Midnight Sex Mansion


Mary slouched in her chair, gazing up at the wall clock as the minutes ticked by. One by one. Time seemed to go slower the more she looked at it. Mary snapped herself out of her daze and focused on her desk work. There was no point, it was 4:50 PM. She was off work in 10 minutes, but her boss wouldn’t mind.

She grabbed her purse, pushed in her chair, and headed outside to her car. The anticipation was killing her. It was a Friday, her weekend was to start now, and she had major plans.

Mary was your typical middle-aged working wife and mother. She was 49 years old, the big 5-0 was coming up in just a few short weeks. “Ugh,” she dreaded it. She was married to the same man, Robert, for 23 years. Twenty-three long years. Together, Mary and Robert had one daughter and one son.

Their daughter, Sara, was 23 years old and away at college. Mary missed her dearly. But Mary had always been closest to her son Michael, and luckily, he chose to go to a local community-college. Michael was 20 years old and though he didn’t live at home anymore, he still visited Mary and Robert at least once a week.

Sometimes it astonished Mary that she ever got pregnant in the first place. Robert was never one of those men that craved sex. He was always content with having sex once a week, and if that didn’t happen, then once every other week was completely fine with him. He just didn’t have a high sex drive. That was ok with Mary early on in their marriage, but as the years went on, and Robert got more involved with his work, the sex became almost nonexistent.

Mary sat in her car and thought. It had been almost 6 months since her and Robert had sex. Six long months — wow. And this was the basis for Mary’s “plan” tonight. Or, more accurately speaking, what her best friend, Clarissa had planned for her.

Mary and Clarissa had their normal monthly get-together not long ago and Mary divulged the fact that she was downright horny and practically desperate. The alcohol eased Mary’s mind and she spilled all to Clarissa. How she hadn’t had sex in nearly 6 months. How Robert didn’t even touch her anymore. How she practically had to throw herself on top of his dick to get him to fuck her. And how, upon fucking her 6 months ago, it was over almost as quickly as it began. Robert never could last very long, and as a result, Mary never was satisfied.

*BANG* Mary jumped in her seat and turned to the window to see a smiling Clarissa. Mary rolled the window down, “Geez you scared me!”

“Hey, meet me at my house around 7:30 and we will go from there.” Clarissa said with a smile on her face and disappeared to her car.

Mary began her drive home and thought about “The Plan.”

The Plan, as Clarissa called it, was something very simple, but very new to Mary. About seven months ago, Clarissa found out some information from one of her clients who she became very intimate with.

There was a large estate up in the hills. On the last Friday of every month the owner of the estate would throw a “party.” A “sex party” to be more exact. There were different rooms where previously chosen men would be blindfolded and put on display. “Visitors” would enter the room and be able to pick any one of the men of their liking. The visitor would then put on a blindfold as well and together, the man and visitor, would be left alone to fulfill whatever sexual fantasies, taboos or desires they had together.

The men were chosen through a strict application process and were almost always younger men, in great shape, and were talented in the bedroom in one way or another. This is what allowed them to be chosen to be on display in the sex rooms.

The visitors were practically always older women, from all walks of life. Some were attractive, some were not. Some were single, most were married. But all of them were there because they “needed” more sexually and wanted to experience it in a discreet way.

The purpose of the blindfolds was simple. Anonymity and discretion. Some of the men and visitors were prominent within the community. Many were married and if found out, this could ruin their careers or even their lives.

It all sounded crazy to Mary. But crazy was what she needed now in her life. And since it was proposed by her best friend Clarissa, she was willing to go along with it and at least try it once. Clarissa had already been a visitor at the estate two prior times. And according to her, it was an amazing time.

Mary arrived home, parked the car and walked inside. Robert was lazy on the couch, remote control in one hand and a beer in the other. As per usual. Mary walked over to him and leaned down, kissing him on his lips. “Hi honey,” said Mary. But the response was the usual as well — an inaudible “hey.”

“I’m going to shower and get ready so I can go over to Clarissa’s” Mary said to Robert — but there was no response. There usually never was. Mary retreated upstairs and into the bedroom. She wondered if Robert would even care if he knew she was going out to find sex with another man tonight. Maybe not. Mary honestly didn’t ordu escort much care at this point. But just to be safe, she had told Robert last week that tonight she and Clarissa were having a “girls night” at Clarissa’s home. Robert would never even bother to double check the story, so Mary knew she was in the clear.

Mary slipped out of her clothes and walked into the bathroom. She was turning 50 years old soon, but she still had it. Mary’s long wavy golden-brown hair and deep dark alluring brown eyes always got compliments from her female coworkers. Mary had generous breasts which she was lucky enough to inherit from her mother. Mary’s breasts were not as perky as when she was in college, but that was the price she paid for breastfeeding. She always had a nice round butt on her that showed its form in any jeans or dresses she wore.

Mary liked to feel like a woman, not a girl, and as a result, she kept a nice bushy tuft of light brown curly pubic hair down below, but it was always neatly trimmed and never showed through her bikini line. Yes, Mary didn’t look like a 21-year-old college student, but for a 49-year-old mother of two, she had a great body.

Mary stepped in the shower and spent a long while showering and washing her body. Mary then toweled off, moisturized, did her make up while her hair dried and finally slipped into her outfit for the evening. A form fitting black halter-neck top, dark blue jeans that hugged her curves, and knee-high black boots.

Mary was ready to go. She said goodbye to Robert and got a muttered response back that was so unenthusiastic she couldn’t even hear it. As she walked out the door she hopped into her car and began the drive to Clarissa’s. Mary felt guilty, ever since she found out about Clarissa’s plan. But Robert wasn’t helping the situation. He was acting like an asshole. So maybe he deserved a wife that would cheat on him just once.

Mary pulled into Clarissa’s driveway and saw Clarissa standing outside all ready to go. The two then got into Clarissa’s Jeep, backed out of the driveway, and sped off towards the hills.

It was a short drive. Approximately 25 minutes away. And as Clarissa drove around the bend, there was a large entrance gate with a pedestal camera next to it. Clarissa rolled down her window, pulled out an ID of some sort and showed it to the camera. A few seconds later the gate began rolling open.

“What is that?” asked Mary.

“It’s my visitor badge. I got one after my second visit here” Clarissa said.

Clarissa drove up an inclined driveway and parked in a spot towards the side of the estate. The actual home itself was gigantic. Mary estimated about 8,000 square feet.

Clarissa got out of the car and Mary followed.

“Ok, now I’m nervous,” said Mary as she adjusted her top and gazed up at the home.

“It’s ok, trust me. I was nervous the first time too but you’re going to have an incredible time,” said Clarissa.

Mary hoped so. She followed Clarissa up the steps and entered the home. Clarissa already knew the drill, so she acted as the “guide” and led Mary down a hallway and around a pillar where there were 4 hefty wood doors.

Clarissa smiled — “here goes nothing, right?!” Clarissa grabbed Mary’s hand and they entered the second door that had a “B” printed above it.

Once inside the room, the atmosphere was completely different. The room was massive, about the size of the entire downstairs portion of Mary’s home. It was dark inside with soft yellow light giving glimpses throughout the room. Clarissa led Mary to the back of the room and as they stepped around the corner of the room, there it was.

Six men, all blindfolded, standing against the wall. There were numbers above each of their heads (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). All the men were completely and utterly nude. Chest and bare stomachs exposed, and penises dangling between their legs.

Mary was shocked. She knew what to expect from listening to Clarissa’s stories but hadn’t actually “experienced” it until right this very moment. “Oh my god,” whispered Mary.

Clarissa squeezed Mary’s hand. “So, all you have to do is pick one. Any one you want. Then you go into those bedrooms right there.” Clarissa pointed to six smaller doors, and these too had the numbers 1-6 above them.

Mary examined the men. The lighting in the room made it almost impossible to see their facial features. However, their bodies were lit up very well. Mary could see, just by looking at their bodies, that most of them were probably college aged men. Mary began feeling an eagerness she had never felt before. Her senses perked up. She felt a tingling in her nipples as she looked at the men and their penises hanging between their legs.

“Oh shit, number 3 is here,” said Clarissa as she leaned closer to Mary — “Just to let you know, number 3 is the one I picked last time. If you want your world rocked, I suggest picking him” Clarissa said as she giggled quietly.

Mary looked at
and admired his body. He was taller, about 6’0″ and had a well-toned ordu escort bayan physique. More importantly though, he had a nice thick cock hanging between his legs. His hand glided down his stomach and gently gripped the shaft of his flaccid cock and began tugging at it ever so slightly. Mary could peek just a glimpse of his big heavy balls. Mary felt a warm sensation between her legs and her heart started to beat faster.

“Ok, I think I want number 3 then” Mary said and then glanced over at Clarissa.

“Number 3 it is. Just say his number out loud and he will go to his door. Then you have to grab a blindfold from outside the door and put it on before entering. Keep it on the entire time and once inside, have fun babe!”

Clarissa playfully smacked Mary’s ass — “I’ll meet you outside!” And just like that Clarissa sauntered over to the big wooden door and was gone.

Mary turned back to the naked men who were all playing with their cocks. Number 3 looked even better now. This man definitely had a longer and thicker cock than her husband Robert. And Mary planned on using it tonight for her pleasure.

“Number 3.” As soon as the words left Mary’s mouth, she felt embarrassed. But just as sudden, the man whom Mary had been admiring turned and walked towards his door. He entered it and shut the door quietly. The other men continued standing there still stroking their penises.

Mary walked quickly to Door 3 and reached into the container beside it which had numerous blindfolds within. Mary snatched one and opened the door slightly so she could see inside. It was a bare room with just a large King-size bed in the middle. Mary caught a glimpse of the man she had chosen. His back was to her, and he was leaning over getting into bed. Mary admired the cute butt on him.

Mary then secured the blindfold over her eyes and slipped into the room and slowly walked directly forward until her shins brushed into the bed. Mary’s heart was beating fast. She was alone, in a room, with a naked man whom she had never met. And Mary knew what was going to happen.

She was nervous, but excited to try this out as well. Mary sat down in bed and could feel the man’s foot pressing against her hip. Mary reached out and placed her hand on the man’s bare thigh and squeezed it.

She then undid her halter top and quickly slipped out of her pants. Mary was comfortable with her body but seeing this man’s obviously younger and perfectly toned body made her relieved they were both wearing blindfolds. Mary eased her butt onto the bed and slowly lowered herself to where she was lying down beside the man.

Mary felt the man’s hand reach over and caress her stomach. Mary’s heart was practically beating out of her chest at the thought of what was happening. This was so erotic and something she had never experienced before. *Thank you, Clarissa* Mary thought.

The man’s hand was still gently caressing Mary’s stomach and then she felt his other hand move on top of her right breast. Mary closed her eyes, not that it mattered with being blindfolded and all. Mary’s body was tingling all over. She could hear the man adjusting positions and then she felt him kneeling beside her. He pulled her up just high enough and slipped off her bra, tossing it somewhere to the corner of the room where Mary heard it hit the floor.

The man then leaned down and caressed both of Mary’s bare breasts. Her nipples were instantly erect and pointing towards the ceiling. Mary reached out with her hands and felt his hard stomach. Boy, was she in the mood now.

Mary delighted in feeling his rock-hard abs and then guided her hand down south where she felt a neatly trimmed batch of pubic hair. Mary wrapped her hand around the shaft of his penis and squeezed gently. His penis was no longer flaccid and instead, was in that in between state. It was big and floppy, filling with blood, but not yet hard. Mary began rubbing his penis. She wanted to get it nice and hard so she could be fucked by it.

She felt the man’s mouth hover over her left nipple. Mary sighed quietly and removed her hand from his big cock to place it on the back of his head. She didn’t want him to stop sucking on her nipple. Mary could feel it, her thong was becoming wet and sticking to her pussy. She wanted it.

The man expertly flicked his tongue over her nipple and then slowly and sensually sucked all over her big mature tits. She then felt his tongue gliding across her breast, to the middle of her chest and over to her right breast where her nipple was begging for the same attention it’s partner just received.

His warm wet mouth sucked on Mary’s nipple slowly, just the way she liked it. “Oh my…” but her words trailed off as she felt his hard dick pressing against her stomach. There was no turning back now. Mary’s pussy was soaking wet at the thought of what was to come, and she needed it now. If he had stopped in this very moment, Mary would have begged him to keep going.

But luckily, he did not stop. He continued sucking on her escort ordu breasts and her nipples. Licking his way up her neck and the two shared a passionate kiss. Mary shoved her tongue deep inside his mouth and began dancing her tongue all over his. She could hear him groan ever so softly in the back of his throat.

Mary spread her legs wide open. She wanted him to know he had an open invitation to do with her however he wanted. The man took the hint. He sucked on her tongue and then pulled his mouth away and Mary felt his body maneuvering down lower in the bed.

He trailed his tongue down her stomach and sucked around Mary’s bellybutton. Mary squirmed and arched her back. Why couldn’t she get this treatment at home from her own husband — she thought. To hell with Robert.

As the man’s tongue got to just above her panty line, Mary arched her back and lifted her plump ass, and without missing a beat, the man’s strong hands gripped both sides of her thong and slid it down her thighs and off her feet. That was it. The last cloth barrier between her and this man. Mary was now completely exposed for the taking.

Mary’s vagina was drenched, and she could feel damp tufts of her pubic hair that were previously pressed down by her thong.

The man playfully skipped his tongue over Mary’s pubic region and gently pulled on her thick mound of pubic hair with his mouth. This drove Mary crazy as she reached out and positioned both her hands on the back of his head and pushed it down closer to her womanhood.

His tongue slipped down Mary’s inner lips and then brushed upwards. Mary squirmed in pleasure and welcomed his tongue with wide open legs. The man pressed his mouth into Mary’s pussy and began moving his lips up and down on Mary’s wet mound. “Oh fuck,” Mary muttered quietly between deep breaths.

Mary began forcefully grinding her hips up and down and side to side in a rocking motion so the man’s tongue could completely envelop the folds of her wet lips. This man was good. Not just good — he was remarkable. This is exactly what Mary needed. What she yearned for from her husband but was not getting.

The man moved his tongue faster up and down Mary’s most sacred place and then he flicked his tongue deep inside her warm pink love tunnel. This set her over the edge, and she grabbed onto the back of his head tightly and forced it down into her crotch. Without missing a beat, she felt him spread her lips open with his fingers and tongue fuck her pussy hole. Mary felt a familiar feeling, one she had not felt in at least a year. Her toes began tingling, her thighs began to quiver, her face became flushed and hot, and her brow furrowed as she released an orgasm hidden deep within her.

Mary held her breath and then let out a loud moan and breathed heavily as her inner thighs shook and quivered and she came with the man’s tongue still embedded deep inside her pussy.

Mary lovingly caressed and scratched the back of the man’s head and hair. Her heart rate slowly lowered, and she regained her composure. Mary wanted to return the favor. She pushed the man down on his back and she began to kiss his rock-hard abs. The man grabbed a fistful of Mary’s hair tightly and she felt like a little fuck slave under his grip. She would have done anything he asked of her at that very moment. Mary kissed her way down his stomach until she felt his squishy cock head pressing against the bottom of her chin.

Mary grabbed hold of the thick meaty shaft and guided it expertly into her welcoming mouth. Mary’s lips wrapped tightly around his thick mushroom tip and sucked it for all her worth. The man was groaning from deep in his chest and now it was his turn to squirm underneath her.

Mary’s large double D breasts were hanging and resting on top of his slightly hairy thighs as she sucked his younger fat cock. The sound of Mary slurping on another man’s cock as it gagged her in the back of her throat were so erotic to her.

The man lifted his legs up so they were bent and his feet were resting on the bed and he began face fucking Mary’s mouth from underneath her. She welcomed this, opened her mouth, and let his massive cock push her tongue all the way back. His mushroom tip pressed forcefully into the back of her throat every time he rocked his hips forward.

Mary could feel his balls tightening up and his breathing became heavier and more labored. She sensed he was getting close to cumming and she wanted to slurp up every drop of his sweet creamy load.

The man then pulled his dick out of her mouth and forced Mary on her hands and knees. Mary did so without so much of a fight or objection. The man positioned Mary into a doggy style position, her hands and knees down on the bed and pussy exposed to him. Mary then felt him get behind her and anticipated feeling his dick but was surprised to feel his tongue against her asshole.

“Oh, my fucking god,” Mary said more to herself in her mouth than to the man. He spread her ass cheeks apart and began tongue fucking her tiny asshole. Mary hadn’t had any “anal action” of any kind since probably 15 years ago and this was an all-new experience for her. Mary began rocking back and forth on her knees in rhythm with the man flicking his tongue inside her. Mary could feel his tongue gently spread her asshole apart every time he forced it inside her.

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