Mother in laws first taste of anal


Mother in laws first taste of analIt was the summer of 2008 and mw wifes mum and dad,who lived abroad had agreed to let us have their house in Spain for two weeks while they stayed at our`s so they could visit family.The night before our flight i couldn`t sleep as i hate flying and the best way to get me sleepy is to tug one off so i sneaked downstairs and put a dvd in my laptop of amature anal,did my dirty need and dozed off,the next morning we flew out for two weeks of glorious sunshine.On returning Bob and Carole,Viv`s mum and dad,picked us up from the airport and when we got home we told them of our holiday,i noticed how much Corole had taken to me,she used to hate me but now was being very nice to me,even Viv noticed and asked me to make an effort to finaly get on with her mum.It was one day that i found out why and it was a day to never forget.This particular day my wife was at work,Bob and Carole was supposed to be going to see relatives in Wales and i was working night`s but i woke to hear the sound of the washing machine being turned on,i grabbed my dressing gown and went down stairs,Corole was washing pots and turned to greet me as ikonbet giriş i went into the kitchen,`sorry to wake you Daz` i asked her if they had cancelled going to Wales to which she said Bob had gone on his own because she didn`t feel to well.I went into the lounge and sat down and Carole followed,Carole quipped up `can i ask you a question Daz?,while you was away i wanted to look at a websit so used your laptop,i didn`t think you`d mind`,`but when i started looking a dvd started playing`,my heart thumped as i realised what id left in the laptop,i looked at Carole,`Ahh yeah,sorry`,i replied to which Carole asked me why i watched it? `I dont know really Carole,im a man and i just watch it now and again` i answered.Carole got up and went back to the kitchen i followed her,she had tears in her eyes,i asked what was wrong,`I found myself watching it and later Bob got the result` she told me how it had turned her on because her and Bob had never done it and when she mentioned it to Bob he said he wouldn`t do it because it`s dirty,`Has Viv ever done it` she asked,`no,she`s not into it i explained `but i`ve done it before ikonbet yeni giriş and it can be very nice`.I went upstairs to get a shower and when id done i was drying myself off,i felt the door open to the bathroom,in the mirror i saw Carole walk in,i looked round ,she was totally naked,i looked down to find her wearing a big hairy bush,she put her hands on my chest and asked me to break her in,be her first anal fuck.I took Carole`s hand leading her to the spare bedroom,turned her round to face the wall,and bent her over,kneeling down i parted her legs,buring my fave between her ass and giving her flaps soggy flaps a good old lick,she was so moist,she leaned further forward giving me a great view of her big juicy clit,i rubbed it with my thumb as i sucked her flaps,all the while tossing myself off to the most amazing hard on,i stud up,grabbed a jar of KY Jelly from my room,came back into find Carole furiously fingering her damp pussy on her back,on the bed.I lubed up my weapon and climbed between her legs,lifting them till her knees touched her chin,guided my tip to her ass and fondled it in,just the very tip as she ikonbet güvenilirmi held her breath,`take a deep breath on let it out quick` i told her,as she did i felt her muscles relax and pushed my bell end in,Carole let out a big sigh,she was rubbing her huge clit fast,she had cum and her juices ran down over my shaft,pussy juice is better than lube anyday because the next inch slid in softly,i was only giving her 3 inches and trying to take care when she begged, `push more in,i can take more`,she was tight and no wonder,i leant forward taking her nipple inmy mouth sucking it,flicking it hard,as i pushed again `oh god`she screamed as again her pussy flowed it`s cum all over the bed,before i knew it i was down to my balls,and withdrew,the second pump went all the way in back down to my balls with ease.I was banging Caroles ass like nothing and she was loving it,she gushed again and again,id never knew a girl cum so much, Carole leant up and kissed me begging me to give her my tounge` our tongue met as a banged away on her virgin ass,her legs over my shoulders as i started to shudder,`im going to cum` i whispered,i was just about to withdraw when Caroles legs gripped me,`fill my ass up Carole ordered` i couldn`t get out and my body froze as i pumped my spunk into her well drilled ass,we lay for an hour as my cock went limp,not speaking,just breathing,sighing.`I can`t wait to come over next year` Carole giggled.

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