You are not going to believe what I did this afternoon. I still can’t quite believe it myself; I would have to pinch myself to check that it was real, except that I’ve got the evidence to prove it. What evidence, you may ask. So I’d better get on with it and tell you.I had been at a recruiting fair held in one of the student halls of residence; this was an event designed to entice all those of us with long vacations coming up soon to join some worthy company or charity for work experience, or an internship or something along those lines. It doesn’t etlik escort really matter about the details.The event was very busy, and as I wandered from stall to stall I became aware of how many other girls were as eager as me to make an impression on these important companies; we all seemed to be wearing variations on on the same theme: short skirts and low-cut tops. I mean, it could have made the difference between getting a life-changing summer placement or being thrown on society’s scrap-heap. Male recruiters keçiören escort would appreciate a bit of a show, and female ones would notice how smart but sexy and confident we looked.Anyway, I was becoming increasingly hot and bothered by the immediate presence of so many other hot chicks, often accidentally brushing hands or shoulders in the packed room, and inevitably finding myself staring at an enticing cleavage or two. It got to the stage where I really needed to do something about it; my mind was kızılay escort focusing far more on the other girls than on the companies I should have been approaching.I made my way to the Ladies, which as it happens was a very spacious room – plenty of cubicles, unlike some venues. It wasn’t very busy, and I easily found an empty cubicle far from the entrance, figuring I’d have more chance of being unnoticed there. Once inside, I took off my panties and started rubbing myself, desperate for release from the tension that had been building inside me. I don’t know if you’ve ever done this, but while it is furtive and a bit dirty, it is also very exciting – almost like masturbating in public while wondering if anyone can see.I was enjoying stroking and rubbing my wet pussy, when I heard someone enter the cubicle next to mine.

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