My Delicious Little Witch


My Delicious Little WitchDemure hottie gets wild at the haunted house It was a few days before Halloween in the mellow city of Olympia, Washington and I was trying to decide where to take my sister’s k**s for the upcoming holiday weekend. As a single mom, she counted on me to help out on holidays, especially since she often worked nights while I had a flexible schedule since I ran my own electrical contracting business. We would go kayaking, or roller skating, or to the movies. I think they felt Mom was a stick-in-the-mud, but Uncle Dave was the cool one. And I could always take them right back home if they got sassy. Anyway, I was looking for something to do on the upcoming fright night, which is how I ended up in the parking lot of a haunted house. It was actually an abandoned K-Mart, empty and out of business for over a year. Some clever real estate agent must have realized that it was better to make a few weeks lease money than just let the place sit empty. The signs had been up for almost a month: Giant Haunted House. World’s Scariest Warehouse of Doom. Biggest Cavern of Terror in Washington. Sounded like a bunch of marketing hooey but the billboards, corner signs, radio spots, and ads in the local paper were hard to miss. No doubt it was the largest haunted house in the area. In any case, I thought it might be a good place to take my niece and nephew so I stopped by to take a look. It was late Thursday afternoon, one day before the holiday weekend, and the parking lot was almost empty.I walked through the main entrance into the foyer where they used to keep the shopping carts. About the size of a single-car garage, the walls were all glass but had been covered with black paper so no one could see into the main space. A life-size Frankenstein monster roared and reached for me as I went past, obviously some kind of automated thing. Paper skeletons hung on the walls and the light came from several lamps made from fake human bones. At least I hoped they were fake.But the four cute girls sitting behind the ticket table were definitely real. I was suddenly glad I’d made the stop. They were all leaning together and whispering furiously, nodding and sneaking looks at me. Apparently they reached some sort of decision because they all sat up straight again and looked me up and down. It was only fair that I return the favor.A more delicious quartet would be hard to imagine, though I could only see them to the waist. A voluptuous blond with massive tits wore an I-Dream-of-Jeannie outfit, in a push-up halter top with sheer sleeves and a conical Genie hat. Next to her sat a sexy zombie chick, with long auburn hair and a face like Taylor Swift, wearing a tight-fitting white dress with rips strategically place to reveal her lacy pink bra and firm young breasts. She had a few blood stains on her dress but she must have been recently killed since she looked quite fresh. Beside her was an dark-haired Hispanic girl in one of the outfits from the original Star Trek series: blue skin-tight top cut much lower than I remembered, with an upside-down V insignia to one side of the plunging neckline.Finally there was a saucy little witch. With long, ebony hair, she wore a silky black bustier that pushed her medium-sized breasts defiantly skyward, and fishnet armlets that stretched from wrist to mid-bicep, with loops over the middle finger of each hand to keep them in place. She was a petite thing, shorter than the others, with narrow shoulders and pale skin. Her luminous green eyes, high cheekbones, pointed chin, and pouting lips made her look almost elfin. She would have made an awesome hottie elf chick from Lord of the Rings. My gaze lingered on her longer than the others. She had a wry smile, like she knew something I didn’t.”Hi,” she said. “Just one?””Well, I’m really just checking it out for now,” I said, letting my eyes drift down to her tits and back up again. “I’m thinking about bringing my niece and nephew here tomorrow. Their mom doesn’t want ’em to see anything too scary though. Is there a lot of gore?”The girls again looked at each other as if communicating telepathically. The witch nodded.Rising from her chair, she said, “Want to take a look?”Since it was Halloween and she was in costume, I figured I could get away with ogling her in a way I would never do under other circumstances. “Absolutely,” I said with another look at her tits.With a backward glance and a half-smile for her friends, she sashayed toward a door marked with a leering human skull and the words, “Enter If You Dare”. She walked through and I followed.The view of her backside was, if anything, even more delicious than her front. Her bustier plunged to the small of her back, where it laced closed. A ragged-hem skirt that stopped at mid-thigh clung to her high, tight ass. I thought her hair might be a wig but I wasn’t sure. Though she couldn’t have been more than five foot three, she was high-waisted and her long, lean legs were encased in netting hose that matched her armlets. Ankle-high boots with three-inch heels finished the outfit. The only things on her tight young body that weren’t black were the silver necklaces at her throat and the rings on her fingers.I happily followed her through the paper-covered door and into the giant space of the store itself. They had replaced all the overhead florescent lights with black lights and the whole place was laid out like a maze. The ceiling was maybe twenty feet high but with the only light coming from the purple UV lights, it seemed much higher.After admiring her pert ass again, I sped up to walk beside her through a creepy graveyard. A rusty wrought-iron fence separated the path from the graves. Tombstones and a mausoleum lay to either side and hidden fog machines pumped acrid-smelling smoke across the floor. Horror sound effects echoed in the vast room: women screaming, a cackling madman’s laugh, monster’s roars, and squealing bats. A robot ghoul popped up from behind a bush, making me jump. The witch giggled.”There are two routes through here,” she said as we rounded a corner and stopped at a “T” intersection made of what looked like office partitions. Pointing left she said, “That way is for the younger k**s. It’s pretty tame.””And the other?” I asked, pointing to the right.She strolled that way, taking me through a mad scientist’s lab, a woodland scene with some sort of shambling b**st, and a Gothic living room complete with murdered family. We chatted a little. I didn’t really care about the haunted house anymore, I was just happy to be in the company of such a ravishing girl. When we stopped in front of the Inquisition torture chamber, I looked at her approvingly and said, “That’s a really great costume.”She gave a shy smile but kept her gaze on me. “You think so?”She had to know how delicious her taut little body looked in the clinging skirt, push-up bustier, and spider-web netting. And those big green eyes, both innocent and worldly at the same time. My dick, already half-hard, inflated further and I had to fight the urge to push it to a more comfortable position.”Oh yes,” I replied with a smile. “You are the sexiest witch I’ve ever seen.”Now, I’m a reasonably good-looking guy but I was probably twice her age, so I figured she’d make some polite evasion and escort me to the exit as quickly as she could. Instead she took my hand. It was almost like an electric shock, this unexpected gesture of openness. With another shy smile she said, “You looked at me the longest.””What?””When you came in,” she explained. “You looked at me the longest.”Without even thinking I blurted out the obvious reply. “Well, you’re the most beautiful.”She frowned as if not believing me. “I don’t know. Amanda is pretty hot. All the boys want her.”I didn’t know which one Amanda was and I didn’t care. “No way,” I said firmly. “You are the fairest of them all.””That’s sleeping Beauty, silly. I’m a witch.””Still…” I trailed off. Surely this is just teenage flirting, right? There’s no way she actually wants this to go anywhere. But the way her pale skin turned a dusky gray under the UV lights, combined with her jutting breasts and the sexy netting on her arms and legs pushed aside my logic and reason. If I had even the tiniest chance to kiss this gorgeous creature, I would take it. She still held my hand so I pulled her gently toward me.She looked up at me and stepped closer. Her tits almost brushed my chest. I didn’t need any more invitation than that.Cupping her angelic face with my free hand, I tipped her head up and kissed her full lips. Her mouth opened easily and our tongues met, tangling as we made out like high school lovers. She moaned a little bit and I took the opportunity to slide my hands around her slender waist. She reached up and d****d her wrists over my shoulders.My cock was hard as a pipe and I could feel the pre-cum leaking out. After another minute of increasingly passionate kissing I thought I’d see just how far I could get, so I slipped my hands down and gently squeezed her firm ass. She made soft “mmmm, mmmm,” sounds and ground her hips against mine. She seemed really into it. Who was I to argue?I slid my right leg between her knees. She must have gotten the hint because she spread her legs and pushed her crotch against my thigh, though her skirt was still in between. The kissing went on, both of us breathing heavier, lips locked and tongues snaking together. She was a great kisser and I sensed she wanted more.Throwing caution to the wind, I pulled her skirt up so her panty-cover pussy rubbed on my thigh. I reached around and kneaded her wonderfully firm ass with both hands and moved my leg up and down against her mound. She kissed harder and shamelessly humped my thigh. This was getting really hot and I wondered if someone might walk into the exhibit at any time. She didn’t seem to care so I didn’t either.Suddenly she clutched my head with both hands as if wanting to make sure I couldn’t get away. Her kisses grew more frantic and I felt her tiny body tense up.”Mmmm,” she mumbled into my mouth. “Oh yeah. Mmmmm.”She started to vibrate and her thighs clamped on my leg. She pressed her lips to mine almost painfully, cramming her tongue into my mouth and grinding her pussy against me. Her spasms got closer together until every muscle locked up. She just stood there, squeezing me with all her strength and making little gasping moans against my lips.She clung to me like that for maybe thirty seconds. I held her tight, feeling what could only be an orgasm wracking her small body. My cock was ready to explode.Then, just as suddenly, she relaxed. She looked down, unwilling to meet my eyes, and stepped away. She tugged her skirt back into place but wouldn’t look at me.”Did you just have a…?” I started to ask.She nodded. “I’m really sensitive,” she said, sounding ashamed as she studied the floor.I reached for her delicate chin and pointed her pixie face up at me. Giving her my best smile, I said, “That is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.””Really?” she asked.I could barely look at those big, innocent eyes without cumming right in my pants. “Oh yes,” I said, “Is there somewhere more private we can go?”She gave a half-smile that seemed like a cross between lust and trepidation. Taking my hand, she guided me through the torture room, between tables covered with horrible instruments, past an iron maiden and a withered body hanging from chains on the wall. She pulled aside some black fabric to reveal a door at the back of the display. Opening it, she stepped into a short hallway with several more doors on either side. Must be the old K-Mart dressing rooms, I guessed.She peeked inside one and I saw a bunch of boxes before she closed it and moved on. The next one was apparently empty because she said, “In here.”The whole thing felt surreal. For some reason this naughty witch was leading me into a very private dressing room. Must be my lucky day, or maybe Halloween just brings out the devil in some girls. Or the witch, I suppose. I stepped inside after her, closed the door, and locked it.It was a typical changing room: about six feet square, with a built-in bench along one wall, a full-length mirror on the next, and a bunch of clothes hooks on the third. Cheap linoleum floor. It had no ceiling but the walls were about ten feet tall and the rows of black lights high above cast an eerie purple glow over everything. It was dim, but still plenty of light to admire her young body. Her skin was a light gray in the UV light, smooth and flawless. My skin was gray too, but darker than hers. The only things in the room were a pile of blue workshop paper towels, a squirt bottle of cleaner, and a stack of neatly folded cloth towels glowing white on the bench.I pulled her close and caressed the back of her neck as I kissed her again. It had been so many years since I’d tasted innocence, I had given up on ever doing it again. Her sweet, floral taste plus the tentative movements of her young body brought back memories of when I was much younger. Even if I got no further than kissing her, I had already had the best night in a long time.She gave her tongue to me enthusiastically. My lips traced her cheeks, then her slender neck, before kissing and licking at her ear. She gasped a little as I drew my tongue through the folds of her ear, then lightly probed its opening. I massaged her taut ass again and kissed her neck some more. She smiled and made little “mmmm,” sounds, and ran her hands down my side, then squeezed my butt. She finally worked up the nerve to rub my crotch. Her hand stroked my rock-hard dick through my jeans and I knew it wouldn’t take much to bring me off. I didn’t want to embarrass myself so I tried to ignore her touch and concentrate on licking her neck and rubbing her ass. She squeezed harder and rubbed more enthusiastically. I couldn’t take much more.Stepping back, I made eye contact and slipped my fingers into the elastic waist of her skirt. I dropped to my knees, starting to pull her skirt down with me. She gave me a panicked look.”I don’t know…” she stammered.Thinking I had pushed it too far, I stood back up. “We can do whatever you want,” I said, my hands on her waist now, “but you are so damn sexy. I really want to lick you.””I know…it’s just…” and she looked away with embarrassment.”What is it, baby? Don’t you like that?” I asked, unsure what was bothering her.”I want you to, I really do,” she said, at least looking at me now. “You’re really sweet. I bet you do it good.”I’ve always considered myself quite talented at eating pussy. I love doing it and truly enjoy hearing and feeling a woman climax from my attention. I said, “You’ll never forget it, I promise. But what’s bothering you?”She again glanced away and said, “I get a little messy. You know…down there.”Holy crap, she’s a squirter! I stroked her cheek and said, “God, that is so hot. Anything you do down there is great with me.” I again sank to my knees and looked up at her angelic face.”Okay,” she breathed, as if crossing a bridge she’d never crossed before.I tugged her clinging skirt down over her slender hips. Underneath she wore only thigh-high hose and white cotton panties. The panties fluoresced in the black light, glowing a brilliant neon white. This only made the moisture more obvious. The entire crotch was soaked with a dark stain, almost as if she’d peed herself. I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on her dripping slit.She put one hand on my shoulder and stepped out of the skirt, and I tossed it on the bench. A musky smell drifted to me, unmistakably the sweet aroma of pussy. I patted the bench and said, “Put your foot up here.”She hesitated but then raised her knee and rested a boot on the bench. The smell was stronger and I could see her inner thighs were coated by a glistening liquid. I reached around to rub her ass and brought my face to her crotch. She started to pull away, no doubt self conscious about her extra-moist pussy, but I pulled her closer and licked between her legs. Right up the middle, starting where I knew her hole was, up over her clit, türbanlı karabük escort and back again. Moaning, she stopped trying to escape. A few more passes and she was mine.My tongue traced the shape of her labia through the wet cotton, which got wetter with each passing minute from both her juice and my saliva. I mapped the contours of her sweet mounds, probing into her folds to tease her bulging clit. Moaning again, she made more of those tantalizing “mmmm, mmmm” sounds. Her raised leg gave me perfect access. My hands stroked the coarse fishnet on her firm thighs, then around to her ass again.Even though my knees ached from the hard linoleum and the air echoed with the sounds of howling werewolves and shrieking women, I was in heaven. Every minute or two a chainsaw roared to life. Her moans picked up and I was glad for the piped-in sound effects.”Ah, yeah,” she said, grinding against my face. “Oh that’s good.”Based on her last orgasm I thought she might be getting close already. My aching knees demanded that I move, so I flopped on my butt and sat cross-legged on the dusty floor. I slid both index fingers under her panties, careful not to pull her pubes, and tugged them aside. My left finger held them away as my right gently explored the shiny folds of her young pussy. I took a moment to admire it.She had almost no lips but her swollen clitoris thrust out from her pubic bone, demanding attention. The soft mounds around her opening were shaved smooth. A triangle of neatly trimmed hair perched modestly above her throbbing clit. Though it was hard to tell in the weird light, her pubes seemed almost rust colored. Was my witch really a redhead?Stroking her moist opening with a fingertip, I lightly drew my tongue across her engorged clitoris. “Oh, oh, oh,” she whispered. “Oh yes.”Her fingers tangled in my hair and she pulled me closer. I knew just what she needed. My finger probed at her hole, remarkably tight in spite of her wetness. Giving slow, languid slurps, I circled her pulsing clitoris with my tongue. I could feel its warmth, hotter than my own body temperature. Under normal lighting her clit would be beet red, I was sure. Her moans increased as I lavished attention on her tiny girl cock-head.Pushing gently, I managed to slip the first joint of my index finger into her hole.”Ah,” she exclaimed, tensing up like I was trying to stick my whole hand in.She felt tight as a virgin. Hell, maybe she was. I withdrew my finger and slid it up and down her inner thighs, partially to relax her and partially to coat it with her juice. The delicious curves where her taut legs merged into her crotch shined with a slippery fluid I could only compare to my own pre-cum. A single drop trickled down her standing leg, slow as honey. Sticky proof her her growing pleasure.I again moved my finger to her opening.”It’s okay,” she whispered. Pushing, the first joint of my finger slid inside. She gave a low groan. I licked a bit faster, slurping her clit like a lollipop, but lightly. Too much pressure and she might lose her orgasm.Women’s cums are more ethereal than men’s. Just work my shaft and suck my cock-head and you’ll get a mouthful of sperm every time. But chicks are different. A distraction, guilt, an excess of pleasure, or even a stray thought and it could vanish like smoke in the wind. I worked to stay in tune with her young body, going harder when she pressed her pussy into my face, backing off when she pulled away. It didn’t help that the crotch of her panties kept interfering with my tongue.”Oh God, that’s good,” she moaned, picking up the pace.I must be doing something right.She kept one hand on the wall for balance but the other remained tangled in my hair. I slid my finger in and out, but only to the second knuckle. Didn’t seem like she wanted more since she raised up on her tip-toes when I tried to slide any more in. How could she take a cock? Was it possible that, in this day and age, this sexy young woman could be a virgin?Her moans grew louder and she ground her crotch into my face. Her damn panties kept getting in the way. I withdrew both hands and reluctantly took my mouth off her throbbing clit.Instantly she demanded, “No! Don’t stop now.””Gotta lose these, honey,” I said, tugging at her moist panties.Without a word she raised her booted foot off the bench and put it on the ground. In the space of five seconds she shimmied out of her dripping panties, tossed them aside, and put her foot back on the bench.My mouth again aligned with her gushing pussy, but this time there was no barrier between me and her deliciousness. I planted my lips on her engorged clit, but when I probed her hole with my fingertip she reached down and pushed it away.”Just your mouth,” she gasped.So I used both hands to knead her firm, high buttcheeks as I worshiped her pussy with my lips and tongue. Getting a good seal on her moist mound, I gave just a little suction and lapped her clit. “God, yes,” she mumbled. “Lick it. Lick me, mister.”I happily obliged, picking up the speed and the pressure. She groaned even louder and I felt her thighs tense up. My gaping mouth made a perfect seal, enclosed her most sensitive parts from hole to bump. Sucking gently, I slathered her swelling clitoris with my tongue. Her groans got even louder. Like before, her whole body grew rigid and began to shake. Her fist tightened in my hair.”Ah, shit yeah,” she said, humping my mouth. “Yes! Oh shit, mister. Keep going, keep going.”I had enough sense to do as I was told, maintaining the same speed and pressure as she mouth-fucked me. In effect she was using me as a sex toy. I was so turned on I thought I might blow my load just sitting there. “Yes, yes!” she shouted, get louder “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!”And every muscle in her tiny body turned to stone. She pulled my head in tight, hips spasming as she ejaculated in my mouth. Her fluid flowed over my tongue, a warm and slippery lubricant. Even though I’d been expecting it, the intensity of her liquid orgasm took me by surprise.Sure, I’ve seen those “squirter” videos where some tattooed skank spews milk from her hole and fakes an orgasm. But my witch was the real deal. Warm liquid ran in a slow cascade over my tongue, maybe a teaspoon of thick fluid very much like my own pre-cum.”Oh fuuuuuck,” she moaned, humping my mouth and practically pulling out my hair. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh yes! Keep licking, mister.”I felt her liquid spurt over my tongue and down my throat. Some of it escaped my lips, a warm trickle that ran over my chin and down my neck like olive oil. Massaging her ass with both hands, I kept up the suction and let her use my mouth as she pleased. She groaned, “Oh yeah! Just like that. I’m still…mmmmm…cumming…”Her young body shuddered. Humping my lips, I could feel her shaking with pleasure. My cock was throbbing almost painfully and I felt it sliding against the huge slick of pre-cum on my underwear. Glancing up her flat stomach, past her jutting tits, I tried to see her expression but her head was thrown back in passion as she orgasmed all over my face. Then movement drew my attention to the left, up high.There, peeking over the dressing room wall, were Jeannie and Zombie, the witch’s friends from the foyer!Oh shit, I thought. I’m in trouble now. My petite witch hadn’t noticed them; she just kept riding my face and cumming like a lunatic. I felt like I was devouring a sun-warmed melon, its juices flowing over my face, neck, and under my shirt collar. If not for all the creepy sound effects masking her shouts, everyone in the building would know what was going on.As I sat there teasing out my girl’s orgasm, I made eye contact with the two spies. Both of them had ear-to-ear grins as they watched me work. In my current position I could do little except raise my eyebrows in inquiry. What are you going to do? I tried to ask with my eyes.The buxom I-Dream-of-Jeannie girl made the “okay” gesture while her sultry undead friend gave me a thumbs-up. Well, well, I thought. Seems they approve of the show. Above me, the witch finally started to relax. Her hand loosened and she backed off from grinding her pubic bone into my face. “Oh shit, oh shit,” she mumbled.I lightened on the suction and cut the speed and pressure of my licks, bringing her down easy. She put her hands on my shoulders and made slow hip-circles against my face. I backed off still more, transferring my licks to either side of her pulsing clit, tracing the shallow folds in her wet mounds. After a few more moments she took her foot off the bench and put it back on the floor.She held out a hand to help me up. Taking it, I staggered to my feet. I wasn’t which of us was more wobbly.She pulled me close, clutching my shoulders and hooking one leg around the back of my knee. I hugged her tight. I could feel her chest rising and falling, and her breath panting in my ear. For such a tiny thing, she was remarkably strong. She radiated the spent sexuality of a woman who’d spent the weekend with an exceptionally energetic lover. Hard to believe I’d met his demure girl just half an hour earlier. I just held her as she came back to earth.Clinging to me almost desperately, she planted little kisses on my neck. “God, that was amazing,” she whispered in my ear. “I’ve never ever cum that hard before, not from being licked. I knew I picked the right guy.”I wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but I could not in good conscience allow this to go on with her friends watching. Who knows how they might torment her, now that they’d seen their meek friend mouth-humping a total stranger.Moving my lips to her ear, I whispered, “Your friends are watching us right now.”I expected her to jump from my arms and look around, angry and embarrassed. Instead she whispered back, “I know.”Turns out I was the one to be surprised. I said, “What?””Sure,” she replied. “How else would they know I really did it?””Did what?””You know, silly,” she breathed into my ear as she rubbed my ass and ground her crotch on my thigh. “This.”So it was all a set up, I suddenly understood.She said, “Don’t be mad, mister. This isn’t so bad, is it?”My hands roamed her body and I said, “Welllll, I guess not.”She giggled and squirmed in my embrace. Then a new thought hit me. If she was aware of our observers but still kept up the pretense that she wasn’t, maybe she wants them to see. Of course, I realized. She’s giving a performance for her friends, showing them that she’s not the meek little thing they think she is. Up until now everything has gone exactly the way she planned.Well, it’s time for me to take charge.I gripped the back of her neck and planted powerful kisses on her startled lips. After a couple of minutes of heavy making out, I started licking her neck, then her ears. Finally I whispered, “You really want to give them a show?””Oh yes,” she announced, as if only responding to my attention. “Keep going, mister.”So, we had two different conversations here—the private one between me and the witch, and the noisier one for the benefit of Jeannie and Zombie. This was so fucking hot I could barely contain myself. In fact, I decided it was time to stop containing myself at all. With my last ounce of self-control I breathed in her ear, “If things get too crazy or you don’t like what I’m doing, just say ‘margarita’.””What?” she whispered back.”It’s a safe word, something to let me know you’re not pretending. That you really want me to stop. Otherwise I’m going to do whatever I want to you. Understand?” My hands roamed her body and I nibbled her slender neck as I spoke.”Ahh, I get it,” she breathed in my ear as she unbuttoned my shirt and threw it aside. “Let’s give those two something to talk about.”That was good enough for me. My fingers went to work on the laces of her bustier. I said, “Let’s see what you’ve got here.”The silky top fell into my hands and I tossed it on the bench. Stepping back, I admired her luscious breasts. I was the experienced, older guy introducing a young lady to the carnal pleasures, so I had to stop myself from openly gawking at her audacious tits.They seemed to defy gravity, poking slightly upward, smooth and dusky in the purple UV light. Medium size and without a trace of sag, they thrust out from her slender ribcage, begging for my attention. Not globes exactly, but more bullet-shaped. Their sleek contours looked streamlined, almost as if they were in motion. And her nipples—oh, God, I couldn’t believe it. Perfect half-spheres the size of silver dollars capped her jutting breasts. Swollen pink mounds that protruded boldly from the curves of her firm, young tits. And the puffy areolas were tipped with engorged nipples that poked out even further, like sweet, pink gumdrops.Clasping her hands behind her back, she thrust her chest out while looking coyly to one side. What a tease.She obviously knew how awesome her tits were. I needed to be flattering but not overly impressed. Trying to act as if I saw glorious mounds like these every day, I move closer, gently cupped them, and said “Delicious.”Leaning over, I caressed them, careful not to squeeze too hard. These works of art could not be damaged. I sucked at one engorged nipple, then the other. She moaned softly and held my head with one hand while she rubbed my throbbing cock through my jeans with the other. Her tits were so arousing I again wondered if I might cum right in my pants.After another minute of worshiping her magnificent breasts, I took a half-step back. Her hand continued boldly rubbing my crotch. Without a word I kicked off my shoes, unbuckled my pants, and stepped out of them. The linoleum was slippery in my socks so I took them off too. My underwear was clingy like briefs and came to mid-thigh like boxers. I don’t cut the dashing figure I did in my twenties but I’m still a fit guy, pretty muscular, and women seem to like my hairy chest and tight, round ass.But it was my sexual confidence I was counting on. These three chicks could only be a year or two out of high school. I bet they’d never been with a real man before, just awkward, fumbling k**s bluffing it out as they learned their way around the female body and psyche. Trust me, the psyche is much more difficult to fathom.I grabbed my nearly naked witch by her bare shoulders and moved her to the bench. “Sit,” I commanded.She obeyed. This put her mouth level with my bulging crotch. Perfect, I thought.Taking a moment to lick a big streak of saliva on each of my palms, I again reached for her breasts. I caressed her jutting tits, gently kneading the breasts as I slid my oily palms across her nipples. She moaned and pressed her chest into my hands, and rubbed my dick more vigorously. We were both utterly aroused. Knowing two other girls were watching, and they believed we each thought the other wasn’t aware of them, made it even hotter. I’ll give these two voyeurs a show they will never forget, I thought.”Put your hands on your legs,” I instructed her. I was showing everyone who was in charge, but it also reduced the stimulation of my dick. I had to dial it down for just a minute or I would cream myself, and that wouldn’t do much for my image as the older, worldly guy. Wearing only netting armlets and thigh-highs, plus boots and a wig, she sat there gazing expectantly at my crotch.Stepping up so my throbbing dick was about a foot from her pixie face, I slipped a finger under my waistband. Slowly I slid it left and right, inching my underwear down. My fully erect cock strained at the fabric, which was covered with a giant stain of pre-cum. I saw her eying it and whispered to her, “You’re not the only one who’s messy.”She nodded but her eyes never left my bulging crotch. I willed my balls to relax. After another few moments of tugging, my cock sprang free. The tension from the waistband had pulled it downward and it sprang out and slapped my stomach before settling in at 45 degree angle, pointing up at her open lips.Her hands remained palms-down on her fishnet-covered thighs, her eyes on my cock. She’s waiting for instructions, türbanlı karabük escort bayan I thought.I’m average hung, just over six inches, and I’m told it’s a nice-looking dick. Curved upward a little, well proportioned, the head not too big or small. My balls are a bit oversize and I am a prodigious cummer. This witch was going to get the shock of her life when I gave her my enormous load.I snuck a look at our two spies—they still hovered motionless, looking over the dressing room wall, enraptured by the steamy scene below them. The girl in the Jeannie outfit rested her huge tits atop the wall, like two fleshy bowling balls tipped by thumb-size nipples that strained against the fabric of her halter top. She frowned a little. I guessed she was the group slut and didn’t like being upstaged. However, the zombie girl wore a big grin and seemed all too happy with the entertainment. She had a nice rack too: firm, softball-size breasts encased in a pink bra, clearly visible through wide gashes in her white dress. She had long, flowing auburn hair, an oval face, and narrow eyes that again reminded me of Taylor Swift. Her right hand cupped one breast and pinched at the nipple as she brazenly stared at my dick. I couldn’t see her left hand but I noticed her shoulder jumping up and down as the hand busied itself with some unseen activity.Holy shit, I thought. She’s masturbating.It was so insanely arousing, my knees got weak as I offered my cock to the little witch. I gave the zombie girl a smile and she licked her lower lip in reply. She’s really into it, I thought.To my sexy witch I said, “Suck it, baby. Suck my cock.”It was all so theatrical and I could tell she was as excited as I was. I moved a big closer. Fully half my shaft was shiny with the pre-cum that had been oozing out for the past half hour. A string of thick liquid dripped from the tip like a long, slow drop of honey. She leaned down and caught the drop with her tongue, lifting upwards and slowly licked the underside of my cock head. Glancing up at me, she took my throbbing dick in her hot, young mouth. “Gently,” I whispered. “I don’t want to cum too soon.”She slurped me for a minute but then backed off and my dick popped free. I thought she was going to stop but instead she reached around, squeezed my ass, and pulled me closer. Her face dropped lower and she licked at my balls. If she thought that was less stimulating that sucking my cock, she had a few things to learn about male anatomy. I gazed down at her angelic face as she rubbed her cheek on my shaft. Then I realized she was just trying to hide her face from her friends so she could talk without them knowing. She whispered, “Don’t want the show to end yet?”I shook my head.”Good,” she continued, sliding her lips along my shaft but not touching the head. “I’ll take it easy, but you let me know before you shoot it, okay?”I nodded again, even more aroused that she was so into the deception. Loudly, I said, “C’mon, suck it, baby.””Okay, mister,” she replied, now speaking for her friends again. “I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.”Her soft lips slid up and down my engorged cock, barely touching me at all. Her hand gripped me with a feather touch. I could barely feel her, which was the only reason I didn’t shoot right on the spot. Either she had more experience than I thought, or every time she’d had a dick in her mouth it spewed in a few seconds. Based on her questioning look, I suspected the latter.I groaned. “Oh god, baby, that’s good.”She worked me for a few minutes, bobbing up and down, twisting her hand around the saliva- and pre-cum-moistened shaft. Only two-thirds of my length fit into her tiny mouth. I held her head and tried to force it into her throat but she gave me a venomous glare and I backed right off. I didn’t need to hear the safe word to know that she was not going to deep-throat me. Besides, her enthusiastic sucking and deft hand work was wonderful. She smiled a little, knowing I had gotten the message.I just put my hands on my hips and watched her pixie face slobbering on my cock-head with exaggerated slurping noises. Even over the sounds of cackling ghouls and shrieking female victims that filled the haunted house, I could hear her lips smacking on my dripping cock. I could hear other voices now, mostly women and c***dren screaming at the different frights in the maze. Customers, I realized. Hopefully they would be too distracted to hear all the racket we were about to make.My witch bobbed forward and back and looked up at me with lust and hopefulness plain on her elfin face. I knew she was looking forward to getting me off. I didn’t want cum too fast and spoil the show, or wait so long that her jaw got tired and she started thinking she was doing something wrong.”Oh, god yes,” I said, watching her pouting lips engulf my cock. “Suck it.”She picked up the pace, moaning a little and squeezing harder. The suction increased. Gazing down at her big doe eyes, I thought I saw a sparkle of amusement. She’s really enjoying this, I thought. I put a hand on her shoulder and thrust into her willing mouth with increasing force.”Oh fuck, that’s good,” I said. “Keep going, baby, you’re gonna make me cum soon.”She looked up at me, her anticipation obvious as my shaft plunged in and out of her mouth. She sucked harder and squeezed her fist tighter. I could feel her need to get me off. Tension started building in my balls. Won’t be much longer, I thought. I wanted to blast my load in her mouth so bad, just the thought made my balls swell even bigger. But if I came in her mouth her friends wouldn’t see, and what’s the point of that? I knew what I had to do.”Oh god, that’s fantastic, baby,” I moaned. “You ready for it?”She nodded and mumbled, sucking even harder and rubbing my balls.”Ah fuck, I’m getting close,” I said, making sure the spies could hear. “I’m gonna cum all over your face.”She kept up her effort but her eyes got big and round. Weren’t expecting that, were you? I thought. I made eye contact and gave her a “last chance” look. Her eyebrows pinched together nervously but she kept up the suction, pumping even harder and giving my nuts rhythmic squeezes. It felt fantastic and I knew I couldn’t hold back any more. Her green eyes, enormous and almost fearful, gazed up at me expectantly and she sucked like her life depended on it. The churning in my balls passed the point of no return. Feeling my orgasm building, my thighs tightened and my body started to shake.”Ah, ah, yeah!” I shouted. “Fuck yeah, baby. Here it comes!”With some reluctance I pulled my cock from her saliva-coated lips and backed up half a step. I grasped my dripping dick and started pumping.She gazed at my oily cock, her face a mix of excitement and fear. Her mouth hung open and her tongue danced nervously along her upper lip. She put her hands on her thighs and stared at my cock, her posture erect, like a schoolgirl waiting for her lesson. I’d give her a lesson she’d never forget.”Oh my god!” I shouted, fist flying up and down my rigid shaft. “I’m gonna cum!”I could hold back no more and spewed a massive rope of semen. I nearly passed out, it felt so good to unleash my balls across the face of this lovely young girl. The first squirt laid a thick line up her slender throat, over her chin, across her open lips, ending with a splat on her wig. She blinked at the force and heat of my cum, but she also seemed genuinely surprised.Could this be the first time she’d ever taken a load on the face? I wondered. But then I noticed something and I understood her confusion.My cum glowed a radioactive green.What the hell is this? I wondered, even as the second squirt rocketed up my tube. But then I understood it was only the UV light. I recalled those CSI shows talking about how ultraviolet light revealed bodily fluids. I guess it just hadn’t occurred to me.The second blast of semen squirted from my cock, thick and copious and florescent. Some of it splattered across her plump lips but most of it disappeared down her throat. Then the true force of my orgasm overtook me.”Oh god,” I moaned, my fist pumping. “Oh shit, that’s good.”I sent a third blast across her face, up one cheek and across the bridge of her nose. The next one went on the other cheek. I felt my knees go wobbly and I wondered if I would just collapse.”Oh god, mister, that’s a lot of cum,” she moaned. “Keep going, keep going!”My slut witch was eating it up. Literally. Her jaw moved in helpless pleasure and her tongue swirled around her lips, slurping up all the sperm within reach. Her dusky skin was so sexy in the UV light—smooth and flawless and criss-crossed by stripes of glowing green semen.I backed up a bit more and stroked out a blast on one of her perfect torpedo-tits, right across her gumdrop nipple, and then squirted the other one. Just the sight of so much cum seemed to make more of it re-generate in my balls instantaneously. With my feet planted wide and my cock throbbing with each intense release, I just stood there and ejaculated like a madman.”Aw fuck,” I shouted, my cock engorged to the bursting point and firing almost painful blasts. “Oh god, baby…”All this time she’d sat there with her palms on her thighs, but now she reached up and grabbed my ass with one hand. She pulled me closer and leaned forward. Her mouth began to close over the end of my spurting cock while my hand pumped frantically. Another stream of cum splashed across her lips as her other hand reached up to replace mine. She instantly started stroking, matching the same tempo I’d been using. Her warm lips clamped onto my cock head and she took my weakening cumblasts into her mouth.”Oh, shit!” I yelled. “God damn, that’s good.”Just then I glanced over at the two spies.The two girls still watched, goggle-eyed in disbelief. They had no idea their friend had it in her, I thought.The I-Dream-of-Jeannie girl gripped the wall and leaned over so far I thought she might fall. Zombie girl twisted one nipple as she stared, her mouth hanging open and her eyes bulging out. Her other arm was still out of sight behind the wall, her shoulder jumping up and down like a sewing machine, jerking off for all she was worth. I wondered if she was working her clit, or fingering her hole, or maybe both. I gave her a smile and she smiled back, her hand working frantically at her crotch.”Aw, fuck,” I shouted. “Swallow it! Drink my cum, baby!”The witch stroked me like a fiend and mumbled, “Mmmmm, mmmmm!”I just stood there and emptied my balls into her willing mouth. My spurts grew smaller but the pleasure did not. I grabbed the back of her head and made a big show of thrusting my cock into her mouth. In reality I only put it in a couple of inches but it felt divine and gave the impression that I was throat-fucking her. I knew better and so did she, but we were both going for the big finish. I shouted, “Fuuuuuuck, baby! I’m still cumming!”I managed to produce a couple more small spurts. The mouth-fucking hid just how much spooge I was delivering.”Swallow it! Swallow it!” I yelled.She flailed her hands around like Dracula being skewered through the heart. I fucked her mouth with half my length and howled like a crazy man. I kept my hand on her head and gave her everything I had left.Eventually I slowed my thrusts and she stopped waving her arms around. Her head bobbed back and forth and she moaned softly. Pressing the tip of her tongue against the tube on the underside of my cock, she pulled forward and extracted the last few drops. She put her hands on my hips, ran them around to my ass, then up and down my thighs.Ah fuck, I thought. I haven’t cum that hard in years.My half-hard cock slid in and out of her mouth. At last she pulled away and gave me a shy, proud smile.”Did you like that?” she asked needlessly.”Oh baby, you were spectacular,” I assured her.I offered my hand. She took it and wobbled to her feet. We stood side-by-side and gazed at our reflections in the mirror.She wiped at a streak of semen on one of her breasts and said, “Wow, that’s a lot of cum, mister. And it’s green.””You got me so turned on it changed color,” I said.She giggled. “It’s just the light, silly.””Still, you look hot. You should swallow the rest of it.”She looked at me like she was considering it. Her eyes drooped half closed. She licked her lips and said, “Will you help me?”I wasn’t expecting that, but seeing how this once-demure girl had turned into a raging orgasm machine, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Smiling, I reached out and swirled two fingers in the cum on one of her magnificent breasts. I pushed it off her puffy areola and swollen nipple, up the firm slope of her chest, over her silver necklaces, up her neck and to her full, pouting lips. She turned her head, took my fingers in her mouth, and sucked them clean.I withdrew them, shiny with her saliva but devoid of any green cum. I repeated the process with her other tit. My dick was already starting to get hard again.Noticing my swelling cock, she said, “Ummm, you know I have to get back to work, right?””In a minute,” I replied, pushing another pile of sticky green sperm toward her lips.Again she cleaned my fingers. She got in on the action too, scooping warm cum off her face and licking her fingers clean.I pointed to the big blob in her wig. She took it off and sucked it right out of the hair, then handed me the wig. I put it on one of the clothes hooks. Sure enough, she was a redhead. Her hair was short and she wore it one of those tousled-on-purpose styles, swoops of thick red hair going this way and that. Reminded me of a 1920’s flapper girl cut. With her triangular pixie face, oversize eyes, and pouting lips, she was very pretty and very enticing. I knew I wasn’t finished yet.Leaning forward, I kissed her, long and slow and deep. A languid kiss of spent passion, but also with the promise of more to come. One hand reached between her legs and I gently pinched her swollen clitoris.”I…I really should be going,” she stammered.I countered with, “You think you’ve got one more in you?””Another one? Shit, mister, you’ve just about wrung me out.”I slipped the first joint of my middle finger into her sopping hole and said, “I bet I can get you off in under three minutes.”She squeezed her legs together, trapping my hand. “I don’t know…””Three minutes,” I insisted, sliding my finger in deeper and cupping one firm ass cheek with the other hand. “Call it an encore presentation,” I added with a whisper.She moaned softly and squeezed her thighs on my hand. She whispered back, “Not for them. But I’ll do it for you.”I kissed her again as I fingered her dripping hole.Louder, she said, “Well, okay, mister. But you better be quick, I have stuff to do.”I withdrew my hands and stepped away. “Hands on the wall,” I ordered.She dutifully put her palms flat on the wall, on either side of the full-length mirror.”Step back a little,” I said.She complied. This put her sexy black boots about three feet from the wall, her upper body bent at a forty-five-degree angle at the waist. Her lingerie model ass thrust backwards and her long, fishnet-clad legs spread almost twice her shoulder width.I said, “God, you have a great ass.”She peered over one shoulder and said, “The clock is ticking.”I dropped to my knees behind her, running my hands up and down her long legs. Normally I would take a few minutes to kiss and lick up and down her thighs before I ever got near her pussy, but this was timed event so I dived right in.I placed my hands on the firm globes of her magnificent ass and slid my thumbs between her slippery mounds. Gently, I spread her pussy, revealing her engorged clitoris. Her entire crotch was shiny with natural lubricant. Her inner thighs glistened and a single drop dangled from her moist hole, hanging like liquid spider on a strand of webbing. Licking my lips to ensure a good seal, I planted my open mouth around her clit.This was no time for subtlety. I couldn’t finger her from back here, but I didn’t plan to. I would ignore her sopping vagina türbanlı escort karabük and focus entirely on her throbbing clit. I applied some suction and ran my tongue up and down her bump. She moaned.I love eating a woman from behind, assuming she’s clean. After all, my nose could only go one place, poking right at her butthole. But my little witch smelled like fresh pussy on a warm spring morning, slightly earthy, with some kind of floral scent. It was strong, no doubt about it, but it was a clean, sensual smell. I increased the suction a little a lapped my tongue up and down, up and down. There was another advantage to being on my knees behind this spectacular ass: I was looking right up at Jeannie and Zombie. The big-titty blonde seemed even more unhappy. I think she coveted the orgasms her witch friend kept getting. I don’t know why she didn’t take matters into her own hands, so to speak, like the saucy zombie chick. The brunette in the torn white dress had both hands out of sight now. One shoulder jack-hammered up and down while the other barely moved. I guessed she was frantically fingering herself with one hand and working her clit with the other. She stared right at me, shamelessly masturbating and getting a thrill that I knew it. Everybody’s cumming around here except blondie, I thought. Maybe she’s not quite the slut she pretends to be.My witch moaned louder and pushed her ass back against my face. I increased the intensity another notch.I think women enjoy being eaten from behind for the same reason so many prefer doggy-style fucking. It felt primitive, like something cavemen do. Plus I suspected they could imagine whoever they wanted back there. Anonymous pounding has a visceral appeal that was, in my experience, almost universal.I intended to make good on my three-minute promise, though if she got half as excited as last time I doubted she would call me off if I went a little over. I sped up my lapping, slathering her throbbing clit full length. I made my tongue into a firm point and flicked it rapidly on one small area.”Ah, yeah,” she said. “Like that.”I could feel a firm node beneath her supple skin. The highest concentration of pleasure nerves was right here and I focused my efforts on it. “Ah, ah!” she moaned. “Oh yeah, mister. Just like that!”I dutifully worked this one small area, increasing the suction and licking a bit harder. Her hand suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled my head in tight. Keeping her dripping mounds parted with my hands, I sucked and licked like a truck stop hooker, my cock now fully erect. Her moans grew louder and she mashed her ass against my slippery face.”Yeah, mister! Do it!” she yelled, her legs starting to tense up. “Fucking bring me off!”Based on her past orgasms, I knew she was getting close. I thought I might actually make the three minute mark. Her ass cheeks clenched up and her long legs began to shake.”Ah! Ah!” she cried.Time to finish her, I thought. I flicked my tongue as fast as I could, keeping it firm and hard, focusing on her most sensitive spot. Doubling my suction, I gripped her ass and tensed my legs, pushing my whole body forward to take the shock of her orgasm. “Oh shit,” she shouted. “I cumming, mister! I gonna fucking cum!”I glanced up at Zombie girl and she silently mouthed the words, “Me too.” Her eyes rolled back in her head and she shuddered like a dog shaking off water.Beneath my mouth, the witch’s petite body when rigid as a statue. Slippery fluid spurted from her hole and over my chin. Her fist squeezed in my hair, pulling face against her pussy as she ejaculated again. “Oh fuuuuuuck,” she moaned.Her sweet liquid trickled over my chin and dripped onto my chest. I just held on and kept the licking and sucking at the exact same pace. Mid-orgasm was not the time for me to do something different. She moaned and spasmed, her pubic bone grinding against my face. My nose poked at her clenched butthole. I kept licking and she kept cumming.”Oh god, mister,” she said, finally starting to relax a bit. “Keep going. Ah! I’m still…ah!…cumming…”Zombie girl’s mouth hung slack and she nodded in agreement. Her shoulder still jumped and a broad smile curled her lips. Her nipples looked like they might tear right through her frilly pink bra. She bit down on her tongue tossed her head from side to side. I’d been with two women before but never quite like this. My witch’s orgasm seemed to go on forever. I just held on and let her fuck my mouth however she liked. My cock was so hard it almost hurt.At last her fist relaxed in my hair. Her drenched pussy pulled away a little. I lightened the suction and reduced the licking, bringing her down easy.”Oh god, mister,” she moaned as she wiggled her perfect ass left to right against my face. “That was amazing….mmmmmm….”She was still cumming a little, or maybe it was post-orgasm euphoria. With women it was hard to tell. I released the air-tight seal my lips held against her mounds and lightly licked the whole length of her crotch, from her dripping hole, over her swollen clitoris, and back again. I slowed the licks, let them grow lighter still. At last I pulled my pussy juice-covered face away.She remained bent over, both hands back on the wall. From my perspective I could see her bullet-shaped breasts swinging with her heavy breathing. Her head hung down and I saw her looking at me, her smiling face upside down beyond her tits. Liquid coursed down her thighs, over the fishnet hose, with a couple of trickles disappearing into her boots. She reeked of pussy juice and satisfaction.I could hold back no more. I stood up and rubbed my rock-hard dick along her moist crack. This was all the warning she was going to get. If she didn’t want to get fucked she only had a couple of seconds to use the safe word. But she just looked over her shoulder and said, “Oh hell yeah, mister, go for it.”I aligned my cock, already covered in pre-cum, with her dripping slit. No need for lube here. With one thrust I pushed it in about half way.”Oh yeah,” I moaned.”Mmmm hmmm,” she agreed and pushed back against me.In spite of all the wetness, she was tight as a three-foot-tall virgin. I wondered if I could even last two minutes in her steaming hole. I pulled out almost all the way and willed myself to relax.”Come on, do it,” she said.”Oh god yes, I just don’t want to shoot it too soon.””Don’t be shy,” she replied. “I’ve been cumming like a freight train all night, so don’t hold back, mister.”You asked for it, I thought, and with one firm thrust I crammed my cock in as far as it would go. It filled her tight, clutching hole.”Yeah, that’s it,” she moaned. “C’mon, fuck me.”I pulled out and rammed her again, then again, not caring if I spewed. Maybe not caring relaxed me because I pounded her good for a couple of minutes. I said, “Oh fuck, that’s good. You like that, baby?””Oh yes, mister stranger,” she moaned. “Fuck me!”I had one hand on her narrow waist and the other clutching her neck, holding her in place while I slammed her tight hole. Her grip was so strong it almost felt like anal sex, except with ass-fucking there’s just one squeezing opening before it opens up. This was like her whole vagina was made of gripping, muscular tissue. I felt my balls start to tense up and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Well, she’d told me to go for it, so I would. I said, “Oh god, baby, I’m getting close.”She thrust back against me and shouted, “Do it! Do it!”I wasn’t sure if she expected me to pull out again or if she wanted me to cum inside her. It was both dangerous and rude to make that kind of assumption but I only maybe a minute until I spewed. I said, “Fuck, baby, I’m gonna fill you up!””Oh yeah,” she panted. “You ready for my cum?””God yes, mister! C’mon, fuckin’ shoot it,” she demanded. “Fill my pussy with your cum!”She got nastier every minute. This chick was sure into it, talking trash like a porn star. She was probably a librarian or something in real life and never got a chance to let it all hang out. I guess that’s what Halloween is for, right?I gripped her hips with both hands and fucked her dripping hole with everything I had. My heart was pounding and my breath came in ragged gasps. I had to spew before I passed out. The delicious tension built in my balls as I passed the point of no return. “Oh god, baby,” I shouted, “I’m gonna cum!””Yes! Yes!”I slammed her a few more times and then locked my hips to hers as I ejaculated deep in her pussy. “Oh god, I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming in your pussy!””Do it! Do it! Fill me up, mister,” she shouted.I pulled out halfway and slammed in again, releasing another blast of cum in her slippery hole. I shot another thick squirt and then another, moaning like I was dying and digging my fingers into her pale hips.”I can feel it,” she said. “Mmmmm, I can feel you shooting it inside me.””Oh god, baby, you feel so good,” I moaned as fired another thick stream of semen deep in her sopping hole.I looked up at the two spies. Jeannie scowled with ill-concealed jealousy but the saucy zombie just kept working her pussy. Both her shoulders jumped as she vigorously fingered herself. Her eyes drooped half-closed as she brazenly brought herself to another orgasm. Her jaw hung slack and she twitched like she’d grabbed a live wire.I fired another bolt of cum up inside my witch. Everybody was moaning except for Jeannie, who just glared. I licked my lips at her and said, “Here’s some more cum for you, baby,” as I shot more sperm into my girl’s dripping hole. Jeannie didn’t seem impressed but Zombie grinned and rubbed herself even harder.Finally my spurts began to lessen. I pushed my cock all the way in, grunted, and emptied my balls deep inside her.”Oh wow, mister,” the witch said, “I can still feel you spurting.”A couple more small squirts and I was drained.”Oh shit, that was amazing,” I offered, holding her in place as my dick softened.”Mmmm hmmm,” she agreed, moving her ass up and down against me. “You sure have a lot of cum. I can feel it way up inside me.”I started sliding my half-hard cock in and out just a little, relishing the feeling of her cum-filled pussy gripping me. A thick mix of my semen and her natural lubrication trickled from her slippery hole, running over my balls and dripping to the floor. “I’m gonna pull out now,” I said. “You probably want to squat straight down so it doesn’t run all down your legs.”She giggled, “Yeah that would give us away, huh? With the black light, I mean.””Yeah, you’d look like a wicked witch for sure.””Well, I kind of am,” she replied and wiggled her ass again.I said, “You ready?”She nodded and I backed away, letting my cock slip from her dripping hole. She immediately squatted as a fountain of glowing green cum gushed out. It splattered the linoleum like that stuff inside chem-lights, a florescent emerald goop that made a spreading puddle beneath her. She peered between her legs curiously. Slipping one finger into herself, she coaxed out another thick splat, and then another. The puddle grew to nearly a foot across and she shook her head in disbelief.”Let me help,” I said, sliding my middle finger into her dripping hole. I swirled it around a little and got a few more blobs. Reaching to the bench, I grabbed a towel and handed it to her.She wiped her dripping pussy and thighs as best she could, then cleaned up the puddle. Most of the cum was gone but a faint layer of pale green lay in a thin sheen on her inner thighs and on her tits and face. Scowling, she scrubbed at herself again with a fresh towel and got most of it. I guess she didn’t want to walk around looking like a Jackson Pollock painting, though she probably didn’t even know who that was. I said, “Just stay out of the UV and you’ll be fine.””Well, it’s not like they don’t know what I’ve been doing,” she replied with a shy half-smile.Looking up, I saw our two watchers had vanished.She balled the glowing, sodden towel inside the second one and tossed it on the bench. I put on my underwear, jeans and shirt, then picked up the business cards that had spilled from my shirt pocket. Watching her wiggle into her clingy skirt and silky bustier made my dick start stirring again. I helped her lace up her top.She held up the sopping panties and wrinkled her nose at them. In the black light they glowed a brilliant white, but the dark stain of her juices covered almost half its surface.”Not much point in putting those back on,” I said.She gave me a coy pout, held out the panties, and said, “A souvenir, for you.”I took them, making sure to caress the moist crotch panel between thumb and forefinger. “Something to remember you by,” I said, smiling. “Not that I need it.”Carefully folding it, I kept most of the wet parts inside, wrapping the dry area around it. I tucked it into a shirt pocket. It’s fragrance drifted up to me, an earthy reminder of the evening.She just smiled and put on her wig. I tugged on my socks and boots, put my hand on the knob and asked, “Ready?”At her nod I opened the door and we stepped out, innocent as babies, and walked away. We strolled through the rest of the haunted house in silence, past the vampire scene, and Frankensteins’s lab, and what looked like a shopping mall full of undead. Screams and moans and shrieks echoed from the high ceiling and everything was bathed in the eerie ultraviolet light. Couples and families wandered through the place but they all ignored us. We held hands like young lovers and walked in silence. Soon we were at the door to the foyer, the small room with the ticket table where I had first seen the four girls. I said, “By the way, my name is—”But she put her finger to my lips to stop me from talking. She shook her head. I felt a joyful kind of sadness, knowing something really wonderful had just happened but also knowing it probably would never happen again. I understood she wanted to keep it anonymous, maybe concerned that I would turn into some kind of stalker weirdo. No one has sex that hot without wanting more, right?So I kissed her one last time, her plump lips soft and yielding. It was a gentle kiss, a ‘thank-you’ kiss. A goodbye kiss. After a long moment, she turned away, opened the door, and stepped into the foyer. I followed.A dozen or so people waited in line to buy tickets, mostly families with k**s. Back in the normal light, no one could see the residual sheen of semen on her legs and face, but I knew it was there. And so did her three friends at the ticket table. Jeannie, Zombie, and Star Trek girl all looked at us with knowing smiles. Jeannie didn’t seem very happy but she sure as hell knew what had happened. The Zombie hottie had a broad grin on her pretty face. She actually licked her lips at me, and I watched as her nipples hardened and poked against the fabric of her white dress, her delicious mounds cupped by the pink bra visible through rips in her dress. The Star Trek girl had apparently drawn the short straw and had to run the table while her two friends watched the action. She gave the witch a we’ll-talk-later expression, glancing back and forth between the two of us. I felt kind of awkward standing there, knowing that all four girls knew what had happened. Invisible questions and recriminations floated in the air.Time to go. Then I noticed the orange plastic jack-o-lantern on the table, the kind k**s use to collect trick-or-treat candy. Above it, a sign read, “Leave your business card for a chance to win”, and then some smaller type describing the prizes.Maybe my little witch will change her mind, I thought. After a few days of thinking about tonight, she may want another round after all. I took a business card from my pocket and watched her emerald eyes track it as I moved toward the table. My card is a distinctive maroon color and it stood out against all the white ones as I tossed it into the plastic pumpkin. I hoped she would be able to find it later, especially since she doesn’t even know my name.I walked back to the door, giving my saucy witch a grin as I passed. Standing in the doorway, I turned back to look at her. “That was amazing,” I said. “I can honestly say you have the best haunted house I’ve ever come across.”She smirked a little at my double entrendre but she was back to her normal, demure self and did not meet my gaze.But someone else did.Looking past the witch toward the ticket table, I saw the luscious zombie girl offering me a lascivious smile. She held something up for me to see.A maroon business card.

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