Memoirs of a Rancher Ch. 03


The following story may or may not be fictitious. In either event the names have been changed to protect both the guilty and the innocent. All human characters in this story are over 18 years of age. The animals are somewhat younger but that’s not really important since this is not a story about bestiality. This story is intended for your reading enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy reading about consensual sex between adults, this is not for you, go read something else. I am not an English major. Southern English is my first language and the language spoken by our characters. It’s not always correct, but hopefully it gets the important points across. I hope you enjoy it. This is the third story in the Farmers Memoirs series. The first two while not required to understand this story do contribute to the character development.

The picnic

Growing up we always had horses. Sue, Dad’s second wife loved them and when my she passed away, we had to sell them to feed the cattle.

When I married Sara, and she wanted to get some horses I figured it’s time to get a couple. For our first anniversary, I bought a pair of horses from the same breading season a 4 year old Gelding named Jack and his “cousin” Diane. Before you say anything, we didn’t name them, but I have a suspicion that was part of the reason she wanted that pair. Apparently, Diane was born about a week before Jack, and as they grew up, they were basically inseparable. Sara got the pair for just under 20K. They are well trained, gentle but with a fun streak when they are out in the pasture together. Both are beautiful well-defined horses. Jack is dapple gray, and Diane is chestnut with a white star. Once we got the horses, everyone else wanted horses too and bought horses either for Christmas or for a birthday or anniversary present for each other. We had to build a new stable to hold them all.

Well one sunny day in late fall Sara decided she wanted to go out and look at the leaves that had changed from the top pasture. From the top pasture you get a good view of most of our property, and it has been a rainy fall, so the leaves have hung on long enough to actually change color and look nice. We decided to make a day of it and have a picnic and enjoy the scenery.

The way our property is laid out, we basically own two thirds of a hill and the valley below it. We don’t have any real mountains in central Tennessee except maybe Mont Eagle. We have tall hills. Anyway, our houses are about a quarter of the way up from the valley on the west side of the hill. In the lower valley we have about ten acres divided off for our two bulls, “el magnifico” and “Lumberjack” and another 10 for the horses on the other side of our houses. On the other side of the horse stables but down toward the valley is the resort. It’s near the house, but far enough away that we don’t get many visitors from there. In the main house you can sit in the front room, look out the window and watch the weather blowing in. It really makes you appreciate mother nature when you see a thunderstorm rolling in directly from the west.

Anyway, the cattle were still in the top pasture but they would be in the lower area where we dropped hay so we headed to a nice vantage point up near the top of the hill where we could see just about all of the property. We took our time and got to the top around 12:30 and headed yalova escort over for the big oak tree toward the tree line at the top of the hill. This time of year, you never know what the weather is going to do but it had rained yesterday, and the weather called for clear weather the rest of the week. So, we got down gave each horse an apple, threw out a blanket, and started unpacking lunch.

We’ve done this several times before. Jack and Diane tend to stick around fairly close if they think you have apples or sugar for them, so we didn’t think anything of letting the roam around the pasture some. If they do start to wander off all we have to do is call them and show them an apple and they will trot right back up to get it. The leaves were beautiful there was a green pine background punctuated by bright reds, yellows, and oranges. We were walking around talking. Jack and Diane were following right behind us just like chaperones. We, headed back over to the blanket, laid down, and poured another glass of wine.

The sun was warm. There was a light breeze, but not too cold at all. So, Sara and I talked for a while, then started playing tag or chase around the tree just like teenagers and, well, the ground was still wet from yesterday’s rain, and I slipped and fell and got my pants and shirt covered in Mud. Sara came over to help me up and she ended up laying in the mud next to me. She says I pulled her in, but honest to God that mud and the wind actually made me cold, so I just wanted to get up and out of the mud.

Now we were both cold and wet, but the sun was out, and the blanket was warm where the sun had been shining it, so we pulled off our wet clothes and laid down on the warm blanket. After about 5 or 10 minutes,

Sara asked, “Are you just going to let that thing keep pushing me in the back there till it makes its own hole, or do you want to get one of the ones God gave me to have some fun.”

Without saying anything, I re-adjusted myself and started to tickle her pussy with a long piece of field grass I had been playing with. Sara just laid there on her back looking into my eyes as I continued to tickle her pussy. She had such beautiful eyes. Hell, everything about her was beautiful. I leaned back over and kissed her lips pulling her close to me as I started massaging her pussy feeling it swell more and more as I petted it. Then I found her clit with my fingers and started rubbing it slowly while we continued to kiss.

We didn’t push anything, we just let things go in their own time. We didn’t have any reason to hurry so we didn’t. I brought her to the edge of orgasm three times before she told me to come inside where it’s warm, so I did. Sure enough, it was much warmer inside her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me into here as deep as she could. We rolled over letting her get up top and take me in as deep as she wanted to and as hard as she wanted to. Then she laid back down on top of me kissing me deeply and passionately. I was about to cum, normally she was getting off of me by now so she could either eat my cum or have me blow all over her. She didn’t so I tapped her shoulder to let her know.

She said, “not today, I want you inside me. I want to feel that warm cum flood inside of me.” and she held on tighter.

Then I exploded, I could feel the cum filling her pussy and flowing yalova escort bayan out onto my balls and onto my legs. She kissed me again and rolled off into my arms and we fell asleep.

It was probably 4:00 when we woke up. The sun was low in the sky and the temperature was starting to drop. I started to stand up and get dressed.

“Where did you put our clothes?” I asked.

“On the horses saddles to dry in the sun. “Sara answered.

I looked around “Where are the horses?” I asked.

Sara grinned, thinking I was joking. Not seeing a smile on my face, she looked around.

“Oh Shit! Where are the horses?” She yelled.

At this point I was sitting on the blanket in a wet spot of our own making and laughing.

Evidently the horses had decided it was about dinner time and without anyone or anything holding them back, they headed back home with our clothes on their back.

“Where are the horses?” Sara asked again.

“If I had to guess, they are either on the way back to the stable or already there trying to get someone to feed them.” I said.

“Well Call somebody! “Exclaimed Sara

“With the cell phone in my shirt pocket.” I replied with a laugh.

“Oh shit, shit, shit!” she said.

I pulled her naked body over to me and turned her facing me.

“It’s ok,” I said, “I heard you telling Mary that we were going on a picnic. The guys will know where. They’ll come looking for us when we don’t show up for dinner.”

“Dinner!” she yelled, “That’s what two hours away!”

“Or they will see Jack and Diane with their saddles and hopefully our clothes on them waiting for food and they will come find us.” I said.

It was quiet for a minute as Sara composed herself and realized that worse case, we could just walk home. It was only a couple of miles in the freezing cold.

“I’m cold.” Sara said.

I reached down and picked up the blanket and wrapped it around us.

“oooh, you gave me the wet spot.” Sara squealed.

I laughed, “don’t say I never gave you anything.” I said.

Then I turned the blanket around, so the wet spot wasn’t on either of us. We sat down leaning against the tree next to the picnic box and moved Sara so she could sit crossways on my lap.

After about five minutes of sitting there holding the blanket up around both of us with her head leaning on my shoulder,

She looked up and said, “It’s been a great day. I love you.” and started to kiss me.

She must have been able to feel my dick starting to get hard again.

She looked at me and started laughing, “Really, now, not on your life.”

“I don’t control it; it thinks for itself.” I laughed.

“Well maybe I should teach it a lesson.”, she said.

Then she was gone down below the blanket taking most of the top half of it with her. I started to complain, but then I found out how she was going to teach my dick a lesson.

I could feel her hair falling on my dick then I felt her licking it like a popsicle. Then I felt her lips surrounding it.

Then I felt her start getting up, and heard her say, “Now you behave or I’m gonna have to have a talk with you again.”

Then Sara Stood up to re-adjust the blanket and saw that I no longer had any of the blanket and was sitting there shivering. She made me stand up and put the blanket around me. Then she had me open my escort yalova arms still holding on to the blanket and wrap my arms and the blanket around her. Then she hopped up, wrapping her legs around my waste and told me to sit down.

She really didn’t have to tell me. As cold as I was and with the unexpected added weight, I was going down whether she wanted me to or not.

We struggled on the ground a little bit to get comfortable and then it was good. She was sitting in my lap with her arms round my neck, holding her breasts against me and we started kissing.

Sara started laughing.

“It just doesn’t stop trying, does it?” she asked.

She reached down and managed to get my now fully erect dick up into her pussy where it belonged. Then she pulled back up next to me again.

“There, is that better?” she asked.

I just answered with a kiss.

As we sat there, I began to notice that Sara wasn’t just sitting there. She had figured which muscles to tighten and loosen to rub me against her clit and she was getting ready to cum, which in turn was making me ready to cum. As we were sitting there, we could both feel it. We were kissing each other deeply and holding each other tightly. Sara was tightening and relaxing her muscles faster and faster. We were both breathing deeper and faster. We were both just about to feel the wonderful feeling of cumming together when we heard the sound. It was the side by side, with Tom and Mary in it.

“Dam it, that’s fucking great timing.” Sara said.

“Quiet, it’s dark, we can finish before they find us if you’re quiet.” I said

But our luck didn’t hold,

“There they are by the tree.” Tom said.

“Hey,” Mary yelled

At that point Sara and I both grunted, moaned, screamed, yelled, I’m not sure what to call it, but it was totally unmistakable what had just happened and what was still happening as we continued to cum.

“Oh Shit!” said Tom. “We’ll be back in 5” he said.

And he threw the side by side into a hard turn.

“No! “, yelled Sara, “Make it 30.”

We all laughed.

“Just wait over there and we’ll yell when we’re ready.” I said.

So, Tom headed about 20 yards away and parked facing away from us.

I gave Sara a hug and another kiss.

“We had better get home and into the shower to warm up before we catch something out here.” I said

“Ok”, said Sara. “Do you think he found our clothes on his way up here.”

“I don’t know but we can always sit like this on the ride home.” I said.

About then Tom yelled, “if yall are done, we found most of your clothes along the trail up here.”

“Darn.” joked Sara

“What are you missing?” I yelled as Tom and Mary made their way over.

“We found everything but your pants.” Mary said.

Sara yelled back, “That’s ok, I can keep everything that needs keeping warm, warm.”

Cold as we were, we managed to laugh about it on the way back. True to her word, Sara managed to keep me warm all the way back. When we got home, we took a warm shower and settled down together in front of a nice warm fire. It’s funny how even when things go wrong if you’re with the right person, it can be one of the best times of your life.

We’ve made many more trips back up to that tree and we’ve learned a few things along the way.

First, tie up your horse so it doesn’t wander off while you’re asleep.

Second, apples will only keep a hungry horse around for so long.

Finally, some of the best sex in life is totally unplanned. Take advantage of it when the opportunity presents itself.

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