Monday morning fuck


Slowly circling Sliding down Cork-screwing Paragliding Back from pleasure’s peak My heaven Bliss My favourite moment Just before I sink to kiss His eyes, his lips And take his flesh Into my depths Once more Controlled and conscious  Hold him Press and squeeze and Feel him fill my body As he fills my soul I whisper ‘Did you?’ ‘No.’ I know Forgo the mess The slow egress Into my mundane Monday workday knickers ‘Thanks.’ Teasing, easing upwards Till I hold the tip While pressing milky pillows to his groaning lips I eye the clock’s Admonishing finger Linger yet another precious moment And another ‘Sorry, Hun, I’m late He’ll have to wait…’ I leap isveçbahis up Take him once into my mouth then Kiss Lips sealed and feel his sweet acceptance Understanding my role’s all-demanding Nature Oh, but god, his dick So hard and thick, still slick with me All hunger, hope, he gropes it Tickles, strokes Alas, my head’s not full of him But work Already crunching paper forms Placating kids and staff I hit the bathroom Welcome the deluge Planning the day Rehearsing what I have to say I need to… Soapy fingers find the place  Where he has been Caress what only he has seen Sweet lubrication Washed away No mess A smile twists into dull isveçbahis giriş regret The tumbling drops The spurting spray Both bring to mind His need, my loss I leave the steam, the heat And dripping, tiptoe shivering To the door And press an ear to Creaking, rasping urgent breath I barge I burst I leap – Spray sprays Hair flays – Astride his hips He gasps and grasps and slips inside I ride I rain We glisten Listen to our fleshy slaps My slurping vacuum womb I’m drizzling on his lap His naked chest, And grateful face While laughing ‘Come on, lover Top me up I need to feel my knickers  Filling Feel my wet cunt spilling out your cream isveçbahis yeni giriş Each time I cross, uncross Throughout my mundane Monday morning meeting Bleating sheep and silly cows… Now pump it up me Squirt your dirty mess Cum, baby Pour your love inside me!’  Clock admonishes again I still it with a steely stare Yet pray he’s nearly there He is All biting teeth and taloned fingers Pelvis rising Clashing, stabbing life into my private hole I pummel till he winces Flinches Inches in and out Then holds me Hugs me till I break free Frenzied Black bra, knickers, hold ups Lips and lashes Freckled splashes Hair’s a fucked-up frizzled mess Zip up my dress Stamp into heels Snatch up my bag and keys And coat The mirror cries You laid in Got laid Took his load And now I bet it’s dripping in your knickers Quick! Run! Dash back up the stairs And grab a couple of spare pairs *****

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