My Daddy’s Cabinet


I always held a deep respect for my daddy. Until the day he and my mom split. I wasn’t angry at him personally, but I was angry at my parents in general. I told myself that I was being selfish that they were better off apart. But then I grew up into what most guys call a “babe.” I never looked in the mirror and saw anything worth while. Just a nice face I guess. My long years of dancing and running gave my a slim but curvy body. My breasts, average at a 34C. Before puberty hit though, I was an awkward child. A bit on the plump side, the pimples, the glasses, the braces and course, being a total prude. The whole nerdy package. Every time I was at my dad’s for the weekend, I always passed by a brown cabinet. One I was never to touch or look in. I never did, in fear of my dad. My dad wasn’t a bad guy, just intimidating. One day, he went Fikirtepe escort for a couple beers down at the local bar with a couple buddies. Like a good girl, I made myself dinner, did my homework, and then settled in with The Sound of Music, one of my favorites. In the middle, I got up to go to the bathroom. On my way, I passed that cabinet. I knew daddy wouldn’t be home for hours, so I figured, why not? What’s the harm? I peeped in, and saw what shocked me. Inside were boxes of tissues, videos, magazine’s, and a couple rubber things that were long and curved at the ends. I grabbed a video box and on the cover was a woman. She was holding her enormous breasts in her hands, and squished them together. Her other hand was down in between her legs. I was appalled! My daddy was a decent man! Sancaktepe escort bayan He shouldn’t have stuff like this!! I closed the doors and tried to forget about that awful cabinet. The time went by. It was my 18th birthday, and I was ecstatic to go out to a few clubs. I looked in the mirror, at my outfit, makeup, and hair. My black hair, hip-length hair was straightened impeccably, my blue eyes outlined in carefully applied black eyeliner. I had on a low-cut, high-hemmed black lace dress. It had a silky texture and was covered completely in lace. My sparkly pumps were on, and I headed to the door. I shouted and, “Goodbye dad!” Over my shoulder and went to party my little ass off. **** My eyes opened slowly. My pounding headache intensified when I realized the curtains were opened. Escort üsküdar I looked further down. My daddy was sitting at the edge of the bed. “You okay princess?” I nodded, and slowly sat up. Daddy advanced towards me, a smirk on his face. “You looked so sexy last night princess.” My head spun. Did my father just call me sexy?! He looked me over, my dress had ridden up to my torso, showcasing my red lingerie. My face heated up as I realized he was looking at my long, tanned legs. “Daddy! What has gotten into you?” “Princess, you are so damn sexy. I love your soft, silky hair, your electrifying blue eyes, your beautiful curves. Your huge breasts! They way they get crushed against me when you hug me. Your soft lips against my cheeks. You turn me on baby, so bad.” I gaped at him. My body processing. My body began to feel turned on, my brain telling me it was wrong. I clenched my legs in effort to keep my juices contained. Did I want this? Before I could answer myself, my daddy had kissed me passionately. Our lips moving together, the torridness of our affair made my thighs slick with my wetness. His tongue slid into my mouth, and massaged mine.

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