I guess it was an ordinary enough intersection incident, I pulled to a halt in my small car and checked that the road ahead was clear then started forward, only to see from the corner of my eye a car suddenly appear around the nearby bend going extremely fast, so I pulled to a halt again. Unfortunately the car behind me didn’t react as quickly and crunched into the rear end of my car. Damage was only minor on both vehicles, so it didn’t take long for us to exchange names and numbers etc. and continue on our journeys, both, no doubt, still cursing the car that had suddenly appeared to create the unfortunate accident. But the incident was emotionally upsetting, and as soon as I arrived home I rang my dad to tell him what had happened, and promptly burst into tears.

Well dad was so concerned that he immediately announced that he was driving down to be with me, and although I argued that it wasn’t necessary and that I was really unhurt and ok, he wouldn’t listen and told me to expect him in a couple of hours. When I put the phone down I felt surprisingly cheerful, I had always loved my dad very much and had often missed him since I had left home to find my own way in the big wide world. Twenty six now and quite successful as a writer in the advertising industry, he still had the ability to make me feel like a little girl eager for his attention and his love. I guess that was because he had raised my sister and me on his own after mom had died when I was barely in my teens.

I rushed around the apartment and quickly tidied up and made things presentable, it was just as well that it had two bedrooms as I knew dad would have to stay over, it was just too far to drive down and home again this late, so I also made up the spare bed.

It seemed like no time at all before the bell rang and I opened the door and he was standing there smiling at me, small bag in hand. God he looked so handsome still with his curly silvery hair and unusually healthy tan, and when he smiled, well it was like the sun suddenly shining into my life, and with a cry I flung my arms around his neck and hugged him. He chuckled as he dropped the bag and wrapped his arms around me and hugged me close, “Well, nothing wrong with your strength, Melissa, but I do need to breathe occasionally!” he said.

“Oh dad, you didn’t have to come, I’m alright, really I am” I stammered, my face feeling suddenly flushed after the embrace.

“Maybe so” he said, then grinned, “but sometimes reaction sets in later and I thought it best if I was on hand, anyway, it was just the excuse I needed to get off my backside and come down and see you. How long has it been?”

I thought a moment, “Wow, well over a year” I said, with surprise, “But it only seems like yesterday” then I realized we were still standing in the open doorway, and with a laugh I ushered him in. “I’ve made something to eat, I’m sure you’ll be hungry after that drive” I added.

“Well, I can’t deny I’m a little hungry, so why don’t you tell me all about your little kiss with that strange man on your way home while we eat” he said , with a grin.

“Oh you” I said, lightly hitting him on the shoulder, “You know I wouldn’t kiss anyone but you” and I reached up and brushed my lips lightly over his, bringing a smile and a decided flush to his bronzed face. So we moved to the kitchen area and I told him all that had happened, finding myself becoming surprisingly emotional as I retold it, and I realized he might be right about a belated reaction setting in. He was happy that there wasn’t much damage to the car, and insisted that he’d cover anything that the insurance company wouldn’t, and even though I argued with him and reminded him that I was grown up now and well able to look after myself, he was quite adamant, and eventually I had to let him have his way.

He grinned when I sighed and gave in, “After all Melissa, it’s about the only way I have left to show you how much I care!”, and that comment really choked me up, it was so typical of him, that caring loving way that he’d shown us all through our lives, one of the reasons why I’d fallen in love with him at a very early age. That might seem a strange thing to say, but it was quite true, I really had fallen in love with him when I was about 14 and it had grown and grown ever since. There were times when it filled me so much I wanted to grab him and ravish him!

I flushed at that thought, remembering all the times I’d lain in bed and fantasized about just such a scenario, stroking myself and making myself cum just thinking about him and me together. Of course it never happened, it was all part of a teenage girl’s vivid imagination, and overexcited hormones! But I flushed as I stared at him across the table and realized those same hormones were playing tricks on me again.

I must have been looking a bit strangely at him, because he shifted uncomfortably and asked what the matter bursa eskort bayan was. I shook myself out of my reverie and assured him I was ok and would he like to go and watch some TV while I washed up. “Oh no” he said, rising to his feet and picking up the plates and taking them to the sink, “We’ll do them together like we always used to, you wash and I dry”, and I almost glowed as I moved alongside him, and started to fill the sink. Yes, just like old times, me and dad standing shoulder to shoulder and feeling so warm and comfortable with each other, laughing and joking and being silly and occasionally splashing each other with water, I was almost sorry when it was over and we moved into the lounge room. I put on the TV and got us both a drink and we sat alongside each other on the couch and watched some of the news broadcasts – so depressing, so full of madness and mayhem – and then some light comedies. By 9.30 I was almost falling asleep, curled up on the couch with my feet beneath me, lounging against dad’s broad shoulders, enjoying his closeness and feeling totally comfortable. He tapped me lightly on the shoulder, and I jerked awake, “Think it’s time you went off to bed young lady, you’ve had a traumatic day and sleep will do you good” he whispered.

I straightened up and knuckled the sleep out of my eyes, “Mmmm you’re right dad, I do feel tired, you’ll be ok if I go in?”

“Of course sweetheart” he said, and brushed his lips over my forehead, “I’ll just watch a little more TV and perhaps have another drink and I’ll follow you in”

A sudden shudder swept through me at his words, although I knew he didn’t mean them literally, so I pecked him quickly on the cheek and rose from the couch and wandered over to the corridor leading to the bedroom, feeling his eyes on me. I straightened up and tried to put an extra wiggle into my walk, and almost thought I heard a sharp intake of breath, and was it my imagination , or could I really feel his eyes burning into my swaying ass? I chuckled to myself as I walked to my bedroom, stripped off my clothes and fell into bed. I did think of putting on a nightdress, but I really couldn’t be bothered, so I slipped naked between my satin sheets, shivering slightly at the sudden cold, but quickly warming up. My last thought was of my handsome, bronzed daddy sitting in the lounge room, protecting me from all the monsters of the night, then I was asleep.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, or what time it was when I awoke, but I did so suddenly, hearing the echo of a cry and not realizing it was my own, but I was shaking from head to toe. I had the momentary vivid recall that I’d been dreaming of the accident, hearing again that sickening crunch as the car hit me, feeling the sudden jerk forward, then back. Although we had both been going slow, and the impact wasn’t very hard, there was still that horrible crunching noise, and that’s what I was hearing now as I sat up in bed, shaking like a leaf.

The door of my bedroom pushed open, allowing some light from the corridor to spill inside, and before I even realized it, dad was there beside me, his arms around me, rocking me back and forth, “It’s ok, baby, daddy’s here now, no need to be afraid” he whispered.

“Oh daddy” I cried, ” I could hear it again, it was horrible, that crunching grinding noise, and the jerk forward and back, oh daddy”, and I burst into tears, deep sobs wracking my body, and he held me and rocked me and talked soothingly to me, and it was like there was no one else and nothing else in the whole world, just his beautiful warm arms around me, holding me close, stroking his hands up and down my back, my naked back.

It was that realization that jerked me out of it, the realization that his warm hands were stroking up and down my naked back, that my naked breasts were pressing into his chest, and that his chest was naked too. I swallowed another sob and shifted slightly, and felt my nipple brush across the hair on his chest, and shuddered. He must have thought I was shuddering because of the nightmare, because he held me even closer, then tipped my head up and brushed his lips across my forehead, down over my cheeks and across my lips, “It’s ok baby, daddy’s here, daddy loves you, daddy will look after you” he said, and I groaned into his throat as I buried my face there once again. Then a shiver ran through me, and he pulled away slightly, thinking I was starting to feel cold, “Best get under the covers Melissa, keep yourself warm” he said, then I heard the sharp intake of breath as his movement had caused the light from the corridor to fall on me, and for the first time he became consciously aware that I was naked, The light was clearly displaying my firm, high breasts, with their hard swollen nipples, and for a long moment I made no attempt to move, no attempt to get under the sheets, I was watching his eyes drinking in bursa otele gelen eskort bayan my breasts, and feeling suddenly very, very conscious of myself, and my nakedness, and loving every moment of it.

Then I lay down and lifted the covers up over me, concealing my nakedness, but at the same time reached out and took hold of his arm, “Oh daddy don’t leave me, stay with me, please”

He gulped slightly, and I could see the flush on his face, even in the dim light, “Ok, baby” he whispered hoarsely, “If that’s what you want, I’ll stay as long as you like”

My heart leaped at that statement, and I squirmed deeper into my bed, “But I don’t want you to get cold daddy, here, put the covers over you too, then you can hold me properly”, and I lifted the sheet up and half wrapped it over his body, causing him to topple slightly until he was half lying down, then I slid my arms around his neck and held on for dear life.

His initial reaction was to squirm silently in my arms to release himself, but all that did, was push our bodies together and it was my turn to gasp as I suddenly realized that he was every bit as naked as I was. He knew immediately what I’d become aware of, and a deep groan came from him, “I’m sorry, Melissa” he stammered, “I heard you scream and I didn’t think, I just rushed in and forgot that I hadn’t bothered with pajamas, I’ll leave, I’ll…”

I didn’t let him finish, I wrapped my arms more firmly around him and held him close, “Oh no you don’t, I need you right here, right now” I said, ” anyway”, I giggled, “I’m naked too”

He groaned again, even louder, “I know that, god I know that only too well” he blurted out, and I grinned, deciding to tease him a little.

“Oh, and don’t you like holding your naked daughter? Aren’t I pretty enough for you? Don’t you like the feel of my breasts pressing into you?” I whispered, squirming against him.

“Melissa!” he croaked

“Well, I like holding my naked daddy, I think he’s beautiful, and I like the feel of his big cock thrusting against me” I whispered again , a little surprised at my own daring.

“MELISSA!!” this time his voice reflected genuine shock.

“Well” I said with a slight whimper, “You can’t deny it’s thrusting into me, can you?”

He groaned again, and I felt a shudder run through him, “No, and I’m sorry” he stammered, “I guess I’m not as strong as I ought to be, your beautiful body has been driving me wild all night, can you ever forgive me?”

“Oh daddy, you do like me, you do think I’m pretty” I almost wailed.

“Pretty?” he stammered again, “My god, you’re not just pretty, you’re absolutely beautiful”

“Oh Daddy” I cried and crushed him to me, my lips searching out his and mashing onto them tight. I felt the initial reaction, the struggle to pull away, but I held on tight, and slowly but surely he began to melt, and his lips started to respond to mine, and his hand moved around to my back and he started to stroke me again, and we were finally kissing, like two turned on, horny adults normally kiss, hotly and passionately!

And I felt his hands slide from my back onto the swell of my ass cheeks and begin to cup and caress them, and I writhed in his arms, causing his already swollen cock to swell even more and slip between my legs to brush over my throbbing pussy, and I groaned with delight, dropping my own hands from his neck to stroke his back and ass cheeks too. Oh god, a million dreams and fantasies came flooding back, and I writhed harder against him, at last my daddy was in my arms, naked, loving me.

Then he pulled his lips from mine and looked deep into my eyes in the faint light from the corridor, and I knew this was the moment of truth, the moment that would decide everything. I could almost see the struggle going on inside his head, and I held my breath, hoping. Then a shiver seemed to run from one end of his body to the other, like a rippling wave, and with a soft sigh, he bent his head and ran his lips over my upthrusting breasts, and that same rippling shiver ran through my body too, bringing it to a new state of readiness. Oh yes, oh god yes. I pulled away slightly, giving his lips room to move over my breasts, and felt the thrill burning through me as his tongue moved slowly around each nipple, making it swell and stiffen even more, then he took each one into his mouth and sucked them softly, and it was as if he was sucking my soul out through my nipples, such a feeling of bliss I’d never experienced before.

And I whispered hotly into his ear, “Oh yes, daddy, please, make love to me, I’ve wanted it for so long”

He lifted his head and gazed into my eyes again, “Oh yes” he whispered, “I’ve wanted that for so long too” he said softly.

“But you never said, you never did, why?’ I asked.

He smiled, looking like a little boy caught bursa eve gelen escort with his finger in the cookie jar, “I guess it didn’t seem right” he said.

“Because you’re my father?” I asked, and he nodded, “And now?” I asked.

He shuddered again, “Now, you’re the most beautiful, most exciting, most sexy woman I’ve ever met, and I want you like I’ve never wanted anyone else, and I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to” he said, and I grinned up at him.

“Mmmm , I like the idea that you can’t stop” I said, and reached between us and started to stroke his cock, “Because I want this in me, I want it filling me up, I want it forever!”

It was as if my words and my actions unlocked the last vestige of restraint, the last echo of reluctance and inhibition, and he was loving me, slowly and gently but with mounting passion, his hands, lips and tongue seeking out every part of my body, lifting me to levels of arousal that I’d only ever dreamed of before. His lips turned my breasts into mountains of fire, then spread that fire down my body to my eager pussy where it erupted into molten lava, time and time again. His tongue teased and caressed my swollen clit until I thought it too was going to explode, and I moaned and cried out my bliss into the silent night, “Oh yes, daddy, that’s so good, don’t stop, touch me more, take me higher, make me yours”

Then I felt the head of his beautiful cock brush against my pussy lips and my whole body shuddered in anticipation. And then it slowly, ever so slowly, filled me up and filled me up and kept on filling me up, until I felt it was consuming my whole body. I vibrated to the throb of his massive cock as he held it deep inside me unmoving, and it was as if we both held our breath, conscious only of the deep throb pulsating through our bodies, and then he pulled it back until only the tip was still inside, and I moaned, low and long and arched upward, seeking more of his beautiful rod. Then suddenly he rammed home, shafting his red hot cock to the hilt in my steaming pussy, searing the tight walls, exploding the breath from my body, “Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes” I cried and bucked and heaved against him.

His cock thrust and thrust again, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, harder and harder, and my body responded, shaking and shuddering wildly, gripping and stroking his raging cock, driving him to even greater wildness, “Oh god, Melissa” he cried, “So tight, so hot, I’ve waited so long, I want you, I want you, I want you”

And he pounded into me, and I experienced bliss as waves and waves of pleasure raced through my body, and I only distantly felt the urgent touch of his lips and tongue on my super sensitive breasts and nipples. It was if I’d been transported to another world, a world where all that existed was my daddy’s beautiful cock plunging it’s burning fire into my soul, and my body seemed to split into a million pieces as another explosion rocked it.

“Oh god Melissa, I can’t hold back” he cried, “I’m cumming, daddy’s cumming”

“Yes, yes” I screamed, “Cum in me daddy, fill me with your seed, fill me with your hot juices, cum in me now”

“Aaaaaarg, cuuuuuuuummmmmmiiiinnngg” he screamed as he rammed his big cock into me deeper than ever before, and I felt it swell and explode into a fountain of boiling hot liquid, pouring into my overheated pussy like a river of volcanic lava, searing my pussy walls, filling me to overflowing. And my own body arched and froze, then dissolved into a shuddering, juddering explosion of it’s own, cascading my own red hot lava over his thrusting cock, and we both wailed and clawed at each other and screamed. Oh wow, I’d never experienced anything like it, and it seemed as if he was feeling the same way as he poured out his years of yearning into my shuddering body, and cried out time and time again, “Yes, oh god yes, cccan’t stop, so, so, oh GOD!!”

Then his thrusts began to diminish, and for a moment I thought I felt tears on my shoulders as he whispered my name, over and over again, “Melissa, oh, my darling Melissa”

And I held him close, whispering back, “Daddy, oh darling daddy”, and I held him, and held him, and kept his softening cock deep inside me as we rocked back and forth, enjoying the last echoes of our passion as it vibrated through our bodies. My dream was no longer a dream, it had finally happened, and it was so much more than I had ever anticipated, so right, so perfect in every way, and I tilted his face back and brushed my lips over it and gazed into his eyes, and knew that this wasn’t the end, that our loving wouldn’t stop here. We’d broken the barriers of our fears and would never go back, and I thrilled to that thought as I felt his beautiful cock start to harden inside me again, and I smiled at him, and he returned my smile, “I can’t wait to taste you” I whispered, “To feel your cock explode in my mouth, the way it just did in my pussy”, and a shudder ran through him, and his cock lurched into life, and we both grinned even wider.

“Melissa”, he whispered.

“Daddy”, I replied.

And we loved again, and again, and again, until dawn’s pale light crept into the room and caressed our entwined bodies. Mmmmmm such a night, such a beautiful, special night.

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