Mistress Vera and her slave part 1


Mistress Vera and her slave part 1Mistress Vera and her slaveIn the dungeon the slave kneeled and wriggled slightly in her bonds to again feel the pleasure of her imprisonment. Her whole body was encased in leather, a black cat suit stretched from her ankles to her jaw with a single zip down the back to release her when the time came. Black leather boots, which reached nearly to her knees covered the cat suit on her legs, as did the steel collar which covered the leather around her neck. The tag on the zip was clipped to a ring at the back of the collar so that even with her arms free she could not remove her uniform, not that she would have tried. A mask covered her head and face, it had zips across her mouth and eyes to allow her to speak and see when her mistress wished. There was a hole in the back of the mask and through it protruded a long pony tale of straight blond hair, which fell almost to her waist. Her hands were tied behind her back, secured using steel cuffs that matched her collar; the cuffs were attached to each other with a small padlock. Higher up her arms a single leather strap was buckled tightly so that her elbows touched. Another pair of cuffs, a match of those on her wrists, was locked around her ankles and these were locked in turn both to each other and to D rings on the backs of her thighs. This position contrived to make the most of her ample chest; the constriction of her arms caused the slave to push out her breasts, her erect nipples clearly seen through the material of the cat suit. The slave moaned slightly and wriggled again enjoying the tightness of her bondage. She rubbed her legs against each other but still the feeling of emptiness continued. It was not often that her mistress left her pussy empty at any time, let alone while she was tied. The slave longed for the feel of a thick dildo filling her pussy. Again she moaned, for that was the only sound she could manage with the zip of the mask done up, this time a little louder in the hope that her mistress would hear her and come down to the dungeon.Upstairs her mistress readied herself. She glanced at herself in the full length mirror on the door of her wardrobe before opening it and pulling out first a pair of long leather boots which would reach up to the tops of her thighs and then a black low cut corset. Slowly and still watching herself in the mirror she removed her t-shirt and bra and then her skirt revealing a black thong and a pair of pert breasts. Already her nipples were hardening as she thought of what waited for her in the basement. First she pulled on the boots and then slipped the corset over her head and tightened it up at the front with strings. The corset was long enough only to support the bottom half of her breasts and left the nipples well exposed. She smiled at her self in the mirror as she tied her brown hair back out of her face before again opening the door of the wardrobe and retrieving a long black riding crop. Flexing it she turned and walked to her bead. Then keeping her legs straight she bent over and reached under it enjoying as she did so the feeling of the cloth rubbing between her ass cheeks. Then she straightened and stood holding a wooden box about 30cm long and 15 wide. She opened it, looked inside and smiled again, though this time there was a look of need and arousal in the shape of her lips.She turned to go down the stairs but found herself fingering her pussy through the thin material of the thong. She pouted slightly as she realised that she was too horny to start right away, so putting the box and the crop aside she pulled down the thong, stepped out, lay down full length on the bed and spread her legs. She moaned quietly as she fucked herself with two fingers, and had to bite down on a scream as she came but there was no real pleasure in it, not like she would get from the girl who still kneeled and wriggled in her bonds in the basement. Eventually after what seemed hours the slave heard her mistress descending the stairs to the dungeon. The heels of her boots clicked against the concrete floor at every step. Then the slave felt a hand caressing her head before descending to her tits and then to her pussy. She felt the zip at her pussy being slowly opened and she moaned quietly in expectation of what was to come. Mistress Vera slowly felt her slave’s pussy and put her middle finger slowly into it, the girl was soaking. Mistress Vera smiled because she knew that her experiment had worked, the slave was addicted to sex and would from now on be aroused constantly even if she was not fucked or given a dildo. Then as she slid her finger slowly in and out she lent close to her slave’s ear and whispered, “I have a surprise for you.”The slave moaned and moved her hips as much as she could against her mistress’s fingers, she ached for release.“Now, now,” her mistress scolded, “none of that.” She withdrew her fingers from the slave’s sopping pussy. “You know what I think of sluts who try to fuck me.” The slave nodded and kneeled silently whishing for the fingers back inside her.Mistress Vera reached down and slowly unbuckled the strap that held her slave’s elbows together; she then unlocked the padlocks that attached the slave’s ankles to the backs of her thighs. Then clipping a dog lead onto to the front of her collar she pulled her slave into a standing position, still with her ankles tied and hands locked behind her back.“I’m going to get you changed, pet,” Mistress Vera said.Mistress Vera then ran the slave’s lead through a ring in the ceiling pulling it tight so that her slave was forced to stand on tip toe to keep from choking. Satisfied that her pet was going nowhere she unlocked the wrist and ankle cuffs from each other and then removed them from her limbs completely. She then unclipped the zip from the ring at the back of the collar and took a last moment to feel the beautiful girl’s body while it was covered in tight leather. Mistress Vera then unzipped the cat suit all the way to the base and peeled it off her slave. She pulled it down off her legs and the slave stepped out of it. Mistress Vera then reviewed the effect. Her slave now stood before her wearing only the leather face mask which stopped her from talking and seeing, her collar and her high-heeled leather boots. Mistress Vera then removed the facemask and the girl was free to see her mistress for the first time tonight. Mistress Vera saw the girl looking her up and down appraisingly.“You look wonderful mistress,” she said. “Thank you, pet,” Mistress Vera replied smiling at the fact that she now called her mistress automatically.“I’m so horny, will you fuck me mistress? I want to feel something in me.”“I know you do, but not yet, we need to get you into ankara escort your new uniform. Now stop talking.”Mistress Vera then took a ball gag from a cupboard on the wall and pushed it into the slave’s mouth, it filled it nicely. Then Mistress Vera took out from the same cupboard a pair of latex gloves, a blindfold and a bondage bra. The slave’s eyes lit up when she saw the bondage bra and Mistress Vera could tell how much she wanted it and she was pleased because she remembered how little the slave had liked it when her training had begun a month ago. Consistent coupling of the bra with a vibrator worked wonders, though, and now the bra made her horny even if there was no vibrator. First Mistress Vera blindfolded her and then pulled the long gloves, which reached to her elbows up her arms. She then locked the ankle and wrist cuffs onto her again. Then she held up the bra and examined it. It was simply a bra, the straps of which were leather, and could be adjusted in all dimensions using buckles. However there were no cups and it was only the tightness of the rims that supported the breasts. She fitted it onto her slave so that her firm breasts were simply sticking through the holes formed by the rings of leather. She then used the buckles to tighten it so that the breasts stuck further out and formed globes beyond the rim. She then tightened the strap across the slave’s back so that she was forced to pull her shoulders back and display her breasts fully. After a few moments her nipples hardened and her breasts swelled with arousal causing greater constriction. Then seeing her nipples were ready Mistress Vera reached out and pinched them both to make then stiffer before reaching into the cupboard and producing two tiny rings of metal, both with a hinge on one side. The inside of the rings was coated with tiny spikes and once snapped shut they locked and could only be released using a tiny button on their sides. Mistress Vera reached out and snapped these rings around her slave’s nipples causing the sound of a surprised scream from behind her gag. The spikes dug into the nipple both causing pain and ensuring the ring could not be removed; the pain caused both nipples to swell and this caused only greater pressure.“Now you are ready for the surprise,” said Mistress Vera.She pulled the girl’s hands down from exploring her constricted breasts and nipples and secured them behind her back with a padlock, then she unhooked the lead from the ring in the ceiling and using it led her slave over to a table.“Lie down,” she commanded, and the slave did so.Once lying on the table her collar and wrists were firmly locked to rings embedded in the wood. Then Mistress Vera attached chains to rings in the ceiling and lifting her legs one at a time locked her slave’s ankles to them. This left her legs lifted almost vertically and spread as wide as they could be. For the first time Mistress Vera got a chance to have a good look at her slave’s pussy. She felt the lips with the tips of her fingers checking for stubble but there was none- it was beautifully shaven. Even her lips, when she put her mouth down to taste her juice, could not detect a hint of hair. Then Mistress Vera pushed her tongue into her slave’s cunt and licked it quickly feeling the juices flowing around it. Mistress Vera stepped back for a moment to look at her handiwork. There in her basement was an astoundingly beautiful girl tied to her table, her breasts and nipples were swollen and in tight bondage and her pussy was so wet it was dripping onto the table. Then she turned, picked up the box, and opened it. The slave lay in darkness; she could see nothing for the blindfold was perfect. The lack of sights and sounds made what she felt exaggerated- there was constant pain from the clamps in her nipples but it was offset by the wonderful feeling of having her tits tied tightly and swollen. Her legs were spread wide and she felt very vulnerable, it was just how she wanted it, this was what she enjoyed most, the feeling of vulnerability, knowing that her mistress could do anything she wanted to her and she would be able to do nothing to defend herself. Then suddenly her blindfold was removed and she was staring up into the face of her mistress. And her eyes widened as she saw what the woman was holding and realised what the surprise was to be. She struggled in her bonds before realising how useless it was. She started to speak trying to plead with her mistress as the woman began to walk back around to her unprotected pussy but the gag was big and filled her mouth completely, just as she liked it; she could not make a sound. Then the feeling of absolute helplessness washed over her and she felt even hornier than ever. She lifted her head as far as her bonds would allow and looked again at the object in her mistress’s hand. The biggest and thickest dildo the slave had ever seen or even imagined was about to be thrust into her small cunt. She knew that there was no way she could take that whole thing inside her and she struggled again trying to free her legs and hands so that she could defend herself against this huge invader. Her mistress only smiled and said, “Pet, this is big red. I have wanted to show it to you for some time and now I think you are ready.”Then slowly the probing with the dildo began. The slave felt her pussy lips part to admit the tip and slowly the dildo made its way further into her. Her cunt stretched unbelievably but still she had not reached the thickest part. Then the probing stopped. Mistress Vera walked around the table and removed her gag. “Oh mistress, please,” she said immediately, “no more! I can’t take it, it’s too big.” But Mistress Vera ignored her and walked back to her work. Suddenly her pussy hole began to hurt piercingly and the slave screamed but Mistress Vera just kept on pushing it slowly into the hole. The further it got the more the pain increased. Then the slave felt the ridges of the dildo rubbing against the inside of her wet hole and she moaned. The pain began to be replaced by pleasure and when Mistress Vera realised it she sped up. The slave cried out in pleasure-pain. “Oh god, I’ve never taken anything so big. Fuck me! Oh shit it’s big.” And then she realised what she wanted. “Fuck me, more, push it further, stretch me, oh fuck me!” She screamed as her mistress pushed the rest of the huge dildo into her in one go. And there the slave lay feeling full to the brim, still aching but hornier than she had ever been in her life. “Fuck me!” she cried and her mistress complied, pulling the dildo almost all the way out before pushing it hard back in. The slave cried out again in pleasure screaming for more and Mistress Vera kept working the dildo fucking ankara escort bayan her slave with the biggest dildo ever made. “Oh Jesus, harder, more,” she shouted and then fearfully, “Mistress does your slut have permission to cum?”“Not yet slave” came the reply.And the slave tried to hold back her raging pussy for one moment longer but she was on the brink of orgasm and the dildo rammed again into her stretched pussy and she lost control, screaming as a wave of orgasm rushed through her body. Her mistress did not stop pumping though and each thrust took her to a new level of pleasure. Then she peaked and fell back onto the table exhausted.Mistress Vera smiled; she had been waiting for an excuse to punish her slave, because although the slut had been doing as ordered because she had no other choice she had yet to fear her mistress or feel real humility because she had never disobeyed her to any great extent. But now Mistress Vera would have a chance to test out the punishment she had had in mind and so complete the training of her slave.Chapter 2The slave was still tied to the table her pussy stretched and full, raging to be touched when Mistress Vera left her. The slave knew all too well what she had done. There was no need for Mistress Vera to shout or tell her she was to be punished. Mistress Vera’s word was final and now she had betrayed it. But she did not know what her punishment was to be. She lay there, her mind spinning between the pleasure in her pussy, the pain in her breasts and nipples and the fear of her coming punishment. It came soon enough. After an hour or so the slave heard her mistress’ boot heels clicking down the stairs of the dungeon. The slave shivered. “Mistress, I am so sorry. Please…” she began to say but a ball gag was thrust into her mouth and the straps fastened tightly round behind her head, over the top and under her chin causing her to bite down hard on the ball. She couldn’t make a sound.“I know you are my dear little slut,” said Mistress Vera consolingly, “but I must punish you properly so that you will learn from your mistakes and will understand the importance of my orders.” The slave nodded slightly, knowing she was powerless to resist.“Your punishment will be in two parts,” Mistress Vera continued. “The first will be pain; the second, humiliation. This will teach you that you are a slave, my slave. I can make you do anything I want, you will obey my orders and you will not cum without permission. Is that clear slut?” Again the slave nodded.Restraint by restraint, Mistress Vera unlocked the slave’s ties from the table and after attaching a lead to the ring in the front of her steel collar she pulled her slave upright and led her to the centre of the dungeon where she tied the lead to a ring in the ceiling. She then clicked the tiny button on the side of the nipple clamps and removed them. The pain of blood returning caused a whimper from behind the gag. She then unbuckled the leather straps, which still restrained the slave’s breasts and then removed the bondage bra. Finally she reached down and stroked the slave’s sopping pussy. Moving very slowly she reached between her legs and pulled out the huge dildo. Again the slave moaned as an overpowering sense of emptiness engulfed her. She was left naked but for her leather boots, her collar, restraints, leather gloves and the ball gag filling her mouth entirely. She rubbed her legs together trying to moan past the gag but she could make no sound. Mistress Vera smiled and untied the lead from the ceiling. The slave was led over to another part of the dungeon where a metal frame stood. It was in the shape of a square with a single cross bar just below the height of the slave’s waist. She was pulled over to stand with the crossbar against the front of her legs. Mistress Vera kneeled down behind her, pulled her legs wide apart and locked her ankles to two rings on the bottom bar of the frame. She was spread wide, her ass and pussy open. Mistress Vera walked round the frame and pulling down on the slave’s lead, forced her to bend over. Then she quickly padlocked the slave’s wrist restraints to her ankles. She unclipped the lead and the slave was left securely tied, bent at the waist over the cross bar of the metal frame, ass high in the air. The slave tested this new bondage and found it complete. The spreader bar prevented her from moving her legs at all and she was pulled tightly over the cross bar so that she had no movement in her arms and couldn’t even slide her ass sideways along the bar. She loved the feeling of being completely at the mercy of her mistress and began to get even hornier. She wished she was in this position for a fucking but realising she was not reminded her of what was to come and filled her with terror. Mistress Vera left her there for a while to appreciate her situation. She walked over to a cupboard in the corner of the dungeon where she kept her whips; the slave tried to turn her head to see where she was going but couldn’t. Mistress Vera picked out a black leather flogger. It consisted of a handle with thirty or forty leather thongs coming out of it. Each thong had a knot tied in the end. It was perfect for what she had planned.Mistress Vera walked back over to where her slave wriggled vainly and began to tell her what was to happen. “Slave. This is a flogger.” Mistress Vera held the flogger down so that the slave could see it. “I am going to whip that little ass of yours with it. Pain will teach you to obey orders. You will get twenty flogs on each ass cheek. Enjoy it my little slut.”With that she stood back and the first whip landed on the slave’s unprotected ass. The slave’s muscles tightened and her neck arched with the pain of the first searing slash. She screamed behind her gag but could make no sound. Mistress Vera left no time for her to recover, landing another, harder lash down on her other ass cheek. Mistress Vera continued, counting each flog aloud, never leaving enough time for the slave to recover. The slave struggled against her bondage, her muscles rippling but to no use and she soon collapsed into the bonds, her breaths coming in short gasps while tears flowed from her eyes, but then Mistress Vera stopped. Her breathing continued, heavy. Her ass felt as if it was on fire. She could feel the mark that each lash had made on her bare ass as if she had been branded. But still Mistress Vera did not strike and the slave realised that it was over. Mistress Vera had counted her forty strokes. Mistress Vera left her there for a while and walked back over to the cupboard and replaced the flogger. She stood there for a while as if browsing and finally reached out and took a black riding crop. She was not yet escort ankara done with her slave. She walked firmly back towards her slave admiring the colour of her ass and wondering if she could take any more pain yet. The slave still lay over the cross bar of the frame her muscles lax. Mistress Vera walked round to her front and whispered to her, “It’s not over yet. I haven’t paid those tits of yours any attention.”With that she unlocked the slave’s wrists from her ankles and pulling her upright locked them behind her back. She then picked up a leather strap off a table and used it to buckle the slave’s elbows tightly together. The slave moaned as her breasts were pushed forward but her brain was not yet registering what was happening. Mistress Vera then clicked two catches and removed the cross bar from the frame. Propping it against a wall, she walked over to another cupboard behind her and removed a number of leather straps, which looked rather like the bondage bra the slave had been wearing earlier. These she attached to the two vertical and to the top bar of the frame so that two circles of leather were suspended just in front of the slave’s breasts. Mistress Vera loosened the first one and pulled the slave’s breast into it before tightening it up with a buckle. She then did the same with the other buckle. The slave stood tied to her frame, breasts proudly thrust forward forming globes beyond the tight constriction of the leather straps, her nipples firmly erect.Mistress Vera then brought out her crop and flexed it in front of her slave. “Slave you will now be spanked with this crop. Your tits need to learn, like your ass has done, the cost of disobeying me.” The slave shook her head desperately but there was no escape. She could feel her breasts throbbing and swelling in their bondage and she tried to move. There was almost no movement in her chest as the supporting straps of her breast bondage were pulled very tight and there was none in her arms or legs. She stood looking at the crop with horror and thinking of what it would do to her sensitive swollen breasts. Suddenly, without warning Mistress Vera brought the crop sharply down on the slave’s breast, filling it with fire. The slave screamed but the gag filling her mouth muffled it to a silent groaning. As the burning pain in her breast began to subside the next stroke fell, this time on the other breast. “Two,” Mistress Vera counted.The pain of the whipping soon brought the slave back to reality and she struggled in her restraints trying to avoid the blazing pain of the crop. But even slight movements caused tugging on her bound breasts and they ached sharply. Slowly the fight was spanked out of her and she began to sag in her bonds. Her breasts took the weight and she was forced to pull herself upright again. Her head spun and darkness closed in as she began to lose consciousness. But it did not quite depart. The pain had stopped, her breasts, now bright red, smouldered. The mist cleared from the slave’s eyes and she looked up, but at that moment Mistress Vera brought down the last two strokes in quick succession. One on each of the slave’s swollen nipples. The pain rocketed through the slave’s body and her whole body stiffened and she swayed ready to pass out, but she remained standing and Mistress Vera smiled. “Your pain is nearly over now,” she said, “there is just one more area which needs a lesson.”Mistress Vera placed the crop down on a table and stepping forward unbuckled the leather straps from around the slave’s breasts. They were swollen to much larger than their normal size and were bright red, here and there welts rose up off the skin. Mistress Vera gently rubbed a cream into them enjoying their size. She then removed the leather straps from the frame and the slave was left standing, her legs still spread wide by the ankle restraints.Mistress Vera walked slowly round behind her slave letting the psychological impact of the fact that her punishment was not over sink in. She unbuckled the leather strap, which held the slave’s elbows, and then unlocked the slave’s wrists. The slave was too weak to resist when Mistress Vera pulled her arms up and locked her wrist restraints to two rings close together in the top bar of the frame. She then unlocked the slave’s ankle restraints and the slave was able to stand with her feet together, which she moved to do, slowly and painfully. Mistress Vera walked round to the front of the frame and reaching up attached two chains to rings in the ceiling about three feet from the top bar of the frame. The ends of the chains hung at the same height as the slave’s wrist restraints though much father apart. Mistress Vera then bent down and firmly grabbed the slave’s ankle. She then stood, pulling the ankle up off the ground so that the slave was left standing on one leg. Mistress Vera then locked the ankle’s restraint to the end of the first chain. She repeated the operation with the other leg leaving the slave suspended her legs held wide apart showing off her shaven pussy.“Now my pet we will finish your pain.” Mistress Vera took up the crop again and began to pat its hard leather tip on her slave’s wide open pussy. She used it to circle her wet pussy hole and even stroked its corner against her clit. The slave moaned and arched her back slightly. Without warning Mistress Vera drew the crop back and brought it down as hard as she could on the slave’s pussy. Fire exploded in the slave’s brain eradicating all thought. Then darkness took her.Mistress Vera slowly unlocked her slave’s restraints and lowered her to the floor. She took a thick leather blindfold from a drawer and buckled it tightly over the slave’s eyes. She was not to see anything when she finally woke up. Mistress Vera then gently spread the girl’s legs and pushed a small vibrator into her sopping pussy. She set it to a slow pulse, she wanted her slave horny but not to cum. She would not be allowed to cum until her punishment was over. She then pulled a pair of latex panties onto the slave to stop the vibrator sliding out of her pussy. Then she attached chains to each of her ankles and pulling them back clipped them to her wrists holding her in a loose hog tie. The slave was then half dragged, half carried to her cage in the corner of the dungeon and once inside the door locked. Mistress Vera walked over to the wall and clicked a switch. A rumbling sound came from above and the cage was lifted slowly off the ground by a chain attached to one of the top bars. Mistress Vera smiled, everything was panning out nicely and it would not be too difficult at all to cook up some interesting surprises for the next half of her slave’s punishment.End of part oneIf you feel attracted to the slave part contact me [email protected] but only if you need a Mistress I don’t have time for chit chat and it’s the only way to get part 2 of this story.I only accept nymphomaniac sluts who are ready 24/7 to serve me online and absolute obedient

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