My Best Friend, Brother, and Me: Part 3


I felt my body move forward as Brantley pierced my hot wet sexual opening. I felt the head of his long erectness sink into my pink center. I gasped a huge gulp of air and let it out with an, “OH FUCK,” because that is what it was and well, quite frankly, I was not ready for his size. Yes, I was wet, really wet, but my pink walls were unable to fully wrap around his thickness as he tried to fill me. He was that big.Brantley grunted as he tried to get his hardness inside me. He even tried to force it in, but that just made it worse. What I so wanted, what I had dreamed of for so long, was actually happening, and I could only fit about a quarter of his long cock inside me. I felt so embarrassed. I had never had that trouble, granted I had only fucked two other guys before, and even then, I did not want them. It was a one time thing. I always wanted my brother. However, those two guys had no problem getting it inside me. Says a lot about my brother.“Damn, baby sister, you are so fucking tight!” Brantley said through a grunt.“No, you are so fucking Escort Erenköy huge! God, Missy, how do you fuck this!” I screeched as I looked at her.Missy did not say a word. She just lied there on the towel, my body between her legs, and she just smiled.And then I felt it. It felt like my natural split had ripped another seam, but my brother had finally penetrated me with his long hard thick cock. I felt my wet elastic walls give and wrap around him. There were tears in my eyes that slowly ran down my face. Partly because it fucking hurt and partly because I had finally consumed my brother and consummated the wish I so wanted.Brantley started to thrust and I felt my body begin to rock with each stride he took. I felt my incestuous lips slide with his hugeness as he went in and out. Slowly, my body released more wetness and surrounded his hot rod deep inside me, making his entry into me even easier. Finally, it started to feel really good.Missy lied there, glancing up occasionally at me as her boyfriend içerenköy escort filled me; her small breasts little humps of pleasure with her hard nipples pointing straight up at the sun. Her legs were still spread as wide as she could get them as I stayed between them feeling the rhythm of my brother enter and exit me. Missy’s pussy was naturally running hot wet goodness that slowly leaked out and covered her sensual lips. Her clit was beginning to pop out and she was not even touching herself. Just watching Brantley push into me stimulated her with no brush of her fingers. She was getting wet in a natural state of erotica.I saw Missy’s cunt begin to quiver, like it wanted attention. Slowly, I lowered my top half down to Missy’s personal spot, enabling my ass to rise higher, giving Brantley even more access to my blazing split. When I did, I felt his long organ sink deeper into the depths of my cavity and push me almost face first into my best friend’s wet, now gaping inlet. I actually could feel Tuzla escort bayan the heat rising from Missy’s pussy on my nose and I could smell the sex inside it wanting to escape. Some of it already had. But it needed attention.Doing something I had never done, I sucked in Missy’s clit and tasted her hot core. It was a taste that I had never experienced. Missy was sweet and tender. She moaned as I tasted her clit, sucking on it like a piece of hard candy. Brantley heard his girlfriend moan and said, “That’s right, Sherrie, eat my girlfriend’s pussy. Let her know you like it as I fuck you!”As Brantley continued to jam his long erection into me, I moved down with my mouth and used my tongue to slide between Missy’s sensual pussy lips. Her natural nectar fell over my tongue as it went and I tasted every bit of her goodness. I never knew that pussy tasted so good.Tasting Missy’s clit made me think of my own. So I moved my right hand down between my legs and began to stroke over my clit, feeling the shaft of Brantley’s elongated sexual organ slightly as he filled me. As I touched my clit, the sensation of needle pricks filled my whole body as my sensitiveness set in and sent a rush through me. I had to stop feeling my clit every so often. I could already feel the onset of my orgasm and feeling my clit was going to bring it on faster.

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