Morning becomes electric.


Morning becomes electric.I have long been an enthusiastic participant in phone sex especially during the days when I travelled a great deal. Travel simultaneously limits and expands opportunities. On the plus side is the provision of long distance relationships and opportunities for honing one’s proclivity for talking dirty. The negative side should be obvious and flows directly from the positive. Still, the s**ttered moments of sheer exhilaration should not be denigrated. One morning of a trip, a friend called me early knowing that often I’m a very early riser. We long had enjoyed calling each other in part for the scratching of an itch not readily susceptible of 1xbet yeni giriş amelioration otherwise. She could be most accomodating like the time I called when she was in bed between fucks, proceeded to recount for me in lubricious detail the activities of recent past ultimately to the delight and renewal of the three of us, then made me a long distance contributor in a most unique threesome. Such a creative, imaginative woman!This morning she was acutely horny complaining that she hadn’t had come in memory and could I please help. Of course I could, and we spent the next hour and a half or so in vivid, graphic communication during which she came 1xbet giriş several times. Needless to note, I too came probably after about two of hers. When we talked fuck it wasn’t just fuck but scenes particularly appealing at the moment such as discovering observers, inviting someone in to watch, etc., or some pleasurable experience shared or otherwise. One of the things she especially liked to hear was of my seeping cock meticulously painting her nipples before sliding between her labia and painting with equal care her straining clit. She also talked of being fucked hard then using that fuck to lubricate her ass for finger fucking until I was sufficiently 1xbet güvenilirmi recovered to do the deed properly. During this conversation something suggested to me that the hotel operator was a silent participant adding greatly to my excitement. There was the occasional plastic bump or extraneous breath. When we hung up, the operator immediately rang with my wake-up call commenting on the pointlessness of it. Her voice was husky, thick and throaty; she chuckled incongruously as her words came to me with excess breath, and her speech was slightly halting. She seemed reluctant to disconnect. The effect trumpeted her wet, clenching pussy which I began to lick and suck thru her panties cock in hand (as she hung up).That evening I called my friend. When I told her about our silent partner, her “Oooooohh…” went to my core, and she immediately began to describe the sudden awakening of her pussy. Round two.

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