Morning coffee


A yawn forced itself on me as I finished setting the coffee maker. I leaned back on the counter and stretched my arms up as I groaned. It was still dark outside, I hated having to wake so early but the extra classes would help getting through school faster. His hands slid next to me and hugged my abdomen from behind. I smiled as I snuggled in his arms.“You are an early bird, my dear.” His soft baritone voice sent shivers down my arms and legs.“I need my morning coffee, professor. Otherwise, I can’t follow through your classes.”He brushed back my long hair discovering my neck. His lips pressed against the skin behind my ear.“Hmmmm, we can’t have that. A girl like you needs to learn properly to become an outstanding woman. Besides, when we are alone; I’m not your professor, remember?”I giggled as my hand started to pull his hair, getting him closer to my neck. His hands wandered under my loose shirt, his fingertips brushing the naked skin of my belly.“I’m sorry. Daddy.” I said as I turned my head so my lips met his. bahis şirketleri We kissed passionately. Our tongues playful.His hands got bolder, one of them moved up under my shirt, cupping one of my breasts. His fingertips pinching on my erect nipple. His other hand moved down, invading my panties.“That’s better, my girl.” He said as he pressed his hips to my ass. I could feel his bulge grow under his boxers.A moan escaped my mouth as his fingers brushed my clit. He smiled and whispered in my ear.“I can feel you getting wet. Even after all that sex yesterday. You are a naughty, naughty girl.”“It’s your fault Daddy. I can’t stop thinking about you. About your cock. And how much I want to be fucked.” I replied.I felt his cock harden even more. He loved when I talked dirty to him, sending him over the edge. He pushed me slightly against the counter. His hands promptly lowered my panties and he spread my legs open with his foot. I smiled as I felt him guiding his cock into my pussy.His first thrust was hard. Even bahis firmaları as wet as I was, I still felt a pinch of pain as it entered me. I moaned loudly and he put his hand over my mouth.“Shhh, Adrienne is still asleep.” He said firmly.With that said he slowly slid out of my pussy and then rammed his cock in me again. I muffled my moans as he kept fucking me until he slowly let go of my mouth. His hands then got on my hips, guiding his penetrations. He was forceful, his thick cock buried deep inside me.My legs started shaking and I rested my chest on the counter raising my hips for him to go deeper. I was holding my moans and the only sound in the kitchen was the slap his hips made against my butt. I felt my pussy get even wetter and the familiar warm in my lower belly.I had to bite my thumb to avoid screaming when the orgasm washed over me. My legs turned to jelly and he held my twitching body. My spasms clenching my pussy walls around his cock.“That’s it my girl. Give it to your Daddy.” He smiled triumphant.As kaçak bahis siteleri I started to calm down, he slowly slipped out of me and before I could say anything he turned me around. My eyes got watery as I always cried when having a really intense orgasm. I felt a bit ashamed and closed my legs in reflex.But he was not done with me. He pulled me up and sat me on the counter, he opened my legs with his hands and positioned himself between my thighs. I looked up at him. His fiery eyes were full of lust. But his body betrayed his age. His thin white hair was balding and under the old stained shirt his hefty belly protruded proudly.He grabbed my chin with one hand and pulled it up as his lips met mine. His kisses were sloppy and his tongue invaded my mouth eagerly. It made me feel dirty. As a 5’0 tall and barely above 110 pounds woman I indulged myself into knowing he would never be with anyone like me. There is some pride into knowing you’ll always be way out of their league. As he started to penetrate me again, another guilty pleasure made the edges of my mouth rise. This man was married, a family man with a loving wife just a few feet away, resting on their bed. Yet there he was, fucking me, a girl at least 3 times younger than him.

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