My Doctor Years Ago Was a Nun.


My Doctor Years Ago Was a Nun.I live in a small town in northern Arizona. When you are in a small town it’s hard to keep doctors around for primary care. I now travel to a nearby large city, but twenty years ago when I was 45, for a short while I had the shortest doctor I had ever had. She was a nun, but obviously didn’t wear the nun outfit when acting as a doctor. She introduced herself to me as sister Prudence. She told me which order she belonged to, but not being a religious guy that didn’t stick with me at all.She had given me my annual exam the first two years she was my doctor. This time, for the first time she did test me for a hernia, holding lightly onto my balls while she pressed a finger up into the little cavity and had me turn my head and cough.Immediately upon finishing that test and writing down the results she asked how old I was. I told her I was 45. The nun nodded her head saying, “I thought so. You are at the age when you need to start having your prostate examined.” Not sure what a prostate was at that time I said, “okay sure.”She smiled then as she got out her latex glove. I watched her snap it onto her right hand. She said, “It’s a good thing for you (pausing) I have such small hands.” I looked at her with wide eyes and said, “Oh…THAT exam!” She smiled again and said, “Yes…THAT exam!” My pants were already off from having the hernia test. She said, “Lean forward please Peter and move your feet apart for me.” My cock was very much awake by this time. I had only a semi-erection when she had her hand on my balls doing the hernia test, but now it rose to full attention, though it was pointed away from her.sister Prudence told me she was applying some KY Jelly to her middle finger so it would be more comfortable. She wormed her middle finger way farther up me than I expected. I felt her breath on my ass, which my wife says is the best she’s ever seen. I asked, “What exactly is it that you do on this test?” She waited a bit as her finger moved around my prostate. From her movements I could actually feel the prostate and knew its approximate size and shape. “I am feeling for nodules and to get a general idea of the size of your prostate. Have you had any problems urinating…stopping and starting, anything like that?” I answered that sometimes I thought I was through when there was still more left, so I had to kind of strip my penis to make sure all the urine was gone from the channel.(Nothing more about this story is true. Below the hatch line below is all fantasy. If sex with a nun is offensive to you please don’t read any more. I confess I did masturbate that evening while I was in the living room while my wife was in the bedroom. After I had cum and cleaned up, I moved into the bedroom and after a bit of a rest, I started caressing my wife and imagining what I tell below.) I didn’t tell her the story, I just had it in my mind as I fucked my wife.—————————————————————————–The doctor kept probing, pressing on my prostate and making me feel I was about to ejaculate. She continued, “Your prostate is slightly enlarged. When you ejaculate have you ever noticed any problems?” I asked what kind of problems and she said, “Lessened flow and strength of speed of the ejaculation.” With talk like this my cock was not going to be unhard in time for her not to see it…but I wanted her to see it erect.”To be perfectly honest sister…when I was 12 my ejaculation during masturbation had the ability to travel up to six feet. Too many times on my bunk bed, I was the upper bunk, I had to be careful that I didn’t shoot my semen onto the ceiling. When I was in my twenties the distance had diminished, but it seemed the speed of the ejaculation was still quite fast. I know my girlfriends would comment about how hard it was hitting them in the cervix during my first years of intercourse. Now, my ejaculation hiltonbet giriş is only very fast and hard if my wife is performing oral sex on me, but only when she is kneeling on the floor and I am holding her head as I uh…have intercourse with her face. She is motionless during that time.”She pulled her finger out of my ass, and sat back on her chair as she removed the glove from her hand. She handed me a piece of wet towel so I could clean my asshole. “I believe you are erect right now…please turn around for me and, if you don’t mind, do you think you would be able to masturbate to ejaculation?”When I turned around, she looked up at my face first, then with the slightest hint of a smile she looked at my cock as I said,”I am sure I would be able to masturbate to ejaculation. Do you want me to do it just like this? Right here? Do I need to point in some other direction?” With a twinkle in her eye, she looked up at mine again and said, “I will be able to observe and measure your distance. I will time attempt to time it. How far do you, can you, shoot your semen at your present age?”I thought about that and said, “If I am not having intercourse with my wife…uh wait…what I say here is confidential…correct?” She nodded her head and said “Assuredly so Peter.””I do have a girlfriend who I on occasion have intercourse with. She enjoys watching me masturbate onto her while she is lying down and masturbating as she is looking up at me.” She is a new girl friend, I confess I have had more than a few since my wife and I married.” sister Prudence nodded her head and asked, “Do you find your ejaculation is…oh more forceful when you are in a new situation with a lover. In other words, is your first intercourse with a new lover more forceful. And do you think your ejaculate has increased from the fact that you are entering a different vagina and looking at different face breasts and body?”I smiled then and said, “Of course! My Dad always said that variety is the spice of life. He also says speaking frankly, there is nothing to make a marriage better than sliding into a strange pussy. Meaning, of course, as he said, “fucking a woman you have never fucked before makes your sex life better with your wife.” sister Prudence got up at that point and locked the exam room door.”Peter, you must be well aware that nuns are virgins. I am indeed a virgin and married my lord when I took my vows of chastity upon ordination. A nun’s body has needs like that of the body of any other woman. We have hormones and desires we try to muffle. I hope it won’t scandalize you if I remove my clothes and lay back on the floor as you have done with your new girl friends. I believe this might be the best way to test the strength and distance of your ejaculation.” She didn’t ask if she should undress, she just started taking off the layers of clothes she had on. She had to have been 30 or 35. I didn’t ask. Her breasts were beautiful with nice large brown nipples which stuck up very erect. Her pussy was surprisingly bare. She reddened a bit and said, “I try to keep my vagina free of hair because it feels better when I masturbate.” I asked if she was going to masturbate while I did…reminding her that my girlfriend who liked to lay on her back as I jacked on my cock would finger her pussy. We watched each other come to orgasm. It would be helpful for this test you want to do if you would masturbate as well.”sister Prudence, naked now and breathing heavily, lay back on the floor and said, “That was my intention Peter. Actually though, I don’t think it is a betrayal of my vow when someone stimulates my vagina with a finger. Is that something you might want to do Peter?”I knelt on the floor and moved the palm of my hand lightly over her prominent mound. Her body shuddered at the light touch and her eyes fluttered. Her nipples were sitting up like little thumbs. hiltonbet yeni giriş “sister, would it be a betrayal of your vows if you stroked my cock while I finger your cunt?”She seemed to weigh that for a few seconds and said, “Well, only if you will put your hand over mine to show me the movement and speed of movement you desire.”I could smell her cunt juices now and said, “I would be happy to teach you that sister.” She placed her cool hand on my hot cock. Her body twitched at that and her breathing rate increased. I asked, “When you masturbate sister, do you like to use one finger, two or more inside your pussy? Or do you just stimulate your clitoris?” She took a deep breath, moving her hand slowly up and down my shaft. I put my hand over hers and moved it a bit faster and in longer strokes. She whispered, “I press my left hand on my clitoris and with my right hand I will insert two, sometimes three fingers.” “My hand is busy showing you how to stroke my cock. Why don’t you stimulate your clitoris while I slide a finger or two into your cunt.” She pressed the middle finger of her right hand on her clitoris holding it down against my now very slippery fingers. That was the finger she used to probe my prostate.I placed one hand over hers on my cock, and slid my middle finger into her cunt. She gasped. “I really don’t think this is a betrayal of my vows. I truly believe those vows would be betrayed if your hard cock was to be voluntarily allowed to move inside of my va… cunt. If I said you should fuck me with that hard prick. If I said I wanted to feel your cock rip my hymen to shreds. That would be the only way I would betray my vows.”I slid another finger into her cunt. She continued, “If however, you were to put a hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming and if you were to pin my body to the floor and if you entered my va ..cunt forcefully so I had no choice. If that were to happen, I believe the sanctity of the doctor patient relationship would keep me from ever telling anyone, even your wife, that you had ****d me. If you were to twist my nipples so I would open my legs and spread my cunt lips for your hard cock, making it easier to slide into me…since there would be nothing I could do about that…it would NOT betray my vows.”She was gasping now and looking up at me longingly. I leaned toward her face and growled, “And IF I were to place my mouth on your mouth so you could not scream would that also allow you to say you had kept your vows?” She nodded her head slowly at first, then eagerly and said a long sibilant “Yesssssss!”I stood up then and removed the rest of my clothes then as she watched me from the floor. She lay there naked and quiet looking up at my body. My cock was throbbing up and down and pre-cum was flowing from the slit at the tip. I knelt between her open legs and moved my body over hers. My left arm cradled her head and my right arm helped keep me from falling full weight onto her tiny body. Her nipples were burning hot when my chest pressed against them.I placed my mouth over her mouth and kissed her passionately. My tongue triggered hers to move in concert as I probed her mouth and she probed mine. I lifted up from her, one hand now over her mouth and the thumb and forefinger of my right hand holding her left nipple, so red so hard. I squeezed her nipple and she screamed into my hand. She reached down then and used her fingers to spread her virgin cunt wide open. We both looked down as the head of my cock approached her bare cunt. When the glans sank inside, her eyes fluttered and closed for a moment, then looked back up at my face with a ferocity I had never seen on the face of a woman I was about to fuck.My cock penetrated her tight slit, so juicy it was I sank right in to where her hymen still existed. She was my first virgin. I smiled at her and I felt her smile under the palm hiltonbet güvenilirmi of my hand as I slid down until the head rested against the very tight place that I thought was her cherry. She blinked her eyes and I couldn’t tell me if that was from fear or lust or both. “Look where my hard cock stands inside your virgin cunt. When I push down into you, I will tear your hymen to shreds and you will no longer be a virgin. You will however still be holy and have kept your vows because it was I who took you. You would not have allowed this. I am r****g you and you will never be able to tell another person because you are my doctor and I am your patient.You would certainly not ask me to fuck this virgin cunt. I would not expect that. I will wait to watch your eyes blink three times rapidly before I plunge into you and take your virginity forever. She was breathing noisily through her nose while my palm held her mouth closed. Her eyes were open longer than it seemed possible to do so. I thought perhaps she had changed her mind, but then her eyelids blinked three times rapidly…then three more times rapidly. She was doing that for a third time when I plunged my thick cock into her tight hole. I placed my mouth over hers and she screamed down my throat.She moved with me as I plunged into her. She was crying copiously, but I felt the smile on her face which were pressed against my lips. I banged hard, then slowed down to hold back my orgasm. I fucked her tiny body for a good twenty minutes before I felt her first orgasm. Her eyes closed and her hips bucked under me. Then her eyes opened again, looking directly into mine with ferocity and pressed her fingernails sharply into my back, seemingly urging me to my ejaculation. She blinked her eyes three times…then again…and again…at the third set of blinks I unloaded the a massive amount of seed into the nun’s unprotected, no longer virgin, cunt. When the storm had subsided, I pulled away from her body. I helped her up from the floor and hugged her. “I am so sorry I ****d you sister. I am a weak man and will pay for this someday” She pushed several fingers into her cunt and pulled out the semen that was plastered there. Holding it up to the light she watched it ooze slowly between her fingers. “If you were to force me to take your ejaculate into my mouth, it would not be my fault Peter.” I twisted her left nipple now and she opened her mouth in pain. I pushed her fingers into her mouth and then pushed her mouth shut around them. As she tasted my semen and her cunt juice, I slid three fingers into her cunt and scooped a large amount of semen out and held it up in front of her face. I let it dribble out onto her nose and lips. I spread it around her face and when it was all shiny from the juices, I lifted her up and held her in front of the mirror so she would see the semen all over her face.I told her then I needed to clean up because my wife was waiting for me out in the car. She brought me wet towels and washed my cock and groin. She didn’t stop scrubbing lightly there until she could sniff my body and not smell cunt juice or semen. We both dressed again and I thanked her for her discretion regarding Doctor/Patient rights. She nodded solemnly and said, “It is part of the Hippocratic Oath Peter. You shouldn’t have ****d me…taken my virginity…ripped my hymen to shreds…but I was helpless. Please tell the receptionist that you have to come in for a follow-up exam next week.”I went out to the receptionist after saying thank you and bidding sister Prudence good bye until next week.When I asked the receptionist to give me an appointment for a week from that day, I said, “sister Prudence needs to do some follow up work.” The receptionist, Gayle, looked at me and smiled,then asked why I always called her sister Prudence. I looked at her oddly and said, “why…she’s a nun.”Gayle laughed and said she had heard that before, but Prudence was married to a man in the next county and never said to anyone who worked in the office that she was a nun. I grinned at that and said, “Well Prudence wants me next week at nine a.m.” Gayle smiled and handed me the card and said, “See you next week Mr. Martin!”

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