Naughty Vixen Ch. 01


I had the pleasure of dating this little hot girl that I appropriately named Vixen. She was a beautiful half Cuban and half American girl. She had dark hair, dark eyes, a slim but shapely body and a pretty face. She was sexy, smart, witty and was just an overall really cool chick. She always kept her cunt nice and bare by getting it waxed silky smooth on a regular basis. Her ass was so fine that when we went out on dates I’d always catch a bunch of men young and old lusting over it. She was 25 years old and she loved cock. She loved getting fucked in her hot little pussy or in her tight little ass. She also loved cumm. She loved to swallow it and if it was a big enough load ( which it usually was most of the time) She would love to rub some of the extra cumm all over her little pussy . Anyway on with the story. I was about 44 at the time and this is one of the stories I remembered.

One night we were hanging out chilling in bed when she told me that one of her desires and fantasy’s was for me to fuck another girl while she watched. She said that it would be a major turn on for her to see me have sex and cumm all over a sexy girl that had a smoking hot body. Hot body meant nice ass, slim waist and big tits. Big tits really excited little Vixie who had nice but smaller tits. She even agreed to join in if I wanted her to. After I realized that this wasn’t a trick question I got pretty excited about the deal. I’m sure that this really excited her that not only did I agree to participate in her fantasy but it each and every time she would mention it, which was usually while she just happened to be stroking my cock, I would quickly become hard as a rock and shoot massive loads of cumm every where. This thrilled her to know that I was so into it. So —- For her willingness to be willing to allow me to fuck another girl I thought it would only be fair to treat her to a little fun as well.

So I thought about it and I went to the local sex shop and looked around and I eventually bought her one of those realistic dildos that was molded after some young porn star. It was an impressive dildo. It was much larger than my own cock. It was brownish black so I appropriately named it “Brownie”. It was made out of that high dollar material that felt like real skin. It was about ten inches long and it was very very thick.

I bought her this big fat cock because, after one fun night of having a few extra drinks she told me about some hot sex that she used to have when she was a little younger and wilder. She told me some really hot stories about her ex who she said had a huge dick and about a few lucky guys that she picked up and sport fucked. She told me about the different times and locations that she hooked up them. She was a pretty naughty girl. She talked about the ex-boyfriend the most. Evidently she enjoyed fucking his big fat dick the best because when she talked about him she would get super horny. They also made me horny as well because each time I heard one of her stories I shot big loads of cumm. What could I say? She was a just a very naughty little girl who just really loved to fuck.

One story in particular stuck out in particular with me probably because I think it was one of the first of several stories that Escort Bahçelievler she told me. One night while we were in bed watching a porno of some young and well hung guy fucking some hot little girl I just simply asked her if she had ever been fucked by a cock that big. The guy in this particular video had a really big cock. I thought she would laugh and say hell no but boy was I surprised.

We were fondling each other at the time and she smiled and took her hand off my cock and slowly spread her legs further apart. She slowly started rubbing her own smooth and silky pussy lips and that’s when she quickly reminded me about her ex. She said that his cock was one of the biggest she had ever had and that it was just as big (if not bigger) as the stud in the porno. She told me about one night in particular that she was sound asleep.

She said she was sleeping face down on her bed with her “pokey” nice ass exposed. She said she awoke to her ex kneeling behind her. She said he was moaning and groaning and jacking his big dick while admiring her perfect ass. She said that he had been out on the town and had a few drinks and evidently was horny so he just decided to jackoff all over her bare ass before he went to sleep. She said it made her wet as hell laying there listening to the sound of him pounding his big meat. I think that since she was still half out of it added to the excitement. She told me that he didn’t have to stroke long before he shot a heavy thick load of cumm all over her well shaped ass. She said that she let him finish then she reached around and scooped most of the cumm up and started rubbing the warm cream all over her throbbing and aching pussy. She told me that her pussy was soaking wet but she knew that she needed some extra lube to be able to fit his monster dick in her tight little hole.

I could tell that she was getting very excited telling me about fucking her ex. She told me that she continued stroking her pussy and teasing her clit as she started licking and sucking on his half erect but still sizable cock.

After masterfully licking and sucking on her ex’s semi hard cock for a brief period she was able to quickly get his horse dick rock hard again. After teasing him for awhile she told me that she made him lay him down on his back and since her cunt was properly primed she wanted to ride it by sitting on it.

She didn’t give me all the details but I’m sure She fucked him real good. I just imagined that she sat above him and rubbed that swollen purple cock head up and down on the opening of her hot silky tight slit. I’m sure she teased him with juicy opening until he simply reached up and slowly pulled her down onto his big shaft. Just a little at a time so her tight pussy could adjust to taking his super sized pole. Knowing that this little Vixen aimed to please I’m sure she took his shaft ball deep then I’m sure she fucked him good by rhythmically sliding up and down and until they both exploded with an intense orgasm. I imagine he squirted this heavy load deep in to her slippery cunt.

So this is why I bought her the big thick dildo “brownie”. I was fairly confident that I knew that she didn’t want her ex back for another Bahçeşehir escort relationship but I felt like she missed fucking his big fat dick. My cock is average at best so I thought she would really appreciate a good change of pace. She spoiled me so I thought she deserved some spoiling as well.

One hot Saturday during the summer we went to see a rock concert in a neighboring city and we reserved a nice hotel room. Being out of town we both felt a little naughty. She had bought herself a hot new outfit and she dressed to kill that night with some new skin tight black spandex pants and her new black sexy thong.

We had a great time at the rock concert and had a quite a few drinks. We went and hit a few more bars and I noticed a lot of men checking her out. Her ass was even more stunning because I had never seen these skin tight spandex pants on her before. Drunk and horny We eventually get back to the hotel room and we started fooling around.

I pulled out some ky and “Brownie” the big thick dildo and I put it in her hand. She laughed at first and said it was way too big. I reminded her of her story about her ex and his big cock and then she just laughed and smiled. I told her that I wanted to fuck her in the ass but I also wanted her to fuck this big monster cock in her pussy at the same time. She smiled and quickly agreed.

For a little warm up I attached it to the bed with it’s suction cups. I didn’t have to tell her twice because she quickly grabbed the ky and rubbed it all over the thick dong. She quickly yanked her tight pants off. pulled her sexy thong to the side and eagerly backed up her smoothly waxed and bare pussy to the monster cock in a doggy style position. I knew it had been awhile since she had fucked such a big cock because she took a little time to get her little pussy prepared. She started slowly by rubbing the big head of the cock on her silky smooth and bald wet opening. Then she slowly and gently eased it in. I could tell by her facial expressions that she was enjoying every second of it.

It was a very hot scene. She moaned and groaned as she slowly worked that big cock it in to her hot little cunt. Once she got it in about half way she started picking up the pace a little more by moving a little faster up and down on this big fat dildo. I could tell she was getting used to fucking the big cock again because she started fucking it much harder than I was expecting. The cock she was telling me ten minutes before that was way too big was now quickly and eagerly being ridden hard like the race horse Seattle Slew. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe she really liked big cocks, maybe it was both- but who really cares. She was a beautiful hot little girl and we were both very horny and it turned us both on. My cock was throbbing with anticipation from watching the show. Nothing like seeing a hot beautiful girl moaning and groaning while fucking a big fat cock.

I watched for a while than I told her I needed to get in on the action. Being the pleaser that she was she quickly agreed. I pulled down my pants and pulled out my cock and put it close to her lips while she was still fucking the big cock doggy style. She quickly and eagerly took my Bakırköy escort bayan cock in her mouth. She started licking and sucking me like wild. It was incredibly great head as usual but with more passion. I could tell she was majorly turned on. She had fucked a lot but I think that this was her first experience with two cocks ( even though one was a dildo). She told me she loved it. I was thinking damn we are going to have to make this a reality one day.

Anyway– I was as hard as a rock and ready for her tight ass so I laid down on my back. I had her lay on top of me with her ass towards me and her face towards the ceiling. She stroked me with her hand for awhile then she rubbed some ky on my aching cock. I was as hard as concrete. She teased the head of my cock on her ass opening for awhile then she slowly slid it in her super tight ass. I’m not a huge ass fucking kind of guy but I was loving this.

She slowly worked my cock ball deep into her tight ass and the she slowly started fucking me. It was hot. I reached around and rubbed her throbbing wet pussy. Her usually tight pussy was a little stretched from just fucking the big fat dildo. It was pretty sexy. She reached over and grabbed the huge brown dildo again and slowly rubbed it on her aching cunt opening while my cock was slowly fucking her tight ass.

She moaned with pleasure. She slowly started pushing it in her tight hole. Her ass clinched tightly around my cock each time she tried to push it in. This felt incredible. She finally slit it in and was finally getting filled with two cocks for the first time. She was absolutely loving it. It didn’t take her long before she had both cocks ball deep inside her. She quickly had an orgasm that sent her body into wave like tremors. It was amazing. After the first intense orgasm she started fucking like wild by jamming both cocks in her fast and hard. Her ass was super tight and it didn’t take me long to shoot my big thick load deep into her ass. Heavily tired, spent and drunk I got up and got some water and went to bed.

Vixen still horny and craving more of the big fat cock continued to fuck herself with “Brownie”. Who knows for how long. I just know that she was smiling from ear to ear the next morning when we were having breakfast.

I asked her how she felt and she told me that she felt great except that her pussy was a little sore. She said that every time that she had fucked a really big dick that she would always have to take a few Advil afterwards to relieve the pain from the soreness. She said it was a very small price to pay for being able to fuck big fat cocks when she craved them. She said this as she was laughing and woofing down a few Advil at the time.

I noticed that for a girl that never once had a headache that she sure did pull out and put onto the table for me to see the biggest bottle of Advil that I had ever seen. Was she letting me know that she was currently fucking some big cocked guy or guys on the side? Maybe she was just hinting to me that she was wanting too. Maybe she just had it “just in case”. I knew that just recently a single and good looking new guy, that was rumored to have a really big dick, had just started working with her. Maybe she was planning on fucking him. Maybe she already was. I wasn’t sure either way but she just winked and smiled and told me that she was looking forward to telling me about some more of her fantasy’s and some more stories about some of her past hot fuck sessions that she had experienced. Instantly my cock got hard as a rock. What a great girl!!

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