My Dream FriendChapter One


Back in the early 80s, my Mum moved us to America when her company offered her the job as an assistant regional manager in ‘The Colonies’. I was seventeen and entering my senior year. The transition from a British all-boys prep school to a co-ed local high school was very, umm, transitional, to say the least. My ‘accent’ made me stand out from the crowd of fellow students. That and my lean, athletic build from years of playing football – soccer to you barbarian Yanks – made getting dates fairly easy.One lovely lass, Rose Ann, never accepted my invitations to go out but she always seemed to have a steady supply of beaus lined up eager to go out with her. Looking at her one could easily see why. Long, light brown hair, a truly lovely face and a simply incredible five-foot-seven, 34D-23-34 body. (I’ll not use metric so as to not confuse the Yanks.) Every boy in school turned to look when she walked past.Though she refused my offers to date, I simply thought that I mistimed my invitations when she was already seeing someone else. I didn’t take her rejections to heart. After all, I had many young lassies who did say yes to dates and to things that happen during dates.Rose Ann and I had several of the same classes and we had plenty of opportunities to converse and to get to know one another. My invitations to date me grew more infrequent. By Christmas break, I knew Rose Ann had placed me firmly into the dreaded ‘Friends Zone’.But we seemed perfectly content with that. Neither of us was lacking eligible dates. Rose Ann’s sense of dry, sarcastic humor meshed perfectly with my British wit (Or lack thereof) and we could be at ease speaking on any topic. Our personalities meshed so perfectly that, so long as I didn’t dwell on her beautiful face and perfect body, I could regard her as a female me. Easy banter, bad puns and stupid pranks seemed to follow our steps.After graduation, we each got Summer jobs at a nearby State Park. I rented out paddle boats next to a small lakeside beach area and Rose Ann worked as hotel staff. Her job ended well before mine and she would often stop by either alone just to hang out sunbathing beside the lake or with a current beau knowing I would give her a free paddle boat. She always wore skimpy bikinis to drive the boys crazy and I do admit to leering at her barely covered large tits and tight ass when she wasn’t looking while fantasizing how to get her into bed.That Fall we both attended a local community college followed by Summer jobs at the State Park again. A second year at community college and a third Summer working at the same jobs as before gave us plenty of time to see each other. I continued to ask her out between the times I was seeing a steady girlfriend. I simply marked her continued refusals down to bad timing and to the blasted ‘Friends Zone’.During these years, whilst I had steady girlfriends, Rose Ann couldn’t seem to settle on one guy to date for very long. She never seemed like a bird who’d flit from man to man but then I’d never dated her. I simply attributed it to her playing the field, so to speak.With a month left before the Fall semester began at the state university we’d be transferring to, Rose Ann stopped by the paddle boat concession and made me an offer that astonished me. Her family had rented a smallish, two-bedroom single-wide in a trailer park ten miles from campus for her to live in whilst attending classes. Now, Rose Ann was standing before me in the skimpiest of bikinis I doubted her parents even knew she owned, let alone wore in public, and was offering me the chance to move in with her!You see, the girlfriend they’d expected to move in with Rose Ann had announced a couple of days before that she was pregnant and would be getting married rather than attending university. Since then her dad had been casting about for someone to share residency and the cost when Rose Ann had brought my name up as a possible. At first, I thought she wasn’t serious and my first words were, “You must be bloody joking.”Rose Ann assured me she was serious and wasn’t joking. Rose Ann admitted that her Dad had put my name at the ABSOLUTE bottom of the list of prospective ‘trailer mates’ but one-by-one all the other names hadn’t panned out. I didn’t mind at all being the last one standing but I still had doubts that her Dad would really approve. Her Mum had given grudging approval. After all, Rose Ann would be twenty years old a month after classes began and she probably assumed Rose Ann wasn’t a virgin by now.I didn’t worry about my Mum’s approval. As long as the price fitted within our budget, she’d be cool. She’d known I’d lost my virginity a few months before we’d moved to America when she’d come home from work early one day and discovered me chasing a girl through almanbahis our flat starkers.Actually, as I thought about it, the suggestion wasn’t all that crazy. By now Rose Ann and I had known each other for three years and between one year of high school, two years of community college and three Summers of seeing each other several times a week, we’d probably spent more time together than with anyone except our families.Speaking of family, though I’d never been to her house I’d met Rose Ann’s parents a few times in the stands during high school athletic events. Rose Ann had introduced me to them at the first football game of the high school season before sprinting off to cheerlead. I quite approved of American cheerleading though the rules of the sports they cheered for seemed incomprehensible to me.Her mother struck me as super nice and she’d always seemed to approve of me, despite dropping hints that I needed a haircut. I had shoulder-length hair back then. Her dad seemed a decent enough chap, though he may have been friendly to me because I wasn’t dating his daughter. Daddy didn’t like any of the boys who dated HIS ‘little girl’. He even took the time and effort to explain American football and basketball rules to me.To try and make a long story a tad bit shorter, what it came down to were three equally bad choices as far as Rose Ann’s father was concerned. He was NOT in favor of his daughter living alone in a trailer park the first time she was leaving the nest. He was NOT in favor of trying to find on short notice a complete stranger to move in with his daughter…  And then there was me!He’d met me. He’d known I’d been in Rose Ann’s circle of friends for three years. I’d seemed okay the times we’d met. A big plus in his book was that I’d never dated his daughter. He ‘interviewed’ me that night after I got off work and in between the more expected questions of what my major would be, my plans for the future, etcetera. A few of his questions were a bit personal, such as, ‘Would I be bringing dates to the trailer?’ My answer that I wasn’t seeing anyone at present and it would be quite rude to have overnight guests intruding upon Rose Ann’s privacy seemed to satisfy him. I did not add that I hoped to be rude many, many times and Rose Ann could be as rude as she wished. Wouldn’t bother me at all. Just not the thing to admit to Rose Ann’s father though.The deciding factor in his approval of my living with his daughter? While I can’t prove this, I think that my longish hair, British mannerisms and accent plus the fact that in three years I’d never dated his beautiful daughter… I believe he thought I was a bit queer!The Friday before classes began we formed a caravan to drive the two and a half hours to the city and moved in. Our Mums took off to do some shopping in the malls. Rose Ann’s Dad and younger brother left to drive home but only after her Dad pulled me aside. Putting a heavy hand on my shoulder, I was told he wanted me to keep his ‘little girl’ safe. The hard look he gave me put a menacing, without words, ‘OR ELSE’ at the end of the sentence.I shit you not, while Rose Ann and I were putting our things away, I told her about her dad and his unspoken ‘OR ELSE’. Rose Ann laughed and seconds later walked into my bedroom with a pistol in her hand and struck a gangster moll pose. “Well, maybe Dad gave me this to keep you safe! Or maybe to keep me safe from you,” she joked.”Yea, right,” I joked back. “After three years of your saying no to dates I’m suddenly going to pounce?”We sat on my bed and Rose Ann gave me a safety lecture on how to do what with the pistol, since, growing up in Britain, I had zero knowledge of guns. Rose Ann was clearly at ease around pistols. I guessed her Dad had given her instructions in case someone unwelcome tried to get personal and he wasn’t around. Showing me which drawer of her dresser she’d keep it in, she slipped it under her large selection of brightly colored undies.We were still putting things away when our Mums showed up to unload more towels than we’d ever need and other household items and groceries they must have bought by the ton. Both our Mums teared up at the thought of their babies leaving home. Finally, after long hugs all around, they left. We were on our own.Tired from unpacking we called it an early night. As tired as I was I found it hard to fall asleep thinking of who was in bed barely fifteen feet away. I had to wank off as quietly as I could to relieve the tension so I could finally nod off.The next morning I could hear Rose Ann moving around her bedroom as I left my room to piss and shower. Rose Ann’s door was open and her dresser’s mirror was in full view. Rose Ann’s unclothed reflection in the mirror was also in view as she stood almanbahis yeni giriş beside her bed and ran fingers over her scalp to fluff out bed-hair. The body I’d only seen in skimpy bikinis was now in glorious, naked color before me.From her light brown pussy bush to the pale pink of her nipples, all framed by the pale skin of her bikini lines. All of her was burned into my brain as I stopped short of the washroom door in shock. My reflection was in view to her also, as she let her hair fall away from her face. She let out something between a yelp and an ‘eeep’ before dropping to the floor out of sight.What the bloody hell was I to do? Apologize because SHE hadn’t closed HER door? I quickly stepped into the washroom and called out, “I can’t see the mirror. It’s safe for you to close your door!”I heard quick footsteps followed by the sound of her door closing. I had to laugh as I turned the water on and began adjusting the temperature. I called out, “You know, after all the times I’ve seen you in bikinis I really didn’t see much more than I haven’t seen before.””Fuck you, shit for brains,” Rose Ann called out over the sound of the water as I engaged the shower spray and drew the curtain. Away from her parents, Rose Ann had the mouth of a sailor.I heard the door I hadn’t locked open and Rose Ann’s voice now came from just the other side of the curtain. “You saw me I think it’s only fair I see what you have,” as she pulled the curtain open. In just panties and bra, Rose Ann kept a death grasp onto the curtain, holding it open despite my grab for it and took a good look, indeed, as I stood there shocked. I was still sporting a morning woody made harder by what I’d just seen and Rose Ann took a good, long look.I shook off the shock and used the washcloth in my hand to cover Tommy Boy. Rose Ann kept staring at my barely covered hard-on and finally let loose of the shower curtain. I stood in the shower frozen in shock whilst Rose Ann laughed as she left the bathroom immensely pleased with herself.”What the bloody hell, Rose Ann,” I yelled at her retreating back and glorious tight bum. “What I saw was by accident! I didn’t invade the privacy of your bath!” Rose Ann just laughed more and made fun of my British pronunciation of ‘privacy’.That morning over breakfast, the two of us set down ground rules for proper dress in the trailer. Neither of us wished to be attired enough to go out in public before we left our rooms when we were just going to be hanging out in the trailer. Studying, watching TV, or just chilling… We wanted to wear comfortable stay-at-home clothes. We both decided that gym shorts would be required wear. I could wear a t-shirt (or not) with gym shorts as the mood hit me to be comfortable as my minimum wear. Rose Ann agreed that a t-shirt (with or without a bra) and gym shorts would be her minimum wear for comfort out of her room.Other ground rules were set. We could bring dates to the trailer but no disappearing into our rooms to get intimate if the other was home. Light making out on the couch was allowed but all dates had to be out of the trailer by 11 pm so we didn’t disturb the other’s sleep. All very civilized.We also agreed to alternate weekend trips home. Both, not to let the trailer be unoccupied all weekend and to give each other a time when we could entertain dates at our trailer in intimate privacy. We also agreed that we would not come back from weekend visits before 6 pm Sunday evening and a phone call from a nearby gas station would be nice before showing up. That was to ensure one of us wouldn’t walk in on the other doing whatever with whomever.There were other house rules, some unspoken, such as I tried not to stare openly at swaying, bouncing breasts moving under loose t-shirts with clearly outlined hard nipples. Though from her smiles I knew Rose Ann often caught me before I could shift my gaze elsewhere. Rose Ann tried not to stare openly at morning woodies and woodies I attained when noticing her tight ass and the noticeable sway and bounce of large tits with hard nipples not restrained by a bra became too much for me.During this time, it never occurred to me that Rose Ann was purposely teasing me. Perfectly at ease wearing skimpy bikinis in public, in the privacy of our trailer, as long as her body was covered as per our agreement and as she was comfortable, she’d wear what she wanted in our common areas. Her t-shirts, probably stolen from her Dad, were never tight enough to hug her tits and she didn’t cut them off to bare her waist. Most were long enough to end below her gym shorts. She could have worn them without shorts and still have walked around fully covered from neck to mid-thigh. If I occasionally saw something that struck me as erotic beyond almanbahis giriş belief, that was simply my problem and my good luck.By the end of our second week of sharing the trailer we were becoming comfortable enough with each other that closed doors to bedrooms were becoming optional, mostly used when full nudity might happen. Rose Ann gradually stopped taking the time to don a robe if going to and fro from her bedroom to the washroom two steps away. Glimpses of Rose Ann in bra and panties in the mornings were becoming common.With clothes in her bedroom and a bewildering assortment of makeup and what-nots occupying every horizontal space in the washroom, trips between were frequent. When once I complained there was no place for my shaving needs, Rose Ann explained that she simply had to apply her makeup using the washroom mirror because it was much brighter in the washroom than in her bedroom. But she grudgingly cleared a four by four-inch square for my needs.The days rolled on and her robe was left hanging in her closet more often and by the end of our first month together bra and panties became the norm in the mornings as we rushed to get ready for classes. If I were shaving, Rose Ann, clad in nothing but bra and panties, thought nothing of hip nudging me to one side so she could apply makeup under the brighter light in the washroom.Again, I thought, it wasn’t Rose Ann trying to drive me crazy, she was simply in a hurry and was becoming as comfortable around me as I was around her. After all, as she reasonably explained one morning, I’d seen her many times in much skimpier bikinis. Shaving while trying to ignore the reflection in the mirror of perfect breasts clad only in sheer nylon which did nothing to cover hard nipples became usual though always appreciated.What I found even more enjoyable than a tight ass and large breasts in thin bras and panties, however, were what I frequently saw reflected in her dresser mirror. I promise I wasn’t lurking around her bedroom door trying to get free peeks. I will swear that before God and Man with a clear conscience! But from our couch, and our stove while I made breakfast, I could look down a short hallway through her bedroom door.Her dresser mirror was in view as well as anything reflected. An occasional glimpse in the mirror of Rose Ann in various levels of undress would simply be something I couldn’t un-see! I would let these times go un-remarked upon just as my involuntary woodies might get a sly smile from Rose Ann but no comment.What made the occasional glimpses become more frequent was the fact that our trailer was just a tad bit un-level. Not very, but enough to make the door to Rose Ann’s bedroom swing slowly open if not consciously pushed to make the latch engage. In her hurry to get ready in the mornings, in her trips to and from the washroom, Rose Ann would often one hand her door closed. Closing her door but not latching it. Gravity would assert itself until soon the door was open again.I had quite a number of views of Rose Ann in various stages of dress and undress. But she had to have known since she could just as clearly see my reflection when she took the time to look. And, again, I swear I wasn’t TRYING to watch her… She was just… THERE! By God and Saint George, there’s only so much willpower a young lad has!Our bedrooms were tiny and, gentleman that I am, I offered to move her dresser so I couldn’t see the mirror. Rose Ann had nixed that offer because, after consideration, any other arrangement of her bedroom furniture would have her bed blocking the door so she’d have to squeeze through the tiny space left and she didn’t want to get a smaller bed.So it was Rose Ann who shrugged, admitted we’d each already seen everything the other had and agreed that it wasn’t as if I was trying to spy on her. If she forgot to latch her door fully shut then it was her own fault if I saw her nude. The dresser and mirror stayed in place much to my private glee.I know everyone will think I’m lying but we were just becoming comfortable with the occasional look but no touch. We were becoming comfortable enough that the only door to be locked was the washroom door when one was on the loo. If Rose Ann was taking a morning shower the door would be left unlocked in case I needed to shave. Though I always knocked on those occasions and waited for permission, Rose Ann would often simply walk in without even a quick tap-tap on the door and with a hurried, ‘I need this and this makeup and face cleanser.’If I’d finished my shower and had the shower curtain open while I dried off when she barged in then Tommy Boy would get a look and a sly smile before I could cover up but no comment. If I was still showering and she was on the other side of the curtain while applying this and this makeup and using that facial cleanser she’d toss my towel over the curtain when I turned off the faucet. I’d dry off, then wrap the towel around my waist so I could shave beside that beautiful, panty-clad ass.

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