Miss Jones Our Substitute Teacher

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I’m finally graduating high school. It has been an amazing four years. I’m a senior and will be having my graduation on Tuesday evening. I’ve done really well in high school. I have maintained an A average and have been on the National Honor Society all four years of high school. I also did very well on my SAT’s and received a scholarship to Rutgers University in New Jersey. I’m the quarterback for my football team. A few schools were interested in me, but I chose Rutgers University. Rutgers football team is considered to be the most historic program in the country. I’m really excited to be playing on the Scarlet Knights. They joined the Big Ten Conference last year. I’m looking forward to attending college in the fall. I’m not your usual dumb jock. I’ve worked hard on my academics and will major in Finance and have a minor in Economics. I’m not like the usual dreamer. Sure, I’d love to get a job playing football after college, but I’m definitely more realistic. If it happens great, but if it doesn’t, I’ll have my degree and be able to work possibly as an Investment Banker or maybe an Oil Trader selling futures. Luckily, my father has lots of connections and will be able to get me a job in my field. I’ll tell you a little story about my senior year in high school. Our English teacher had gone out on maternity leave mid-year and we had gotten a substitute teacher. I don’t think she was your average teacher. In fact, I think she really enjoyed flirting with all the guys. Her name was Victoria Jones. We called her Miss Jones. Miss Jones was a very attractive teacher who was thirty years old. She’s a complete knock out and would wear business suits with pleated mini-skirts that were very short. We always got glances of her sculpted legs. Her legs were very long and she had a very nice tan. She always wore shoes that made her legs look incredibly sexy. Sometimes, her shoes heels were quite high. I really don’t know how she walked in them. But, when she walked, she had a really nice wiggle. She kept all of us guys hard and horny. Most of the time, she wore jackets over her blouses. But, when she removed her jacket she wore blouses that were see through and we could see her lace bras. Sometimes, she would wear sweaters that had plunging neck lines and if you were lucky you could see her great cleavage. Her breasts were amazing. You could tell she was full breasted and that her breasts were firm. Her bras were very thin and you could see her nipples poking through the material. It was very hard concentrating on what we were learning about because she looked absolutely stunning. She wasn’t your typical teacher, she was a god damn goddess. Miss Jones is tall and she has brown straight hair and sometimes when she wore it back in an elastic band, it would swing from left to right. She has the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. They are as blue as the sky. She has a really nice smile, the kind that makes you feel very welcomed. She just has a very happy way about her. She wanted to be friends with all of us. She never yelled or was ever in a bad mood. Miss Jones was very touchy feely with all of us guys. She always walked all over the room and when she picked on you to speak, she would walk over to you and put her hand around your shoulder and rub at your back. If you were real lucky and got to go up to the blackboard, on your way back, she might put her had on your ass. Almost every day, she’d ask one of the guys to stay behind, because she needed to talk with them. She’d pull a chair up next to her desk and have you sit down. Almost every time when she was discussing with you something, she’d hike her skirt up and Bağcılar escort bayan let you see her panties. Did I mention, that sometimes she wasn’t wearing her underwear. Then she’d allow you to see her pussy. She’d quickly pull her skirt down and she’d put her hand on your trousers, or shorts and rub at your jeans. She never unzipped our jeans or took out our cocks, but she’d definitely tease us. I know I was always amazed that she’d be doing this. I know I had a hard on most of the time, when she became our teacher. My cock was always straining in my pants. I was always fantasizing of my teacher fucking me. Also, I think she was into girls too. Except, she’d just compliment them and sometimes I saw her buying them things. Maybe to keep the attention off herself with all the teasing she was doing to the guys in the class. She’d also take some of the girls out to dinner off-site. I’m not sure if she actually was putting the moves on the girls, but she was definitely paying them off so they were not interested in what she was doing with the guys. We’re all eighteen in the class. I think that’s why she acted like she had. There were no minors in the class. All year I was thinking that I’d host a party with my best friends and we’d honor Miss Jones. Kind of a thank you party for all the extra help she had given us. The only people I’m inviting are the people that she’d made moves on. I’m thinking Miss Jones really wants us guys to have sex with her. She’s been teasing us and making us sweat for the last five months. She has proved in more ways that she wants to have sex with us. I’m hoping she’ll be down for a gang-bang. Hopefully she’ll be into it. All year she has teased us with her sexy attire and all her inappropriate advances. I know she has given me blue balls for most of the year. My friends and I just sat there all year and had her tease and use us. Now it was going to be time to see if she was all talk and no action. Today after class, I’m going to give her an invitation to a little gathering I’m having tomorrow afternoon. I’m only inviting my four best friends who are in the class with me. She has asked us all after class to fall prey to all of her sexy tactics. So she won’t be having to do anything with anybody that she doesn’t like. My friends and I are all jocks and hopefully we will be scoring with Miss Jones tomorrow. It was a half day on Friday in June. We were all in our English class and the bell had just rang. I took my time to make sure I was the only person left in the room. Miss Jones looked absolutely fabulous today. She was wearing a black pleated mini skirt, with black hose and black four inch heels. She had on a short sleeved purple top with a very plunging neckline. Her breasts were firm and looking amazing in her shirt. “Miss Jones, A few of my friends and I are having a little get together tomorrow afternoon. We want to thank you for all the help you have given us all and want you to come. We’ll be having food and drinks. It’s in your honor and hope you’ll attend.” “Oh isn’t that just sweet of you to do. How thoughtful. It just so happens that I don’t have any plans. I’d love to come. Would you like me to bring anything?” “Just bring yourself. Here’s my address and bring your swimsuit. We have a pool and a hot tub at my house. My parents are away for the weekend, so we’ll have the house to ourselves.” “Thank you so much Danny for the invitation. I’m looking forward to the party.” As we were talking, Miss Jones was feeling my ass. She looked amazingly hot in her outfit. My dick was hard in my pants. She even rubbed her hands Escort Arnavutköy around the front of my shorts. She just smiled and then started to erase stuff off her blackboard. I didn’t touch her body at all, but was so excited to be talking with her. I had a major hard-on. I just wanted to fuck her right there. But, I held back and then all of a sudden she locked her door and took my hand and we moved into the closet. “I’ve wanted you all year. I want to fuck you so badly.” She started to kiss me passionately. Our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouth. She unzipped my shorts and pulled them down to my feet. Miss Jones got on her knees and wrapped her red lipstick lips around my cock and started to give me a blow job. I had my hands in her hair, while she cupped and massaged my big balls. She knew what she was doing. She was holding my balls, while she took my cock deeper and deeper down her gorgeous mouth. I was moving my hips and fucking her mouth. Miss Jones was making all kinds of wet sucking noises as she was blowing me. She took off her top and removed her bra so I could play with her tits. She had the most beautiful breasts ever. Her nipples were pink and standing straight up. I pulled and twisted at them as she was devouring my cock. I couldn’t stand it. “Get up and bend over Miss Jones. I’ve got to fuck you.” Miss Jones stood up and pulled up her skirt around her hips. I pulled down her hose and her thong. I slid my cock into my teacher’s pussy. Her cunt was so wet and welcoming. I grabbed her hips and moved my cock deep inside of her. I had wanted to fuck her the whole year. I was fucking her with great force. “Oh Miss Jones, your pussy feels like I imagined it would be.” “Fuck me harder, Danny. Oh yes, that’s it.” She didn’t need to ask me again. I fucked her harder and faster. Her pussy was so fucking wet as I fucked her. “Oh God, I’m going to come. I want you to come at the same time. Oh fucking hell, here I go.” When she said that, I also got very excited and came right into her wet cunt. I creamed my teacher’s pussy. Our come was running down her legs. “Danny that was fabulous. I’ve wanted you the whole year.” She turned around and we kissed passionately. I had my hands on her breasts. She looked like a complete slut. Her shirt was off, her pantyhose and thong were at her ankles, and come was dripping down her legs. God, I had wanted her the whole fucking year. She made my fantasies come true. Miss Jones then took her fingers and wiped up the cream that was pouring out of her cunt. She then licked her fingers and then put some in my mouth to eat. It was incredibly erotic. “You better go Danny. I have a meeting with the principle in ten minutes. I can’t wait to go to your party tomorrow. I bet we’ll all have lots of fun.” I pulled my shorts up and then kissed her again. “Thank you for an amazing time. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Have a great day Miss Jones.” “Call me Victoria. See you tomorrow.” I was feeling really pumped up as I left the classroom. I just fucked my English teacher. I wasn’t going to share my good news with my friends. I wanted them to think that when we all fucked her, it would be the first time anybody had her. I didn’t want them to think I had her first. I giggled and walked out of the school to my car. My parents had bought me a cherry red mustang convertible for my graduation present. I had the top down and put some Springsteen music on in the car and drove home thinking I was the luckiest bastard in the world. Life was grand right now. I was graduating high school next week, I just banged Avcılar escort my hot teacher, and I had a scholarship to play football at Rutgers University. My life was all coming together. Tomorrow my friends and I would have a party and fuck Miss Jones. My mind was racing out of control. I couldn’t wait to fuck her with my best friends. This was going to be an afternoon we’d all remember. A kind of a kick off to a great summer vacation. Our guest of honor is the hottest, sexual creature on the planet. I only knew because I just fucked her. I laughed, while I drove my sweet ride home. Once I got home, I cleaned the house a little. I ordered some food for our party tomorrow with Miss Jones. Nothing too fancy, just a six foot Italian hero and several types of chips. I also ordered those delicious garlic pickles. My mom always gets them. They’re those big ones that are really crunchy, when you bite into them. My parents have beer and wine. I’ll offer it to the guys and Miss Jones. But, they’re all sleeping over because we’re underage. I’ll have soda there in case the guys don’t want to drink. They might not want to. Sometimes, if you’re drunk you can’t get it up. We were all wanting to focus on fucking our sweet and incredibly gorgeous English teacher. I was pretty worked up after fucking my teacher. My parents took a mini getaway this weekend. This coming week, I’m graduating and they’ll be having a huge family party for me next weekend. I guess they just wanted a little time together before things would get a little crazy next week. I was glad too, this way we could have this little adventure with Miss Jones. I put on some porn on the television and took off my clothes and sat on the couch. I watched some teacher porn, which made me incredibly horny. The teacher had enormous breasts and she was completely shaved. Her student was staying after school. She took off her shirt and had rubbed her tits all over the guys face. This was making me so hard. I wrapped my hand around my shaft and worked my fingers up and down my cock. I held and cupped my balls and pulled and tugged on my cock. I was so fucking hard. The teacher took off all her clothes and wrapped her tits over the student’s cock and tit fucked him. Her breasts were huge. He was playing with her bald cunt and telling him all nasty and very naughty things. I was so excited and blew a huge load in my palm. I imagined the lady in the porn movie to be Miss Jones. I turned off the porn and went into the kitchen to clean off my hand. I then walked outside naked to my hot tub. The water felt incredibly nice on my skin. While I was in the hot tub, I closed my eyes and imagined I was licking Miss Jones’ pussy. I fantasized that she had the sweetest pussy ever. While I was fantasizing in the hot tub, I was pulling on my cock. I was so fucking hard. I moved my hands up and down my shaft. I held and cupped my balls, while I yanked on my dick. I was imagining her on my bed with her long legs opened and begging me to lick her cunt. I could see myself licking her pussy up and down all over her bald pussy. Her hands were in my hair moaning, while I devoured her sweet cunt. The more I was thinking about this, the harder I got. I was dreaming of her and pulling on my rod. In my fantasy, Miss Jones was telling me all kinds of wicked things. She was so excited and she came on my tongue. That’s when I blew my load in my hand in the hot tub. It was amazing. The thought of her just gets me incredibly hard each time. After that, I just soaked in the hot tub. Then I got out and swam in my pool. I just wanted tomorrow to come quickly. I did laps in the pool and then got dressed and called out for a pizza. About forty minutes later, the pizza was delivered. I popped another porno into the television. I ate pizza and watched a gang-bang of a teacher and her students. I was hoping that this would be the same scenario that we’d have with Miss. Jones tomorrow. The teacher in…

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