Mom’s Awakening


Part 1 – Chapter 1

My name is George, I am 20 years of age. I live with my Mom Delilah of 49 years and my dad Mark whom retired a few years ago.

My moms outdoor attire is very modest and respectable. At home she wears a home-style short-sleeve night gown with her knees showing with panties underneath and she doesn’t wear a bra. It was normal for me to see her breasts moving under her gown. Whenever we have guests or she opens the door for someone she wears another night gown over her gown. Her skin color is milky white. Her breasts are large but not sagging and she has a full-grown ass but not flabby.

Our hum-drum lives were about to change when we got new neighbors across the hall. A man and his wife and their son. I introduced myself to the son (John) he is the same age as me and we became friends in no time, soon we would come to spend a lot of time together at his place or my place.

After a while I noticed that he kept stealing glances at my mother with lust and he always adjusted his pants in front of her and that bothered me very much, and I told him so. So he told me bluntly that he wishes to fuck my mom. I yelled at him and he calmed me down and said ok forget what I said, but of course I got angry with him and I told him to forget that we are friends and to not come over ever again.

He left the house and I kept thinking, should I tell my mom and warn her about him or would I upset her if I told her this?

I decided not to tell her and that he would most likely stay away from her but the next day I found him in our house. I asked my mom, what is he doing here, she said he is waiting for you. I told him why did you come?

John: Forget what I said and let’s stay friends as we were.

Me: How should I forget that you want to fuck my mom?

John: Don’t you trust her?

Me: Yes

John: Ok, so I won’t be able to do anything and let’s stay friends, I don’t want to lose you as a friend.

I thought about what he said and I thought he was right, he wouldn’t be able to do anything with my mom, so I told him OK.

This became the norm with him being in my house and me at his house.

After a while my mom felt like he was just like her son. Instead of wearing two nightgowns she only wore one. So when she was in front of him he can see her legs till under her knees and if she moves her hands he can see her arms in front of him.

When I talked to her about this she said, she treats him like he is her own son like you, it’s normal.

But I noticed that he started talking to her more often and keeps having conversations with her. One time I told him to stop doing what he is doing I told you this before.

John: Aren’t you sure that your mom is a decent woman?

Me: Yes of course.

John: Ok so we agree

Me: agree about what?

ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ

Part 1 — Chapter 2

John: You trust that your mom is a respectable woman and she would never do anything with me and I bet that I can do anything I want with her and let me try and we will see.

Me: Of course not!

John: Oh, so you don’t trust her then

Me: No I do trust her

John: Ok so we agree

Me: Fine we agree

John left and I felt that he had fooled me into accepting this crazy little game of his. I kept thinking all night, thinking of what he will do.

Next day he came to our house early and we sat together for a while, then he said he wanted to go to the toilet. But I felt that he had been gone for quite a long time. So I decided to go see what was up. I found him standing there talking to my mom and his eyes are all over her. Then all of a sudden I saw him adjusting his pants and after that it was clear that his cock was fully erect in his pants.

After they talked for a bit I found him coming towards the room and I pretended to not know what had just happened. But I was surprised that he told me everything that happened. He told me that he saw my mom looking at his hard cock.

His words put me in a state of shock and I wasn’t able to respond but at the same time I felt so aroused.

The next day he came over and sat with me and then he told me that he was going to try again with my mom (he had removed all of the barriers between us and he told me bluntly everything he was planning on doing) He stood up and I stood behind the door to see what he was doing. I found him going into the kitchen and he stood behind her as if he was about to startle her playfully and she was startled for sure. But when she got startled she leaned backwards so her ass touched and felt his cock in his pants. She stayed in that position for a few seconds until she collected herself and they started talking. I noticed that my mom had meant to move her hands around a lot so that her boobs would shake underneath the nightgown as if she wanted to show him her “assets”.

It remained like this for a few days and I had forgotten about the issue and I told myself that this would be the extent of what John could do and nothing else was going bursa escort to happen between them. But after a few days it was time for my dad to receive his pension so he left the house early to go get it. We were at home my mom and I. John came of course. After John entered the house I found my mom telling me to get dressed to get some groceries, I told her what about John? She said we aren’t going to kick him out are we? He can stay in your room until you come back. I told John to come to my room and said I’m gonna run a few errands and I will be back. He said, don’t go anywhere and don’t get anything and just wait behind the door. I told him why? He said, just do as I say. So I did, just like he said and after she closed the door I opened it again and I entered slowly and when I approached my room I heard my mom laughing and I got closer and found her sitting in front of John who was sitting on my bed and they were talking.

Mom: Enough with the jokes, John.

John: The important thing is I made you laugh ma’am.

Mom: “Ma’am?” what do you mean “ma’am” I am younger than your mom.

John: hahahahahah

Mom: are you laughing at me boy?

John: What should I say to you

Mom: Call me Dolly

And John stood up in front of my mom

Mom: What’s wrong boy?

John: Nothing Dolly I’m just standing

Mom: No you seem very naughty

John: I will show you naughty

And John pounced on my mom while she was sitting on the chair and kissed her and she didn’t move at all. He was kissing her and moving his lips and tongue all over her face and neck and he stopped suddenly.

Mom (angrily): Why did you stop?

John: George will be back.

Mom: Keep going boy! I sent him to get a few things, it’s gonna be a while till he comes back.

John looked at me and saw me while I was looking at them.

John: But your son is my friend

Mom (yelling): fuck my son, just continue what you are doing.

John pulled her towards him and hugged her while they stood and kissed her and his hands were feeling up her body and then he touched her shoulders and brought her to the floor on her knees and he took off his pants and it was clear that he was preparing himself as he was wearing pants without underwear so once he took it off his cock appeared right in front of her face. She understood what he wanted and she touched it with her hand and the other hand was moving all over his body until John got aroused and he lifted my mom up and she stood in front of him and he kissed her again and at the same time he was moving his cock on her pussy and then he laid her down on my bed and he went down on her pussy and she started to feel aroused and her moans became louder.

Mom: put it in please

John: put what and where?

Mom: put your cock in my pussy

John: Right here on your sons bed?

John started to insert his cock into her pussy and she was aroused and she started trembling and moaning while he went up and down with his body on her and his cock going in and out of her pussy.

Mom: Really hard

John: You aint seen nothing yet

Mom: Fuck me! I’m your fuck doll.

John: Take it you slut


And he kept fucking her and mom trembled 3 times and at the end he took out his cock

Mom: Why did you take it out?

John: I’m gonna cum

Mom: Put it back in, you fag and cum inside me

John: I will show you what this fag is about to do to you.

And John put it in again and he kept moving until he came and he took it out of her pussy with his cum dripping from her cunt.

ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ــــــــــــــــا

Part 1 — Chapter 3

Mom: Ohhhhhhhhh

They both got up from my bed and put on their clothes and once they got up John started laughing.

Mom: What are you laughing at boy?

John: You came all over your son’s bed sheets and drenched it.

Mom: Fuck, I lost myself completely.

John: Well do something about it before he gets back

I got out of the apartment and pretended that I had just returned.

John: your son’s here

Mom: don’t worry I will handle it

I had reached the door of my room and I opened it and found John sitting normally on the chair and mom was standing, in her hands new sheets for the bed.

Me: what happened Mom?

Mom: Nothing, your friend spilled juice all over your sheets so I will clean it and get a new one for you

Me: Ok

Mom left with the bed sheets and John and I remained in the room

John: Did you see that?

Me (sadly): Yes

John: Don’t be upset, all women in the world need some good loving and I will fuck her without any scandals and it’s better that she does this with me than with a stranger who could blackmail her or scandalize her.

Me: I wish you had never come here

John: If I hadn’t come she would have found someone else and he could scandalize her like I told you.

John’s words started to have an effect on me and at the same time I felt so unbelievably turned on by what I just saw from my bursa escort bayan mom.

Me: Ok

John: and the fact that we are friends that has nothing to do with what’s between your mom and me and if you want to watch us all the time I will help you

Me: No I don’t wanna see that

John: As you like

John left and dad came after he received his pension and I remained in my room all day and mom realized that and she came to ask what was wrong and of course I didn’t say anything. That day I saw my mother differently and I began to notice her the same way I had when I described her before. She doesn’t wear a bra at home and I noticed how visible her nipples were through her nightgown

Me (in my head): Can’t blame John for lusting after her

Mom: why have you spaced out?

Me: No reason

Mom: you seem different today

(because she has done something wrong she feels like all eyes are on her)

Me: No im ok

Mom: Ok after you go to Uni tomorrow I will go get some stuff for the house

Me: Ok

Mom left and I started thinking for a bit and then I decided to call John

Me: Hi John, I want to see you tomorrow, together.

John: Why tomorrow?

Me: Don’t play the fool with me.. I know she is coming over to see you tomorrow.

John: Hahahahaha she sent me a text message she said I shouldn’t go to Uni tomorrow and for me to wait for her. Ok come tomorrow to my house early and I will let you watch everything.

Me: Ok

I ended the conversation with John and laid on my bed. I kept thinking about tomorrow and I told myself: If being a whore will make you happy we shall see…

ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــــــــــــــــــ

Part 1 — Chapter 4

The next day I woke up early and I told her I am going to Uni. But instead of going to Uni I went down to the street and went up again to the apartment in front of us (John’s apartment) He answered the door

John: Welcome

Me: Hi

We entered the apartment and I sat with him

Me: Is there no one else home?

John: No, Mom and Dad left for work

Me: Oh okay

John was wearing a t-shirt and football shorts and after we sat down he started disrobing.

Me: What are you doing?

John: Hahahahah don’t worry I’m not into men

Me: Then why are you taking off your clothes

John: Your mom will be here in another half hour and I want her to see and for you to watch this legendary moment.

John stripped off completely and went over to his room and came back with his laptop and a few things in a bag.

Me: What are these things?

John: This is the laptop for me to get warmed up before she gets here, and you will see what’s in the bag when the time comes.

Me: Ok

John opened the laptop and he searched for the sex forum and looked at the section for stories about incestuous relationships and cuckolding. Especially those stories that involve hot moms, and we started to get aroused.

John: Why don’t you strip down as well?

Me: Mind your own business

John: I told you I am not into men, just strip down so you feel more comfortable that’s all.

I got up and took my clothes off too and we sat down and read the stories.

John: Your mom will be here in ten minutes

It turned me on that my mom will be here in ten minutes to get fucked and my cock was hard. I compared it to John’s cock, his was long but my cock was thicker by a bit even thought it was a little bit shorter than his.

The doorbell rang

Me: I will hide in the bathroom

John: What bathroom you fool, after we fuck we will go to the bathroom, where will you go then?

Me: Then where shall I go?

John: Go to my parents’ bedroom as we will not enter that room.

Me: Ok

John: And take my clothes and your clothes with you

I entered the room and luckily enough that the door of the bedroom was facing the hall but at an angle, which means while I’m in the door and it’s slightly opened I can see the entire hall but whoever is outside cannot see that there is someone inside, unless they knew.

So John went and looked through the peephole and waved at me that it was my mom who was outside and he was still naked as he was. He opened the door and stayed behind the door and my mom was wondering why the door was opening and there was no one in front of it. My mom entered with a soft sigh..

Mom: John…John…

My mom was wearing a black veiled dress with some embroidery and buttons on it. My mom entered the apartment and quickly John had pushed the door to close it and he was now behind her. He hugged her from behind

Mom: You startled me boy!

John: your body is so tender, Dolly

John was hugging my mom and his dick was in between her ass cheeks and his hand was moving towards her boobs from the front and the other hand on her stomach.

Mom: Ohhhhhhhhhh

John: No wait the day is young

John held her from her hand and sat her on his lap on the couch and he started kissing escort bursa her while his hands were playing around her body. He got her up and played some songs from the laptop.

John: Dance, you slut..

Mom: I will show you a proper dance.

Mom took off the veil and tied it around her and she started to dance in front of John who was sitting on the couch naked playing with his cock. Every time mom comes closer until she is right in front of him and when he tries to reach for her she goes back teasing him and she continued dancing until she started to sweat. She began to unbutton her dress and this was a surprise to me. Mom underneath the dress was completely naked too, and she wasn’t wearing anything.

John: Hahahahahahah oh you slut!

Mom: Come here

Mom hopped on top of John on the couch and she started kissing him aggressively and biting his lips and pulled his tongue. She proceeded to lick his body until she reached his cock.

Mom: Your cock is sizzling hot

John: All for you my slut

John stood up and he faced me so that my mom’s back would be to me and she fell to her knees and she started to lick his cock head with her tongue

John: Your tongue is so nice

Mom of course couldn’t answer because his cock was in her mouth and she started sucking.

John held her head and started playing with her hair while she sucked his cock and he put his hand on her back until he reached her ass and once he touched it, it sent shock waves throughout her body.

Mom: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

John lifted her up and she was standing in front of him and he hugged her while his cock was grinding against her pussy from the front and his hand was groping her ass. He laid her on the couch and went down on her licking her pussy. Her pussy had a little light hair on it and John once he went down on her started to pull her hair with his teeth and that really aroused her.

Mom: What are you doing you son of a whore?

John: You are the whore and I will make you scream as well..

John started licking her pussy and move his hand on her pussy and she felt really aroused.

Mom: Ohhhhhhhhhhh

John stopped licking

Mom: continue licking boy!

John (while looking at me): Say who you are first.

Mom: I am your friends mom, the whore of your cock. Continue licking please.

John continued licking her pussy after he laughed at me to show me what a whore my mom has become.

Mom: Lick me more

John: that’s enough you slut

John started to rub his cock on her pussy lips and he sucked on her nipples while she moaned

John: You want it Slut?

Mom: Yes

John: Put it in yourself

John adjusted himself and his dick was positioned on my moms pussy lips and my mom started to move upward on the couch so that his cock may enter her pussy and only his cockhead entered.

Mom: Ohhhhhhhhhh

John: You are so slow.

John went down with his body in a swift movement and so all of his cock had entered her pussy.

Mom: Ohhhhhhhhhh

John was now on top of her and he was kissing her from the lips and he was going up and down on her body. They remained in this position for a quarter of an hour. Afterwards he let her change position and she would ride him. She started to hop on his cock and bounced up and down with high speed and she moaned.

John: Slowly you slut

Mom: I am unable to control myself

John was playing with her nipples and pulling it down when she would bounce up and the opposite in order to arouse her more, until my mom came more than three times and I had stopped counting how many times she came.

John: damn you, I think I’m about to come.

Mom: damn you!, I came already and my pussy is swollen.

John: I will come you slut

Mom: Cum in my pussy

John: Here you go take it

Mom: ohhhhhhhhhhh

Mom got down from John’s cock, his semen dripping from her pussy

John: Let’s go to the bathroom

They both got up to take a shower and I left the room with my cock rock hard. I went to the couch where they had been fucking. Once I smelled the scent of their fucking I came without touching my cock. I headed to the bathroom after that.

ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــ

Part 1 – Chapter 5

I went to the bathroom where John had convinced her to leave the door open because nobody else is there in the apartment (of course that was just for me to be able to watch) The sight was so exciting and the shower was running and John was standing beneath it and the water was running down on his body and mom was on her knees in front of him sucking his cock while he played with her hair. He lifted her and she was the one standing beneath the shower head and he was the one on his knees licking her pussy

John: your pussy is so tasty, so beautiful


Mom was in a whole other world due to the oral skills of John on her pussy and she closed her eyes and she didn’t answer him while he continued licking her pussy. Until mom started to tremble and moan and she felt like she was going to fall but she leaned on John.

John looked at the door and saw me and he waved at me so I ran to the bedroom where I was hiding at first and I found John carrying her between his arms and laid her on the couch. Mom had started to recollect herself.

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