Mothership Wilderness Pt. 15

Andi Rye

All characters over 18 years old.

“What mischief have you been up to?” Mary inhaled deeply. Jacob’s bedroom was filled with the unmistakable fragrance of her son’s semen. It smelled like how she imagined the scent of a pristine forest floor from sometime before the fourth war tainted the Earth’s natural places. Jacob’s snoring emanated from his bed. “Hello? Anyone here?” She wondered if the lucky woman was still in his suite, but there was no answer. It had probably been Humility. Mary didn’t mind that Jacob still tended to his sister-in-law’s private garden. But only because he had more than enough of his gift to spare.

“I’m coming into the bathroom.” Mary walked into the bathroom. It was still steamy, but no one was there. She wetted a towel in the sink with warm water and made her way over to her son’s bed. She was sure he had fallen asleep dirty from his deeds. He was lucky to have a mother that would come clean up after his messes. “Jake? It’s me.” But he didn’t awaken as she pulled off the sheet that covered him and went to work gently scrubbing that great, flaccid instrument of his. The thing was quiet, with only a slight, steady pulse under her fingers. It was rare that the leviathan wasn’t writhing and seeking out new territory to tame. She chuckled to herself and finished her toweling. His penis grew as she watched and moved about like it was waking. It clearly wanted more of what the last woman had given. She stood and undressed. Soon she was only wearing the platinum cross around her neck.

What a happy surprise her son would have when he woke to her riding him. She climbed onto the bed, straddled him, and reached under her. But before she could guide the penis in, it had already found her sacred grotto. “Ugh … oh … how … how do you know what to do while Jake sleeps? That spot is … aaaahhhhhh … perfect.” She settled down on him, grateful that the Lord had made her tender son so fruitful … and irresistible. Placing her hands on his skinny chest, she ground into him with an eccentric rocking motion. She watched his eyelids open. “Welcome back from dreamland, sleepyhead.” She smiled down at him, aware that his eyes immediately fell to her wobbling breasts. Maybe he was just watching the metal cross dance as it bounced from one boob to the other. But Mary didn’t think so. And she didn’t mind. He should enjoy all aspects of their mission’s fecundity. “Was it Humility who soiled you so? I … uh … uh … had to clean you quite thoroughly when I arrived.”

“Oh … thanks, Mom.” Jacob sighed. It was a lame thing to say to the woman riding him, but he was still fuzzy and distracted. And thankful. “It was Humility.” Jacob thought about telling her about how he had surprised himself by taking his sister-in-law’s ass, but then thought better of it. His mother was quite religious, and he didn’t think she’d understand. He wasn’t supposed to plow a barren furrow and all. But then again … he was fucking his own mother at that very moment, and while their scripture didn’t necessarily prohibit incest, it did condemn adultery. And she didn’t seem to mind breaking that rule, or facilitating his breaking of that rule with others. So … “Mom, Humility and I …”

“Shh. Sweetie … you can tell me … later … ughhhhhhh … right now, your thing has … found a spot … deep in the back of my … oh goodness … I’m …” She gave a little shriek and then a long moan.

“You look so hot like that, Mom.” Jacob could see the muscles on her thighs quivering with delight as her face screwed up in a very unladylike way.

Coming down from her orgasm, Mary was going to chide her son for saying she looked “hot” when his penis pushed hard at her insides. “Oh … what are you doing? Oh … oh my.” It was too much and she lifted herself off him. “That hurt, Jake. Don’t do that.” She fell off him, onto her butt on the sheet. She stared at his leviathan. It was white with her own froth, and even though it was huge with his hardness, it moved about as if testing the air. Her eyebrows lowered her face into a scowl.

“I didn’t do anything.” Jacob looked at her. The way she was now leaning back on her elbows, the blond triangle of hair between her legs pointed right at him. Her pussy gaped and pulsed, as if it was as breathless as she was. He looked up her body, past the gentle slope of her belly up to her great, hanging tits lolling to each side. “Sometimes my … thing has a mind of its own.”

“I guess that’s true of most men.” Mary opened her legs a little wider for him, and the stern expression melted. She opened her arms, too. “Just tell that big guy to go a little easier on me.” Her son fell into her arms, planting kisses on her clavicle and upper chest. “Wait … wait … what’s it doing now?” His penis seemed confused. It was pushing at the wrong hole. “You can’t … oh … wait … ouch.” The head, still slick with her froth popped into Mary’s butt. Her whole body tensed and she lay perfectly still, praying that it would only be the head. “The scripture says –“

“I know what the scripture says, yozgat escort Mom.” Jacob was a bit frustrated with his dick. You don’t just take your mom’s anal cherry. His cock was getting out of line. “Humility already went through that with me.”

“You … um … took her … butt?” Mary breathed mechanically in through her nose and out of her mouth. She realized it was the technique she’d used all those years ago during childbirth. This felt quite similar.

“That’s what I was going to tell you. It wasn’t on purpose.” He tried to pull his hips back but his dick turned a little sideways and hooked itself inside her.

“Ow … ow … ow … stop.” Mary was now rigid as a board. “It hurts.” When he’d tried to pull back, Jacob had created some space between them. She looked down. Jacob’s thing always looked obscene between her legs, but even more so now with her vagina empty and gaping and his long thick shaft disappearing below it. “Just ease … it out … wait.” The penis was now massaging the inside of her butt. And … impossibly it was starting to feel … good. “You can … leave it there … for a sec.” She still huffed and puffed, but her seizing muscles relaxed some.

“Really?” Jacob relaxed, too. He lowered his mouth to her right breast and gulped down the warm milk that waited for him. The milk’s effect was to make the whole experience more dreamy. His hips rocked a little. Her tight butthole did feel fantastic gripping his dick as it was. His hips rocked a little. “Is that okay?” He said around her nipple.

“Oh … oh … oh … my …” Mary swooned. So far, Mary had been teaching her son about procreation. Even though he was so very different from his father, she was familiar with all the basics. But now, Mary was not familiar with what was happening to her rear at all. He was teaching her. Well maybe that was because this sex was not about procreation in the slightest. “It is … more than … okay … sweetie. It’s … magical.” She put her hands on his tight, skinny butt and pulled him into her. The leviathan spread her out more and inched into her. “Why would … He … forbid such a … thing. There must have … been an error in translating … the scripture. It is good … it feels so good … back there. It really is … time for a … reformation.”

“Sure … Mom.” Jacob gently bit on her supple nipple, enjoying the little jetty of warm milk that sprayed into his mouth. “I am the chosen one, right?” His hips pressed down into her. After a few minutes, he was all the way in. His dick wiggled inside her guts. Jacob guessed it was searching out her weak spots.

“You are … the savior of … New Canaan. You will … sow the fields … on our new home. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh.” Mary hunched into her son and a mighty orgasm took her. It was so odd to feel such pleasure without anything working on her vagina. Her son had opened her eyes to new horizons. How many women would he change in this way? All of them. Mary prayed that it would be all.

They humped like that for quite a while. It was a bit different from their normal missionary, because she had to angle her hips up a bit to give him better access when he wanted to really drive it into her. Her mind drifted in and out of floating rapturous nebulae. Eventually, his voice brought her concentration back to his handsome face. His hips slowed and he gave it to her slow and steady, his hands holding her calves up in the air.

“You look so beautiful, Mom.” Jacob smiled down at her.

“Thank you, Jake.” Mary smiled back. Her prayer that he should take every woman on that ship came back to her mind. “How is it going with Penny and Heather?”

Jacob told her all about how much fun he was having with Penny, and how Heather was jealous. All, while gently rocking in and out of her ass.

“Well, then. We have to be a bit careful there. You can’t have them … oh … fighting.” Mary reached up and brushed some of his sandy, brown hair off his sweaty forehead. “You may need to show Heather she has nothing to fear from Penny. And once that’s done …” Mary chewed her bottom lip as she thought of her prayer. “… you shouldn’t stop with them. There are more women that need a savior.”

“You mean … the other … Hendersons?” He looked down at his mother with wide eyes, his hips slamming into her again, watching her grit her teeth as she received each powerful thrust. Could he really bed all the women in that famous spacefaring family? He wanted to pinch himself. Penny had just fallen into his lap so he hadn’t really stopped to think about the superstar he’d seeded. And her mother and sister? He imagined the genius, Judy, screaming in ecstasy. And then, as he slammed hard into his mother’s butt, he thought about what Maureen Henderson’s composed face would look like when he skewered her on his cock. “Oh … shit … Mom … I could … knock up … the Hendersons. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.” He came deep in Mary’s ass. As he came, he listened to her idiotic sounds. As the waves of his orgasm took him, he wondered how stupid Maureen yozgat escort bayan would sound when he sowed her fields.


Why was it so hard to focus on certain thoughts? John Carver tried to think about danger. Was Pricilla in danger? Was her own brother the cause? His mind wouldn’t cling to any of it. Danger … danger. Danger, John Carver. Was his wife in danger? Was his brother-in-law up to something? No, that couldn’t be. Jacob was a sweet eighteen-year-old devotee of Colony Control and the New Bible. Danger … danger … danger. Was someone in danger? John couldn’t remember. There was a pen and paper on the table before him. Had he put them there?

Maybe he should put pen to paper. That’s what he needed to do. Was someone in danger? John wasn’t sure. He picked up the pen, and wrote: Jacob Winthrop is a dang … But his mind wandered off and he dropped the pen. The door opened and Pricilla walked into their cabin.

“Hello, dear.” Pricilla walked over to her husband and looked down at the paper. “Writing a note?” She picked up the paper. Her eyes narrowed and she looked back and forth between the note and John. Then her face brightened. “I have some news. I’m pregnant. Isn’t that great?” Rather than hugging him, or kissing him, she patted his head like he was a puppy dog.

“Is it … is it …?” John couldn’t bring himself to ask the question. Something smelled quite basic and earthy all of a sudden. The scent was strong. Was that coming from Pricilla? Was someone in danger? Was his wife in danger? Surely not, she looked so happy.

“Is it a gift from God? Of course it is, silly.” She laughed. “And that is a sweet note. You’re right, dear. Jacob Winthrop is a dang good brother-in-law.” She giggled some more and crumpled the paper up and put it in her pocket. “I have to take a shower.” Pricilla turned and, still chortling to herself, walked into the bathroom. The door closed behind her.

“Jacob Winthrop is a dang good brother-in-law,” John repeated to himself. The second he said it, relief flooded through him. He didn’t have anything to worry about. He stood and walked over to the bed. He was suddenly quite sleepy. Time for a nap.


Maureen knew Penny was about to go on her date. Her earlier calm about Penny’s relationship with that young religious zealot had not lasted. Maybe she should have another try at talking her daughter out of it before the date started. She got up and moved quickly out the door. But, to her surprise, she found that rather than walking to Penny’s cabin, her feet took her to the bathroom. Before she knew what was happening, she had locked the door and undressed.

Why was her body going so crazy? As she sat up on the counter next to the sink and spread her legs, she looked down. Her boobs were quite visibly swollen. She didn’t think her breasts had ever been that big, not even while pregnant with her children. And they still ached, too. With one hand, she massaged an aching boob, with the other, she caressed the outer lips of her vagina. She was so slick. Forgetting completely about talking her daughter out of her date, Maureen masturbated herself for over an hour, climaxing explosively several times.

By the time Maureen exited the bathroom, Penny was already off on her date.


Jacob had just stepped out of a shower and into one of his father’s uniforms, when the door to his cabin opened. He looked up as Heather walked in and the door closed behind her.

“Max isn’t … I mean I’ve tried … I mean … he can’t do the things …” As Heather spoke, she very matter-of-factly unzipped her uniform and stepped out of it. “I want you, Jacob.” She removed her underwear, and stood proudly before him. “Now, darn it.” She thrust her chest out and shook her shoulders. She knew how much he enjoyed the way she jiggled.

“I have a date with Penny.” Jacob gave her an exasperated look. This was very hard to say no to. “If I don’t leave now, I’ll be late.”

“Would you rather have that eighteen-year-old girl, or a woman?” Heather wasn’t going to lose out to that godless heathen.

“Both?” Jacob shrugged. He undressed quickly. Penny wouldn’t mind if he was a few minutes late.


“Where is he?” Penny tapped her foot outside the holopark. Jacob had never been late before. “Errand? Where’s Jacob Winthrop?”

“He is in his room getting ready for your date.” The computer sounded sanguine as always.

Penny frowned. Well at least he remembered the date it seemed. Did his tardiness mean he was losing interest? Penny had just had her first kiss. She wasn’t ready for her first breakup. She wasn’t going to wait around for him. She took off at a jog down the corridor.

When Penny got to Jacob’s door, the computer let her in. She took a couple steps into the room and stopped dead in her tracks. The door hissed closed behind her. Jacob and Heather looked so odd banging together with their different sizes and skin tones. The wife’s nakedness was so dark, especially in contrast to Penny’s pale boyfriend. And escort yozgat not only was she taller than Jacob, but Heather was also quite round. Of course, Jacob was skinny like Penny. Jacob had Heather on her hands and knees facing away from the door, and neither had noticed Penny’s entrance.

“So … good … ugh … when we’re not together … I … uh … uh … can’t stop thinking about your … magic …” Heather was getting close again.

“Excuse me, that’s my boyfriend. Get off him.” Penny knew it was a ridiculous thing to say for several reasons, not least of which was that Heather wasn’t on Jacob. He was giving it to her, and he didn’t look in any way coerced.

Jacob pulled out of Heather and spun around to look at Penny. “I’m sorry I’m late. I just got …” He didn’t know what to say.

“Zip it, mister.” Penny’s eyes went quite dark when she looked at him. “I’ll have something to say to you in a minute. But first …” She looked at Heather. “How dare you try and steal away my boyfriend.”

“Oh, stop it. You’re just a teenager.” Heather rose from the bed on wobbly legs, the pleasure still reverberating through her. She walked over to Penny, mildly surprised at herself that she wasn’t covering up her nakedness. “He needs a woman, not a girl.”

“He needs someone who loves him.” Penny stomped her foot, unaware that she’d just admitted to the room that she loved Jacob. “And I’m plenty of woman for him.” She wasn’t curvy like Heather, but she did have a full enough figure, and Jacob seemed to enjoy her body.

“You don’t even believe in God. You’re a heathen and a polygamist.” Heather placed her hands on her hips for emphasis.

“Who cares about religion.” Penny was getting fed up. After all her adventures, she felt she could definitely take this woman in a fight. Her fists clenched. “And why are the colonists always talking about polygamy? It’s not like that’s a thing back on Earth. And anyway, you’re married! You’re the polygamist heathen if anyone is. You can’t even give him your whole self. He’s my only boyfriend.”

“Stop it.” Jacob stood and walked over to them. This was exactly the sort of thing his mom warned him about. He needed to diffuse the situation quickly. “I want you both. But if you can’t get along, I don’t want to see either of you again.”

“You can’t mean that.” Heather turned to him, aghast.

“Really?” Penny had felt confident that he’d pick her, but if he cast out both of them …?

“You have to get along or I’m out.” Jacob crossed his arms to make himself look more serious. This attempt was somewhat undercut by his massive, waving dick, pulsing and oozing clear fluid onto the floor.

“I’m sorry,” Penny said with sincerity. She turned and said it again to Heather.

“I’m sorry, too,” Heather mumbled.

“Now kiss and make up.” Jacob kept that stern look on his youthful face.

“Really?” Penny screwed up her face in disgust.

Heather sighed. She was going to have to kiss this little hussy.

“Yes, really. Now.” Jacob’s voice lowered a little.

The women stepped closer together. Penny leaned her face up and planted a soft peck on Heather’s cheek. She looked over at Jacob and saw the look of displeasure on his face. She smoothed her uniform with her hands and leaned up again and kissed Heather’s full, dark lips. She did it again, knowing what Jacob wanted. And then she parted her lips a little and tentatively licked Heather’s bottom lip. She had only just kissed a boy for the first time, and now she was kissing a tall, naked married woman. The Errand was a crazy ship. Soon, her lips were locked with Heather’s and their tongues played a duet. Penny felt butterflies in her belly. She actually liked it. How strange.

“That’s good.” Jacob’s hands dropped down to his cock and stroked as he watched his women kiss. “Not just kissing.” He watched as Penny pulled back and then kissed her way down Heather’s long neck and onto her chest. Heather’s eyelids fluttered as Penny worked her way onto her left tit and then licked and kissed her black nipple.

“Wow … I …” Heather looked down as the soft, little creature ran her white hands up Heather’s sides. “I … didn’t think …” What a turnaround inside her brain. Heather now felt tenderness for this uppity heathen. She entwined her fingers in Penny’s red curls and softly cooed to her as the girl lapped at her breast.

After she had worked on both the woman’s breasts, Penny looked up into her pretty, brown eyes. “You are really beautiful. I see why Jacob likes you.”

“I feel the same way,” Heather breathed.

A little while later, Heather lay on her back with her hand working her pussy. She watched the mating teenagers, enraptured by their vigor, youth, and beauty.

“You’re both … perfect … so perfect,” Jacob said. He had Penny naked now, on her stomach, with her legs together. He watched her tight ass bounce with each shock she absorbed from his hips. These women really were perfect in their own ways. He slid out of Penny, causing her to mewl with loss and anticipation. She squirmed her little butt up at him. Jacob tried to line up his dick at her butthole to replicate the amazing sex he’d had with Humility and his mother. He was confident she’d love it. But his dick wouldn’t cooperate. Every time he thought he had it lined up, it moved on him.

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