frame was as beautiful as ever. She was 5’3, shorter than my 6’4. Megan was a beautiful, thick and I loved her gorgeous smile. Her long straight onyx hair laid behind her angelic face on the mattress. She looked up at me with her lustful eyes. “You think you can handle some more d*ck?” canlı bahis I asked already knowing the answer. “Yes daddy, I want it” she replied. I laid on my side and put her leg above her head. I pulled her closer to me and laid my fat hard head on her throbbing clit. I slowly started to massage her thick clit. It didn’t take long before she started moaning. “Please, please daddy don’t tease me.” she purred softly. “What? I can’t hear you.” I said playfully. I started to speed up until she couldn’t handle it anymore. “Jerome! If you don’t slam that d*ck inside me I’ll do it myself!” she yelled. I started to laugh, “Haha! You’re all talk!” I began to speed up faster this time grabbing her fat tits. She moved her free hand and jammed my dick deep inside her. “Whoa! Haha! I wasn’t expecting that Meg!” “Well I warned you!” she yelled with excitement. “So you think your in charge huh?” I replied moving my hand from her tits to her neck. “No daddy, I KNOW I’m in charge!” “Oh really?!” I began to tighten my grip on her small neck. I started to drill her sweet pussy harder. “Ughhh, it feels real good daddy!” I leaned bahis siteleri closer to her ear. “I want you to spank your clit for me Meg.” “But I want you to do it daddy.” she cooed. I nibbled on her ear and explained, “Meg, do it for daddy.” As an incentive I started to thrust harder. “Unnnn, Unnnnn okay, okay” she moaned. She began to slap her plump clit with my every stroke. “O MY GOSHHH DADDY IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD!” she exclaimed.I moved my hand form her neck and started squeezing her swollen nipples. I started sucking and nibbling on her neck. “Mmmmm feels so good!” I started fucking her soaking pussy harder. Faster and faster I couldn’t get enough of her tight pussy. She started moaning loudly, filling the quiet room. I picked her small frame up and slammed her against the wall. I opened her legs as wide as I could and slid her down on my dick. She let out a loud “O” and threw her hands behind my back. I grabbed her neck and started hammering her fat pussy harder. I kept driving inside her slamming her faster and faster. She wrapped her legs around my hips so I could get in deeper. I began squeezing bahis firmaları her neck tighter as she started to dig her nails in my back. “I’M ABOUT TO CUM JEROME! KEEP FUCKING ME FASTER!” I sped up my pace and slammed her wet pussy harder “I’M CUMMING BIG DADDY!!” she yelled. I could feel her floodgates open as cum started dripping down my legs. I moved her to the bed and laid her on her back. “That was so good Jerome! I loved every moment you were inside me!” “I’m not done with you yet babe” I explained. “What do you have in mind?” she asked curiously. Without a word I got on my knees. I opened her legs and started to slurp her sweet, moist lips. I could hear her moan my name and tense up. I grabbed her hips and held her down. “It feels so good!!” “Stop moving babe” I said playfully. She complied but only for a little bit. As soon as I began swirling my tongue on her plump clit she started bucking her hips again. I pushed her legs back over my head and began slurping her fat lips. “OOOO O MY GOSH I’M ABOUT TO CUM!!” I loved the sound of that. Her wet juices started gushing out of her. I slurped her sweet pussy juices up until she was dry. “That was an awesome awesome ending baby!” she said excitedly. I got up beside her and held her tight. “I love you Jerome”. “I love you too baby” I said as I drifted off to sleep.

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