MIL Sits on My Lap in the Car Ch. 02


When she joined me in the kitchen I could tell that she wasn’t happy. And it wasn’t because I was a psychic, it was because it was written all over her face.

Angrily, she said, “I don’t believe it!”

Thankfully, that anger didn’t appear to be directed towards me. However, I needed to be careful. One wrong word, or silly joke, and it would be.

“She’s acting like a selfish bitch.”

I was about to speak, but she cut me off. First, with a menacing stare, and then, while wagging her finger at me, with a warning.

“Jake, don’t you dare defend her.”

I had no idea what all this was about, but what I did know was that she needed to calm down. And that I could help her to do that.

In a soothing voice, I said, “Sit down, I’ll make you one of your special coffees. Then we’ll talk about it.”

I made sure to do it properly. Taking my time, so that each ingredient was measured accurately. Any mistakes and she would notice, and then I’d get her wrath as well.

After two sips, she spoke again, and this time in a calmer voice, “Thanks, It’s perfect.”

“You’re welcome.”

She then told me about the conversation that she’d had with her Mother. When she’d finished, I wanted to smile, but I kept a straight face. To her, what she’d told me was bad news, but to me it wasn’t. It was the complete opposite. Just thinking about what she’d said was getting me excited.

At the weekend, her Mother wanted us to relocate her from her Sister’s house to an apartment near to where we lived. On hearing that Rachel had lost her temper, and she’d told her Mother what she thought about her. And it hadn’t been nice things. Her Mother had fought back, and it had become an argument. It had eventually ended with Rachel reluctantly agreeing to do it, but only because there was nobody else who could.

I know what you’re thinking. If anybody is a bitch, then it’s the Daughter rather than the Mother. The Mother needs help, but the Daughter doesn’t want to help her.

However, to make the right decision, you need to be fully informed.

Two weeks ago, we moved Anne to her Sister’s place. The plan was that she would then stay with her sibling until she’d found something suitable to buy. And now, even though she was still looking, she would be moving again. Apparently, she wanted to be on her own, so, without telling anybody, she’d arranged to rent a property.

The moving had been hard work. A long tiring journey in a car that was packed from top to bottom. And Rachel had done all the driving. Now, without a good reason, we would be doing it again, and not long after the first time. That’s why her Daughter was calling her a selfish bitch.

Those of you with an enquiring mind will be wondering why this makes me happy. Shouldn’t I be angry like Rachel? No, and I’ll tell you why I’ve said that.

On the day that we moved her, most of her belongings were put into storage, but there was still a lot of stuff that we had to take with us. And cramming all of that into the car was hard work, and I only managed it after a lot of swearing, and a lot of rearranging of items. The car was so full that there was only one passenger seat without anything on it. So while Rachel did all of the driving, I was in the back, with Anne sitting on my lap. The plan had been for Rachel to be in the back instead of me, but when she’d tried it out she’d found it too claustrophobic. And I couldn’t blame her, it was like being encased in a tomb. Confined spaces aren’t a problem for me, but it still made me feel uncomfortable.

If the road hadn’t been bumpy, and Anne hadn’t been attractive, then the journey would have been uneventful. But that’s conjecture. I was a young man, only twenty three years old, with a high libido, so perhaps any woman that had sat on my lap would have produced the same result. I’d got an erection, and because I’m proud to say that I have eight inches, it was a big one, and therefore difficult to hide.

At first, when my cock had started to expand, I was horrified. And then, when Anne noticed it, I was embarrassed. I’d done my best to control it, but it had a mind of its own. My Mother-in-law was surprisingly calm about it, and slowly, over time, that calmness became excitement. What started with me playing with her tits, ended up with us fucking. And because we were surrounded by all of Anne’s belongings, in our own private space, Rachel couldn’t see us, so we hadn’t been caught.

Now you understand why I’m happy that we’re moving her again. It’s another opportunity for us to be in the back, with her on my lap. And this time, we won’t need the road to be bumpy for us to get excited!

On Saturday morning, while we were on our way, I thought about my Mother-in-law. When I’d first met her she wasn’t impressed with me. I wasn’t the Doctor or Lawyer that she wanted for her Daughter. I had my own business, a shop that sold second-hand goods. I was proud of it, but to her it was just a junk shop, and I knew that she wouldn’t be telling her friends about it. buca escort I thought that over time I’d win her round. That eventually she’d succumb to my charm. But she hadn’t, even when I’d married Rachel. So what had happened two weeks ago wasn’t just exciting, it had also been surprising. And I’d found out that her behaviour towards me had been motivated by jealousy. She’d wanted me, but she couldn’t have me, and her response to that was to treat me badly.

It was late when we arrived, and I was tired because I’d done most of the driving. Rachel was greeted with a big hug, but all I got was a quick hello, and it had been said without any enthusiasm. However, I didn’t mind. My Mother-in-law wasn’t stupid, if she’d been anything other than cold towards me, then it would have looked suspicious.

While we all ate together, I found it difficult to keep my eyes off Anne. Of course, I’d always known what an attractive woman she was, but it’s only recently that I’ve enjoyed her sumptuous body. And I was now eager to enjoy it again.

She’s forty three years old, but she doesn’t look it. You could believe that she was Rachel’s elder Sister rather than her Mother. She’s small, only five feet tall, but she’s still an imposing woman, both in character and physique. Her medium sized breasts look good on her small frame. And she’s not just a one trick pony. She has other desirable attributes. To go with her impressive tits, she also has matching hips, and a bottom that you can’t take your eyes off. Now that should be enough for any man, but there’s more. To the envy of all her female friends, she doesn’t just have a gorgeous body, she also has a beautiful face. Think of Audrey Hepburn, and that’s her.

By the time we’d got to the dessert, profiteroles, I’d managed to calm down. I could look at Anne without staring, and without getting excited. But as soon as I was in bed with Rachel, I started thinking about my Mother-in-law again, and what was under the stylish clothes that she wears.

If you like your lover’s nipples to be small and dainty, then she’s not for you, but if you like them long and thick, then she’s your woman. They are at least half an inch long, and they’re plump. When you suck on them, you don’t want to stop. And while you’re feasting on her breasts, thinking that life can’t get any better than this, I can assure you that it can, because between her slim legs is a sweet pussy, that when aroused, is one of the best that you will ever have. But be careful when you suck her labia into your mouth, they’re big and meaty. You might choke on them!

Thinking about Anne was enjoyable, but it was also a mistake. I was now excited, and I wanted sex. My intention was to save myself for tomorrow, for when I’d be in the car with my Mother-in-law, but that had now changed.

“Go to sleep!”

Rachel’s back was towards me, and I’d put my hand on her shoulder. We’ve been together long enough for her to know what my intention was. And the same for me. I knew that if I continued, the answer would still be no, and she would shout at me. Some battles you can’t win, and this was one of them. Now I was frustrated, and despite my best efforts, it was a while before I was asleep.

It was seven o’clock when I woke, and that was only because Aunty was knocking on the door.

“Breakfast is ready.”

That got mumbled thanks from me, and then I nudged Rachel. But it took more than that to wake her. When I eventually managed it, she was in a surprisingly good mood.

After yawning, and a big stretch of her arms, she said, “It will be nice having her living near to us.”

That wasn’t what she’d said a few days ago, when her Mother had told her that she was moving, but I wasn’t stupid enough to point that out to her.

After quickly showering, we went downstairs for breakfast. While we were eating, Aunty suddenly said something, and it made my heart sink.

“This time you’ll all have a seat. My Sister isn’t taking everything with her. I’ve had a word with her, and she’s agreed to leave some of her things with me.”

Was that true? It must be, because when I looked at Anne she nodded. And worryingly, she didn’t seem concerned. I’d assumed that she would be as eager as I was to do it again, but it was now obvious that she wasn’t. To say that I was disappointed was the understatement of the year. I felt deflated, and all I wanted to do now was to complete Anne’s move as quickly as possible.

After breakfast, I packed the car. This time it was easier. There was still a lot of stuff, but unlike last time, the front passenger seat could now be used.

We were now on our way. I was driving, with Rachel next to me. We’d only gone a couple of miles, when Anne shouted out from the back, “I’ve bought a few items from a local store, and we need to pick them up. I’ll give you directions.”

It didn’t take us long to get there. Anne then went into the store, returning in less than five minutes with two small parcels. Rachel was buca escort bayan curious, and her Mother told her that they were ornaments, and that she would show them to her when we stopped for lunch, but I wasn’t interested. I just wanted to be on our way. We had a long way to go, and it would be late when we got to Anne’s new place.

As I was pulling away from the curb, Anne spoke, “Jake, please go to the back of the store, there’s something else to pick up.”

After giving a deep sigh, that was probably loud enough for my Mother-in-law to hear, I did what she’d asked.

When Rachel saw what we were picking up, I thought she was going to have a fit. It was only the presence of one of the store assistants that was stopping her going into a rage. That ‘something’, wasn’t a single item, it was six boxes, and two of them were large.

While smiling, and in a soothing tone, Anne said, “I know it’s a lot, but they’re all for you. A thank you for moving me. I know that sometimes I can be a bit selfish, but I do appreciate you doing this for me.”

Rachel was now a lot calmer, but she was looking at the boxes and wondering how they would all fit into the car. Eventually, she came to the same conclusion as me.

“They will have to go onto the front seat. There’s no other way.”

And that would mean that she’d have to drive, while I was in the back with her Mother. That would make my day, but Rachel didn’t like driving, so there was a strong possibility that she might refuse to take the parcels.

“I’m sure that you’ll like them. I picked them especially for you. And they were VERY expensive.”

That tipped the balance, because after giving a deep sigh that was even louder than my earlier one, she said, “Jake, put them in the car.”

I did, and with a smile so big that it was cracking my face. My Mother-in-law was a wily old bird. She’d planned this so that she’d have to sit on my lap again. It was now game on!

When Anne got onto my lap, the first thing she did was move her bottom about so that she could get comfortable. It was only for a brief time, but it was enough to get my heart pounding in my chest and the blood flowing into my cock.

In a low voice, that only I could hear, she said, “For the last two weeks, all I’ve been thinking about is your big cock, and how good it felt when it was deep up my pussy. I want you to fuck me again.”

That was what I wanted to hear, and my response to it wasn’t words, it was to put both of my hands onto her breasts. But surprisingly, she quickly brushed them off.

“No, wait until we get onto the open road, there’s too many vehicles here. I don’t want us to be stopped at traffic lights with my tits hanging out for all to see.”

Imagining that, almost made me laugh, but somehow I managed to keep control. I was desperate to push her top up so that I could enjoy her impressive nipples, but she was right, I’d just have to wait.

The next few minutes, until it was safe for me to touch her, seemed like an hour.

My hands were now on her, and I was trying to feel every part of her breasts. And there were a lot of them. She was silent, but that changed when my fingers got to her ripe nipples. The low moan that she uttered, sent a surge of excitement through my body. This for me, was as exciting as when I’d first enjoyed Rachel’s tits all those years ago. As nice as this was, it would be even better without her top and bra in the way. But when I tried to pop the top button of her blouse she stopped me.

“Don’t unfasten it. We need to be careful. Last time we were reckless, but we were lucky, and we managed to get away with it. Just put your hands under my top and push my bra up. If Rachel suddenly stops the car, then it won’t take me long to cover my tits up.”

I was disappointed. Lust, not logic, was spurring me on. I was willing to risk it, for her to be topless. However, I wasn’t completely out of control, so I did realize that what she had suggested was the sensible option.

After pulling her blouse out of her skirt, my hand went under it. The next obstacle was her bra, but it was easy to push up. My hands were now caressing her naked tits. And as I was doing that, I was thinking of something else. Her sweet pussy. But that was for later. We had a long way to go, so there was no need to rush. I knew from the previous journey, that what she had between her legs was special, so I wanted to savour it.

“Do you remember what happened the last time you sat on his lap?”

That startled both of us. We might be in our own bubble, our own private space, but we needed to remember that even though Rachel couldn’t see us, she could still hear us if we spoke too loudly, or if we made too much noise.

Then she said more, “After a while you got cramp, and you shouted out in pain. Jake had to sort it out for you.”

It hadn’t been cramp in Anne’s legs that had made her shout out, it had been what my fingers and cock had been doing to her.

“Yes, escort buca it was painful, but Jake fixed it for me. And my legs are now starting to hurt a bit.”

“I think he should do it again, and do it now, before it starts to get worse.”

And just to make it clear what she wanted me to do, Rachel said more.

“Jake, I want you to concentrate. You have to do whatever my Mother asks of you.”

“I will.”

And I would, with enthusiasm, because I knew what sort of things she’d be asking me to do.

Loud enough for Rachel to hear, Anne said to me, “That part of my leg needs your attention.”

It wasn’t any part of her leg that she was pointing at, it was the prime part of her tits. It was one of her nipples. When I expertly rolled it between a finger and thumb, it made her gasp.

“Is he doing OK?”

“Yes, but he needs to do it harder.”

“Jake, please do it. And don’t make me have to ask you again.”

I could hear the annoyance in her voice, and I knew that if I didn’t do as I was told, then she’d get angry. But that wasn’t going to happen, because I was more than happy to do whatever her Mother asked of me.

“Yes Rachel.”

My fingers were now rougher, and I wasn’t just tweaking her nipple, I was pulling on it.

Loudly, she said, “Do the other one as well.”

I quickly did, and her response consisted of two things. First she moaned, and then she started grinding her bottom into my cock.

I’d now enjoyed her tits for at least ten minutes. It was time to finger her.

“Anne, are you ready for me to move down?”

Before she could answer me, Rachel chipped in with, “The lower leg, that’s a problem area, make sure that you give it your full attention.”

It took all of my self-control to stop myself from laughing, and then I said, “Yes Rachel.”

As soon as my hand was on her thigh she was opening her legs. That’s what I wanted, but only after her panties were off.

In a low voice, I said, “Close your legs. I need to get your panties off.”


That wasn’t the response I’d expected. Had she changed her mind? If she had, then I didn’t understand why. Her nipples were swollen, and she’d been making a lot of noise, so she was definitely excited. Then I had to smile.

“You aren’t wearing any.”

“I might be, why don’t you put your hand between my legs and see for yourself.”

When I started to pull her skirt up, she gave a little shudder, in anticipation of what I was going to do to her. And when it was up to her waist, and my hand was going under it so that it could get to her pussy, she spoke. I stopped, with it only inches away from her honeypot, while I waited to hear what she had to say.

“Rachel, so far, Jake has been doing a good job. But this is the area that needs his special attention. I’m worried that he will be too gentle with me.”

After giving a deep sigh, she said, with some irritation in her voice,

“Jake, you need to up your game.”

I hadn’t done anything wrong, but I still felt the need to apologize, and to do it quickly.

“Sorry. What do you want me to do?”

“Go deep into her.”

That was better than I could have ever hoped for. Without her knowing, she’d just given me permission to put my fingers into her Mother’s juicy pussy, and to not stop until they were in up to the knuckles. My hand was now moving again, and because, as expected, there were no panties in the way, my fingers could enter her. They then did, and with a speed that took her breath away.

“Are you doing it?”

Anne answered for me with a quick yes, and then she added, “But he’s only used two fingers. I like three.”


Before she could say more, I cut her off with, “I’m doing it now.”

This time, when the third finger went in, she lost control. She gave a loud moan, and on hearing it Rachel would know why she’d uttered it. It was because her Mother was sexually excited. I braced myself for the awkward questions, and accusations, that were going to come. But amazingly, there weren’t any. Rachel had mistaken it for an expression of pain rather than of pleasure.

“Jake, I’m glad that you’re not doing it to me. Mother, you need to be brave.”

“I’m OK, but Jake, you need to move your fingers.”

I was now fingering her, and Anne was getting noisy. But that was OK, because Rachel believed that it was her Mother’s response to my fingers going deep into her calf muscle. It wasn’t. It was her Mother’s response to my fingers moving quickly inside her hot wet pussy. But I wasn’t going to correct her!

It goes without saying, that Anne was enjoying this, but what about me? Despite my throbbing cock still being trapped in my jeans, I was as excited as my Mother-in-law was. And all the talking, especially the innuendos, were making it special. However, we needed to be careful. We might get carried away and say something that was too blatant. And seconds later, when Anne suddenly spoke, I was convinced that she’d done that.

“I’ve got a little lump that you need to rub.”

That should have been in a low voice, just for me to hear, rather than shouted out. I’d now got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, and my cock was starting to deflate.

“That will be a knot in the muscle. I get them sometimes if I do too much running.”

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