Morning Sex


Morning SexWhat’s not to like about about morning sex? I woke up once, my boy friend (at the time) and I went away for a holiday together. It was just over a week, and I remember the day we had to leave, the woman on the desk saw our door number and told us she’d had a few complaints about our room from people. Apparently, we’d made a bit too much noise…Oops!We did have a lot of sex, day and night. In fact on the day we first came instead of sorting of things out once we had everything from the car, we just got straight to business. He took a bag out of my hands threw it across the room, pushed me against the wall and had me right there and then before we moved onto the bed. That was late at night. The following morning I woke him by stroking his already hardening cock and I wasted no time in getting under the covers tuzla escort and taking him in my mouth when his eyes opened (barely!). We had sex a lot, most days we were there and the nights, not just in the room. All over. It was a very fun holiday. I remember, a few days after I woke him up by stroking him he woke me up in a similar fashion. I woke up to his fingers circling my little clit and his mouth on one of my breasts. His tongue was swirling round my pink nipple. When he saw I was awake, he began to kiss my neck and his fingers slid down my pussy. His fingers almost slipping in instantly. He told me how he had been playing with me close to an hour now. He had been kissing and nipping my ears and neck, he had pinched my nipples and took them in his mouth; and while one was in his mouth he massaged ataşehir escort the other with his hand. He told me about how he was been playing with my clit and fingered me, even placed my legs on his shoulders as he went down on me. And he told me how my body had responded to it all. Even in my sleep, I’d been writhing and moaning and panting. And now I was awake and his fingers were back in my wet hole, he began to pump them in and out fast, all a while kissing my neck. He told me how much of a turn on it was, hearing me moan and pant for him whilst I was asleep and he had been playing with me. It hadn’t took long now that I was awake for him to position himself at my entrance and sheath himself inside me.He went slow and deep for a while, holding my hand and kissing my lightly as we made love, before maltepe escort I nipped his ear and begged him to go faster. He looked at me, with his cheeky grin before doing as I had asked and fucked me faster. Letting go of my hand and then he repositioned my legs so they were wrapped around him and his hands went into my hair pulling it as he roughly kissed me. I knew, once I had asked him to go faster, that it would be as he wanted it. And it was, he fucked me hard and fast and deep. And he had learnt that I’m completely took over by an orgasm, so much that I would tell him to slow down or to stop. And when I ask him to stop, he knows I’m going to orgasm. I asked him to slow down and to stop, he he did the opposite. He didn’t stop, and he went faster, lifting my rear end off the bed to get deeper. And soon I was in the middle of a mind shattering orgasm and squirting all over his cock. And he came closely after me, he exploded just as much and just as loud as I did.Safe to say, we stayed in bed for a bit after that. But it was a great way to wake up.

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